Thursday, November 24, 2011

15km windy Monaco

weather = 19 degs and sunny but its WINDY, really WINDY!!!! with Gales tomorrow...oh yipppeeee

I put off doing this walk yesterday due to wind and rain, I figured I couldnt really put it off any longer and had to face doing the walk in to the wind. Todays walk was a disaster....from start to finish!!!

I was stiff and sore from my hard 10km on the treadmil and also sore from the out door exercises done on tuesday night....abs and hamstrings were very tender. Plus I decided to look at the soles of my training shoes and discovered they are had it, so choose to wear a pair I had won but had only really worn a few times. These are not racing flats but a more solid shoe and I thought if I can get used to training in a heavier shoe then it will make a diff when I swap to racing flats........hmmmm....WRONG. By two km my toes were killing me and I felt like I was wearing concrete blocks on my feet. I kept hitting my feet and tripping on the shoes. UGH!!! Plus it was a head wind the whole way out!!!! With some gusts pushing me off the foot path so I struggled to get into any type of rhythm.

My hamstrings were so tight and started hurting alot at the 5km mark. From 5km to 7.5km I was exposed to the full blast of the wind and by now I was pretty much done, I had not get up and go, my feet hurt and I was struggling with the wind. So I just settled in and excepted what ever I got.

I turned and had the wind to my back but it was not an advantage. Cause it was gusting and swirling it didnt really push you .. it was more like shunts. My feet felt like they were being blown off the ground and I was feeling heavy and chunky as it was.

So this was one of my slowest ever 15km's .......... 1:35:11

So now I am trying hard to stretch my legs out. My back injury is still exactly the same as it was 1 year ago.  I am frustrated by this!!! As I cant bend forward I am unable to properly stretch my hamstrings out and so they have shrunk and its causing more problems for my back.  I can only hope one of the physio's will figure it out soon enough.

15km windy Monaco

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