Wednesday, November 30, 2011

15km out and back monaco

I was feeling good today. Legs were a little tired from the fartlek and then aqua jogging that night. Its a gorgeous day, hot and sunny with a gentle breeze. Temp was about 18degs ..just perfect. I set out from home and the plan was to not look at my watch and to just pick an easy pace and cruise with it. I had a general aim of 1:33 for the whole walk.

At about the 6km mark I started getting really sharp pains in my right hamstring. But each time I would slow down or ease up, it would hurt more. So I would concentrate hard on tucking butt and pushing with my I would increase speed but pain would stop. I would then get tingles up and down my right leg for the rest of the walk. Enough to really annoy me. (now the walk is over my feet have flared up again so will do my stretches and hope that stops it)

On the way home, just past the 10km mark I bumped into an old friend so we stopped and had a quick chat - so I took the time to stretch while I chatted. Then we parted ways and I headed on for home.

time 1:31:42 a little quicker than I had planned but my heart rate shows I was not pushing hard so I think my coach will be happy with that.

Am starting to wonder what is really going on with my sciatic nerve. The pain in my feet and in my back comes and goes randomly and it starts to wear you down somewhat. I religiously do my exercises and stretches and try hard to sit correctly all the time...anyhow....small rant....I am sure it will come right soon enough.

Link to my data:
15km out and back monaco

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5km fartlek

I was not really feeling in the mood for this today. My head was still splitting and I had taken way too much medication. But I knew that after having extra days off this week that I had to do this workout. I drove out to the track and stopped in to purchase the ticket for Sports Person of the Year dinner next week. Then as I drove around to the track I noticed that there were alot of cars parked out in the carpark, plus about 4 buses. I got of the car and walked over and saw school kids sports day so no track for me.

My first thought was oh stuff it .... then the instant guilt set in so I decided the next best spot was my old 5km course out at is the flattest spot I could think of.

My first km was a bit of a slog....I didn't warm up .... I just got straight into it. I felt a little stiff at first. My back had been hurting on and off during the day and I was very aware of my calf being tight and hurting as I was walking. Apart from that the walk was going well until about 3km mark when I started to suffer some GI pain and issues. My last km was very uncomfortable but I was pleased to see it done.

total time for 5km was 27:34

1st km = 5:16
2nd km = 2:58 + 2:33 = 5:31
3rd km = 2:55 + 2:35 = 5:30
4th km = 2:58 + 2:35 = 5:33
5th km = 3:03 + 2:36 = 5:39

5km fartlek

Sunday, November 27, 2011

15km out an back monaco

Well after a shocking weekend......due to overindulging at my work Xmas function. Saturdays training did not happen, in fact nothing happened all day! To top it all off it also triggered a migraine. As I knew I had to do 15km I had little choice but to do it today.

The good thing was the wind has stopped so it was a calmer day today.

I felt better today than I did two days ago. I went out at an easy pace, I suffered terrible stitch for the first 3km but it settled down and I was able to continue on. My headache was kept at bay by some good strong anti flams and pain relief. I turned at the 7.5km and discovered that there was a slight breeze for the home stretch. So taking advice from my coach I remained at the same effort and didnt worry that I had slowed a little.

I felt much stronger today but I have noticed that I have lost a little of my endurance fitness. It wont take long to come back and its just a matter of ticking away at the kms.

Total time 1:31:54

15km out an back monaco

Thursday, November 24, 2011

15km windy Monaco

weather = 19 degs and sunny but its WINDY, really WINDY!!!! with Gales tomorrow...oh yipppeeee

I put off doing this walk yesterday due to wind and rain, I figured I couldnt really put it off any longer and had to face doing the walk in to the wind. Todays walk was a disaster....from start to finish!!!

I was stiff and sore from my hard 10km on the treadmil and also sore from the out door exercises done on tuesday night....abs and hamstrings were very tender. Plus I decided to look at the soles of my training shoes and discovered they are had it, so choose to wear a pair I had won but had only really worn a few times. These are not racing flats but a more solid shoe and I thought if I can get used to training in a heavier shoe then it will make a diff when I swap to racing flats........hmmmm....WRONG. By two km my toes were killing me and I felt like I was wearing concrete blocks on my feet. I kept hitting my feet and tripping on the shoes. UGH!!! Plus it was a head wind the whole way out!!!! With some gusts pushing me off the foot path so I struggled to get into any type of rhythm.

