Sunday, December 23, 2012

8km training along the walkway

I wanted to do this walk in the morning but I slept in.  I figured that I needed the sleep so didnt stress too much.  It was an over cast day and very muggy.  We had been out for most of the day.  Shopping at Pacific Fair and the super bunnings store.

As the day went on I kept putting off my walk til at 4pm I knew I had to go out and do it.  It was lovely to chat with Tammy in Salt Lake City......she is training in snow....I think I really need to harden up ALOT....

While it was hot, I managed to tick along ok.  The good news is NO hip pain.  Yay!!!!  I decided to do the walkway 4 x as it is a measured 2km and at the moment the road that I normally walk along is being targeted by some creep who is accosting women along it ... didnt think I could be bothered beating off some random guy during my walk.... lol  Pus its good training for the 2km loop races.

I am always so slow on this walk way....I think its due to it being concrete...has no give at all.

8km was done in 50:52 for an avg pace of 6:21

Slow but walks are meant to be!

8km walkway

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3km Fartlek in 93% humidity

I got to the track nice and early.  When I got out of the car I was surprised by how damp the air felt.  I was dripping before I even made it to the side of the track.

Phew this was going to be a hard slog.  I warmed up with 3 laps with kay and was struggling to breathe....kind of felt like a mile dose of asthma.

I started out and by the second lap was starting to fade.  I was gasping for air and struggling to get my legs moving.  First km in 5:28

Recovery was just that....took me 200m to gather myself again.  I hit the next 500m for the fast section and really had to push myself to get going.  The air was thick and felt hard to push though.  As I crossed the next 500m mark I started dry retching....oh joy....well it may not have been fast but I sure know I was pushing hard. 

Now I just had one fast 500m to go.  I pushed hard and struggled to keep myself going.  I was so pleased to click stop on my watch.

Weather was over cast (a storm is brewing) 27 degs and 93% humidity

1st km 5:28
2km 3:12 + 2:54
3km 3:14 + 2:48
total 17:37

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gold Coast Champs - Two races in one morning

The racing started at 8.30am today with the 5000m track walk and then at 11.30am it was to be the 1500m.

I was unsure about the 1500m as I am no good at short distance - I have no fast twitch muscles on me lol 

When I got to the track it was over cast and I held hope that it would stay that way and give me a good shot at the 5km, but we lined up the cloud lifted and the sun beat down.  I was told it was 27 degs with 67% humidity when we started.  The first thing to happen was a false start.  In all my racing days I have never heard the gun go off after we start and get called back.  Apparently the electronic timer didn't go off with the gun, so we line up again and away we go.  I decided to sit on Paul"s heel for the start and try to keep pace with him but by the second lap I could feel he was slowing so I made the decision to pass him.  I was happy enough until 2.5km in to the race and then the heat started to effect me badly.  I was drinking each lap and I choose to wear a hat and glasses ... but by 3km my head felt like it was going to explode...not from pain...but heat.  My face felt like it was BRIGHT red and throbbing.  Then to add to the confusion my laps started to get mixed up and so I pressed the km lap on my watch one lap early.  I was having trouble concentrating to even work out what lap I was actually on.  Lucky I did figure it 4km time got me back on track.  I was so thankful to hear that last bell and to finish.  I am very happy with my time of 30.22 considering as I am struggling to get 32 mins in training...but we now know thats due to concrete path and dehydration.

5000m data here

I spoke to Jim and had decided to flag the 1500m but when I went to leave everyone begged me to stay and just walk slowly but that they really wanted me to join in.  .....  So I stayed ... lol
Here we are before the start of the 1500....all smiling happily.

1500m - I knew this race was going to hurt....alot.....not physically....but mentally.  We lined up to start and after standing out in the sun for 20mins we found they were going to let the runners go first.  So us walkers marched off to find shade.  10min later we line up again and wouldn't you know it....the gun fails again and again we are called back.  LOL  We line up again for our 3.7 laps .... I started out and felt like I had walked into a wall dragging a tyre behind me.  The heat was unbearable.  It was radiating up from the track and burning my feet in my shoes.

 By lap 2 I felt like I was just crawling...I could barely put one foot in front of the other and I had to really egg myself to keep going ... it was only one more lap to go.  I have never raced 1500 m and I cant say that I like it.  Yes its over fast but your lungs are just screaming.  My legs were dead and so didnt complain at all.  My time was 8.32 and while I am not thrilled with that, I am ok with that.

1500 m data here

and here is my bounty for the days racing

Two awesome is that.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

slow going

Hmmm well its been a wee while since I last posted.

I have decided to go right back to the basics and rebuild.  My fitness is completely gone now and I am struggling.  Poor eating and lack of water have lead me to the path I find myself on.  I have no one to blame but myself.

I struggle at the moment to get 5km out in 32 mins.  I know that many are very happy with that time and I know I should be too....but.... I am way to competitive to be satisfied with any thing but the best from myself and I know I can ... or could .. do better.

So for the last week I have been getting up at 5.30am and "normal" walking with Shane for 5.5km...walking briskly and enjoying being out.  I wanted to achieve 7 days in a row .. I made it to 5 and was so tired by the 6th day and had a very sore back that I flagged it.  Shane ended up with a blister so I walked by  myself yesterday and managed 31.41 for 5km so I am feeling a little happier.

