Thursday, May 30, 2013

10km that became 4km

OH [insert your worst swearword here]

Its been raining on and off all day.  I was not overly keen to get out and get wet ...again.  My nose is back to dripping and I was just feeling a tad off colour.  I sat in the car and got my watch sorted ... rummaged through my bag looking for my music to realise I had left it at home.  GRR

Arrh well, time to pull on the big girl panties and just get out there.  As soon as I stepped out of the car the rain stopped.......OH Yay!!!  I started out along the walkway......not overly happy with only having a concret path as my training ground but its better than nothing.  For the first km I was feeling good.  My SI joint was a tad stiff for the first 50m or so but then it settled and I was able to stretch out.  After a km I decided to try adding in the 3min burst of race pace.  As soon as I pushed to power on I had an instant sharp pain in the back of my right hamstring.  I continued on hoping it would settle...I tried tucking more, pulling my core tight.  I even tried being more upright.....nothing helped.  Infact tucking my butt hurt it more - so I thought my piroformus has spasmed and grabbed the nerve again.  I pulled up just before the 3km mark and then reassessed how I was feeling.  I did find that when I slowed down my hamstring didnt hurt as much but my hip would ache instead.  I got to the 4km and stopped.  Got in my car and called my coach.  He feels that my  hamstring went into a spasm and possibly tore a couple of fibres.  It has not been 100% since the 20km, so a couple of days rest with ice and foam roller for me.

I look at my data and wonder what was going on with my heart??????  either the heart rate strap is faulty or my heart went coo koo for the first km.

so 4km done in 25:58 ....yep ugly time.

4km data

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some catching up - Mozi Run and 10km training

Gosh I have been busy.

Today I had a 10km - pacing - easy with a slight push.
I suggested to Paul and Kay that rather than go up Hedges Ave where it is dark and hard underfoot that we go back and forth on the walkway.  They were happy to do so and it meant that we would be passing each other randomly during the walk.
I started out with Paul and Kay jogging beside me.  At just past 1km they broke into a racewalk and I pulled away from them.  My hammy was still sore but nothing like Saturdays walk.  It was really stormy tonight with  it raining for the first 2km and gusts of wind knocking us around.  By 5km my hammy stopped hurting which was good.  My itb (down side of thigh) was grumbling from time to time..but didnt bother me too much.  I felt like I was pushing for a good time but checking my watch at the 5km showed I was not.  Hmmm odd but I carried on.
By 8km my deep inner tummy (core) was really starting to ache.  I had pulled something deep inside on sunday night at the gym - doing a leg raise with the ball between my ankles.  I was not strong enough in my core to do this and it showed.  Any how I just continued to walk as best I could.  I was just pleased my hammy didnt hurt any more.
Total time for 10km was 1:04:09 - slower than I had thought but avg heartrate was only 144 so rather low.  I am thinking the wind factored into this alot and the sore core too.

10km data

Saturday was  the 5km Mozi run.  This was just a fun run to raise money for kids in Mozambique.  Shane was going to walk and jog it.  I was racwalking it and was going to try for a good fast time.  The reality......with 50 kids lined up across the start was not happening.  The first two km were just picking my way through 5 year olds that had run flat out for 800m and were now walking. Grrrrrr
By 3km the path had cleared and I could pick up the pace.  I had Paul infront of me.  He got a good gap at the beginning and went for it.  He remained about 50m ahead of me for the first 3km but I did start picking at the gap.  I did manage to pull off a sub 30min.

Injury front - my right hammy bothered me the whole walk.  Still has a good knot in it from the 20km.

Total time was 29:11

Mozi run data

Thursday, May 23, 2013

10km with 3 x 3min bursts

I have been feeling off for the last couple of days, but more so today.  Twice I nearly went home from work but as I knew I was still going to try and do my walk tonight.....I stayed.  I am not feeling off enough to say that I am sick but I do feel miserable.   Head ache, nausea  body aches, hot/cold sweats, slight sore throat, slight drippy nose and just lethargic.  If I wake like it tomorrow I think I will just stay home and sleep.

I was to do 10km today with 3 bursts of race pace but to be honest I was not feeling able to do any bursts of speed.  I started out and my right hammy was tight and sore which in turn pulled on my piroformus/glute.  My first km was pretty slow as I was trying to ease into the walk and not put too much stress on my hamstring.  I was hoping it would ease and then I would be able to stretch out more.

