Friday, August 26, 2016

New Blog

Hey everyone who is following me.   I am swapping to a new blog.   This is getting to hard to access.

here is the new address

Nyles New Blog

Please keep following me as I train for World Masters Perth and then World Master Games in Auckland.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finally back training!

Well that was some time off hey.

I swear grass has grown on my blog and I can still hear the chirp of crickets....but there just wasn't much to report on and I dont think everyone wanted to read my wailing.

First it was a calf injury that just wouldn't heal and then during all that my shoulder - which turned out to be sticky shoulder.   Its coming right but it did effect my walking more than I cared to admit.

So here I am ... now to find my motivation again.   Its dark and I have a phobia of the I struggle to find my "weeee lets do this"  plus there is the whole getting home by 7.30pm and still having to cook dinner etc.  Small world problems I know but still annoying at best.

I am at peace with my decision to not enter the worlds in Perth.   I am not ready for that caliber of competition - so my new goal is Pan Pacific Games in Nov and then World Games 2017 in Auckland.

So at the moment I am managing Tuesday - track, Thursday - Walkway and then a long walk Sundays.    I need to be doing Tues, Weds, Thurs, Saturday and Sunday.   So its time for me to sit down and write myself a program out.  

I have entered the Gold Coast Half Marathon.  Thats next weekend......hmmmmm maybe a touch over zealous but it will definitely force me to do the distance.   To date the furthest I have walked is 15km and I will be doing that again tomorrow.  Not the best of prep but its better than nothing.

So thats it folks..... I am still here, still ticking along and still walking.  

- lose 5kg
- train at least 4 days a week
- get my training pace back to 6min kms easy
- better my 10km best for Auckland.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Calf update

Sorry its been soooooo long...but to be honest I have not had the heart to post.

 As you probably know,  I had a tear to my left solious.  I have been to physio and had dry needling and exercise to do.....but 6 weeks on it is no better and it keeps tearing.  I have not even been able to try and racewalk.  It tears walking up a small rise or drive way, it tore again today just walking across sand to the beach.    so now I am headed to the dr and will try to get a scan done so my physio can tell me what is going on.  

all I know is.....if I am not training again by January then World Masters is off the schedule.  I am pretty guttered about this.....its my first bad injury and not training is driving me nuts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5000m fartlek plus 2km pacing

Got to the track late today, didnt get much of a warm up.   Still I really wanted to do a 5000m speed session .  so I opted  to mix it up.  3000m fartlek to start.  I felt really good and was happy with a 17.10

Then a 2000m at 6min per km.  I had my b12 and vit d injection yesterday,  will take a couple of days to work through.
3km fartlek

Sunday, August 09, 2015

10km QRWC Road Champs

Today was one of those .....I have no idea how I will go....days.
 its been awhile since I have raced 10km as most of my training has only been 5 and 8k  distances.   I knew it was going to be a good race especially if erika comes as we are so close in our times.  I was not sure if my fitness would hold up over 10km and new that it would come down to race tactics if I hoped to win.  I LOVE races like this.  I had pretty much worked out how I would race.  I thought if I could do 5min laps it would give me a season best time. 

we get underway and I comfortably step out and take lead female.  3 laps and erika has caught up and is sitting right on my heel.  as per my pre race goal, I was doing 5.05 per lap.  I wondered if erika would try for lead spot but I could tell from her breathing that she was pushing pretty hard. 

At 7.5km I decided it was time to put on a burst and see if she would follow.  I put 20m between us and then again.  2 laps to go and I had a 60m lead.   11 laps and then a short 200m to the turn cone and back for the finish to cross in 57.41 ........ wow where did that come from.

am loving the battles we are having.  erika wil, improve each time she races so it will definitely help to keep me focused on my training.

10km data

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Race Walking Queensland Track Championships

It was an early start for today's race.   Getting up at 5.30am is NOT fun for me, I am so not a morning person.   We meet up at Movie World car park and then car pool from there.   Today Paul put his hand up to drive - Next race will be me :D  

We headed in to Brisbane with our destination being the UQ track and the university.   Today we were racing in the Race Walking Queensland Track Championships - 5000m Open Women / Men

It was such a good turn out today.   There were different races for the different age groups and so a nice turn out of walkers made for good fields and good racing.  For me, I was finally going to race against Erika.   Erika is new to walking and up until a year ago was the cheer squad for her daughter and always seen at each event cheering her on.   But this year her daughter has taken a year off and so Erika has decided to give walking a try and turns out she is really good.  The nature of her work has her very fit and very strong, so I knew I was going to have a very good race against her.  Until now she has only been walking the 10km road walks and getting quicker and quicker each week being sub 60mins now.

Perfect weather for racing, with some low cloud to cover the sun - temp about 16 degs....just nice!  We all lined up -  was so good to see Dean back amongst us again too.  Dave starts the race and Jess Pickles must have been told there was an open bar with free margaritas cause she just took off like she was on a mission,  I followed suit and struck out with a nice quick pace,  Pete and Iggy soon passed me as if I was hardly moving LOL..... and I could tell that Erika was not far behind me.  First km was 5;30 and I felt really good.   At the 2km mark Erika turns up the pace and with a great burst of pace passes me and gets a good 20m ahead of me.  For the first lap the gap remained the same between us but the next lap I had halfed the gap and could see that she was getting tired.   At the 3km mark I had caught back up and sat on her heel for 200m while I thought about what I was going to do.   I decided that I needed to pass her but needed to do so with a good long burst,  After the next bend I stepped out as we hit the back straight and punched it hard and kept going for the 100m pulling a good gap.    I settled back into my pace and 300m later I did another quick burst.  I continued to do this for the next couple of laps until I could no longer hear her foot steps behind me.

One lap to go and I really gave it my all.... I was hoping to get closer to 28mins today....seeing my time with one lap to go I knew I was not going to hit 28mins but I would be faster than the week before.....digging in deep to push hard for the finish line and crossing the line in 28:11  

I am mega happy with this.   8 secs faster than last week  ..... YAY!!!  I loved racing Erika and I am really looking forward to having a few good tussles as I know she will train even harder now and be ready for a great 10km in two weeks.  :D

5000m data

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

6 x 800m and 1 x 200m track

I want to make my track session harder.   I need to get maximum gain out of each session, so I will try hard to make these sessions count.   I need fitness and speed back so longer speed sessions will give me this.

So today I opted for 6 x 800m and 1 x 200m this would give me 5km in total.

I started out a little conservative,  its been a long time since I have done these and I remember how quickly they fatigue you.  I felt good but a little off.  I had 2 mins break and then started again.  This time I felt better, hips were moving better and my stride felt long and easy.

My next few 800s were simular and while I was feeling tired I was able keep my pace up.....just.

My 800s are


Total time for 5km would be 26.11

Avg heart rate 149 max 179