Sunday, October 30, 2011

20km Long Distance Champs

I flew out of Blenheim on the "flying pencil" on Saturday and met up with Terri and Phillip in Wellington. From here we drove up to Palmerston North and arrived in time for the AGM of the Race Walk committee. Pus it was a good meet and great with all of the walkers who had turned up.

We headed around to Sue's house were we settled down for the night. By now I was about to throw my cell phone out the window. It had fast become an expensive paper weight. I had been unable to send any texts or get onto the internet, so I was totally off the grid for the weekend.

I had the best sleep ... I am known to get so wound up before a race that I dont sleep at all but for some I had settle down and slept well. We got up early and had breakfast, it had been raining through the night and was still a little drizzly in the morning. It was so muggy and warm, even at 7am I was only in a tank top and shorts. We travelled to the course and I found out that it was on a 500m loop and I must admit at first not liking the idea at all. But on thinking about it, last year the Long Distance Walks were on a 500m loop (1 km laps) so it was nothing new really. We headed out and warmed up, it was I am told 90% humidity and about 13 degs at race start.

We were called over to the start and had to make room for Graham Jones who was the solo 50km walker and had started at 7am (2 hours earlier) The officials opened up the course to fit us all on. The only negative I have to say is that they asked for all the 10km Championship walkers to line up first...when they should have had the 20km and TT trial walkers as I ended up boxed in behind an older walker and two juniors who started way slower. The gun goes off and away we go, I am stuck behind slower walkers and unable to get around them for a good 20m then when I finally broke clear of them I was faced with the speed hump that they had opened up for us to go over (all of us were asked if we wanted it opened or closed for the first lap - and we opted to have it open to not make a bottle neck) So I still aimed for the side that was to be used in the race that was flat. I settled in behind Eric and wished I was able to keep up with him for the whole race.....(next year, that will be a goal) by now Graham Jones walked past me (at 2 hours in to his 50km he was still faster than me!!!)

My plan had been to do a quick couple of kms and then settle into my pace but I wanted to try hard not to go slower than 5:50 per km. I must say that I pretty much stuck to that too. I felt good and strong as I walked through 5km and on through to 10km. On my 10th km lap I was starting to feel light headed and I had been drinking each lap, but I had brought some gels and had set up a bowl on the drinks table (a first for me) so I asked the lady to pass me my gel as I came back past. The sachet was ok, taste was a little blarrkkk but it was STICKY and I end up with a very very sticky hand and chin. I was surprised at how quick it seemed to work as my legs picked up very quickly. I pressed on and again still felt good and strong at the 15km.

I knew I would be chasing Rosie and she was a good 5mins a head of me, but I had NO idea of what Leslie was capable of. So I kept an eye on the gap between us and by 10km I was pulling away by a good 10m each km so at the 15km mark I would guess Leslie was 2mins behind me.

My back had so far held together, I had no pain in my feet and was still feeling strong. I got to 16km and saw that my split was slower and so as I headed into the lap I decided that now was a good time to pick up the pace and start to push - and this was when the wheels feel off. I picked up my pace and within 50m of increasing my pace I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my right hip flexor and had trouble pulling my right leg through to make the next step. I slowed up instantly and took check of myself and realised I was limping badly. I looked ahead and saw I was coming into the next judges zone so pulled my self up tall with my core and pushed hard through my glute to get my leg to function. I managed to carry on but as I went through the turn I knew I was in trouble. The turns for todays race were right hand turns, and so as I put my right leg down and put my weight over it to step on, the pain was sharp and intense instantly. From this turn there was 100m to the start / finish mat and it was here I got my first and only caution. It was going through my mind to pull out but as I crossed the line I figured it was 3km to go and even if I slowed right down I would still hold on to 2nd and qualify. I was just worried re the judges. My pace dropped to 6.06 per km and I limped on ..... share grit and determination was the only thing that was going to get me through this. The bell sounded and it was one lap to go. I tried so hard to pick up my pace and I did managed to do so for a small section. I rounded the last corner and knew then it was only going to hurt for 100m more and I pushed as hard as I could and crossed the line with everyone cheering and calling out to help me keep going.