My hamstrings were so tight and started hurting alot at the 5km mark. From 5km to 7.5km I was exposed to the full blast of the wind and by now I was pretty much done, I had not get up and go, my feet hurt and I was struggling with the wind. So I just settled in and excepted what ever I got.

I turned and had the wind to my back but it was not an advantage. Cause it was gusting and swirling it didnt really push you .. it was more like shunts. My feet felt like they were being blown off the ground and I was feeling heavy and chunky as it was.

So this was one of my slowest ever 15km's .......... 1:35:11

So now I am trying hard to stretch my legs out. My back injury is still exactly the same as it was 1 year ago.  I am frustrated by this!!! As I cant bend forward I am unable to properly stretch my hamstrings out and so they have shrunk and its causing more problems for my back.  I can only hope one of the physio's will figure it out soon enough.

15km windy Monaco

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RIP Casey 2003 - 2011

Casey – Our most wonderful Dog.
We married in 2003 and had always thought about getting a dog.  I had not been a doggy person but Shane was.  So after much deliberation we decided to have a look around and see if we could find the right dog.  We didn’t want a puppy so we looked in the local paper for dogs to give away.  That day the only one was a Boxer Lab cross, female 18months, quiet, needs home.  We went out to have a look.  I was expecting a lab looking dog….yellow/golden in colour.  So when the owner brought us out a dog that had Foxy colouring…White with a brown head and patch on back, I was surprised.  He had been given her as a pig dog and he explained that she was definitely NOT a pig dog as she came out with him once….as soon as he shot the gun, she ran all the way back to the car and was found hiding and shaking.  So he needed to find her a good home as he needed working dogs. 
We fell in love with her then and there.  He said he thought she had been mistreated as she was easily startled and timid….hated plastic bags and loud noise but also if you lifted you arms up she would cower.  There was little need for us to confer if we wanted her...Casey had already picked us.  Funny thing, she didn’t want to get in the car.  She had only ever ridden in the trunk and so I had to get in the back seat with her.  It didn’t take very long for her to get over that phobia and she was soon the Queen of the back seat, with her head out the window or resting on Shanes shoulder.
Casey and I on our first outing to the beach 2003

She went EVERY where with us.  She slept in side by our bed, had her own couch/chair in the lounge and adored the cat we had at the time.  She never barked, never made mess’s in side………except for her shedding…man how she was not bald I will never know!!!  Talk about a hair monster.  Her passion was stuffed toys………….oh she loved to bite the eyes off and then slow de stuff them……it was a quick death for any stuffed toy left on the ground.  I loved how she grinned at you when you came home and would do a little corkscrew jump of excitement. 
 As time went on and we were both working full time jobs we thought she might be getting lonely during the day so we welcomed Trixie into our home.  Trixie is a Foxy cross and with them having the same colouring man people thought they were  related in some way. 
We had Casey for nearly 9 years.  The vet had warned us a few years earlier that her front legs – especially her right leg, would get early arthritis due to an injury when she must have been a puppy.  Her elbow tip had been shattered.  So often after long walks she would limp a little or be a little stiffer for a couple of days.  As the years progressed she got heavier and started getting the typical Labrador lumps which made it a little more awkward for her to walk too far.  Not that you would really notice as she LOVED walks and would leap around like a 2 year old…..only to suffer the next day for it.  J
Sadly we had to make the hardest decision as a pet owner……Once we found out she was in pain from her legs, the decision was made easier in away.  Neither of us wanted her to suffer any sort of pain or discomfort. 
The house feels very empty with her around.  Trixie follows Shane everywhere now and hates to be left alone……….and I lay awake at night listening for her tinkle of the collar …as she used to shake her head to make it tinkle as she came down to bed each night. 
RIP my most beautiful and wonderful girl…………..she was the best dog ever.
Beautiful Casey - Nov 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

3km fartlek

After a shocking 12km walk the day before and then jumping on to a spin bike for two hours....I was not holding up my hope that today would be a good walk.

It was on my program to do a 5km fartlek but my coach had earlier sad he didnt want me doing fartleks until I was not hurting any more. When I got to the track and started unlocking the rails...I could feel how strong the wind was and figured that a 5km fartlek was out but that I could try for a 3km as I really felt like a need to feel as if my heart rate is right.

I did 3 laps to warm up and then started into it. The first 400m felt surprising easy and good, my breathing was hard but not gasping so I tried to keep the pace up for the next 400m and I ended up slowing a little. Now I could really feel my glutes working hard. As they were tender from the spinning it was easy to feel them as they started to work harder. Next up was the recovery 500m and I was breathing heavy for the first half but started settling again ready for the next fast 500m.