I spoke to Jim about this tonight.  I am feeling lethargic, struggling with concentration and exhausted by afternoons.  I have no strength when I walk and my headaches seem to be more regular.  Turns out that all of these are signs of extreme dehydration.  I know this.....I have always had issues with the amount of water I drink and I guess I just get so busy and focused on what I am doing I just forget to drink.  Its not until I go to bed that I realise that all I have drunk for the whole day is 2 cups of coffee and maybe a glass or two of wine.  Hmmmmm that doesn't actually count as fluid.  Plus over here the humidity dehydrates you quickly too

Somehow I need to address this ... and I have NO idea how to.  Everyone has great ideas and I try to give them a go...........but I can have a water bottle on my desk right beside me and still not drink from it.  I just literally 'forget' its there.  I have one last suggestion to try.....and that is setting my alarm on my cell phone for every hour I am at work and I have to drink each time it goes off.

I will see how I go over the weekend with this...........I can see me getting lots of exercise over short distance as I will be running back and forth to the toilet for the first few days.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

A very hot and sticky 5km

 I got up at 8am and it was hot.....27degs!

 My hip/glute and IT band has not gotten any better so I figured that sitting around is not helping and walking doesn't make it any worse, so I would try a walk.

I am not really sure of what distances I should be trying to do as I start out again.  I know that if I were to go too far it would set me back so I am hoping that 5km is an ok distance for a few walks.  Then slowly increase the distance each day.

 I got out on the walkway and WOW it was hot.  The air felt really sticky and thick but I didnt struggle like the other night.  I kept it slow and just concentrated on my form and tried hard to use my glutes.  My hip/right leg was hurting but not enough to make me stop.  I turned and headed back, dodging dogs, children and strollers...there were alot of people there today.  I kept looking at the sea and wanting to run and jump in!

I finished in 32:14 only 10seconds faster than the other day but I didn't feel as thrashed which was good.  I got home and stretched and will roll my hip then sit on some ice.

A hot sticky 5km

Monday, November 26, 2012

a tentitive slow 5km

I have had a whole week of NO walking except for a gentle stroll with Shane.  I have been using a foam roller each day on my hip (TFL Muscle) and sitting on ice each night and was disappointed that today it didnt feel that much better. 

So I decided that I would do a very gentle 5km.

I started out from home and headed towards the walkway.  A few road crossings slowed my first km but in truth, I couldn't have gone any faster if I had wanted to.  I was so shocked to see that I was struggling to average 6.30/km pace.

I have gained more weight and am now at my heaviest in 3 years...that alone depresses me.  So its only obvious that its going to slow me down.  Plus my coach has just figured out (remembered) that I have pretty bad feet due to operations as a teenager.....he discovered that having the 2nd toe longer than the big toe it causes a lot of issues...specially with hamstrings and glutes.....hmmm funny that.  So I just have to face that what style I have is what I have.  Trying to make my body mould to how a r/w is ... is not going to work for me and the more I try the more injuries I get.

So I struggled on to complete my 5km.  Yes my TFL hurt for the first km but then it settled...only I was so stiff and chunky that I felt really off.  Probably just a really bad day ... and we all do get them.

5km done in 32.22

Tentive 5km

Sunday, November 18, 2012

3000m track walk

After having a terrible week with my stomach doing its usually painful thing I was not really sure about racing today.  But I still like to support Masters as much as I can and so figured I can always just go at training pace.

My TFL (a muscle in the hip) has still been hurting.  Doesn't bother me too much when I walk but sure hurts when I am sitting or if I lay on it while sleeping.   I was hoping the lady that does massage would be at the track as I decided I will defiantly use her today.

It was raining at the track.  We have had a weekend of massive lightening strikes and thunder (22,000 lightening strikes alone in Brisbane last night)  We all lined up and they started us pretty quickly as everyone was getting wet.  It was nice out in the rain as it was cooling.  The first km I felt very stiff and my hip was annoying me this time, so I slowed down a little and got in to my rhythm.  The rain had stopped now but I still had soggy feet...ugh!  There were only 5 walkers and one runner out today.  I cant wait till I am ever fast enough to keep pace with Jo who was running.  So I finished the race in 17:05 and was very happy with that.

I manged to get first in with the lady doing sports massage.  I needed to know exactly what muscle was hurting so I can tell Jim.  She instantly found it and said in her 18 years she has never felt a TFL that was so tight...infact she said that to her it feels close to snapping and has suggested I rest for two weeks (with just normal walking) and then get another massage.  Plus do alot of specific exercises and roller ball over it.

3000m track walk

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Pan Pacific 3000m Masters Track Walk

I woke up today and just ached all over.  I thought a nice hot shower would freshen me up and it did kind of.

I made my way down to the track and found that I had to park almost a km away as it was a school day at the university and the car parks were over full.  So the walk back to the track was a nice warm up.  The weather was really showing off how good the Gold Coast can be.  It was a stunning hot sunny day.  About 26 degs and 60% humidity.

