Tuesday, May 07, 2013

4km to test the hip

Its pouring down .... sigh....Why tonight of all nights.

Well I am just going to head out and do 4km along the walkway.  I am just going to pick an easy pace and see how my hip holds up.  I have already decided that if the pain goes up to 3/10 then I will stop.

I walked the 800m to the walkway and then gently started out.  First thing I notice is my hip is a dull ache so 1/10 on the pain scale (thanks to Tammy for this way of recording it) .... but my hip felt weak ... that's the only way I can describe it.  I knew that I would not be able to push on it just yet.  

By now I am drenched.  I am wearing my new long sleeve pink wind top with the light on the sleeve.  Its dark now so I make use of the flashing light and found it to be fantastic.  (no good for finding my way but great for warning others I am there) 

At the 3km mark my hip started to ache more.  Like a lite bruise .. so pain had increased to a 2/10 and it remained that for the rest of the walk.   Time for the 4km was 25:05 so an avg of 6:16 per km.

 I made sure I stretched and then iced my hip when I got home.  

Two hours later and its back to a 1/10.  So not painful but I can still feel discomfort in my hip.

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Tammy said...

Oh, Nyle...so sorry that this is so hard for you. I really feel your pain. Isn't it frustrating when your body just WON'T do what you want it to do? (((HUGS)))!