I managed a burst at 3km (not that you can tell in my splits) as I reached the start of the walkway to complete 4 km I passed Shane as he had come down to walk and just be out on the path way for me.  I turned and zipped past him.  I was feeling really drained and was struggling to find any speed at all.  I was feeling lightheaded and queasy and did considered stopping at 8km.  I kept going on the hope I would feel better.   I managed another burst at 7km and again passed Shane as he had turned and was heading back up the walkway.  I hit the top for 8km turned and walked back to the 1km mark passing him again.  It was so nice to have him out there as its dark and I still dont feel so comfortable being alone on the walkway.

Finally my hamstring has stopped hurting, so I pushed for another burst of speed.  I finished the 10km and went back to met up with Shane.  Total time was 1:02:43

I have a 5km race on Saturday but I may end up walking with Shane so I will do a 5km speed session in the morning to make up for it.

10km data

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10km Recovery walk - No watch

My legs did feel better today.  My right hamstring is still very tight but over the day it did start to feel a little better.

I met up with Kay and Paul at the start of the Broadbeach walkway.  They were doing 10km and my coach had said to walk with them for the recovery.  I realised I had forgotten my GPS watch but I was not too worried about it.  We started out and for the first km my right hamstring was really hurting and I was starting to think I was going to have to turn back....but it did warm up and start to feel ok.

We headed up along Hedges Ave....its dark and has a terrible camber.  It doesnt seem to effect me too much going slowly but as soon as I start gearing up my pace I will need to find another route.

It was a great walk, with us all chatting away and then meeting up with Robyn on the way back.  Paul and Kay are training for the LGB in Canberra but I have opted not to go to this race.  I will instead head to Cairns in August for the 1st Great Barrier Reef Masters Games.  I am really looking forward to this trip as I will get to have a look around.  Last time I was in Cairns I was focused on my kids and grandkids so this trip will be a look around and site see while competing.

Total time for our 10km walk was 1:13 and I am more than happy with that.

Monday, May 20, 2013


I was so nervous about this race.  I had very little distance training....infact almost NONE.  It has been almost 18 months since I last walked 20km.  I am still recovering from hip/glute injuries that keep reoccurring.  But in a moment of madness I decided to go for it...what the hell - training pace - ok!

I had to get up at 4.30am and drive into Brisbane.  That is seriously STUPID O'CLOCK!!!  but I did it and go there an hour too early....sigh.  So I tucked up in the car and dozed a little.

I warmed up briefly with Donna.  I was planning on using the first couple of km in the race as my warm up and then go from there...but as I walked I was concerned at how much my hip was hurting.  I stopped to vox my coach who thankfully didn't reply.  Before I could dwell too much on it we had lined up and they started us.  There were 6 of us - Myself, Donna, Noela and Jessica doing the 20km and Peter and Nick doing the 30km.  I set off and just settled into a pace that felt nice and easy.  I was aiming for smooth style, little effort and good form.  The course is not an easy course with two 10m up and downs just 200m apart.  After 10 of them they feel like 20 they were almost crawl able.

I was surprised to see my first km was 5:54 I didnt feel like I was trying to go any faster than I should and I took check of myself again.  Yes I was aching but it was remaining at a 2/10 and I could push that to the back of my mind.  So far nothing else was hurting and I was not breathing hard so I kept going.  I had already decided that 2:10 was a FANTASTIC time to aim for.  My coach had said 2:04 or 2:05 and I kinda chuckled at that as I didnt feel I had that in me at all.  But as I was ticking through the kms and starting adding up the time I had in the "bank", I started thinking 2:05 was achievable.

I went through 5km in 30:13, 10km in 1:01:04, 15km in 1:32:22

at 16km I was hurting.  My hip was up to a 3/10, my right hamstring was the same and the lower hamstrings above my knees were just starting to sing....... 4 km to go, I have to do this.  I got my one yellow warning just as I crested the top of the rise (stupid place for a judge to stand....but never the less)  so I tried to stand tall and make sure I was tight in my style.  I was really thrilled to have encouragement called out from the invitational walkers that had entered the 5km, 3km , 2km and 1km.  I was told that I looked comfortable and strong ( I sure didnt feel it)  It was nice to be walking back and forth with the other walkers - with each of us calling support to each other as the race was starting to take its toll on us.  Peter was walking an incredibly fast pace and it was awe inspiring to see.  Nick succumbed at 14km and stopped - I think he was just walking with us to see how far he could get and he sure held a blistering pace while he was out there.