I managed to find a shady spot in the grandstand and caught up with all the other walkers.  I made sure that I wore my Queensland Club colours today as I was getting teased about racing for Aussie but still wearing black for NZ ... :)

Today they decided to do a split start.  So the guys lined up on the start line and the girls lined up on the second start line and we had to explain to most that they had to wait til they walked past the cones before cutting back in to lane 1.  It was so hot out on the track and they tried to get us started as fast as possible.

I let the guys go and followed along behind trying to find my own rhythm.  My hamstrings were sore and tight making it difficult to get into a smooth walk.  At the 1.5 km mark I noticed I was catching up on Michael from USA and so tried to push a little more speed out.  I found my lungs were fine and I was never gasping for air, I just had nothing in my legs.  At the 2km mark I passed Michael and just kept up my pace and slowly pulled away from him.

I just kept focused on the finish line and listening for the bell to signal my last lap.  It was getting hard to breathe as the air was so hot and it was frustrating to see them setting up the water station...on my last lap.  I was pleased for those in the older age groups as they would need water desperately.   I pushed hard as I rounded the final bend and crossed the finish line in 17:19:56

Me with the Gold and Donna with Silver.  I stepped down so we were the same height lol

3000m Pan Pac masters Track Walk

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Pan Pac 10km Masters

 This was the race that I really wanted to do well at.  I just hoped that my body would allow it.

Last night we went out for a couple of hours to the Opening Ceremony and it was a great band.  It was a shame to leave but as I had to be up so early and I still had some preparation to do we decided to leave at 9.30pm.  My sleep was short lived though and I ended up with a restless night.

We got to the course with plenty of time to warm up and look over the course.  It was  T course with the loop being 1km.  The turns were very tight as they couldn't close the road so we could only use one half of the road.  As I walked the course with sue we both commented on the camber of the road and the rise at one end.  You might have an advantage on the down but the tight turn was directly at the bottom and so it slowed you just as yu needed to find the push for the rise.  It was not going to be a fast course that was for sure.

We all lined up and after a brief chat we are off.  Michael from USA was off like a rabbit so I just let him go figuring I would catch him up later in the race.  At about 3km I did catch and pass him but I had 2 other guys hot on my heels and at 5 km they passed me but I didn't let them get too far ahead.  At 7km I picked them off again and set about putting some distance between us.  But very quickly my stomach let me know that I was not going to be pushing any harder than I was.  I slowed ... I slowed heart rate starts to climb on the Garmin and I am feeling distressed.  I take on more water and my carbo shots.  I can see Michael creeping back up on me and there is nothing I can do to hold him off.  By 9km my tummy settled and the carbo water started to work and I found a tiny push of speed but as i rounded the turn for home Michael had caught me and we sprinted for the finish line with him just pipping me.

I was a little down as I didnt get the record but I have to be logical and see that I have done minimal training and have been unwell.  So a 1:01:10 was not that bad.  The max heart rate of 207 is more of a worr

I was first female and first in my age group.  I was really surprised that they presented medals for the first 3 across the line so I was given two golds for this race.  What a bonus.

Pan Pac 10km Masters

Pan Pac 5000m Masters 2012

 I had no expectations with this race.  I was nervous as hell and I really didn't know why.  I knew I would not be fast, I know I am unfit...but still.....that competitive side of me was weeping quietly to her self knowing full well what I am capable of.

I was so pleased to see Sue H from NZ and had a great chat.  Plus Roscoe and then also Jeannie, as I had not seen her since Sydney Games.

The first shambles was the start.  I guess you kinda expect it when there is 26 starters but to try and get us in one line.....well it wasn't happening.  With in moments of getting us in a spot ready to go...we were off.  I set in behind Michael from USA and was happy pacing behind him but after the 2nd km I realised he has slowed dramatically and so I passed him heading into the 3rd km.  I was do ok...body was holding together and I was cruising.

It was humid but bearable and I was feeling ok with my time.  I was not pushing myself and felt I would just come in under 30mins.  On the last lap I had enough left to push a little and was thrilled to finish in 29:44

Pan Pac 5000m Masters

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 x 300m repeats at track

I made it to the track for my next speed session. Robyn had decided it would be 10 x 300m..... well this will be interesting as I have never done such short distance before.

Robyn is training Cardia.  She is a very quick junior and is heading off to secondary school champs.  (I think thats what it is)

I was not too sure what I was going to be able to do.  I dont feel that I have any kind of speed in me yet.  I still had Cardia and Paul to chase so that would help.

Amazingly my hip held up through this. The pain has crept down into my IT band but its bearable.

Most of my 300m were 1:28 and I am super happy with that.  I cant believe that for as hard as I was pushing myself my heart rate got to a max of 167

10 x 300m repeats at track

Sunday, October 21, 2012

5000m Masters Track Walk

I had a bad day on Saturday stomach wise and was umming and arrrhing as to whether I would do this race.  I figured I would see how i felt when I got up at 6.30am.

I woke and felt achy but figured what the hell.  At worst it would be a training walk. I love the warmth here but the humidity is something I am getting used to.  Today at the track it was a good 22 degs and 81% humidity when we started.  I set out at a pace I felt I could hold for the 5km but by 2km I was sapped.  By 3km I felt like someone had attached a Tyre to me to drag around.

