Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kurrawa to Duranba 15km Race

Getting up at 4am is NOT my favorite part of a race.  Infact its at this hour that I try and find ANY excuse to pull out and go back to bed...............yup you guessed it ..  I am NOT a morning person.

My hubby even got up and walked me to the start line so I got there safely....he is just the best!!!

Once around all the engery of other athletes you quickly get into the excitement and get all hyped up ready for the start.  Michael Gorge was fronting up to do 50km (all the way from Isle of Man) and his lovely wife Irene was doing the 30km.   Myself and Gorge Megerstar were the only racewalkers today doing the 15km.   My goals were to 1) finish STRONG 2) better last years time of 01:36:45.66

about to line up for our start at 5:30am
Lined up at the start and we get the "Ready Set GO"  ... I was further to the back of the pack and so got boxed in a bit with the slower joggers....(mental note for next year...go up the front)  Just as I cross over the start line, I saw Jo and gave them a big enthusiastic cheery wave....(yup the photo showed I had WAY too much enthusiasm)

This is my training ground and I must say ... its really hard to get out of "training zone" when racing on it.  Hedges Ave has a nasty wee camber on it with a few little rises along the way so its never been a fast course.   I was pretty pleased to have avg 6min kms along it.  I knew that I would lose time going over Nobbys hill.  Its a short sharp hill.  Rises up 20min with an almost vertical stair climb to the top and then a steepish path that slowly drops off.  Looking at my km split for that part I lost 20secs going over it ... but coming back to it I lost more as its too steep to racewalk so I had to powerwalk up it, so lost 40secs.

The path way is a nice scenic course as you follow the sea the whole way down to the Burleigh Surf Club, then you turn back and follow it back again.   This year they had to change the turn due to another even being on so with some up and down curbs and twists and having to wait for a car, I lost a good 20 secs on that km too.  But it was the same for everyone else, I am just looking at the data to see where I could pick up time next year.  

I kept up a good pace for the return but Nobbys just wiped it out of my legs.  Powering up that hill and then trying to get down the little steps fast was a mission.  The steps are small and tight so one miss step and you would go over and fall... at first I tried to take two at a time but it was too jarring on my knees so it was quick steps the whole way down.  The last 5km you can see in my splits that I was getting tired.   My legs were full of laxtic from the hill, but still turning over so happy with that.  Lost focus on one km and dropped back to 6:19 but picked up again when I realised I had slipped into training mode.  Hitting that home path and knowing the finish is close is an awesome feeling.  I tried hard to catch the two runners a head of me but this time they held their lead.  I picked up my pace and managed a strong and fast finish then checked my watch... YUS  achieved two goals.

Finished strong and beat my time of 01:36:45.66 by crossing the line in 01:33:03.78 (thats 3 mins 42secs faster!!!)   whoop whoop.

Myself, Michael, Irene and George
before the start of our races

 15km datat

Saturday, November 29, 2014

10000m Qld Masters Championship Track Walk

I had been really looking forward to this race but in the week leading up to it, I started to dread it.   Suddenly my training seemed to come to a stand still, my energy was a ZERO, my focus was gone and I was super crabby.  

Weds morning I woke up and just felt exhausted, almost as if I had not slept all night.  Why?  so I put some thought into what could be going on and instantly realised that I had missed my last B12 complex injection.... in fact it had been over 8 weeks since my last one.   The Dr has discovered that I can not absorb B12....and I cant take supplements to boost it either.  My only option is to have injections.   An athletes B12 levels should be about 800 or more (avg person 500 - 800) mine when first tested were 160 and again 3 months ago still only 260.  So he has told me that I must get injections every 4 weeks now.  Any how, I digress.......  so I rang the dr and was lucky enough that he had some complex B12 and that he could fit me in that night.   I knew that it would take effect in a couple of days so the Friday night walk was going to be a hit or miss.

Thursday was a busy day at work and so I didnt really pay attention to certain signs that I get when a migrain is brewing, but by 8pm that night I was in pain, feeling sick and having trouble seeing out of my left eye.  GREAT!!!!  does anything else want to kick me.  So all I can do now is load up on pain meds and my migraine meds and hope for the best.  

Friday night and the weather is PERFECT, its a night race 6:45pm start.  It over head cloud with a chance of rain.  24 degs and no breeze.  I meet up with everyone and start getting ready.   Headed out and warmed up with Brett.  He was up from Canberra on a training week and so I kinda talked him into entering the 10km LOL   I love these meets as its like family getting together.  

We lined up and the race is under way before we knew it.  Iggy shot out to lead spot and showed us all how its done.  I had already decided how I was going to try and race this....not too fast for the first km but still a good 5km time then hang on for the 10km.   It worked.  I went through 5km in 28:30 and then managed to keep pretty consistent kms after that.  I felt good and strong through out the walk.  I really enjoyed it when the rain was only a light drizzle but it was perfectly timed.  My last two kms were my now the pain meds had worn off and I felt like an alien was going to rip out of the left side of my head.   By now it was just a lap by lap race as I struggled to keep my pace even.  The big lights were making it hard on me in the turns as I found them to intensify in brightness.   The bell lap sounded so good and I pretty much just put all I had into it.  As I looked at the clock I did a quick calculation and realised that I was going to be under 58mins  ... JUST......   so I pushed hard for the last 100m to finish in 57:40

I suffered all night with my head ache....often a race can stop them but this time it was too far gone and so I have spent Friday night and most of Saturday in pain.  Grrrrrr  but I am going to front up for the 5km on Sunday and see how I recover.

10km data

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7 x 400m and 1 x 200m

I am REALLY tired.  Cant really put my finger on why...... could be due to the raise in temp here so humidity is higher,  could be its so hot at night that sleep is in bursts,  could be that I am 6 weeks over due from my multi B injection................. Could be all of the above.

I have a 10km track walk this Friday and where I was feeling really confident and hopeful of a really good time....................I think I will be more fair to say I will be aiming for an "ok" time.

Tonight is my last speed session and so I had said to Kay earlier that I would prob do 400's and see how things go.   So we decided to do a 3000m work out - hence 7 x 400m and 1 x 200m

My first 400m was AWFUL ... I was soooo slow and felt like a big slug.  Even Kay said she wasnt feeling it tonight.  It did get a little better but not much.  Nothing like it was a couple of weeks ago thats for sure.

my 400's are as follows :-   2.14   2.06    2.07    2.09   2.08    2.11     2.13  and my 200m was  1.00

Roll on Friday .... fingers crossed that with only a couple of easy 5km walks I will be feeling much better by then.

3000m data

Thursday, November 20, 2014

9 km track training

I was going to do 10km tonight...........but

Well there is usually a but somewhere isn't there.   It ended up just being myself and kay left on the track and I knew she was stopped at 8km.  The lights were not on and I really didnt fancy hanging out in the dark.  So as Kay finished her 8km I past her and called out that I was stopping at 9km (which was in 200m)

I tried to keep to a steady pace tonight but I was just not feeling it... I doubt that the two 3km races would be the cause....3000m isnt really that far.   I just felt hot, bothered and tired.  Feeling my age to be honest LOL  The 10km track race is next Friday so this is pretty much my last chance to get a long walk in.....9km will do.  55:23 for 9km so avg km pace was 6:09min/km

My laps are as follows..... nothing too startling really
But I do think that in race conditions I can aim for a high 58mins.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cairns and recent training

I enjoyed a much rewarded break after Pan Pac's and the following weekend I finally flew up to Cairns to visit my Daughter Shakara and met my newest Grandson Archer.

I have been counting down the days and with each day I would get a new photo of Archer which added to the excitement.    Landing in Cairns and after a small mix up at the airport (me going out the exit in the baggage claim and shakara waiting at the main entrance) we met up out side.  It was so wonderful to receive a hug and then to have Archer put in my arms.  It took everything to not cry....he was just as gorgeous as I imagined he would be.