Coming down on my last km never felt so good......passing Peter and giving each other a high five as we passed was awesome.  I crawled up that damn 10m rise and pushed hard for the last 100m to cross the finish..................I dared not stop walking for fear I would not be able to move I kept slowly walking up and down the grass until I felt I could stop and stretch.  It was then I looked at my watch and saw my finish time.....Holy Smokes...where did that come from.   2:03:31

I drove home and we walked down the beach for me to soak my legs but the water was too warm and the waves to strong to brace against so we came back to the complex and I stood in the pool as it was much colder.  Later that day Shane and I went for a 5km walk so he could have a walk too and I struggled to keep up with SI joint was sore and stiff now and my hamstrings were getting tighter and tighter.  Later that night we drove into surfers and had dinner at an Irish bar and then walked along the night markets........I was nearly asleep on my feet so we came home and I just crashed.  Next day my legs are tight and sore, but the good news is my hip feels fine :)  so shane and I walked the 5km again tonight and it felt better.....just sore hamstrings.

Murarrie SportsReserve
19May 2013(Hosted by Racewalking Queensland)CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS
Open Men 30km
 Name                  Club                                        Time
Peter Bennett      Mayne Harrier                         2:52.08
Nick Dewar          Racewalking Queensland      1:08.07 (14km)

Open Women 20km
Nyle Sunderland  Gold Coast Victory                 2:03:34
Donna Beikoff                                                     2:27.55
Noela McKinven   Racewalking Queensland      2:41.07
Jessica Wright    Jimboomba                             2:44.50

Thursday, May 16, 2013

12km along the walkway

My legs were feeling fresh....but that was all.  I had been feeling sick all day with nausea, sweats and terrible stomach cramps.  I was really unsure if I was going to be able to walk at all.

I got to the walk way and started out.  Instantly I was having great trouble and at 250m I stopped and quickly shot over to the toilet.  I started out again and just had no power, but the fact that I was unable to hold my stomach tight meant I was unable to engage my core.  I kept going hoping that it would improve.  I got to 3km and while things were no better, they were no worse.  I wore a head light tonight but I had it hanging around my neck.  I knew it was going to be pitch black soon.  I was having some sharp twinges in my knee tonight.  The camber on the road is really starting to get to me.  I got to 4km and noticed a bike just sitting behind me and so I moved over thinking I was in their way and was really thrilled to see it was Shane. He had come out to make sure I was safe.  

We got to 6km and turned back.  My stomach was starting to settle and I was able to hold my stomach taught which gave me a little more power.  My legs remained feeling good and I felt very good at the pace I was going.  It was steady but easy.  A runner had past me at 7km and I noticed that she was not really pulling away from me so I decided I would try to catch her.  I caught and passed her at 10km  :)  and bugger me she huffed away and crossed the road to take a side street away from us.....I giggled to myself and slowed a little.  I was starting to feel my butt and tfl (side hip) ... it was about a 2 on the pain scale.  Not huge  but I could feel it.  I was still getting the odd pain in my knee and I could feel my piroformus/SI joint starting to get tight.  

I have a 20km race/training walk on Sunday and my coach has said I can do it as long as I can walk tonight pain free.................I am hoping he says I can still do the race as I have entered it already.  My goal will be to walk it in about 2:10....that will be a very slow time for me to record but I have to start back somewhere.

Total time for tonight's 12km is 1:17:29  for an avg of 6:27 per km

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10km VERY easy on the walkway

Tonight I got to walk with Kay and Paul.  I was so happy with this that I didnt care how long it would take to do the 10km.  I got to have company!!!

It got dark pretty quickly and so having the others with me helped keep us safe.  I wore my new clip on USB Light and I clipped it on my shoulder strap.  The others thought it was a great idea ... kept us visual but I think from now on I will wear the headlight that also has a flashing red light to the back as it was pitch black.

The walk itself went really well.  I had woken today with an extremely sore back and I have no idea why.  I had done nothing yesterday other than alot of walking back and forth to my car in the rain in small heels as I mucked around at the courthouse for work.  Perhaps that was enough....but the disc in the small of my back just THROBBED all night and all morning.  I even took anti flam this morning.  But thankfully by 4pm it had eased and I was able to walk just fine with no pain at all.

We all just cruised along at a pace we all could walk easy.   We chatted away and caught up over the last two weeks.  Nothing hurt at all and I just really enjoyed ticking along.  Thursday I will try for 12km on my own.

It was very easy in a total time of 1:13 with avg heart rate of 115  :)

10 km data

Sunday, May 12, 2013

8km to test my hip

It was meant to be 10km today - but mentally I was not ready to jump from 5km to 10km.  So I decided I would do 8km....besides if I felt great when I was finished the 8km I could always turn back and do the extra 2km.  Turns out I made the right call.

