Tuesday, June 23, 2009

1st July 2009

This is the date that I can officially stop running all the time and start back on my race walking build up for the World Masters in October. I have just looked up on the World site and see that there are 4 in total in my age group. Now its a race, now I have a goal and incentive to really put 100% to my training and my coach!!

I am so excited to finally get on with it. I have really enjoyed my running ... more mentally than anything. It is nice to know you can make you body move at a time under 60 Min's for 10km. If I can do it running, I can now do it race walking!!!!

I am fitter and lighter on my feet. In fact I think I am in the best shape I have been in my life. Watch out world.......here I come!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Gifts

June 12th was mine and my husbands birthday. Yes we share a birthday!! being Gemini's they say we spend our lives searching for our other halfs. So I guess you can get much better than that. Except one of us is two years older than the other.

I got so spoilt. I had my wonderfull ring that Shane had brought me in Phuket, I also got an insence burner, a platter and lollie jar from my kids. I got a gift basket full of moisterisers etc from my mother in law and with the gift my mum gave me I brought the following. An egyptian 3D puzzle ball. It is awesome and I am really rapt with it.

Shane got a wood carving I brought him in Phuket, a 40th mug, a warm vest, lunch, a box of chocolates and an ice mug.

Then to top of the weekend we went and run a 8 km Cross Country at Happy Valley as part of the club competition. Nearly broke us both.

I am still on a NO race walk - I am running at present to build on my cardio fittness and also to try and build the other muscles in my legs that were lagging a little. I am loving the jogging/running, there is no pressure and you can push along quite happily. But with only 2 weeks left I best get out there and make the most of it. It will be back to some serious training for the World Masters - there are 4 in my age group so there will be a race. yay

Monday, June 08, 2009

Sportsperson of the Year 2009

Well, its finally Friday night.....The night of the Sportsperson of the Year awards. I have to admit to feeling nervous. Up until now I had not even given thought that I could possibly win this, but with all my Friends showing so much confidence in my achievements that I did sit and think...well maybe I could. I knew I would really like to win it, but I was not really going to say that out loud.

When we arrived, everyone was mingling in the foyer and drinking bubbly...so not to feel out of place...bubbly was drunk!!

Soon after our arrival all the finalists were asked to move into the hall and check where their tables were, then we were taken back stage where we stayed until they announced our names and what categories we were in. I didn't know until that moment that we were all to be awarded with a special plaque for making it as a finalist. So I was really chuffed....but also realised that I had our camera in my handbag and had no way of getting it to Shane.

So we all lined up out the back in our wee groups and got to chat for about half an hour while we waited for it all to start. It was nice to mix with the others and get to meet the other two finalists in the Masters Category. To make my night, I was the last one out of our group. The first two being guys and having a name of Nyle.......the compare called me a HE......until I came on stage and then he did a double take and apologised. The funny thing was that it was Butch Bradly and I worked with him for a year at the Radio station..but in his defense he didn't know me as Nyle back then.

So I made my way to our table and joined Shane. Our meal was lovely and I slowly helped to polish off the last of the red and white wine. When they announced the masters section it was won by the Triathlete who had competed at the worlds. So it was well deserved. The overall Sports Person of the Year...was won by the Mako's player that was named an All Black. So it was well won all round.

We had a fabulous night, the only down fall of it all was that the mixing of some red, white and bubbly brought on my migraine and I have been down for the last 3 days hiding in a dark room unable to train or function.

But I am determined to do well at the World Masters and in all my next events and hope to have another shot at it next year.