Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Trip To Melbourne

8 days in Melboroune catching up with family. Some of who i have not seen in over 20 years.

Meeting new wives and children was amazing.

We had a great time exploring melbourne and learning how to take the train and not get lost.

The market was mindblowing and had I not have been in so much pain would have gone nuts and spent all my money in one hit. Then the Factory outlet I could go back there any day.

Loved the zoo, but the main animals I wanted to see were not out....all hiding in their borrows.

Wild Kangaroos made our day. These guys just hop around at my brothers home, most afternoons they are there.

Sadly due to a mountain bike injury I did 3 weeks prior to traveling, I spent my whole time in pain and unable to sleep very well at all. On returning home it has been found that i have trauma damage to my neck and have pinched my nerves. Great stuff!!!!

Flying home was great. Had our own dvd screens so the trip went really fast.

Then to top it all off I broke my tooth in half with a lollie on the plane...............................