We stopped in at a baby shop on the way home and I brought a interactive activity mat for him to lay on and play.  I was so thrilled that he loved it.  He lay staring at his reflection for ages and kicking the piano key board to make music.  Every moment I could I spent with him....laying on the floor with him and getting as many dribbly kisses as I could.

It was also wonderful to finally met Mike and his mum Lyn.   I couldnt have picked a better partner for Shakara had I tried.  Mike is funny, caring and dotting on them both.   Shakara has grown into a wonderful woman and is such a fantastic Mum.  Everything you wish for, for you children and best of all.....she is just so happy, she just glows.

Leaving the next day was hard, but we have planned more trips up and both myself and shane will head up next time.

last cuddles before heading home

Training resumed once I returned from Cairns.  So I was back to my early morning 5km and then I decided to do a 10km track walk on Thursday night.  Turned out to be a Kick down and I was really pleased with my speed in the last two km.   The last weekend turned out to be the hottest in 100 years.... my car recorded 37 degs not far from the track where I raced a 3000m on Sunday morning.  Was a tough race and while my time was ok...I struggled badly in the last km.

I now have just two weeks left of training before the 10km QMA track walk.  I am hoping to go well and break 58 mins........... but it will all depend on the weather and how well my body holds up.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

3000m Pan Pacific Masters Game

Today is the last of my races.  I had no expectations for this race.  I dont like short races as I am not a sprinter and I was pretty sure I would be so sore and dead on my feet.

Well yes, I was pretty sore.  My abductor on my right leg was pretty tight and my shins and calfs were tight as.   So I figured I would make sure I warm up well and do alot of hip stretches.   It would be nice to get a great time but anything under 17 mins will be awesome.

While I was chatting to Dave Smith track side he asked what my goal was for today - so I said that I would LOVE to get 16:30 but in reality anything under 17 would be great.   So he said he would call out my splits and help me keep focused.   I kinda hoped I wasn't going to disappoint him but I would try my hardest.

I was placed out wide on the track so I got a good straight line into the curve.  I had decided that I would just go out as hard as I could and try to hang on.

My first km was 5:20 mins and I was actually feeling pretty good.   Nothing was hurting and I felt like I still had a good long stride.  For some reason I always fade out around the 2.5km mark and I heard dave call out that I had dropped back ... but was still ahead of my target. 

I also pressed lap too soon so I do know I did my last lap of the 2km in 2:12 so I was picking it back up.   One km to go and you start telling yourself....come on dig it in, its only going to hurt for 5 more mins....2 laps ... come on.  You hear the BELL ring and all you think is ... COME ON... dig it in ... push push push.   As I got closer to the clock and could see the time I still didnt process that I was about to do my fastest 3000m in Aussie.  LOL

lap splits 1 - 5:20        2 - 5:31       3 -  5:30

I crossed the line in 16:22  .... whoop whoop..... I cant even being to think what time I could have done fresh???  who knows I might have bombed.  But today I was flying...well by my standards.....I was flying.

This photo captures my mood perfectly.  I was over the moon and so happy with all my results.  I had said I wanted to better my times from two years ago...DONE...I had said I wanted to get the 10km Pan Pac record ... DONE and I had said I would love to achieve a PB ... DONE.   You really cant ask for more than that.

3000m data here

Monday, November 03, 2014

Pan Pacific Masters Games 2014 - 5000m & 10km

Its time to see if all that training is going to pay off.  All I can hope for now is that the weather gods play the game.

First up is the 5000m at 4pm on Saturday.  I had already decided to race this at 85% so that I had a good chance to get the time I am hunting for the 10km.  As it would have it,  the weather gods decided to blow!!!   Its the same for us all and while it was not gusting wind,  it was strong enough to really tax you as you punched into it.  I didnt get boxed in this time and had a good start.   Quickly Peter and Simon pulled out for a good lead and I sat on their heels for the first lap and then let them pull away as I checked my own pace and eased back a little.  I couldnt really get into my groove today....while I walked ok and didnt get any cautions etc, I just felt that I looked like I was doing it harder than I was....perhaps it was that wind factor.  My nerves were started to abait at 3km and I settled into a steady rhythm.  I finished the race in 28:37 and I was happy with that.

Video of the 5000m race

Garmin data 5000m

After the race Liz and I headed off to pick up David Smyth.  Its always great catching up with old friends and today was no exception.  We all quickly headed back to the road course while it was still light enough to see and checked out the road conditions etc.  Then it was off for a quick bit to eat.  I decided on Nacho's and they had hindsite I should have had the steak too.   At 1am my nacho's decided to vacate the premises!!!!  not a pleasant thing to happen the morning of a big race.  I was still awake at 3am so got up and eat a banana as I knew that while I still felt queezy I needed some food on board.

Race start was 7am and we got there about 6.30am - I dont tend to have a huge warm up before 10 and 20km races - I feel more need of that for a 5 or 3km race.  Lots of chatting and catching up with people I have not seen in a couple of years....this is what I love about my sport.  Its really like one big happy family.

We all line up for the 10km and get the directions speach from Dave Smith.  Due to new road closure ruling this time they had to shorten the course on the road and make it up in the car park area..... so this 1 km loop was going to have 9 turns in it (with 5 of those in the 200m)  hmmm its not going to be a fast course at all....but again it was the same for everyone.   My goal today was to be under 1 hour.  I was hoping for a low 58mins but on seeing the course I was not so sure that would happen.  It was perfect conditions....slight breeze, about 22 degs BUT 78% humidity.  I am used to it now but others were not and it caught a few towards the end of the race.   As expected Stuart leapt out to the lead spot and remained there, with Peter B following close in pursuit.  David Smyth also leapt in with that lead group and stayed with them for the first km and slowly they pulled away.  Simon was just infront of me but about 4km he suddenly slowed and limped along..his hammy twinged on him.  He did still manage to finish the race but not in the time he was hoping for.  I set my target on David Smyths back and proceeded to slowly pick him off, catching him at 8km.  Next target was Adam, he was a lap behind me but still a good distance a head of me to make it a good goal to catch and pass him and I did so with one lap to go.  Bell lap and I glanced at the time and new it was going to be touch and go to get my time.  I had slipped to 6min - 5:55 min laps and I was worried I wasnt going to get my time.  The pan pacs record was 60:24  but I am thrilled to say I crossed the line in 59:17 YAY

This race really took it out of me and I felt really ill after.  We went home where I crawled into bed for a few hours.   The rest of the day was pretty much wasted by lazing on the couch watch tv.  We did meet up with Liz, David and Stuart and partner for dinner and a wander through the night markets...that was really lovely.

Now to get a good sleep.  3000m is tomorrow at lunch time.

Video of the 10km Road Walk

Garmin data 10km

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Training hard for Pan Pac's

Sorry its been so long..........I dont think anyone is still following me on here but I still like to pop on and up date what I have been up to.

I am still getting up each morning with Shane and walking 5km easy.   But I have tweaked it and have made Wednesdays my full rest day - mainly due to Tuesday being a big speed night and I find I am fatigued after it.

So since my last up date :-

I raced a 3000m and posted my fastest Australian time of 16;24

I am still averaging 32 mins for my 5km walks in the morning and they are getting easier and easier.

Shane and I have just started doing the local park run's on Saturdays - he is jogging the 5km and I walk beside him.  I am enjoying these immensely as its time together and its wonderfull seeing him getting fitter and fitter.

