Friday, November 18, 2011

8km atawhai - strong wind

I was so not feeling today's walk. Too much stuff going on and my head was just full of crud!

It has been super windy all day today so I decided I really didnt feel like the Beatson hill today so I picked the walkway at Atawhai. It made no difference where I went as I would get a head wind one way no matter!

I headed out for my first 4km section with the wind at my back. I picked a pace that I felt I could repeat on the way back. It was fairly easy as I headed out but I was not thinking about my walk and was not paying attention to my body. I had a couple of small niggles in the adductor but nothing too major. I turned at the 4km mark and was instantly blown about. All I could do was punch into the wind and try to put the same amount of effort into it. I did a pretty good job of that as my heart rate did increase even though my pace slowed. By 7km I was having some nasty hamstring pains and I realised that I had been leaning into the wind - with everything happening with my back it was no wonder my hamstrings were pulling and my feet were burning. So I straitened up and tried to get my head back into the walk for the last 1km.

It was not one of my better walks...having lost the minute I gained due to the wind. Total time = 47:44 avg pace 5:58 avg heart rate 157

I have made the decision to not do the Marlborough Half - finances and injury make it an unwise decision.

On a good note: I received the Official Notification from Athletics NZ that I have made selection for the NZ Team. I now get to purchase my uniform and NZ track suit.

8km atawhai - strong wind

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