Shane came with me today on the bike and it was so good to have him buzzing around me.  It had been drizzling before we headed out so I wore my new light jacket but after a km I took it off and let Shane carry it.  It had come out nice and sunny.  I had started out at a pace I felt was easy and while I felt slow I was surprised to see that I was 3:05 for my first 500m.  Well I will just stick to this and see how we go.

I was so pleased to feel NO pain.  A very slight stiffness to the SI joint but overall I was feeling good.  My hip felt weak still but I couldnt feel it.  No ache so another good thing.  As I was walking I kept tossing up whether I should carry on for 5km but in the back of my mind I kept thinking that if I start to hurt thats further to make it home.  So at 4km I turned and headed back.

I got Shane to give my form a once over and he thought I was looking good.  I passed through 5km and was still feeling ok.  My legs felt fresh and I was still holding the pace ok.  I was not breathing hard and just enjoying the walk.  But as I went through 6km my hip started to ache.   I slowed up as I had noted I was picking up the pace alittle.  I took the 6km to access my style and make sure I was tucking and extending my  stride.  The ache settled to the point it nearly went felt like the tail edge of a bruise.   So as I hit the 8km I stopped.  My hip had settled but I decided to end on a good note and not push it.

total time was 49:22

When we got home I asked shane to pop down with the camera and take a short video.  So we down to the basement where we park our cars and I just did the length of the basement.  I think I look ok....but will wait to hear what my coach has to say.

link to video of style

8km data

Friday, May 10, 2013

5km along the walkway

Today seems to be my "DOH" day.

First "DOH" was I did exercises that Jim had given me this morning but I was meant to wait a day in between until I am used to them.  So needless to say my Left SI joint grumbled all day and both glutes!

Second "DOH" was as I always finish early on a Friday I often get busy and forget to stop to eat.  Today I forgot to order lunch full stop and by the time I realised I only had 20 mins til I was finished.  So it meant walking with ZERO fuel in the tank.

Third "DOH" I decided to wear my Nike's that I had won in NZ.  They are very lite and I couldnt remember why I dont wear them for training in.  So I put my inserts in and they felt nice and comfy.  At 4km during my walk I now know why I dont wear them...the back on the right shoe ate my heel and I have a lovely blister there.

The walk itself.........well it was pretty meh!  Jim said take it easy and so I tried to ... I did...I actually felt dead on my feet and very sluggish while I was walking.  I was trying hard to rotate the hip back and drop my knee to get good movement.  But my shins hurt, my feet felt like they were slapping the pavement and for the first km the centre of my back really HURT!!!!  ..... grumble grumble grumble BUT the good hip didnt really bother me much at all.  A very dull ache and my piroformus also behaved.

I must admit that I am my own worst enemy.  I am so competitive and its likely to be the ruin of me.  I am totally ecstatic for my friend Tammy, she is getting through her injury now and quickly gaining fitness and speed again........and I dont want to be left behind again.  LOL  I watch her blog and now that she is getting faster I tuck her times away in my head and then while out walking I check myself off at different markers......its all in fun and Tammy is very aware I so this and I think she is similar too.  We just loved racing each other in Sacramento and we know it will be a similar race again.  But never of us wants to be the one struggling and getting left behind :)  I do love how we both encourage each other and pick each other up when needed.......and we both know that we are also each our biggest supporters!!!  I am the one cheering and yahoooing when she wins a race or gets a super speedy time and she for me.   Its just a pain that we are a world apart and at opposite ends of the time zone too.

so today I did my 5km along the walkway in 30:35

5km walk data

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

4km to test the hip

Its pouring down .... sigh....Why tonight of all nights.

Well I am just going to head out and do 4km along the walkway.  I am just going to pick an easy pace and see how my hip holds up.  I have already decided that if the pain goes up to 3/10 then I will stop.

I walked the 800m to the walkway and then gently started out.  First thing I notice is my hip is a dull ache so 1/10 on the pain scale (thanks to Tammy for this way of recording it) .... but my hip felt weak ... that's the only way I can describe it.  I knew that I would not be able to push on it just yet.  

By now I am drenched.  I am wearing my new long sleeve pink wind top with the light on the sleeve.  Its dark now so I make use of the flashing light and found it to be fantastic.  (no good for finding my way but great for warning others I am there) 

At the 3km mark my hip started to ache more.  Like a lite bruise .. so pain had increased to a 2/10 and it remained that for the rest of the walk.   Time for the 4km was 25:05 so an avg of 6:16 per km.

 I made sure I stretched and then iced my hip when I got home.  

Two hours later and its back to a 1/10.  So not painful but I can still feel discomfort in my hip.