The wind had started to pick up and it was getting colder too. I had one last fast 500m to go. I had forgotten that awful feeling when your nervous system gets all confused and my legs started turning to jelly. I had 200m to go and was having trouble just keeping my legs moving. I was concentrating hard on style and bringing my knees through low and straight. I hit stop and carried on slowly back around the track....My glutes were really fatigued now but the good news was I had no pain during the walk...but after as I walked normally back to the start I could feel pulling in the hip flexor. So I am glad I only did 3km.

Not long after all my walkers arrived for the weekly coaching session. Jamie came for the first time, he is 13 and I know that he will end up being NZ's next best thing. He has a natural style and a willingness to learn. He really wants to look towards Olympics in 8 years. So I got Peter Hague to come down and take Jamie under his wing. So now there is 10 of us walking each Sunday! A great wee group.

1st km = 5:12
2nd km = 2:57 = 2:34 = 5:31
3rd km = 3:02 = 2:35 = 5:37
total time = 16:22

3km fartlek

Friday, November 18, 2011

8km atawhai - strong wind

I was so not feeling today's walk. Too much stuff going on and my head was just full of crud!

It has been super windy all day today so I decided I really didnt feel like the Beatson hill today so I picked the walkway at Atawhai. It made no difference where I went as I would get a head wind one way no matter!

I headed out for my first 4km section with the wind at my back. I picked a pace that I felt I could repeat on the way back. It was fairly easy as I headed out but I was not thinking about my walk and was not paying attention to my body. I had a couple of small niggles in the adductor but nothing too major. I turned at the 4km mark and was instantly blown about. All I could do was punch into the wind and try to put the same amount of effort into it. I did a pretty good job of that as my heart rate did increase even though my pace slowed. By 7km I was having some nasty hamstring pains and I realised that I had been leaning into the wind - with everything happening with my back it was no wonder my hamstrings were pulling and my feet were burning. So I straitened up and tried to get my head back into the walk for the last 1km.

It was not one of my better walks...having lost the minute I gained due to the wind. Total time = 47:44 avg pace 5:58 avg heart rate 157

I have made the decision to not do the Marlborough Half - finances and injury make it an unwise decision.

On a good note: I received the Official Notification from Athletics NZ that I have made selection for the NZ Team. I now get to purchase my uniform and NZ track suit.

8km atawhai - strong wind

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

10km out an back monaco

Nice hot sunny day but with a good stiff breeze (35km) I had lots on today so didnt get a chance to head out until 5pm. This walk was to test out how my hip flexor feels at a longer distance. I was to stick to a comfortable pace and if I felt any sharp pains to stop.

I headed off out up the track and felt good. My legs were stiff and sore but still felt strong. My breathing is getting better and I was not gasping for breath today.

Coming back up Beatson Road I could feel my abductor pulling but so far my hip flexor had felt fine during the walk. I stretched out at the top of the track for the last km home and again could feel aching in my abductor. So will get Bec's to check it out in the morning.

Total time for 10km is 59:05 with an avg hr 161

10km out an back monaco

Monday, November 14, 2011

8km (5km race + 3km after)

I was unsure of doing this.....just the 8km was a little daunting with how my hip flexor was feeling. But I really wanted to go and do the new 5km series and so was going to carry on and finish with 3km.

At the Honest Lawyer event, we get a number to wear. It costs $5 to enter but you redeem your number after the race for a beer or wine so that evens it out good. :) there is a different crowd at this event...not so many of the elite come to this one and so there are more general athletes. I think it makes it fairer to everyone and so will also not go each it gives other walkers the chance to win too.

It was perfect conditions tonight....with little wind, just a light breeze. I was worried about how my hip would hold up and was also curious to see how high I could get my heart rate this time round. After a two week rest it can take a few weeks to settle the heart again. I hit 183 tonight as my max....WOW!! lol

I started off and felt good but by the end of the first km I was breathing hard and I could feel my hip flexor. So I eased up a little and kept up a steady pace. I had a wee runner at my heels and I expected him to pass me but he just stayed about a metre behind me. At the 2.5km turn he had dropped off a little and I recognized him to be Wendy's son. He is doing great for his age and I was really expecting him to zip past me in the last km.

I pushed hard not far past the 3km mark I could feel my hip more and more. I lost a little time as I squelched over the mudflats (about 100m of sand as the tide was out) I then tried to pick up the pace again but again my hip was hurting and I was breathing hard again.