1:55:55 OMG, I even achieved a Pb too but most importantly...............I had made the auto selection for the NZ Team!!!!

Now I get 2 whole weeks off and in this time I am to start working on my right glutes but the best part of this time off...............I fly to Cairns tomorrow and get to send a week with my girls, josh and grand children................I just cant wait!

So thank you to my sponsor's Health 2000 Ltd, Sports Therapy and the best husband in the world - Shane.

20km Long Distance Champs

Monday, October 24, 2011

10km out an back atawhai

Gosh what an exciting walk this turned out to be.

It is a long weekend for us. Labour Day and its a gorgeous day!!! Picture perfect to be exact. I got my sleep in and then decided that I really should go do the walk now as its going to get pretty hot today. So at 9.30am I drove down to the Park where I start this walk - Its nice and flat and follows the sea.

I started out and at 2km was feeling very BLAAAA, my legs felt numb and jelly like. I wondered if I was going to even be able to keep up an easy pace I felt so empty....but I focused on my technique and visualized my glutes working with each stride and pictured how I want to be walking and before I knew it, 5km was right there and it was turn around time. 29:02 well thats not so bad I figured.

I had just passed the 6km marker when I noticed that a car had just suddenly stopped about 500m up from me in the middle of the road and other cars were braking heavy to avoid collision (its 100km speed on this part of the road) the cars all started up again and I carried on. Next thing there was a screaming of brakes and smoke from tyres and a large BANG! as this happened I notice a police car was driving past (in the opp direction) so I quickly started waving my arms in the hope he would look in his rear mirror and see me.....which he did. The police officer turned around and could clearly see then why I had caught his attention. Up a head were two cars - both towing trailers, pulled over to the side of the road with black skid marks on the road and wee bit of glass.

(if you look at my data and look at my heart will see the big spike in my heart rate - must have been the adrenaline shot! ) lol So I ran up the road quickly to see that no one was hurt and to offer any assistance if needed. As I got closer to the scene it became apparent what had caused all the cars to suddenly brake and stop or swerve .......7 baby ducklings were trying to cross the Main Road to get to their very distressed Mum. It was heart breaking to watch as there was nothing we could do to help .... not worth getting hit by a car ourselves and then we would probably get them across only for them to return back later that day.

So I left the police officer to deal with the drivers and headed off. Funny thing, now I was feeling great. My body felt nice and strong and I could feel myself slotting into a nice strong pace. I started thinking that this is how I would like my second 10km to go next weekend...I would be very very happy if it did pace out like todays walk.

Total time for 10km was 57:54 ................hmmm perhaps I need someone to give me one hell of a good scare in the middle of long distance walks....get that adrenaline shot to the heart!! lol

10km out an back atawhai

Saturday, October 22, 2011

leg 3 - half marathon

Today I joined in with a team - my group of walkers that I have been coaching. It is the Waimea Half Marathon and the relay went around the old course which is a 4 loop of rabbit island. The Half Marathon course has been changed to make it a two loop - but it was unliked by walkers. It was more a cross country course with sand, pot holes and gravel to pick through.

Andrea had entered the Half and was the only one missing from our group for the team.

I was given lap 3 which is 5.4km long. We cheered off Sharon and she headed off on lap 1. The drizzle had set back in again but it wasnt too cold. Everyone huddled under umbrella's and cheered. We had guessed what time she would be in by and man she rocketed in way sooner than we expected. Such a fast transition....and then it was Maree. She rocketed off for her 5.4km lap. We got video and photos as she went around the loop and back past us again. Next up was me and we watched out for Maree - as we were wearing pink we were pretty easy to spot.

Maree rounded the corner and zoomed her way to me and tag! turn....I was very aware of my back and hamstring and so took it a little slower than I normally do and picking up the pace a little for the 2nd km. My form felt good but I was breathing heavier than I like - specially compared to my heart rate. I got passed by Stu (a runner) at about the 3.5km mark so I tried to pick up my pace and chase him. But he slowly pulled away and made some ground on me. Even though it was only 5.4km I was really pleased I was not doing more or the half......I was pretty much over racing at the moment. I pushed hard to finish and tag Raylene and sent her off on her leg.

