Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boosting the training prog for the Trial

Well I have been given my new training program. Gulp!!!!

Seeing as I have spent the last 3 months training to 10km only ... we have had to drop me back to 7min/km pace and add distance to get my stamina up. So each weekend the Sunday walk extends by 2km.

Today we did a slow 18km and next Sunday is the dreaded 20km. The scary part of the training is the weekend after that................that's when we step up the pace too.

I am intending to get 20km done in 2hours......the qualifying time is 2hours 8mins...which is more than do able. What gives me doubts is googling the names of the other competitors and seeing their recent times. Ok some were un-judged so that could make a difference on the day, but it did stop me and make me think "why am I doing this?"

Then I think about what all this means to me....At my age to even be trying for the trial team is an amazing feat, to actually have a shot at the 4th spot is again an amazing feat and if I have to be truthful I guess I have a small fear that I am aging and am trying to recapture a small portion of youth. I laugh when I read that too, but......I do think that race walking has turned out to be my fountain of youth. I feel younger than ever, fitter than I have ever been, have a waist again, have toned up, feel healthy and fantastic!!!!

I can now understand how athletes can end up addicted to exercise. The endorphins you get from a good hard walk make all the days stress's disappear. You cant but help to feel positive and smile...LOTS.....

I was told recently by one of the juniors that "race walking is the new pink" I have to agree with her. :0)

Friday, November 06, 2009

Opening night for "The Track"

Tonight was the official opening night of our new Mondo Track and first meet of the year.

The club put on many events - ranging from 100m, 200m, 300m and 1 mile for the Masters. They also put on a 3000m Track Walk. Parents were encouraged to join in but instead they choose to spectate and cheer from the banks.

It was great to see so many people and to watch some very fine young athletes....(who knows .. one of them could be the next big thing!!)

Sadly there were only 2 race walkers..........myself and Pete. The others had made themselves scarce. So we decided to just take it easy and treat it like a training session............. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!

Gun goes off and so does Pete....I am left thinking "holy smoke" so much for 2.26 pace so not to be out done, I caught up to him and sat on his heel. Pete being the much more experienced walked dead centre of the lane forcing me to walk the outer line or tuck in about a metre behind him. I was not falling for that tactic so sat right on his shoulder on the line. (Yes I walked a little further but I was not letting him away with that)

I kept watching my GPS and thinking "man we are flying" it was faster than our training nights but I was surprised I was keeping up.

We rounded the last lap - got the bell and it was on. I was waiting for Pete to make his move (as he was me) 200m mark went past and I thought he will go out now so I hung on moving closer to his shoulder we rounded the back straight and I let rip at the 100m mark ... shoulder to shoulder we walked at the 25m mark I pulled away to cross the line in 16:50......My best time ever on the track. Yahoo!!!!

Sadly the time cant be posted as an official time as there were only 2 judges. So for future races we will make the effort to find 3 judges. You just never know what will come out of a track night.

A great night was had by all.