Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3km, 2km & 3 x 1km track

With all the extreme weather warnings in place I was picking todays track was going to be ugly.  Turns out the weather cleared by lunch time and by 1pm the sun was out and it started getting pretty hot.

I met Neroli down at the track and she decided to do the same workout as me.  Her fitness is picking up nice and fast, so its helpful to me to have her on the track as she is not far behind me.

I had 12km yesterday with two bursts of Race Pace.  I did really well and ended up adding in 3 bursts.  I used the walkway out in Richmond so it was nice and flat.

My track session went well.  I was tired from the 12km and the track on Sunday and Saturday.  But I still managed to push and be faster than my last 3km, 2km session the other day.

I am on track to achieve the time I am aiming for this weekend.

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