Monday, May 06, 2013

3 days rest and a diagnosis

I made an emergency appointment with the Chiropractor on Friday.  I was in way too much pain in my hip for it to be just referred pain.  My coach kept saying it was my back out and referring the pain but I felt like it was more than that. 

Well would appear that both my coach and I are correct. 


Yes my back was out and my SI Joint locked tight again....but I also have the starting of Trochanteric Bursitis with a mix of Prioformus syndrome.  

What is Trochanteric Bursitis?  
On the outside of the hip joint there are a number of bursae (small fluid-filled sacs)Their function is to provide cushioning in the spaces between the muscles, tendons and bones and to allow tendons to glide over bony prominences without friction when they move.

WHAT CAUSES IT?  Repetitive strain and mechanical trauma (more common), such as with abnormal patterns of walking / standing, poor pelvic stability (weak buttock muscles) or tight iliotibial band (outer thigh structures).   Of which I have all of the above...I have had ITB problems for over a year and weak I guess it was bound to happen.

Rest and ice.   Anti inflammatory tablets to help keep inflammation down and stretching my ITB out.  Plus work on a strength exercise for the butt and hip.

 But it is something I need to be very aware of and not amp up my distances too quickly.

It is now day 3 of rest and Jim has given me one more day to be sure.  It has taken 2 days to settle and today it feels like a bruise and I can move my right leg now with out pain.  Which is great.  Tomorrow I will try a small 4km walk and see how it goes.  I have to be very careful as full on bursa pain can take months to heal...............and I am very lucky I caught it in the early stages.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

an ugly 6km fartlek

My piroformus has not stopped hurting in days.  I am not keen for the 6km speed session tonight.  Its stormy and very windy, which is not making me very keen to go out.

I decided to try and do some gentle stretches and to active my glute med....but this really only aggravated my piroformus.  I started out into the head wind and for the first 50m nearly stopped and threw the whole walk in.  My piroformus hurt....LOTS but it did come right and settled down to an annoying ache about 3/10 but it makes my whole right hip feel weak.

I hoped that when I turned at the 2km point with the wind behind me it would make the workout didnt.  I feel like someone slipped a 5kg weight on my back, I felt so heavy and sluggish.  On the way back up the walkway I started thinking about all kinds of depressing things.  Like quitting walking or keep walking but stop racing.  I am thinking that I will stop the speed sessions for a wee while....each time I try to power on it hurt and I had NO power...I had nothing to give.  I feel like the 15km totally wreaked me, and now I am considering doing a 20km race in 3 weeks (only because my coach has it on my program and the club road champs happen to be the week earlier)  But now I am not so sure.

I know that if I did throw the towel in and quit.......that I would end up getting all antsy again and have to go through this all over again.  I am just so over feeling sore all the time.

1st 3.03 + 3.05
2nd 3.10 + 3.01
3rd 3.14 + 3.02
4th 3.13 + 2.56
5th 3.15 + 3.01
6th 3.16 + 2.54

total time 37.16  -   avg heartrate 138

6km fartlek data

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

10km Kickdown along the walkway

I was nervous about this one.  My hip has been bothering me since my 15km.  Pain level about 4/10
I tried to pin point exactly where it was hurting...but it felt like the whole hip.  The TFL, ITB, my hammy, right knee, right ankle and burning pain down in my foot again.

I had decided to start easy so I figured I can walk with my friends for the first 2.5km but that turned out to not work out right.  I started out but needed to stop for a quick toilet stop so the others walked ahead and it took me a good 300m to catch back up again - which put my first km way to fast and then the others were walking easy so the next km way too slow.  I saw my watch tick over to 2.5km and said my good byes and away I went.  But by 4km I was hurting.  My hip/piroformus was hurting and my hammy was really biting.  But the time I hit the 5km turn I was having trouble controlling my right leg.  I stopped at 5km and backed up to the edge of a park bench and rolled my piroformus out on it.

I started out again and did feel better after the stretching but my body was pretty much done.  I had little to give and it was all I could do to try to maintain the pace I was on.  Would I be able to step it up for my last kick down.....I seriously doubted it but didnt mean I wasnt going to try.  While I felt that I had pushed harder I dont think it showed the drop I was hoping for.  All in all it was a pretty ugly workout.

2.5 km  16.51
2.5 km  16.31
2.5 km  16.21
2.5 km  15.15

Total time 1:04:58

10km data

Next day - I can bearly walk.  My right leg feels almost numb.  Every muscle and tendon in my hip just aches.  I cant push up on my right leg or step sideways to my right leg.  I am really unsure how long this is going to take to come right.  Pain level today would be 5/10  Tomorrow I have a 6km fartlek...I can just hope that my hip will hold out ok to a speed session.