We then all gathered on the finish to watch everyone come through. Wendy was first walker home in 2:4:52 and Neroli was not too far beind in 2:10

While we were watching the finish we all noticed a runner wobbling from side to side as he ran to the finish.....stumbling, his legs started to buckle about 10m from the finish. Thank god the guys on the side were watching and reacted as fast as they did, with John jumping the tape and rushing to his side to help him across and then on to the medic tent. As they crossed over I called out to get the medic and to warn him that he was needed....NO ONE could find the medic???? turns out he was sitting in the front of the ambulance reading a paper and not even paying any attention to the race. He wandered over and was clearly out his deapth of knowledge with on lookers taking over the care of Hugh. Just as Hugh started to settle another runner went down on the finish line. This time he hit the road and rolled off to the grass. Again I called for the medic who was looking bewildered and like a possum caught in headlights. Three men picked this guy up and dragged him over to the ambulance where the medic got them to sit the guy in a chair. I decided to stay close and watch over this guy as he reminded me of how I was when I crossed the line. I was horrified when I saw him being fed Red water was given. Then when I looked back people were giving this guy banana's and he was clearly unable to chew or swollow....he was gray in colour, eyes shut and then he start making odd faces and hallucinating. It was here that I stepped in. The medic was not watching either patient but was talking to some kids away from the area. I went over and said that I dont think they should be giving him any food or poweraid....and thankfully both women stopped, just as he started convulsing and gagging....I called again to the usless medic and told him what was happening and this guy was like...yeah yeah ..he will be ok. I got some more guys to help me and we got this guy out of the chair and on to the ground. He was vomiting and choking by now. The medic comes over to assist and ends up laying him on his stomach face first in his vomit. PEACHY!!!! Finally we get a board out of the ambulance and get this guy into the medivac ambulance. By now I was very concerned for this chap and I ran off to find the women in charge and informed her that an ambulance with real medics/paramedics needs to be called.....urgently. Thankfully she did. Ambulance arrived and transported the chap to the hospital and we were told later at prize giving that he had recovered and was doing ok. I think for future years, the club needs to pay a little extra and get St John staff at the event instead of pretend play medics that only know how to put on a plaster. This medivac ambulance was not equipped for todays event.

But other than that last little drama, the event was awesome fun. We had a blast.

so I did 5.4km in 30:03

leg 3 - half marathon

Friday, October 21, 2011

8km out an back atawhai

Wow, what a day! After it being cooler yesterday, we get hit with some heat today! Its a VERY windy day but its hot. The weather site says 24 degs and wind at 45km/hr.

I had 8km on my program. I was unsure if my coach wanted me to walk today or not but as he was not online when I checked I figured that I should at least try. I was not sure how I would feel. I have been pretty sore today - behind my knees and shoulders oddly enough. I can feel that my psoas is needing adjusting as it hurts and when I try to do it my self it is just too painful to put enough pressure on it.

I picked the atawhai course as its flat and scenic. There is no where around that is sheltered from the wind here so it didnt matter what course I picked. I started out and took it very easy as I slowly warmed up. The wind was behind and really pushing me along so I slowly increased my speed and felt comfortable enough. I hit the 4km mark and turned straight into the wind. Wow it was strong!!! I was pushing hard and felt like I was going in slow motion. By 6km I was pooped and felt like I had a huge sail attached to me that I was dragging. It was getting harder and harder to racewalk as I almost felt like I needed to lean into the wind and just power walk back.

I did still manage to make it back to the car in under 47:59

But still I felt mentally better in this walk, but still have no power. I cant wait to get to the chiropractor on Tuesday.

8km out an back atawhai

Thursday, October 20, 2011

5km road race

4pm and I am again back at the track. This time for a 5km Road race. Again the weather is perfect, with high clouds and little breeze. There were lots more faces today. Lots of eager people keen to strike out for 5km. As I walked into to the track I recognised a wiggling butt that was walking in front of me.....Sue Hoskins! she is kindly having us come to stay next weekend. Yay

I stripped down and headed out on to the track for a warm up and did a lap with Neroli and then Pete. I was feeling pretty good and was looking forward to a good race. I knew that there was no chance of recreating the awesome 5km I did for the Nelson Champs but I was hoping to come in close. My style was coming together again and now it was just a matter of trusting it and putting some speed into it. (which I had yet to do)