I had paul ahead of me and I tried to pick it up for the last two kms and catch him but I was beat.  I managed to half the distance between us but couldn't catch him.

Total time was 29:27  and I am happy with that.  Faster than last 5000m on track so thats a good thing.  Hip is still achy but will ice it today and see how we go.  Need to drop about 5kg and get some help with my form ... and that is all achievable.

5000m Masters Track Walk

Thursday, October 18, 2012

7 x 500m at the Track

Sucker for punishment that I am, I turned up at the track for a second speed session.

Todays walk was 7 x 500m - Cripes........I think I have one speed muscle somewhere and its already run away crying.

We started out and I felt ok.  I tried to push as hard as I could and I also tried to lengthen my stride and try to get some speed going and a better style.  By the 3rd rep I was really feeling it and starting to struggle.  It was hot and humid and my lack of fitness and any fast twitch muscles....I was really pushing hard to keep going.

But as per usual....when you get to only 2 to go you suddenly become bullet proof and feel good again. 

so here are my 7 laps

My max heart rate got up to 173 - which is not bad really.  I can only get faster from here on in.

7 x 500m

5 x 600m at the track

I decided I would head back to the track and join in with the other walkers.  I need some major motivation and I figured that just being around the others would help kick start me.

The annoying part of the journey is ...its only 22km but it takes 55mins in the traffic.  This is a new thing for me to have to deal with and I am sure I will adjust.

I had also gone to the gym the night before and had a heavy leg session.  My legs felt like lead and for my 3 laps to warm up ... I was heard doing the ouch ouch ouch as the blood made its way down to the quads. lol

The track session went surprisingly well...considering how unfit I am.  I had two walkers in front and two behind me ... a perfect mix.

My 5 x 600m are as follows


I decided I need to push myself harder so on the last one I went for it.  Now I need to push like that for each of them.  So I will head back again on thursday and try my hand at 500m.... coolies :)

avg heart rate was actually lower than I thought it would be at 156 bpm

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

5km kickdown on treadmill

I really wanted to walk out on the walk way and do a fartlek tonight but by the time I got home from work it was dark and I am still not that comfortable out on the walk way all alone.  I did think about driving out to the track but that would take about 35 to 40mins and everyone would be gone by the time I got there.

So my next option was the treadmil down stairs.  So I decided to try and do a kickdown on it.

It went ok too...but gosh it was hard work.  I started out at 10km and then at the first km I clicked up to 10.2km and from there I click up for each km to finish my last km on 10.5km/hour.

I went really well but I forgot to press lap on my last km.  It gets REALLY stuffy in the gym room so next time I will open the bi fold doors right up.  But I figured its good practice for humidity etc.

so total walk done in 29mins.  I am very happy with that.

5km kickdown on treadmill

Sunday, October 07, 2012

5000m masters track walk

 Its been a scorcher this breaking the hottest day record with it hitting 33 degs

Masters track summer season has started and so it was up at 6.30am and heading to the track for a 7.30am race start.  I really am not a morning person and so find it hard to fire up so early.  Plus with going out for a brisk power walk the night before my hip was nagging at me all night so hence very little sleep!  but that is a typical story for me so really nothing new there.... lol

I have not raced a 5000m in ages so was not really looking for anything to exciting.  I just wanted to finish and said to my self that I would be happy if I got 30mins.  HA .. who am I trying to kid here!!!!

About 10 of us lined up and started.  After 200m I took the lead spot and held that for the race.  It was so humid and hot ... especially over in the far corner? and I remember it was the same last time and not really sure what that is about.  I picked a pace that felt comfortable.  My hip was complaining but it did settle once I got warmed up.  At about the 3000m mark the heat started sapping me of energy and I started to slow down, plus my stomach reared its ugly head for a couple of laps.   I made sure I drank and dumped water over my head to try to cool down.  (my cell phone told me the temp was 22 but it felt way hotter than that on the track) 

I set my eyes on a few of the walkers that I were about to lap and tried to pick up my pace to catch them.  It did help but not by much.  I was very pleased to finish as I was beat.  Totally slogged the last 2km.

time was 29:23 for an avg pace of 5.43 with an avg heart rate of 161 (yep def not fit!!!)

I can just hope that I can better this for Pan Pacific Games.

5000m masters track walk

Thursday, September 27, 2012

treadmill and 8.5km on the walkway

WEDS night - 5km kick down on the complex treadmill in 29:55
Started 2km on 9.5km/hr, 2km at 10km/hr, 500m 10.5km/hr and 500m 11km/hr

THURS night
Shane came along on the bike to keep me company tonight as Kay was unable to join me.

I started out and instantly felt off.   I felt 5kg heavier and my body just felt tight and sore.  I was trying hard to settle in to the walk and just get my rhythm going.  But I really felt like I was flogging a dead horse.  About 3 km into it and my stomach decided to rear its ugly head......I continued on to the 4.3 km turn around and stopped for a few minutes.  I managed to easy the cramping and continue on again.  The following few kms were achy and my tummy continued to grumble.