Tonight was my last speed session before Pan Pac's.   I decided on 5 x 400m and was very happy with how I went.   I felt great and the body flowed well......the heat was the tough part.   We are in the middle of the hottest October on record with temps getting up to 35 to 39 degs and the humidity is AWFUL!!!   So on the track it feels like walking through sucks you to the track and tires you.   The weather forecast for this weekend is storms for the whole weekend.   while I am sure this wont happen cause they have been saying that all week and the storms they predict dont they move the warning to the next day and so on...... I am really hoping this is the case :D

So my 5 x 400's were :-  2:05, 2:02, 2:03, 2:07 and 2:05 max heart rate was 162 which is much lower than it has been.  So I am very happy with that.

Pan Pac's will be a full on weekend with 5000m Saturday at 4pm,  10km Road walk Sunday at 7am (so 12 hour recovery???? are you kidding me)  and finally 3000m at 12.30pm (right in the hottest part of the day)  I do question the sanity of the organizers - but its the same for all of us.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

5000m PB/Masters Race Meet

I have had a GREAT week.   Training has come together well,  both my track walks went amazingly well.  Even pushed through my first 5km fartlek in months and did a GREAT time :D.... yep GREAT is my word for the day.  I talked Paul into do a fartlek like I do them... he was keen and excelled.   I explained to him that in theory ... his fartlek time should be about 30secs to a min slower than his 5km race time.   (his time today proved that point beautifully)

So to quickly recap the week:-   Sun 3000m race, Mon -5km slow, Tues 5km slow am and then 1500m & 5 x 300m in th pm,  Weds REST, Thursday 5km easy am then 5km fartlek pm, Friday REST & Sat REST - Total kms for week = 26km  (this is my quiet week)

Today was a 5000m track race and I was really keen to get my 28mins!!!   I got to the track early and made sure I had a good long warm up and spent 10mins on drills.  Temp was 22 degs but the humidity climbed to 83% by the time our walk finished.  PHEW that was tough.  Race started with 5 walkers - all of us feeling GREAT!!!!   as we were racing I noticed the water table had been set up .. but it was still sitting on the grass about a metre away from the edge of the to grap a water meant leaving the track - hmmm problem...YOU CANT DO THAT IN A RACE!  lol  I had thought it was just an error and I am sure they will sort it but by 3km I knew that I needed water and so asked/gasped - move the water table please.   Next lap and it was sorted and I could grab a much needed water.  What happens when you gulp water as you are walking - you swallow air and you end up with stitch!!!  1 km to go and I was in pain.... I did every trick I know to get rid of it but it cost me valuable seconds ... damn it!!!  It started to ease on my last lap and I really pushed it hard to the finish.

I am rapt with my time  28:16  -  my fartlek time on thurs was 28:48 ..... so I am very happy with this and I know my 28 mins is there.  Come Pan Pac's and it will be on!!!

5000m race

As there was a 1500m race on next... I hung around...not really intending to race but if there was only going to be one walker then I would join them.  But I was saved by all the juniors.....our gorgeous wee team of young ladies all fronted up.  I was thrilled when Robyn asked me to take them over to the start and help them warm up.  So while over there I got them all to settle, stop chatting and to focus.  They did their drills and walk throughs and for a few moments before the race I chatted to them about technique ... arms correct and shoulders low....chins up and to not try to win the race in the first 200m.  Well I am so so so thrilled to say that all of them set new PB's today... I nearly cried.  They all looked fantastic and had listened to my talk - styles were perfect.  Robyn was a very proud coach thats for sure.

I do have to say - these meets have been fantastic.  They are run superbly and the new electronic timing is so helpful.  Much thanks to all those who me ALL the athletes thank you.

Friday, September 26, 2014

3000m Race

Today my boss had said I can leave work early so that I could make it to a race that was being held at Griffth Uni.  I think these races are being put on by the Gold Coast Victory club - you have to wear QA numbers and a club shirt so they are official.   Its open class but still fun to enter.

Sadly numbers were down as many had work commitments.  Its hard to make a 4:15 pm race during the week.

I still did my usual 5km in the morning and felt really good through that.  I feel great during the walk....its during the day that my right hip flexor and bursa were niggling me a bit - funny how walking normally can leave me hurting but racewalking is fine.  Sigh....anyhow..... it wasn't bad enough that I couldn't walk tonight.   I spent a good 20mins warming up and felt so much better for it.  Even encouraged the young ones to stop yakking and warm up their legs.  LOL  As we all walked around to the start line I was chatting to all the girls and reminded them all that a 3000m is not won in the first 400m and to be careful that they dont all head out too fast and blow up before they get half way.

The gun goes off and sure enough.............4 girls all surge off at a great rate of knots!  I kept to my own pace and set off after them.  By the second lap I had picked off two of the girls and happily set my sights on the next two.  Approx 60 - 80 m ahead of me.  I went through my first km in 5:30 which surprised me as I didnt feel I was going that fast.  It took another km to pick off my next walker and then I set my sights on the lead walker.   I love how everyone cheers you on around the track.  We all had friends and family in the stands cheering us on and also in the throws too.  It really helps :)

Just as we started on our last km I saw she had slowed ALOT and started holding her side, as I closed in I could hear she was crying....I slowed up as I caught up and gave her some advice.... STITCH SUXS .... told her to dig her nails into one of her palms and to slow down her breathing as she was panicking and panting.   As I got about 15m ahead of her I could still hear her breathing so again I called back and said to control your air in and to stand up not hunch.....   (everyone tells me that she did as I said and she picked back up again)   I really did expect her to catch me back up again and I am pretty sure she was gaining on me in the last lap.  I couldn't have been prouder of our young walkers today....they all walked superbly and all achieving PB' good is that!

I crossed the line in 16:29 ...... WAHOOOO   thats gotta be a season best for me.... I am thrilled.  Looking at my lap splits (which i had left my watch on auto lap) but working them out...I was pretty consistant at 5:29 or 5:30 each km.  AWESOME!!!

3000m data

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Track and daily walking

Shane and I had decided that we would get up every morning and do a 30 min ish walk.  For me its more a 33min walk as I like to do a complete distance.  So where he walks for 17 mins and then turns, I carry on ahead and turn at 2.5km.  The idea being that we will both finish at the same time and then head back up to the apartment for breakfast together.   I really want to help encourage hubby to come out and walk but I have found in the past that if I walk with him I tend to end up hurt???  but he is happy for me to racewalk and so its a great way for me to add in EXTRA km's for my week.

So the plan is that I walk slower than I normally do and really work on technique...on getting my hips to move forward and to roll off my back toe.   Monday day 1 = 31:06  Tuesday day 2 = 32:09  Plus Tuesday night is Track night.  I really want to be more around the 32 to 33min mark for my morning walks so I dont fatigue or hurt myself.   I am thrilled to say that since the 24km the only part of me to hurt was my toes.  Thats a huge PLUS for me.

Track tonight is 10 x 400m
max heart rate was 169  -  this shows that I am getting fitter.  YUS!

so all going well I have 3 more days of 5km and one 8km gentle - this will give me a total of 42km.  My walking week is Sunday to Saturday - I may yet do a walk on saturday but I am thinking at this stage I will use it as a rest day.  Sunday I plan to do 20km.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

5000m Masters Race

Headed to the track this morning for a 5000m track race.  I was really hoping to test out my speed and fitness.   Paul was going to be racing today and he and I are friendly competitive so I was hoping he would push me to a good time.

So few walkers today....more than last week though.  Myself, Kay, Debbie, Paul and Richard.  Why dont Brisbane Masters come up and walk with us in the track season?  I must ask someone why this is.

Race got underway by the watchful eye of Alf.   I felt good and was being careful not to go out too quick.  My toes were not hurting -- thank god!!  and I was trying to drop my hip and get good stride length.   My breathing was hard but not gasping.   I went through 3km in 17:01 ... pleased with that.  I kept expecting Paul to sneak up .. but today was not his day as he had worked late the night before and was feeling a bit fatigued.