I finished the race in 27:35 ( on my watch it was short ... I got I stopped my watch long enough to take my race number off and then I set off out along the walkway to complete my 3km. I slowed the pace down and worked hard on my technique. My hip pain didnt get any worse....but it didnt get any better either. Lucky I have booked in for physio first thing in the morning.

total time for 8km was 46:14

I have one more week to decide if I will enter the Marlb Half..........with my hip flexor the way it is at the moment, I think it would be stupid to do. I cant risk a long term injury with the Hobart race looming.

8km (5km race + 3km after)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

6km along monaco

My first walk after two weeks off. I decided it was easier to fit it in before I met up with everyone at the track for the coaching session. I got to the track at 9:15am to find that there was an event on and we would not be able to use the track...hmmmm well car park will work.

I stashed my key into my cool little pouch I brought in USA and away I went. First shins I had forgotten how that felt. It didnt last long thank goodness and I picked up the pace a little. My legs felt ok but oh my goodness..............I was huffing like a train!! At the 3km mark I stopped briefly to take my long sleeve off. It is a gorgeous day and was already really hot. On the way back I bumped into Ross and Sue and I stopped quickly to ask how his leg was etc and then I carried on again. As I came up to the 4 km mark I started feeling my right hip flexor again.....simular pain as I had at Long distance Walks. It was not as sharp or intense but never the less I could feel pain. As I pushed for more pace it hurt more so I eased up and just settled for the last km. As I entered back into Saxton Field a couple of my girls drove past me heading to our spot, so I had timed it perfectly. I must admit to being a little concerned about my hip flexor and am now wondering if I did hurt it more than I thought. I will call the physio and get it looked at in a day or two.

I am pondering walking the 5km Honest lawyer tomorrow night. I am hoping to walk it with Shane so will still do my fartlek training too.

all up 34:21 for 6km avg pace 5:43 ............but with a shocking avg hr of 167 (max was 179???)

then when I got home a couple of hours later after doing drills and coaching my group I suggested hubby and I go on a bike ride so we rode 27km in pretty much 2hours. Really enjoyed the bike ride, it was nice and easy............but I DONT like the seats!! lol

6km along monaco

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cairns and a much needed break

Where have I been for the last few weeks?  NOT training that’s for sure.

My coach has kindly given me two weeks rest and I am loving it.  For the first week I flew to Cairns to spend time with my girls and my grandkids.  I got to met Max for the first time.  Dang he is cute.  Sadly while I was there Max got sick.  He started vomiting after every feed.  Teagan took him to the dr and they sent him off to be scanned for suspected pyloric stenosis.  (which basically means no food can pass through his stomach)  But I don’t think the Dr Thought it would take 6 days til we could get the scan and so didn’t really tell us how dangerous it was for max to go so long without feeding properly.  Infact by telling us he was just a happy chucker really didn’t help.  I remember teagan asking on Saturday if we should take him to the Hospital…….we all looked at him laying in her arms gurgling happily and decided that he seemed happy enough.  How wrong we were……..So I flew out on Monday and Tuesday they scanned wee Max.  As soon as it was done they were sent direct to the Dr and it was pretty much confirmed that it was pyloric stenosis and then she sent them direct to the hospital.  Poor wee Max was put on IV fluids and was not to fed at all.  I can only imagine how hard this must have been on Teagan and Josh.  But they stood together and found amazing strength.  After two more tests/scans as the info had to be sent to surgeons in Townsville - Max and Teagan were flown to Townsville for surgery on Thursday and I am told that he came through like a trouper and has just to wait a few more hours until they can feed him.  It will be such a relief to Teagan and Josh to be able to feed him and have him not react in pain or be sick. 

I adored my time over there.  Katie-May has grown up so much and is such a delight to be a round.  We had such a fun day on her birthday as we painted up the little wooden doll’s house she was given.  Josh still has to put it together yet.  Max was just adorable and loved to be cuddled….whats a Nana to do……… cuddle him I did!!  It was incredibly hard to leave them all but I know that next time I come back the kids will be that little bit older and will still know who I am.  Thank god for skype.

My two adorable grand children!  

So now that I am back in NZ I have just one more week off.  I have enjoyed the rest, gained a little weight back (which I needed too) I have been doing glute strength exercise’s every day and now Psoas strengthen too.

I also got back to find that I had been selected as a finalist for the Tasman Sports Person Of the Year awards.  I am really rapt about that one.  So now  to settle back down, find a full time job, dive into training and be HAPPY!

This one is of Nana, Katie-May and Aunty Kik's