Shane passed me water as we went along.  It was warm tonight (not the hottest) but still I really struggled.  It might be due to a hard 5km session on the treadmill last night...perhaps I had not recovered from that.

Total time 52.16 AVG pace was 6.09 avg heart rate 156

8.5km on the walkway

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3000m Track Masters Walk and a catch up

Well its been a wee while.  As many of you know, I am unable to train hard at present and am not meant to be racing .....hard..... so far this month my tummy has settled a little.  The change in diet has helped but I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times and yes....I have paid the price a few days later.  I am still on the waiting list at the Gold Coast Hospital and am told I could be called any day or with in 6months....sighs.  So my training is down to treadmills for 5km, nice gentle walks with Kay and the odd "race" or long walk in the weekend.  The plus side of all this is I am again finding my love for the gym.  So I have been back pressing weights gain 2 or 3 times a week.

Last weekend it was the Queensland Club Prize giving but as it was on the other side of Brisbane (1.5 hour drive) I decided to flag it and instead support the masters club that I have just joined.  Their track event clashed with the other club, but it was near by and easier for me to get too.  I was presented my first trophy .... Kay collected it for me.  I won the 10km Open Women Club Walk

Race started at 7.30am and it was already 24 degs and high humidity.  I have not met any of the Masters Athletes so it was nice to get down to the track and say hello.  Turned out I was going to be the only walker and that there were two joggers doing the 3000m walk/run too.......Great!!! I kinda figured I would be left behind them.  The gun goes off and the female jogger hits the front and the guy sits behind me.  After 1km the lady jogger was only 20m ahead of me so I decided to try and close the gap.  By 2 km the guy was almost half a lap behind me and I was only 3 m behind the lady jogger.  I had picked a pace I felt good at....I was not pushing hard and I couldn't even if I had wanted lungs were struggling to get air in.  Not that I was breathing hard....just this flu/cold has left me with an asthmatic type glunky cough.  As I rounded the final 200m the lady jogger found a last burst of speed and I couldnt keep up.  She beat me by 1 second.  She thanked me after the race and said how very odd it felt to know that a walker could have beaten her.  lol

so my avg pace was 5:40 and my avg heart rate was 161.......kinda high but not as high as I expected.
3000m Track Masters Walk

Thursday, August 23, 2012

8.5 km walk with Kay

Today I was to met with Kay at the walkway ... but I was running late from work and then I got held up in the road works out side our place.  I raced up stairs and got changed and then flew out the door.  I clicked my watch and set off towards the walk way.  I was pushing hard off my toes and felt light and fast.  I took time to check my self and check my knees.  Yep every thing felt great.

I met up with Kay and she jogged beside me for 2km and then she swapped to racewalking.  We enjoyed a great chat and we found that we walked alittle quicker tonight.  Both of us are getting fitter.  Kay even achieved a pb in the weekends 10km race.

We parted ways at 7.5km and I zipped home from there.

8.5km in 54.43

8.5 km walk with Kay 

10km Queensland State Champs

I got picked up at 5.45am by Kay and we headed off into Brisbane for the 10km race.  Its over hour drive and is a great time for chatting and getting to know everyone in the car.

When we got to the park it was freezing.  It was about 5degs and I was not keen to race in my race top.  But the hour we had it warmed up alot and I was pleased that I did keep my long sleeve off.

As I was not able to push hard and actually race this one, I figured that I would just tick along and enjoy the walk.  I knew the Masters Record was just under 60mins but I was trying not to think about that.    I was happy enough to pass through 5m in 29mins and I just ticked along at a steady pace.

To my surprise I finished in 58:02  not too bad all considering.  So I got the masters record......but for some reason the club put me and kay down as open women and not masters as we had entered.  So we have to wait now to see if they will award me it.

10km Queensland State Champs 

Monday, July 30, 2012

10km club handicap Brisbane

I got a lift with Kay and Robyn today for this race.  We headed off to Brisbane at 6.30am for a race start of 8am.

It was freezing!! it reminded me of winter racing back home.  I really didnt want to take my long sleeve top off but I knew that I warm up fast.  When we started out I felt very stodgy and heavy and felt that this was going to be a tough walk.  The course was nice and flat and was a 500m out and back.  I watched Dave measure the course before we started and then again once the faster guys had finished.  So even though my watch shows it being was def 10km.

I have been having some terrible GI issues and we kinda think it is the milk here...but that is really only guessing. So I am nervous during races at present.  I concentrated hard on using my arms more and keeping my shoulders down and that really helped pick up the pace and keep me going.

I was really surprised to go through 5 km in 28.26 and thought that if I can keep this pace up I might actually go faster than a couple of weeks ago.  I have only had two training walks in the last week or I was expecting this to be hard and bad.

I am really thrilled to say that I came through and finished with a 56:59 for 10km .... again nearly a min faster. (Dont be expecting this every week Coach!!)

so now I know I am not too bad for Adelaide.  I just have to book my flights now.

10km club handicap Brisbane

Sunday, July 29, 2012

7km walk with kay

This is becoming a Thursday regular.

Love having the company.  Good walk, no pains and felt easy.