One final push for home as I heard the bell I tried to pick up the legs were feeling a bit tired now.  I hit stop as I crossed the line..... and then looked at my time.   Whoop whooop.....28:39

I am totally THRILLED with that.

5000m data

Seaway 2 Seaway - 24km charity walk

Kay suggested this event to me and the more I looked at it the more I liked it.   Kay was planning on powerwalking and completing the whole event which is a 35km walk.

Its a charity walk so 95% of the entrants were walking.  A small handful were running and jogging.  When we started off I decided to try to stick close to a couple of the joggers....this was a good decision as they were ticking along at 6.30 mins per km and I felt I could keep that up.   I was planning on getting to Burleigh and stopping at around 20km.

I was really enjoying the walk along through Surfers Paradise....we went through there at 6.30am and it was so peaceful and quiet.  The two joggers veered off at Surfers for a quick pit stop but they caught me back up again at Broadbeach for the first pit stop.  Sadly - no one was ready for anyone to be coming through.  Luckily they had the water and poweraide out so I grabbed a poweraide to carry with me.  The guy setting up grabbed two muesli bars for me so I put them in my pockets for later.

I headed off first and left the two joggers behind me but I was hoping they would catch up as they were great company.   Next up was the short but steep hill at Nobbys Beach..... trying to get my legs to go up those stairs was a challenge to say the least.   I carried on along the beach front to the next pit stop at Burleigh.  Approx 18km.  There were two girls sitting on chairs under some flags.  I stopped and asked if they were the next pit stop, they said yes but that I would have to wait until 8am as they were not going to set up the foot massager etc until then.  I asked if they had water or poweraide and they replied no they have not brought it down from the other pit stops.  They had NO clue how far to the next stop or where it was.

I figured I would carry on a little further.  So now I am heading up over Burleigh Hill.  The signs were less to be desired and I got lost twice.  The hill was hard going and my legs were dead as.  A lady saw me looking at the map board and told me its a loop so either way would still get me to the same point.   She did tell me that going right was up hill and left was downhill.... I went LEFT!!!  once I got down into Palm Beach I was feeling really lost.  Signs to follow were confussing and it was not that my toes were REALLY hurting.  So much so that I was trying to curl my toes on one foot to keep the pressure off them.  I eventually stopped and called Kay.  I needed to know where the next stop was.  She explained how to find it and as it was only 2km up the road I carried on.

when I walked into the car park, the yellow van had just pulled up and was getting the tents and tables out.  My two joggers had just caught me and so we all walked over and asked if they had water.  the Guy was so shocked that we were there so early, he ran off and brought us water.   He was a top bloke.  I wished the joggers well and said I was stopping.    I hear that they finished and in great style.

2:44 was my total time and I am happy with that
24km data here

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

11 x 400m

I got to the track and was going to do a straight 5km but after I warmed up... Paul, Kay and Deb were all going to do 10 x 400m and at the last minute I thought stuff it I will give it a crack too.

Today I was testing out my new shoes -  Type A5 saucony and wow are they light and low.  

Paul had already done 1 x 400m so I jumped in after them and figured I would just do one more at the end on my own.   I felt really good and felt like I had my flow back today.  My hips felt like they had movement in and my shoes were just so nice.   I checked some of the video Robyn took of me and I could see my hips had more movement and that I looked good and strong.   On my 3rd 400m, I slowed to help pace Paul and gave him some tips on how to keep his pace in check.   He was dropping more than 10secs after the 200m so I suggested he slow the first 200 by 1 or 2 secs and then push a little for the last 200m and it evened out his times and he didnt feel so thrashed....and sure enough after 4 more he was back up to speed and kicking my butt again.

I felt pretty good with mine for tonight.  I stayed pretty consistent and felt good and strong.  I cant wait to see how my video looks in Coaches Eye.  :)


well as you can see and count............we all lost count and I ended up doing 11 ... so the last one is a nice bonus for me :)

11 x 400m

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Weekend of racing

Saturday I decided to head along to the track and enter the racing that was being held there.  It was more to add up numbers and it was not a race that would gain me anything...its called the PB meet and all I knew was that the junior walkers all needed to get times to qualify for upcoming races.

I was not too worried about how fast I would or wouldn't be.  I was more looking at this as a training walk and one to let me practice getting "more twist"   When I got to the track I was surprised to find that there was only one walker doing 5 km......she was MOST happy to see me.  I have not seen Kenza for awhile and turns out she has not walked in nearly a year.  She was hoping for a 32 min 5 km.  I was going to be thrilled with a 30 min one so she was going to try and stick by me.

Racing mid afternoon was weird and I am very glad that it was not hot...but the gusty breeze was annoying.   The race itself was uneventful.   Kenza did exactly what she hope NOT to do and went out way to fast and slowed just a rapidly.  I manged to stay pretty even for the whole walk and paced my self well.  I couldn't have gone much faster anyway.   I was really pleased to finish with a 29.17 so I will take that as my bench mark for the track season and try to improve on that.

Sunday was the Masters first track walk for the season.  It was an early one so I gave up my sleep in and headed out at 6.30 am for the track.  It was a little disappointing that only myself and Richard was there for the walks.... but with it being fathers day and Bridge to Brisbane race on too you can expect numbers to be down.  I was feeling a bit tired and a little sore but still keen to do the 3000 m.   Its get practice for the Pan Pacs where the race format is 5000 m Sat, 10km Sun, 3000 m Mon.  So I need to get used to 3 days in a row training and also pushing for racing too.

I am pleased to note that nothing ached and once I really warmed up I got faster.  I think I walked better today than I did yesterday.  Total time for 3000 m was 17:20

Later today we headed out to Harbour town and went to the movies.  While we were there we decided to stop in at the shop that sells Saucony shoes just to see if they had any decent racing flats....and wouldn't you know it.  Today they did, they had the Type 4 Racing flats on sale for $60.00 so I brought a pair to try and if they are really good.... I will head back this weekend and buy 2 or 3 more.  

5000m data

3000m data

Thursday, September 04, 2014

8km walkway

8km is on the cards for tonight's walk.   Was not too sure how it would go but I am not going to get any faster or fitter if I dont at least turn the feet over.

I guess leaping from the car and going straight into a racewalk is never ideal but its generally how my training walks go.  Tonight I was tight and tender for the first 500m but once I warmed up - I felt really good.

I was trying hard to add more twist to my walk.  I find that if I do 500m with twist and 500m relax it doesn't fatigue me so much.  That way I dont end up too hurt after either.  

As I was coming back on my 5th km, I passed an older portly gentleman who called out with a thick Russian accent.   One moment, moment.  So I stopped and went back to him ... in very bad English he told me he was a racewalk coach.  That he coaches top walkers - he said Vladimr (not sure how to spell it or it it is even that...its just what it sounded like)  He tells me ... good posture,  good arms ... MORE twist.  ( I was in my relax mode when he saw me)  I nodded and demonstrated more twist.  He gave me two thumbs up and said 'Much Better"   LOL  .... Guess you never know who you pass each day hey.

So I tried really hard to keep the more twist up for my next 3 km.   Being warmed up did help and I did manage to put more twist in my walk - which showed in my last 3km split times.

Total time for tonight's walk was 49.53 for avg pace of 6:14 per km

8km data

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

5km around the track

Tuesday is my Track day.

I usually pick a speed walk of some sort for today .. but when I got to the track it was pretty windy and I was feeling pretty flat.  So instead of the 5km or 6km fartlek I had planned.... I swapped to a pacing 5km.

