Sunday, October 01, 2006

Duathlon At Founders Park

This was the last winter duathlon. It was a 2k walk, 12k bike and a 2k walk.

I was really nervous about this one. The thought of riding along the main road with cars whizzing by at 100k didnt really appeal to me but now that its over I found that it wasnt so bad after all and are now keen to actually do a road race.

There were 60 entries for this one but only 10 were walkers. It was really neat wandering through founders park during the walk, got to have a free tour as such....

Shane put road tyres onto my mountain bike which helped heaps. Did make my bike look a little odd though and it did feel weird at first riding on such skinny little tyres.

There was a hell head wind for sections of the bike ride which really tested the old legs (which are telling me today that they worked really hard )

I had managed to pass two of the walkers ahead of me during the bike leg so I had made up time very well. Ahead of me were 2 walkers, both race walking so I had no chance of catching them. I have since found out that there will be 5 km races each wed night for learners........sign me up!!!

I finished this race in 1 hour 2 mins, I am pleased with that. I was thrid overall of walkers but not sure of my class.

I am loving these and am hunting out road races to do as well. Roll on summer.