We all lined up for the race start at 5pm, it was a dodgy start with so many runners and walkers starting together 50m out from a hair pin corner...hmmmm bottle neck!!! Sure enough we all hit that corner, lucky the fastest runners had pulled away but there was still a lot of people milling as we rounded the corner. Then it was full charge along the road way..nice long straight. I passed the 1st km marker in 5:09 and I felt great and even though I was breathing hard I felt strong and my style felt easy. Then in just 500m the wheels fell off and everything changed. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain hit me behind both my knees and in my hamstrings. It was like I had lost all my top gears and was over reving the gear that I was left with. As hard as I tried I just got slower. As we rounded back onto the track at the 2.5km mark Neroli passed me and knew I was in pain. She had seen it all happen and new instantly that my back had gone on me. I tried hard to power up again and managed a few seconds but by now my legs just felt empty and dead. I had nothing left. ZIP NADA! so much for the go hard and have a good blow out!.... I blew out.

I stayed in the race but I had decided that if I get pain in my back i was going to pull out. Lucky my back held together and I finished.

27:44 is not a bad time by any means....but it was not what I was hoping for, so I was disappointed in my self. And here in steps my coach and why I owe him so much. He phones me to see how things have gone and we go over my walk.......he instantly makes me feel better and explains what has happened to me and why and also explains that this happens to them all and to not beat my self up about it. I have booked in for a chiropractor next week and he is positive that with getting my back adjusted and then my psoas reset....that all will be fine and that I will still be fantastic for next weeks 20km Trial race.

5km road race

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

16km out an back monaco

Its a clear sunny day - approx 15degs - but its windy. 20 - 25 km/hr gusts. I knew that once I get around to Monaco that there would be no shelter and I would get knocked around but there are really no spots around town to do a 16km walk that wont have the same issues. So it was time to suck it up and head out.

I felt good for the first 3km, just ticking along at about 5:50 pace and feeling good. Not really sure when I noticed it but behind my left knee started hurting and not long after the same behind my right knee. Gosh I haven't felt that pain for years. I took note of how I was walking and everything seemed fine. I had just been at the physio and had my back and glutes seen to. I know my physio is concerned about my back and feels that I am pushing it pretty hard and is worried it will all go 'bang' pretty quick.

I know how important it is to get a distance walk out this week so I kept going and hoped it will come right. I went through 5km at 29:26 and was not overly happy with that. I turned at the 8km mark in 47:15 - which was better but not by much. I then turned to come home and went head to head with the wind. Its funny how you dont notice it so much when its behind you but man when its a head on......not much fun. I pushed hard and tried to keep my pace up but the harder I tried to push the more it hurt behind my knees and now also in the small of my back. This was not so good. There was little I could do but settle with what pace my body would let me do. I went through 10km in 59:54 and knew I was slowly losing any gain I had made earlier. It was now the up hill part of the walk home so now choice now but to just grind it home.

total time for 16km was 1:38:22

16km out an back monaco

Monday, October 17, 2011

Maximus Graham Wells

Introducing the newest member of our family.  My absolutely gorgeous Grandson - Maximus Graham Wells, born via caesarean at 8:54am on 17 October.  Weighing in at a very healthy 10lb!

He is the sweetest wee boy and is a good blend of both his Mum and Dad.  His big Sister Katie-May got to met him later that day and I am sure the two will be fast friends.

I am flying over to Cairns on 1st November to met this wee man and to catch up with my Girls and Grand daughter, who I have missed terribly.  I can already feel how hard it is going to be when it is time to come home.

So be warned folks......this blog will become over run again with GRAND CHILDREN posts.....  :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

10km road walk

After a night of celebrating at the hanger party, I had to get up today and do another 10km race. I had already decided that todays race would be at recovery pace and I expected to take about 58mins. There were alot more walkers today as the rest of the races are unjudged so the recreational walkers can now have some competition. Which is great for all the walkers.