I have two months until Pan Pacific Masters.  I am really hoping to better my times from last year.  I need to get my body working so that I can try to get some speed coming through.   I am just finding it frustrating that I take two steps forward and have a GREAT week...then wake up 3 steps back and locked up again.  Patience is not my best virtue so its something I need to learn.   I am trying hard to stretch most days and that is helping.

My 5km was good.  Nothing hurt (which is fantastic)  hip just felt weak...but that will change as I strengthen it.  I was feeling a bit flat today and thought if I can maintain 6 min kms I will be happy.  I managed to do just that and it wasnt tooo much of a struggle.

total time was 29:53

Tomorrow I will do a 5 or 6km along the walkway and then Thursday it will be an 8km.

I have two races this weekend.  Sat and Sun 5000m each day on the track.  Will be interesting to see how I go back to back.

5km data

Friday, August 29, 2014

10km along the walkway

Its a public holiday today so I figured I should take advantage of the day and do a longer walk in the morning.

I woke today with my aching back again....??? ... not sure what I had done to bring it back on.  Both sides of my back from mid shoulder down to my waist just ache.  I am ok to walk but sitting and standing just kill me.  Maybe I have gone too far with the new style and not let my body adjust?  There is more twist in my walk now and that will def pull muscles.    Today I will take it easy and just let my body do what it wants.

I headed out at 10am and it was a nice 18 degs.   Awesome!!!  The first 500m were abit ouch as I slowly got into my stride and after that I just settled into a slow but comfortable pace and just stayed at that for the rest of the walk.   Fitness is ok as I am never breathing hard.....I just dont seem to have any power to push hard enough to end up breathing hard.

While walking on my own I tend to ponder life, love and the universe and I have come to the realization that I am probably not going to be a 'great' walker again....I can still be a good walker and I know that at the moment I am an ok walker.   In my brief walking period when I felt I was a "great" walker - I managed to achieve quite alot.  I have represented my Country internationally in an Open class event,  I have competed internationally at the highest World Masters level and walked away with 3 gold medals, at World Games and at Oceania Masters where I also won Golds.  I have a New Zealand Masters Walk Record, many club records and have even managed to gain two masters records here in Aussie.

If I never compete at the World T & F level again.....I will be ok with that.  I am still keen for World Games in Auckland and local events.... but open field events I think I will steer clear of now.

But I digress............ back to my 10km.  While it was nothing was done and I am pleased to say my hip didnt hurt and neither did my back.   Total time was an easy 1:04:06 avg pace of 6:25

10km data

Tomorrow I will decided how I am feeling and might do an 8km.   I wont be racing on Sunday as I dont know how to get to the event - even with GPS its all rather confusing so I will hang out here and do another long slow walk.... Pan Pacific Masters is my focus now in November and I really need to get my Kms up.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5km walkway

After a terrible training walk last Thursday..... walked with an oncoming storm hitting and with leaning into the wind I somehow wrenched my lower back.  I suffered with 3 days of terrible muscle pain and electric shocks each time I moved.  Finally after days of heat and ice ... it settled.

Tuesday night we went to Lady Gaga and I was worried that standing for hours and dancing on concret floors would hurt me more...but lucky for me it didnt seem to do so..... thank god I opted for sensible flat boots rather than fashion statement ones.

So its been 6 days since I have walked.....I was a touch nervous but I knew I needed to walk tonight.  I have been feeling out of sorts and cranky!!!   So I decided a quick step out along the walkway would be good..... at worst it would be an slow easy.... at best it would be a quicker and feel good.   I am pleased to say it was more towards the quicker feel good side.

Shane came along for a walk too so that I was not out on the walkway in the dark by my self.  (such a sweet heart)  My first km was an easy and slow pace to help warm up and easy the body back into it.   Then once I realised that I had gone 1km and nothing was hurting I slowly let myself push a little more.

I felt great...NOT fantastic ... but great.  Nothing was hurting - THAT to me is more important at the moment and I felt nice and smooth.  Total time for 5km was 31.07 for an avg pace of 6:13 per km.

5km data here

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3000m fartlek and some repeats

Its a little breezy tonight but I really want to try a fartlek.  So I decided a 3000m fartlek was do able.

I warmed up and also did my drills to help get my hips moving.  The others were all doing 150m repeats so I knew I would have walkers around to try and pick off and this helps keep motivation up.

I started out on my fartlek and was really concentrating on my form.  Getting my hips round and lengthening my stride.  I was not going to too worried about time tonight..............oh who am I kidding..... I am always worried about my times.   Tonight was slow!!!   but I am trying hard.    I think that hearing from the others track side that they are all seeing my hips turning and Robyn even told me that I am dropping my hips for the first time.  So that supersedes the slow times.

1st km was 5.40
500m slow = 3.03  500m fast = 2.49
500m slow = 3.09 (i was also removing my jacket during this lap) 500m fast = 2.43

total time for 3000m was 17.26
3km fartlek

then I decided to do 3 x 200m and 1 x 400m   I was happy with these seeing as I had tried hard on my fartlek.

200m  = 1.01 and 1.02 and .59
400m = 2.09

Sunday, August 10, 2014

5000m Track Championships at St Lucia

After walking nearly 10km on the soft sand in a fun race on Saturday....I really wasnt feeling like getting up at 5.30am to drive into Brisbane for a 5000m track race.   I am not track fit by any means.

I was keen to try and hold the better style but reality is I know that it will be pretty hard to do.   I picked up Robyn at Movie World and we had a good drive with lots of chatting....nice to have company.   Arrived with time to do a short warm up and then it was into it!

I kinda felt "heavy" .... I guess just muscle tiredness from the last weeks training.   While I felt smooth it was nothing like on Tuesday night.   I still need to work on my stride length but that will come with the more I walk.   I got a caution for my left knee and I need to work on that side to help stabalize my hips.   I am pleased to say that nothing hurt.  My body held together well and while it was a touch stiff and sluggish...there was NO pain.   YAY.

my km splits show me getting 1 sec slower with each km and I was starting to tire from trying to hold the new style.... but a few seconds is nothing really and I am really pleased with my overall time.  28:55

5000m data

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Drills and stretching

Here is my list for Drills.  I will make notes under the photo 
for drills 1 to 8
the idea of these drills is to not use your arms and to have only your hips moving.  Most people do these with their arms wobbling and flexing all over the show.  The idea is to also keep your arms still..... eg in #1 no moving the elbows back and forth..... try to keep your arms still.  In # 5 (the sleep walker)  again arms still and straight.   When walking through the drills make sure you cross over the feet eg.... if using a painted line on the track or tennis court.  Place your foot over and past the white line....over stretch that front step...but making sure that your hip is also pointing forward allowing that foot to cross over.  you really want to feel your waist twist as your hip pushes forward.

For drills 9 & 10.  The arm not swinging......try to hold your short leg to keep that arm still.  The arm swinging.  Try to get the circle nice and big and right back ... most of us do half circles as we cant get our arms back over the shoulder any more.

Doing these before races is FANTASTIC for warming up the hips and stretching them out.

Now that you are nice and warm, its time to stretch.

We all know this one.  There are many different variations.  I am lacking in flexibility so this works best for me.  I used the hurdle at the track or the couch arm at home.  This opens the hip and gives the glute and hip a nice stretch.  My goal is to get my foot and knee flat on the surface.

Next is a double calf stretch.  Plant your left foot and push with the ball on the foot and have heel touching floor.   Put your right foot across to the left as in the first photo - this stretchs one side of the calf.....10 secs later and then put the right foot the same distance out to the right as in photo 2.  This stretchs the other side of the calf.

no photo for this one...
Tradionally hammy stretch.... standing put one leg on hurdle or couch and have both knees straight....lean foward to touch toe...or pull toe back towards you on the out stretched foot.

this is a lower lumber stretch for us oldies!
lean forward a little and bend the knees... hold in the core and arch your back a little as in photo one.  You will feel it in your lower back ... then keeping knees bent...lean forward making sure you keep your back flat.  If you can slowly straighten your knees - as you can see...I cant!

