Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Treadmill

This is the treadmill that we ended up buying. Its the Nordic T12 and its a huge beast of a machine. It is much longer and has a bigger motor, so it can handle long periods on it. We needed a longer belt as I am just under 6 foot and my husband is 6 foot with our long strides when running we tend to hit the front and the drop off at the back. But this belt is 150cm so there is NO chance of that happening.

The first day of getting it set up I was so excited to have a work out. I decided I would do 5km and seeing as my pace for an out door work out was at 6:09 min/km I figured I would easily be able to do that on the treadmill. I was very soon to discover that it was not actually that easy. I first noticed that I felt like I was walking much faster than I do but the speed was set quite slow....took me about 10mins to be brave enough to crank it up to 10km per hour (6min/km pace) all in all I did my 5km and took 31:04 mins but I was totally had it. My legs felt like jelly!! I figured that.....when you walk "out doors" your pace fluctuates constantly and yes you might walk 1 km in 6 mins but you probably did it in small surges. So when on a treadmill there are no rests and surges....its that pace constantly.

So it has been decided that I am to alternate my treadmill walks and out door walks, just so that I dont become to accustomed to the treadmill.

The next day I went out for an out door walk and by the time I had gone 4km from home my archiles and lower calf on my right leg were hurting .. so I turned around and slowly made my way home. So Monday was my rest day and was spent with leg up and ice. Its now Weds and its still aching. I am hoping to try a very slow treadmill walk Thursday night.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Race Walk Pace Workout

Tonight I went to the track to do a short sharp pace workout. My goal was to stick to 2:20 per lap. This was my race pace for 10km (giving me 5min 50 per km) It has been a couple of months since I have walked consistently at this pace and was not so sure I could keep it up.

My hubby came down to be the official video-er! I said to him to just film me at random times so that I dont know when I am being filmed. Best way to check on style as you do tend to be more strict if you know you are being filmed. What I have found from tonight's filming is that I am not getting my toes up high enough nor am I pushing off properly yet. My coach is thinking of having me shorten my stride but quicken my turn over ... thus propel me forward quicker. The only trouble is due to me being quite tall a short stride can look rather awkward....but we both agree that I still dont see to have the racewalk "roll"....but it is coming and I didnt feel as stiff tonight as I have done.

Monday, June 07, 2010

My Racewalking Style

I have had quite a layoff and am just starting to get back into it again. So my style today is a little more stiff than I normally I thought I was much more hippy but this shows me I am still not moving enough in my hips.

I have been told I have a very militant style (1940's) which is very stiff through the shoulders. Unfortunately for me.....its the exact same style my coach has, so we can see how I have come about in adapting it.

So now I have the decision of .. do I work with this or do I try and change it.

I watch the younger walkers at NZ Nationals, they are all ex runners and walk with a very smooth and fluid style, with a definite body twist - shoulders coming forward and back for the drive...not just the arms pumping. Is this a better way?

I guess I shall wait and see what my coach says about it....but I welcome any feed back from any walkers that can offer advice to me.