I started out and just settled into easy pace. Neroli was walking just ahead of me and I was happy to follow along behind her. Slowly I caught her up and settled in beside her. Roger walked past us and we let him zip along figuring that we would pick him back up later in the race. We held a nice and steady pace and chatted from time to time as we raced along by the estary. We had headed out on my training ground so I know the track well. We turned at the 5km point and headed back, slowly we gained on Roger and passed him at the 6km marker.

When we hit the 9km marker I decided to push a little bit for the last km. My back was still feeling pretty sore but my legs were feeling ok at the moment. I focused on staying up right and using my glutes to power on and used the advice of the judges - keeping my toes up to help with my left leg. I pulled away from neroli and entered the track to come along to the finish and was surprised to cross in 57:16

I stayed on to cheer in all my walkers and was so so proud of them all. Neroli and I walked back over to the convection centre and I managed to get a very quick massage on my back and behind my right knee. Then we made our way back for the medals. I stayed on and chatted to many walkers. Raylene and I were chatting about the half marathon this coming weekend and she mentioned she didnt think she could walk another 10km and asked if I would like to do 5km and enter with their team. So as they need 4 we asked Maree to join in to. So I have a 5km race this thursday and now I am racing on Saturday but only 5km.

10km road walk

10,000m Track - NZ masters record walk

The day had come. Gosh was I nervous, even more so than any of my races in Sacramento. I think cause it was home town and I felt I had the expectations of my sponsors, friends and general public to do great!

We woke to a perfect day for racing. Still, cool and calm. It was sunny and approx 10degs when we got to the track. I went to the registration table and went to get my numbers and was given one number. I explained that race-walkers must have two numbers for front and back, so I headed off to find the chief judge and have him explain it. Soon enough a second lot of numbers were produced and we got into the meet and great of everyone. I went off on my own and started warming up out on the track. Soon enough others followed out and did similar.

We all lined up for race briefing. As they were starting the 3000m with the 10,000m they had to explain where the stop point was and also to explain about the DQ board (as for most of the walkers this was their first ever judged walk)

We started out and I took lead. Not the spot I wanted as I had expected Wendy to take lead spot. But I stayed to plan and settled into my pacing after the first km. My aim was to stick to 2:17 per lap and for most I was under that. I fluctuated around 5:40 per km - which is pretty much what I had wanted to do. Wendy stayed on my shoulder until the 6km mark and then made a burst away. I opted whether to chase but decided to stick to my own race plan. At the 9km mark I got my first warning for bent knee (left knee) and then another from the next judge. I corrected and pulled my self back up again.

Each time we would pass in front of the grand stand everyone would cheer and call out. This helped so much as by now my back was hurting badly and I was struggling. The last km felt like it took forever!!!

I crossed the line, hit stop on my watch and then waited for a moment until I checked it. 56:34 Wahooooo I got it.....Omg, I actually got it. Next I turned to cheer in Neroli and watching her cross over to get her NZ Masters record was just awesome. I was so thrilled for the club and the organizers of the South Is Masters Games .... that set it up for 3 Masters records on the first morning of events!

I have never felt so proud to be a walker.

10,000m Track - record walk

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

15km out and back

After a hard physio session and feeling pretty sore from the spinning, core and stretching from the Womens Activator Series last night. I was not sure how I would go for 15km tonight.

My legs and glutes were pretty stiff and sore, but Debs had given me the ok to test out my back. I was to stop and do back extensions if it started to hurt during the walk.

I started out at an easy pace and went up along the walkway, I was starting to get warm and thought of stopping and taking my long sleeve off. I am very glad I didn't as by 3km it started spitting and by 5km it was raining. The temp started dropping very quickly and I was getting cold. My legs were feeling very heavy but I kept my pace easy and strong.

I am so looking forward to my rest day tomorrow :)

15km out and back

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3km, 2km & 3 x 1km track

With all the extreme weather warnings in place I was picking todays track was going to be ugly.  Turns out the weather cleared by lunch time and by 1pm the sun was out and it started getting pretty hot.

I met Neroli down at the track and she decided to do the same workout as me.  Her fitness is picking up nice and fast, so its helpful to me to have her on the track as she is not far behind me.

I had 12km yesterday with two bursts of Race Pace.  I did really well and ended up adding in 3 bursts.  I used the walkway out in Richmond so it was nice and flat.