The other stretch we did - you need someone to help ...  but sitting on the ground with one leg out in front and the other leg frogged..(so heel against inner thigh) ... you have some one push your foot on the leg that is our front of you... push the foot back towards you.  This helps stretch the shin aswell as the archillies.

I also like to do the frog or butterfly stretch.   Sitting on the floor -  place both heels together and pull them towards your crutch.  Once at a comfortable spot.  Lean forward a little and place elbows on your thighs and push your knees towards the floor.  The goal is to have both knees touch the floor.............mine are years away from that!!!

I hope this helps :)   I know that these help me alot and I must...MUST make myself do them.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Track session and style makeover

Today we had Dave Smith coming down from Brisbane to take another coaching session.  Its great to have some one of his level watch over us and give us all pointers.

First up he showed us drills - I know drills but he put more emphasis to these ones and they certainly got the hips warmed up and moving.  Next we went through some important stretches focused more for racewalking.

Once warmed up he sent us out to do 12 x 200m....with a 1 min rest between them.   At first I was still tight and trying to hard ...but once I relaxed my hips dropped and I started to use my glutes and I just flowed.  He had me walking on the lines at the track to really help me plant my heel in front of my body to help bring the hip around.  When I felt I had it .... it felt smooth and my speed picked up.

On my last 200m I got someone to video me and also kay.  Here is the unedited video that shows both myself and kay.  Next time at the track I will get some more video and put it up.  

My 200's were :-
I am very happy with that.   Once I warmed up and relaxed, I felt great.

track data

Thursday, July 31, 2014

10km Broadbeach

Sadly all my walking buddies are sick with head colds and have had this week off walking.  But I had decided I would still go and do my 8km and just enjoy turning my legs over.

Once I got to the walkway and started out I changed my mind and decided to carry on and do 10km.  I really need some distance in my legs at the moment.  I think I am lacking speed due to weight gain, lack of fitness and not enough flexibility.  So I am only going to change all those by getting out there and walking.

It wasnt as scary as I thought it would be.  I had my jacket with the built in lights so people could see me on and the path itself is pretty well lit so I can see where I am going.

While I was slow, it was still nice to get out there and just walk.  A great stress reliever thats for sure.  I need to sit down and work out a program now so that I can start to build up for Pan Pac's.  My first goal is to get used to walking 3 days in a row and also trying to get one walk a week over 10km.

tonight it was 10km in 1.05.48  avg heart rate was 147 so showed I was just ticking my legs over.

10km walkway

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

track session and club walk

On Saturday our club hosted our first ever walk on the coast.  So to support the club I have happy to come along and do a 10km.  But with the hassels I have been having, I knew on the day I would struggle to do 10km.    It was a good turn out and the course was ok.  3 tight turns but over all nice surface, but the tight turns and my tight back just said NOPE ... so I opted to stop at 5km.  

I have every intention of walking on Sunday but it has taken two days to settle.  With both Shane and I having terrible backs we have turned to our new bed.  Its only 15 months old but it had two big sags either side so it makes it impossible to roll over with out lifting yourself up to do so.  So I have made a complaint with the manufacturer and am awaiting their response.  Our 20 year old bed never sagged ever.  The pillow top was just a plush as the day it was brought.  But this bed has serious sag..... a 6 cm dip.  So fingers crossed we get a new bed.............and SOON.

Tues - I decided to try the track.  I wanted to do 400's tonight.  I chased the kiddies around tonight and was so excited when Millie beat me on her last 400m....she is going to be a speedy one.  Mine were what I expected them to be.  Not very fast at all.  I dont think I have a fast twitch any where in my body.

2:09      2:10    2:09    2:05     2:06  and 2:07

Avg heart rate about 145  so again its showing either I have some fitness or I am not trying hard enough...but I was pushing 95% and just getting nothing out of my body.

track data

Sunday, July 20, 2014

10km easy on broadbeach

I have decided to take it easy on myself for the next couple of weeks.  Two big races back to back when I have not trained for them has really taken its toll.  I feel exhausted all the time.

I went out on Thursday and did a gentle 8km with Paul and Deb.  Love these walks but gosh I was sore the next day.  So I decided then that I was not going to race this Sunday but instead do my own training so that I can take it easy.

Shane headed out for a ride on his bike and I headed out for a 10km.  Beautiful day out and I loved ticking along with my music.  Again I found that I just had no up and go.  I feel very flat and possibly still recovering?   Nothing hurt which is good.  Hip flexor has healed well and gave me no problems today.  So body wish it was a great walk....just time was off.  But thats ok, it can be when its just training.

10km in 1.04.50 - avg pace of 6.29

Now to work my self out a program and start getting back into it again.

10 km broadbeach

20km QA State Road Champs

I was pretty apprehensive about doing this.  I kinda figured that as I had done the GC Half the weekend before and took it nice and easy....that surely I could manage a slow 20km.  Even if I just did it at training pace.  I worked out that I should be able to do about a 2:10 or under.  Even with the minimal training I still feel I have some base fitness that will see me through.   I was also asked to pick up another walker and bring him with me so that pretty much sealed the deal that I was going.

This course is normally a 2km loop.  Set out in a big U shape.  The start is in the centre of the U and its 500m out and 500m back on each side.  At the curves of the U is a rise that would be about 4m in height but over a 15 m its not tooo god awful.  Still I was facing doing this 20 x

When we arrived we had cut it a touch fine and had about 25 mins to warm up and get organised.  It was about 5mins to the start that I found out that Dave had changed the course.  He had decided to shorten it.  Making it a 1km loop....still in the U shape but the long legs had been cut back so you basically start - go down the rise turn go back up the rise....go across the rise turn and go back up the rise to finish your first lap.  WHAT THE HELL!!!  this meant 40 x over the rises...shit my hamstring is going to hate me!!  Infact had I known he would do that I wouldnt have come to the race.  There was only 3 women doing the 20km so this changed effected us the most.  I pretty much knew then it would be a slow race so 2:10 would be it if I was lucky.

We started out and before the first km was done I encountered a problem.  I had forgotten to take my watch off auto lap (normally on this course it works perfect to the measurements)  But my watch beeped off its frist km about 100m before the line?  Hmmm thats odd I pondered but I carried on..... and each km it kept chiming off further and further away from the start/finish..  Then there was the ACUTAL time....2km in 13:25  NO WAY!!!  I went through 10km on my watch 1.01.37 but the offical time was 1:07:15???  My body had held together really well and I was really surprised that I had no major aches.....  Some chaffing on my legs due to a touch of extra weight....sigh... and my right hip flexor.  I was keeping my pace pretty steady until around the 12km mark and then I just died.  Fatigue set in and mentally I was struggling to keep walking.  My times kept getting slower and slower and the more I tried to work out my laps the worse it became.   I lost track of how many laps I had done as my watch was so out of sync.  My watch chimed off 20km 2:10:29 ... so I called out many more laps.... 2 they said.............. I did a really fast calculation in my head and though hang on.  Thats a 1:15 for 10km ...are you kidding me!!!!  As I turned for my last lap I looked at the dq board and was just guttered to see TWO red cards up.   Oh NO.......not now, dont get DQ'd in the last lap, I couldnt bare it.   I was doing everything I could to keep in form by my legs were just not responding any more.  It was really a death march for that last 800m.  the juniors all cheered for us and even ran beside me to keep me going.  I finished in 2:22:12.................I wanted to cry.  I dont want this time to be recorded....something has to be wrong.