46:34 and avg heart rate 137

7km walk with kay 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Easy 8km with Kay

After a couple of days of not feeling to flash - (seems to be a constant at the moment??)  I decided to head out and meet up with Kay and go along the walkway.  We normally do 8km and usually Kay will jog beside me and then we slow at the road for Kay to racewalk to then on the return for the last 1km Kay will jog again.

I forgot to reset my watch so that it recorded Km splits.  So its just the 8km as one block.

My stomach actually held together for this walk but I had some really sharp glute pain on the way back.  I am trying hard to use my arms more and keep my elbows tucked in.

We were about 2 mins faster tonight compared to last week.  So I was pleased with that.

Avg pace was 6.29 and avg heart rate was 136 (so nice and low)

On the job front......first week and it has been a real sink or swim one.  My first payroll made me really appriciate how simple it was back in NZ....with multitude unions and as many super funds to is mind boggling but I am sure I will learn it quickly.  Lucky it was only one of the smaller pay runs.....and not the usual 200+  .... geeeeppppp!!!

Plus we went to the gym tonight.  We biked down and did upper body tonight.

Easy 8km with Kay

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 x 400m track

I am probably driving my poor coach to drink.  He has done his job.....written me a written my program......thrown it away and tried a 3rd one.  ......  but again, I fall off the page and do something that is in next weeks slot.  

Working full time and fitting in training is proving to be more challenging than I thought.   I had not factored in driving times to and from tired I would be, how sore I might be from Gym or walking.  Trying to cook dinner ..... seems totally unfair that Shane should wait until 8pm at night to eat dinner but its sooo hard to cook and then wrap it up and go out while all the time you are starving and just want to sit down and enjoy.

Anyhow...I digress....Tonight I drove from work to the track 30km but at 5pm its peak traffic and LOTS of traffic.  I was meant to do an 8 km fartlek or a 10 or 12km walk.  My body was feeling stiff and sore from the Glute blasting at the gym so the fartlek was NOT appealing.  The others at the track thought to do 400ms and so  as I noticed that was on my program for next week.....I would try that.

Paul is faster than me over short distance and so when we started he was about 10m a head of me.  I tried sooo hard to keep up but by the last 400m he was a good 20m a head and I was slowing fast.  My lungs were somewhere on the track behind me and the only fast twitch muscle in my body was cowering behind a bush near my car!!!!

here are my 400m times


heart rate was not as high as I expected it to be.  I was pushing hard and breathing hard but I had nothing to give.

6 x 400m track 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

10km RWA Club Challenge

Race Walk Australia Club Challenge is a great race.  Each walker is given points as they finish.  1st place is 1 point and it goes up from there.  The idea is for a club to get the least amount of points.  We wont know where our club sits until later in the week.

I got a lift with Kay and her brother today and we headed out to the Logan Park.  I was not feeling my best today having had a terrible night with stomach cramps and general GI issues.  But I was still keen to have a crack at this and help the club out.

We started out and I got caught up at the back and so took me about 100m to get through and started.  By the 2nd lap I was really struggling, my stomach was really hurting and one of the judges helped me calling out and giving me encouragement....(he said after the race that he could clearly see I was in alot of pain and was impressed that I held it together and kept going)  So I lowered my shoulders and controlled my breathing and away I went again....pain subsided and didnt return until the 8th km.  But again I pushed through and was determined to finish.

A guy called Dean was helping a few of the younger walkers pace for their 5km and he slowed up and would wait til I was on his heel and he would then pull away to help me pick up my pace.  I did try but on his 3rd go and explained why I was struggling and so he went off ahead to finish.  As the laps were not exactly 1km we had to do 10.5 laps and they somehow missed counted a lap for me and said I still have 1.5 to go.....but lucky I had my watch.  I turned at the  10km cone and pushed back for home.  I really wanted to be a little quicker than last week but with my tummy I was not sure it was going to happen.

I was totally thrilled to finish the race in 57:57 thats a minute faster than last week.

I start my new job tomorrow so now I will be able to start working out a proper training program.  I wont be competing next weekend as Shane's Mum arrives from NZ to stay for a few days with us.

10km RWA Club Challenge 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

gentle walk with Kay

Kay and I had planned to go to the track but the weather was really nasty and the thought of slogging against the wind at the track really didnt appeal to me.  So we both decided to head to the walk way an just tick along there.

It is just so nice to have company that I really didn't care what pace we did today...I just wanted to walk and enjoy.  To start with Kay jogged beside me and I could have gone much faster than I did for the first 2km but I felt comfortable and my butt was not hurting.  I somethings think that us walkers put too much pressure on ourselves to out preform each walk/workout/race and at times it can become so consuming that it becomes suffocating.  I know that I am now finally at a mindset that I am ok with a slower walk in training now as I figure....its better to be out and walking than sitting at home and not.  It is all distance on my feet.