My track session went well.  I was tired from the 12km and the track on Sunday and Saturday.  But I still managed to push and be faster than my last 3km, 2km session the other day.

I am on track to achieve the time I am aiming for this weekend.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

3km, 2km & 3 x 1km track

Woke up to a gorgeous day! I raced down to the track at 10am as I wanted to get this one out of the way. I have my best mate coming over to visit today.

I got to the track and it was really busy down there. One week till South Island Games and so everyone is out getting in that last minute training.

My back has been hurting again and once more leaving me with burning feet. Sitting in a plane just doesn't agree with me and I end up really hurting for a few days after. I wanted to put out a good track session today and the first 3km felt good, the second burst of 2km didn't. For the first time my back started hurting during the walk and the pain in my feet came on too. I was struggling on my last lap. So when I was recovering I dropped to the grass and did my back extensions, hoping that would help. I continued on and completed the next 3 x 1km's but never felt comfortable during them and my back just hurt more and more. I was pleased when it was over and I could head for home. So I am back to sitting up right in the office chair or laying on the floor. I have one week to sort this and I will!

So here are my splits:-
5:18, 5:24 + 5:27 = 16:09

5:32 + 5:33 = 11:05

3 x 1km

3km, 2km & 3 x 1km track

Friday, October 07, 2011

NEXT Magazine Woman of the Year 2011

I was most excited to learn that I was a finalist in the Sports Section for Next Magazine's Woman of the Year.  This was the second year this event has been run and I really hope that they continue to do so.  

As the day came closer I was contacted by Next Magazine and offered accommodation, to which I quickly accepted as I had not sorted out where I would stay and it was this offer that sealed my decision to fly up and go to the event.  I was really surprised when I found out that I would be staying at the Rydges Hotel.  It is super flash!!!

My day started out with my flight up to Auckland on Thursday afternoon.  I caught the Airbus into the city and walked up to find the Rydges.  I checked in and made my way up to level 7 and found my room.  I had 3 hours to kill so I kicked back and watched tv and checked out my room.  Aly Cook and I had arranged to be each others date for the night and she had very kindly offered to give me a lift to and from the event.  I was so thankful for this as I really was not sure how I was going to get there other than walking.

We were dropped out outside the Art Gallery and as we were a little early we mingled out side with some of the other early arrivals too.  I loved the huge tree laying on its side in a pool of water with BRIGHT red leaves, so Aly and I had a photo taken in front of it.  I had seen another couple trying to take their own photo so I went over and offered to take their photo for them and they returned the favor.  The lady was Dr Christine Couldrey - Ultra Distance Athlete, so we chatted while we waited to be let in.  The Art Gallery has just been finished and so I think this event is one of the first events to be held in it.  

I must admit to not being very 'arty'....I know what I do and don't like...but that doesn't really help much when wandering in an Art Gallery as I have to say that nothing caught my eye and some of the rooms didn't feel like the art that was displayed flowed or fitted together....but that is just my own thoughts.

The first thing as we entered the room - we were all greeted and given our own Pandora Bracelet with a crown charm and two lock charms.  WOW, and then we were also given a white Carmelia to wear on our wrist.....this was worn by the finalists, so we could all know each other etc.   We were given a glass of bubbles and started mingling.  I spoke with Jenny Shipley and many many other women whom I could not put names too.   The wine kept flowing, each time your glass was empty it would be filled, I was feeling very heady and needed food.  Ladies wandered among us with finger food to nibble on.  It was a lovely selection - small meat balls, bacon wrapped sausage, chicken, seafood wrap and stuffed mushrooms.

There was a lovely string quartet playing as approx 200 guests mingled and talked, the buzz from the room made it difficult to hear what each was saying.  I loved standing back and people watching.  The clothing, shoes and hair.....everyone was dressed impeccably.  At last the moment of the evening came and we all gathered around to hear and see who would be the winners of each section.

The winner of the sports section was just as I had guessed - Jayne Parsons - Paralympian and I agree totally with the judges decision, she truly is an inspiration to women, overcoming domestic violence and loosing her sight - to then take up cycling.  Is bravery and courage beyond belief.  