Another girl who had a GPS watch that walked the 10km came and asked me if my watch was gps and asked what I measured the walk at.  I looked at saw it said 21.71km  her's showed 10.9km  So next thing they bring out the wheel and remeasure as everyone is unhappy with their times and at first they blamed the hills.  Turned out the course was measured long...... by just over 90m ARRRRRHHHHHH  so us 20km walkers had all walked 1.8km more than we should have.

20 km data

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Gold Coast Half Marathon and 8km tonight

Having a close mate come to stay was just wonderful.  We had already made the Gold Coast Half Marathon the main focus of the stay.  The rest of the holiday was laying about and relaxing!

The half was done nice and slowly with great care.  Neither of us were in any huge hurry and both wanted to be able to function the next few days.  Raylene did end up with a very sory calf and some rather nasty chaffing and I had my usually aches and pains.  But surprisingly we both pulled up very well.

We went along on the Tuesday night to a coaching clinic being held by Dave Smith and it was fantastic!  I really do hope he will come back out again, so much knowledge and laughs too.

Tonight I joined Paul, Debbie and Kay for our usual 8km along the walkway.  It was a bit cold and windy tonight...brrrrrr ... yes I know...big soook!  Really enjoyed our walk tonight - I love how supportive our group is.

Roll on Sunday :)

Gold Coast Half Marathon data

8km data

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Taking a Break Sucks!!!!

Hi there,  I am back.  Not that anyone missed me.

Well alot has happened in the last couple of weeks.  I raced in the masters 5km and 10km race.  We had to make up a new course due to safety issues on the road and this meant using the rise in the foot path.  Not a good mix for me and by 2km I had done my back and felt like I stretched my hamstring tendon.  But stupid me kept walking..........5km and I kept going as all I could see was the championship!  Well I know better.

This has forced me to take a week off.  I had to go to the dr to get the results of my tests and biopsy's and that was a bit up setting for me.  After taking god awful pills for the last week, I can only hope that tomorrow I will give a clear test and wont need to take them any more.  The effects of these pills left me unable to walk so it was well timed.

I dont do rest well............ I get antzy and moody.

My good friend arrives next tuesday and then we have a half marathon to walk............I can barely walk 2km.  EEEEKKKKKK  to say I am worried is an understatement.

Tonight I decided to go to the track.  I had to know if I can still walk.  I joined in with robyn and her walkers..... they were doing 2km, 400m, 2km and 400m.  

After my first two km I was not doing the 400m and I pretty much limped off the track, so angry and annoyed.  My back was KILLING me.  I wore my SI Belt and it had NO effect.  If anything it made it hard to walk.  I was stiff and slow and hurting.   My 2km was 11:55 ... ugh Paul beat me by doing a 11:19

I thought...give it one more go and after chatting to Robyn I headed back out...minus the belt and focused on relaxing.  In the first 100m I felt like a different walker....I was smooth and for the first time in ages I felt that my hips were 400m I had caught and passed Paul and just kept pulling away.  Finishing this 2km in 11:21   ... YUS!! thats more like it.  I decided not to push on the 400m and just cruised for 1:15min.

I am a little sore and stiff now but Ice will help.

1st 2km
2nd 2km

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 km recovery on treadmill

As no one was walking tonight I decided to hop down stairs on the treadmill.   It would also give me a chance to fiddle with my watch a little.  It says on the site that the watch can tell the distance you walk....I find this hard to believe so I did take if off auto lap.  (hindsite...I will leave it be)

I started the treadmill and 20 seconds into the walk I had to stop it and reset it as it was set in miles!  Grrrrr so I reset it in kms and started again.  I set the treadmill to 9.5km/hr and decided to just tick along at that pace.  I was really surprised to see that my watch was matching the kms on the did it do that???  when the treadmil hit 1km I clicked lap on my watch and after that the watch was about 10mts out per km for each km.   I was really pleased that the watch kept distance so well.

I was surprised that the only part hurting was my shins.  My hip was good and while my SI did niggle it was not as bad as it had been in the last couple of weeks.  I think the chiro got it right on Friday.  Plus I have been in my kicks with inserts all day no chance for my arch to collapse.

for my 5km I did 31.17

tomorrow I will go for another 5km along the walkway and then a 6km with the guys on Thursday.  If I still feel good then I will enter the 10km champs on the weekend.

5km data

16km (10miles) LBG Walk Championships

I flew to Canberra on Saturday night.   It was freezing when I landed and I really had come away unprepared for the cold.   Annette, Lucy and David came and collected me from the airport.   We get back to the house and gathered everyone together (Jim and Liz) and headed out for dinner.  It was so nice to meet Sarah and Cassie and in the racewalk family style.....we all got talking shop!  

The alarm goes off at 6am and I gingerly step my feet out of my nice warm bed.   BRRRRR its really cold!   0 degs - with nervous chatter we all go about our routines in getting ready for a race and head to the race start.    When we arrived the first thing I spotted was the group of Kangaroo's that were all just casually lounging under the trees watching us with amusement.

This is a huge meet with many age grades and distances.  The most prominent event was the 20 and 10 mile.  These two races started at 8am.  It was a great feeling lining up on the start line beside Olympian Jared Tallent and top Australian walkers like Chris, Tanya, Bek and lauren.   Not very often I get the chance to even see them walk let alone say I walked with them (even if only a couple of steps) 

 Look at all those walkers!  It took a full 500m for us to pull away and settle to our own spots.  I settled into a pace I felt happy with.  Sarah came up along side me and walked with me for about 1km but then she slowly pulled away and I slowed to my pace that I would hold at for most of the race.  While I am relatively fit, 16km is a big ask when you have only been doing 8km and the odd 10km.  I was starting to really feel the ups and downs on the course and it was only 5km.  My back was pulling and just not freeing up at all.  I had expected that and just figured to hang in there and keep one foot infront of the other.
 I was pleased to see my form was not as bad as I felt I looked.......I was just lacking power!  My main goal in coming down to this event was to finish and to finish under 1:40 ........ for a while there I was looking at a good 1:38 but the last 3km were to be the undoing of me.   I had taken a gel at 8km but no water to help wash it down as I had no idea where the drink stations were and twice I nearly went the wrong way.   At 12km I suddenly felt very sick...I really thought I was going to throw and started dry retching as I was walking.  My stomach went into knots and I got a hit of gastro distress.  This was not good.  My pace dropped dramatically and where I was on target for a 1:38 - I was now looking like I was not going to hit my goal either.  About 800m from the finish we had to walk 300m over grass..........this part was AWFUL, its was long, lumpy and full of pot holes.  It was the toughest part of the whole race!!!

You have NO idea how good this felt.  I was amazed my body had held together.  My finish time was 1:39:46 ...... I just scrapped under my goal by the skin of my teeth.

It was great to watch all the other races and cheer on the qld walkers.   It was a great weekend all round.  That night we went out to the presentations where I got a Silver and Liz got a Bronze.  I must say I was surprised at how well my body felt after the race (and the following day too)

 16km data

Thursday, June 05, 2014

8km and new watch

My watch arrived today, so I charged it up at work and then during my lunch break - set it up so it was ready to take for a walk tonight.  

It was so easy to set up and my first find was how light it is.  Plus the touch screen is very responsive and easy to work through.

I met up with Paul, Deb and Kay at our usual spot on the Broadbeach walkway.  My watch found satellites quick and we were ready to go in under 30secs.  I was only going to tick along tonight and stretch my legs out.  My back has been hurting since the chiro adjustment.  Muscular pain not bone.  I was very pleased to hear my watch chime off at the km mark exactly as it was marked out and it showed me my km time in large print.  I didnt check to see if the pace was correct as I wasnt worried to much about that tonight.