We had no distance planned, we just went until the road changes back to two lanes and turned there.  In the end it turned out to be very close to 8km.    It was very windy and I had dressed with long compression pants and long sleeve top but after about a km I was hot and now know not to wear long pants.

total time for the walk was 52.38 for 7.91 km  avg pace 6.39 with avg heart rate 132 =  nice and gentle.

on a private note:  I have been mega distracted at the moment with many job interviews and the constant waiting for the phone to ring.  My gut feeling is that I have missed out on the Commonwealth Games role, but am still very proud to have been selected down to top 4 out of 450+ applicants.  I am away again shortly for another interview with a construction firm down in Currumban Waters.  Will mean a nice 30min drive to work each day but its a nice drive and will be a fun place to work.  The role is Accounts Payable and Payroll.   So will see if I can land this role.

gentle walk with Kay

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10km Queensland Road Champs

I decided to enter the Queensland Open 10km Road Champs.  Even though I had not been out training I still figured I an walk 10km and at worst would look at it as a training walk.

Kay picked me up at 5am and we headed off towards Brisbane.  I was so glad she offered to give me a lift as I had NO IDEA of where to go.  We stopped off at Movie world to pick up Kay's brother Paul and then we were off.  It was good to catch up with the walkers again and to met some new faces.

The course was was up and down both sides of a wee hill.  I said to Kay that on the last couple of laps it was going to feel like a mountain.....and it did.  We all lined up for the start and then we were off.  I let the young ones take off like jack rabbits and happily settled in behind them.  By the 3rd lap one girl in front of me had pulled out - she had hurt her back.  I had no idea what position I was in the race and it was not my intention to win anything as I knew it was an open club walk and the guns would be out.

By about 8km my butt was really starting to hurt.  Not hurt as in injured ... hurt as in...muscle being used.  I tried to pick up the pace a little as I could see that I was going to be under 59mins.   Coming up the rise for the last time I dug in and tried to push up the wee rise and then sprint for the finish line.

58:58  ...  wow that was cutting it fine but I got under 59mins ... just!!!!

And the surprise of the day.  I got second!

10km Queensland Road Champs

Thursday, July 05, 2012

3km fartlek

I have not been able to train for the last week due to a nasty ear infection.  It has blocked off my left ear completely leaving me totally deaf and uncoordinated.  I am back to the dr tomorrow to get it looked at again.  I decided that I would try to do a short walk around the track.  Seeing as I veer to the left when I am walking I figured that track work is probably best.

I was also meeting up with Robyn to sort out transport and details for the 10km race this Sunday in Brisbane.

I started out and first thing I found was I couldnt breath.  I was blocked up and was unable to breath through my nose.  The first km was pretty tough and I was pushing as hard as I felt I could.  My nose was running and I was coughing and spluttering like mad.  The only really good part of my walk was NO pain anywhere!!!  no hip pain, no shin pain and no IT band pain.  Its taken 2 months to settle all my aches and pains ... so for that news I was pretty pleased.

It was not my fastest walk but it was also not my slowest.  With a 10km race on Sunday I didnt want to bust my guts today and I hope that my hearing / ear comes right by Sunday.

1st km = 5:33
2nd km = 2.58 + 2.41
3rd km = 2.54 + 2.40

total time = 16.48 avg heat rate = 162

lots of room for improvement but I have to start from somewhere.

3km fartlek

Monday, July 02, 2012

9km walkway

Well one whole week with ZERO excuses really, busy with work, raining, lack of motivation bla bla bla but now that I am unemployed I figured that I best start back into it as I now have my days to train and try to claw some fitness back.

I just decided to head to the walkway and do 8km...not the 8km that was on my program (4 x 2km)  but I figured that at least if I do the distance its a start.  But when the 8km clicked over I was over a km from home so I just kept going til 9km.

I have had a horrid blocked ear for the last week and it played up badly this weekend (traveling up the mountain didnt really help much)  It kind puts me off my balance a little so walking was a struggle today.  I tried to keep an even pace and think I managed that ok.  My glutes started hurting at 6km so was pleased to stop at 9km.  While out walking I passed a man who was power walking and he nodded and smiled...but when I passed him a second time he waved and signaled for me to stop my watch and chat.  Turns out he is an organizer of the masters walkers here and was very keen to have me come along.  He was also in Sacramento and is heading to Brazil next.  His name was Patrick, and he has invited me to come along to the 5km races on Sundays (first sunday of each month)  So I will try to find those and go :)

Time for today was 55.20 - avg pace = 6:09 with avg hr = 147

Now I just need to find my motivation and passion again.  But for now, I think it more important to put my husband first and spend some much needed quality time with him when I can....rather than out pounding pavements on my own all the time.

9km walkway 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

10km walkway

10km was up for today.  I woke up and I felt shattered so decided to just enjoy the walk.  While out on my walk I realised that this has been my longest break and that my pushing myself to do training walks in times that I was last doing was only going to end in tears and injury.  Plus my coach has been trying to tell me to slow it down on longer walks to get the benefit of the endurance.

So starting with todays walk.........unless told other wise by my coach......I will stick to 80% effort while out on 10km + walks.

I took water with me this time and managed much better.  Plus it was 9am which also helped.  The walk way was super busy and it became very apparent to me that it was also a fashion parade.....FULL make up and matching outfits was the required attire!  lol

My glutes started to hurt at 8km and it was an effort to continue on for the last two kms.  They hurt in a good way ...not an injury way.  So shows that I am trying to use them.