The overall Winner was Lesley Elliott.  For those not from NZ and don't know, her daughter Sophie Elliott was brutally murdered 4 years ago at the hands of her then boyfriend.  Lesley has written a book and launched the Sophie Elliott foundation to help change the attitude towards domestic violence.  

It was the most amazing and special evening, I was so honored to have been made a finalist and getting to spend the evening with so many inspiring and amazing women.

Thank you Next Magazine and Pandora, I cant wait to see who will be nominated for 2012's Next Woman of the year.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

10km kickdown on the track

I have spent the last few days doing some "mental training" and that has helped me to be alot more positive. I also went back to physio as I have been having odd leg pains and I am told its my glutes aggravating the sciatic nerve. So I know that I am definitely engaging my glutes when I walk now.

Today I met up with Neroli at the track. I was to do a 10km kick down and she decided to just do a straight 10km walk.

We started out together and the first km felt nice and easy. Both of us were pretty much stride for stride so we were both VERY surprised to see that we had done our first km in 5:32 so I instantly slowed up as I had wanted to start at 6:00 per km. So I quickly worked out that if I can average 5:50 for the next 4 km it should put me back at the pace I was hoping to do. Neroli stayed up behind me until about the 5km mark where she very slowed dropped off. She was never too far away from me though.

At 6km I tried to push some pace on. I could feel my glutes working hard and I was pushing through my feet as best I could. My pace did pick up a little but not enough to show a dramatic kick down. The good news from this work out - It gave me a much needed confidence boost. I remained legal the entire way and I felt good and strong.

I took a lap reading at every km so its hard to work out my kicks for 2.5km so it sort of shows up in the 2km readings.

2km - 11:20
4km - 11:40
6km - 11:33
8km - 11:32
10km - 11:23

total time - 57:33

10km kickdown on the track

Monday, October 03, 2011

15km out and back - pouring rain

15km today - its is pouring - torrential rain!!!

The walkways are heavily flooded with many closed. I opted to do my normal walk but as I neared my 4km marker the walk way was mid calf deep in water for about 200m and then again about a km past that point. I was tired and had zero energy. I felt like I had lead in my legs. I was not breathing hard and no matter how many times I would try to power on I just couldnt. It is one of my slowest walks in a LONG time.

I guess the fact that my shoes were totally soaked - feeling like they weighed a good kg or more each, didnt help my speed. I am still taking migraine medicine so its also likely that this effects me dramatically. So time for blood test at the dr and I can hope that it is just a lacking of iron problem.


15km out and back - pouring rain

Sunday, October 02, 2011

3 km fartlek

Its pouring with rain and I have a migraine. Thank goodness for Maxalts!!! dosing up heavy on painkillers during the night meant that I would be able to manage the fartlek.

I knew that most of the walkers that met on Sundays would not come down in this kind of weather, but Andrea is just as addicted to exercise as me ... so she came down and did a 3km walk too.

Once we had walked around and unlocked the rails the rain had eased. In fact it actually stopped just long enough for us to take jackets off and compete the walk. I had intended to do the 3km fartlek and then carry on at an easy pace and finish for 10km. But my head was just hurting too much by the time I had finished.

I am pleased with the fartlek. It has made me realize just how much fitness I have lost, but fitness will come back. I was pushing hard today - funny enough my heart rate doesn't show it, but my breathing sure did. I was fair gasping on the first km and then just couldn't pick the pace back up again for the next two fast sections. But considering as I was pretty drugged up on pain medicine, I am ok with it.


2:57 + 2:39 = 5:36

2:58 + 2:37 = 5:36

total time 16:28

3 km fartlek

Saturday, October 01, 2011

5km waimea - vanguard st

I made a choice to alter my training prog today. I was meant to do a 3km fartlek but as I am going out to the track tomorrow and tomorrow is my optional, I decided to do the 3km fartlek then. Saves gas etc

so rather than do nothing today I went out and did 5km around the block. My style is getting ingrained again and I am starting to feel comfortable with it. Now to start putting more power through it.

I have had it confirmed now that there will be the required A grade and B grade judges so my 10,000m track race will go ahead. This means that everyone doing the 3000m will also be judged by NZ top judges, so that will keep everyone legal. :)

time was nothing flash but it felt good. 29:41

5km waimea - vanguard st