On the last lap of the walk way both Paul and I has some gastro issues and had to do a sudden and urgent veer to the toilets - My stomach had been playing up all day as I am still adjusting to my new diet and still get some gastro distress in the afternoons.  As I didnt start my walk back at the spot I had stopped.  I had to walk a further 20m at the end to make it up for 8km.  I have to say that I was very pleased with how the watch responded and the data it gave me.  At the end of this walk it flashed and told me I had 4 new personal bests ..... fastest  KM, fastest Mile, fastest 5km and longest walk.   I am really looking forward to seeing this change as my training picks up again.

I am VERY pleased with my watch.  I will look into buying the special heart strap that goes with it (Garmin only replaced my watch not the bundle)  I just have to find somewhere that sells it.

total time for our 8km was an easy 55:54

8 km data

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

My Week - so far

I am officially coachless.  I will be training myself from here in.  I think I have learned enough to get it right.

Sunday, I started the 30 day challenges with Shane.   25 squats, 20 sec Wall Squat etc etc .... Sunday my back was killing me so ended up just doing 5km on the treadmill.  But that night my legs were really hurting.  my adductors were so tight and sore I was struggling just standing up right.

Monday -  Got my self into the chiro and was told that my arch on my right foot had collapsed causing my SI Joint to lock tight and stay tight.  It took 2 goes to get it to crack and free up.....BOY did it crack.  OUCH.  So I really must address getting proper orthotics and soon.

I heard back from Garmin about my watch.  They had found a fault and were going to send me back a new replacement of the same.  So I called them and blow me down with a feather!!! they are happy to up grade me to the 620 at NO extra cost.  Whoop Whoop.

Tuesday,  My legs were still hurting and while I went to the track, after two laps I knew I couldnt do any sort of workout.  Robyn had 5 of her juniors walking tonight and they were to do 500m's.  We swapped that to 400m and I walked with them and helped them with arm technique.  They are such a great bunch of kids, so enthusiastic and GREAT walkers.  A lot of potential tallent coming through here.

We all did 6 x 400m most around the 2:46 per lap.  My legs are still sore but not as bad.  Hope to do 8km on Thursday.

one of our 400ms

Thursday, May 29, 2014

8km - blasted SI joint and stupid Garmin

today I sent my Garmin 610 back - I can only hope they let me upgrade but I fear they will send me a new 610 or worse......just refurbish my old one and send it back.  

So for today's walk I fired up my old Garmin 305.  It felt like wearing a brick on my arm.  I had forgot how big it was.  But for how the walk went - I shouldn't have bothered.

I was walking by myself tonight so I thought I might go a bit quicker and get a good fast 8km out......errrmmm I think my body didnt get that memo!  From the start of the walk I could hardly get my right leg out in front of me due to pain and stiffness in my right SI joint (well kinda between the joint and my spin)  It took about a km to setttle and allow me to stretch out a little.  But with it hurting I was unable to drop my hip and get the hips moving forward. .....  instant brakes basically.

I cant remember how I have this older watch set up and so my pace just didnt seem right.  I really felt like I was walking at 6:10 pace..... so my first km chirped at 6:38 ................WHAT THE HELL????

So I tried harder and felt that I had gotten faster...........but I just didn't, couldn't, it hurt and I had nothing...ZIP NADA!!!!  grrrrrrr

But it was nice to come home and have shane surprise me by taking me out to the opening of Malificent.... that made my day.

so 8km in 52.37

8km data here

Sunday, May 25, 2014

an ugly easy 12 km


Yeah that describes this walk well.

I woke up today and hurt, just hurt all over.  My abs, my hips, my glutes, my back and my hammy's just ached.  Not really sure why,  as I only did a very easy 8km on Thursday.  I did do some exercises on Saturday but nothing that I thought was too strenuous.

So I am very glad I had made the decision to not race today.

I started out and took my first km easy to warm up and get things loosened and moving.  I was having doubts I would even make 12 km but I was prepared to give it a shot as I have 16 km to do in a couple of weeks.  Each km ticked over and while the pain and aches didnt go away they didnt get worse.  I was able to tick along at a comfortable pace around 6:20ish.  By 8km I was starting to get tired and very sore.  I just feel weak in my right hip - as if it will just give out.

I got back onto the walkway at 10km (1:03) and I figured what the hell......this will be the worst pace I can do in the 16km race and if thats what it takes for me to just get round then so be it.

I did make it to 12km in a slow time of 1:16:16 ...... and yes ... I HURT!.  

12 km data

This will also be my last week with my Coach.  I have decided to take a break from coaching and just coach myself for a while.  It will take the pressure off me and I can walk as I feel I can and to what pace I feel I can.  I feel I will heal doing this.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

6 x 500m repeats

Over the last couple of days I have been doing some glute stretches to try to get some movement into my hips.  

Today I have eaten soley gluten free foods but for some reason about 20mins after eating my lunch my stomach started to REALLY hurt.  From that point it just continued to hurt all the way through my whole tummy.  When I got to the track I was bloated and very sore.   

I warmed up for one lap only which I know is not enough.  But I was planning on doing a gentle 2km and then some 500 m speeds ..... Everyone at the track was doing 500m I thought I would jump in with them.  

I figured so long as I dont push 100% and control my speed I would be ok and I had already decided I would walk within my pain barriers.   The first 500m I was stiff and tight and just felt really OFF.  I was trying to hard to do all the "right" things...tuck this, plant foot here, push this - and all the walk my hip hurt. 

So as we walked down to start our next 500m I decided that I would just WALK.....walk the way my body wants to do.  If it means I am not as tucked or my feet cross again so be it.   The next 500m I felt GREAT....I was smooth and strong and faster.  Everyone commented on how different I looked.  Still no hip moving but my arms were down, my stride had lengthened and I just looked more relaxed and still only at about 80% effort. 

I continued doing this for the rest of our 500's and felt strong the whole time.  Only once did my hip twinge me.  It was so nice to just relax and not worry about my time, my style or anything.

My 500's are here
and my MAX heart rate was only 167 - I am really pleased.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

10km that become a 5km Club Race

Hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it.

Its been a crazy week.  With me having a Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy on Thursday - I have not trained for days.  Friday and Saturday saw me with deep sharp pains in my bowel which I think was remnant pain from the procedure.  Add to that the pain in my Hip/Glute Med/Lower back - I was not in good shape at all.  In truth - I should have stayed home.

But nope, instead I am lining up with the others thinking about how my coach wants me to try for 58 mins.  I knew that there was little chance of that happening with how my hip was feeling...but I was prepared to try.  Canberra is only 3 weeks away and I am really freaking out about it.  I should never have brought the tickets and agreed to go.  But its done now.

So we all started out together - there was a 1km race, 2km, 3km, 5km and 10km happening at the same time.  I just couldnt power up right from the start.  I had zero hip movement and the harder I tried to get some movement in my hips (forward and backward motion)  the more it hurt and become tighter.  Dave was being really helpful and calling out tips to help me (he was later to explain to me how short my stride really was)  I tried really hard to lenghten my stride but I just cant get my hips to move.  Plus with the wider foot placement I just cant get my hips round.

At 4km I KNEW I was done and that if I try to push through I would be a cripple for the next two days.  So I called out and said I was finishing.  I had caught and passed Shane and now had my sights on Micky's back.  She was about 20 m ahead of me and I was really going to try to catch her and I nearly did.  Crossing the line in 29:04 - but sadly I am a DNF in the official results as I had entered the 10km not the 5km.

It was great to have a chat to Dave about technique and training styles - I appreciate his wisdom and I will be making some changes.  This is the 5th time I have been out with the same injury and each time I take a break I manage to heal up but as soon as I start to load up in training it goes again.  I am over it and really need to stop over thinking and over analyzing things.

I am very nervous about the up coming 16km walk in Canberra....VERY ... I guess I just need to be kind to myself and not beat myself up if things dont go to plan.
5km data