Wednesday, May 01, 2013

10km Kickdown along the walkway

I was nervous about this one.  My hip has been bothering me since my 15km.  Pain level about 4/10
I tried to pin point exactly where it was hurting...but it felt like the whole hip.  The TFL, ITB, my hammy, right knee, right ankle and burning pain down in my foot again.

I had decided to start easy so I figured I can walk with my friends for the first 2.5km but that turned out to not work out right.  I started out but needed to stop for a quick toilet stop so the others walked ahead and it took me a good 300m to catch back up again - which put my first km way to fast and then the others were walking easy so the next km way too slow.  I saw my watch tick over to 2.5km and said my good byes and away I went.  But by 4km I was hurting.  My hip/piroformus was hurting and my hammy was really biting.  But the time I hit the 5km turn I was having trouble controlling my right leg.  I stopped at 5km and backed up to the edge of a park bench and rolled my piroformus out on it.

I started out again and did feel better after the stretching but my body was pretty much done.  I had little to give and it was all I could do to try to maintain the pace I was on.  Would I be able to step it up for my last kick down.....I seriously doubted it but didnt mean I wasnt going to try.  While I felt that I had pushed harder I dont think it showed the drop I was hoping for.  All in all it was a pretty ugly workout.

2.5 km  16.51
2.5 km  16.31
2.5 km  16.21
2.5 km  15.15

Total time 1:04:58

10km data

Next day - I can bearly walk.  My right leg feels almost numb.  Every muscle and tendon in my hip just aches.  I cant push up on my right leg or step sideways to my right leg.  I am really unsure how long this is going to take to come right.  Pain level today would be 5/10  Tomorrow I have a 6km fartlek...I can just hope that my hip will hold out ok to a speed session.

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