10km time was 1:02:03 avg heart rate 149  (much better!)

10km walkway

Thursday, June 21, 2012

3km fartlek - walkway

I decided it was easier to use the measured walkway near home for this workout.  Rather than drive to the track and pay $$ to use the track for such a short workout.

The track was pretty busy so I had to weave in and out of people but it didnt really hinder me too much.  There is a very slight rise along part of the walk way but I doubt it would cost me too much in seconds per km so if I keep using this walk way I can gauge if I am improving.

I was still feeling pretty tired, I am adjusting to working full time and also to the humidity here.  The first km I actually felt pretty good.  I was going as fast as I could.  I then slowed for my easy 500m but I did struggle to pick up for the next fast 500m.  I focused on using my glutes and pushing off from my toes.  The last 500m I pushed as hard as I could.

1km = 5:30:8
3:01:4 + 2:50:3 = 5:51:7
3:01:4 + 2:46:2 = 5:47:6
total time 17:10

3km fartlek - walkway

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 x 2km track

I had a gym work out last night and so woke up today feeling pretty stiff and sore.  I didn't do any legs as I knew I had a track walk tonight.

Tonight I had 3 x 2km (with 2 min rest) and I was so not feeling like doing it.  I am still adjusting to working full time and its getting pretty intense at work now.  So I was mentally tired and physically my body was pretty sore.

Again there were no walkers at the track.....not sure when they others actually go?  I started out and after two laps I knew it was going to be a tough walk.  I felt like I was walking with a brick dragging behind me.  By the time I had completed the 2nd 2km laps I was feeling really shattered and I had to really pep myself up to keep going.

I was pleased to finish this one.  I wasn't puffing but my legs just felt dead!  Avg heart rate 155

5:41:.5 + 5:45:6 = 11:27:1
5:44:1 + 5:49:0 = 11:33:1
5:46:2 + 5:48:2 = 11:24:4

3 x 2km track

Sunday, June 17, 2012

10km out and back

Ok.....time to start back with training.  I had done a 5km walk last night at the Gym on the treadmill.  Mainly due to pulling something in my stomach while dragging my 30kg suitcase out of my I decided to play it safe and walk on the treadmill.  Then after I did a gentle weights work out.

Today it was a 10km walk.  I started out from home and Shane joined me on the bike.  I knew it wouldnt be a fast walk and I really just wanted to check out the track that I will be using most days.  Plus to check out how far I can go.

First discovery.......while on the measured 2km path..there are water stops every 200m but once off the path..there are NONE!!!  mental note - carry water.  When we left the path way at 2.5km I found myself walking along the edge of a one way street that just went for miles.  Turns out its part of the Gold Coast Marathon course.  I got 3km out of it and it was still going dead straight ahead.  It had a few rises along the way but nothing major.  I turned at 5km and headed back.  By 6km I could feel I was starting to get into trouble as I had not drunk from any of the drink stations and I was very very dry!  I was slowing down and starting to struggle.  As I got closer to the park I sent Shane ahead to spot the first water fountain.  After that I started to come right but I only had 2km to go.

The good news was....NO pain!  yay

Time was 1:01:05 with an avg pace of 6:06 avg heart rate 154

10km out and back 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

5km fartlek grifth track

We found the Griffith University track yesterday and I stopped in to do 8km on it.  Not a bad walk and I had no major pains.  Time was

Tonight I went back and did a 5km fartlek.  After the 8km last night I was feeling a tad weary but got out on the track and got to it.

First km went ok and I was pleased enough to do it in 5.24 but after that I slowed down quite a bit.  My slow 500's were bad!!!  over 3 mins...sigh but I did try hard to pick it up for my fast 500's

Total time was 28:49

Next part of my adventure is to start driving!!!!  so far shane has been wonderful and has been driving me around but it wont be long now till he is working too and I will have to fend for myself.

5km fartlek grifth track 

Sunday, June 03, 2012

5km Australian Masters

I got up early to get ready for my first Australian race.  I have joined up with Australian Masters and was able to race for a medal today.  I also wanted to get there early to met up with the walkers and start to make friends.

I quickly spotted Robyn and made my way over to her and she happily introduced me to other walkers.  It will take me a while to remember everyones names but Dave was very keen that I put my hand up and actively get involved with the admin side of the club and I said I would once I was settled.

Today we had Dane and Rachel Tallent along with 5 others of the AIS as they were up this way on a training camp (I think)  it was going to be awesome to be racing along side these speedy young ones.

Race started and I just went as fast as I could with out totally gasping for air.  First km was done in 5:41 (ignore the km splits on my watch as I didnt take it off auto lap...doh)  It was a 500m out and back course in the shape of a L with 3 speed humps along the way.

The race was judged and I was told after I had a lovely fluid style.

I managed to pick up for a sprint finish as I really wanted a sub 29 min for my first step out.

total time was 28:46 ....... not my fastest but with all considering......lack of fitness and the weight gain...its not bad.

Photo of 1st and 2nd Masters 40 - 44 womens

5km Australian Masters 

Friday, June 01, 2012

8km Emerald Lake

I woke up today and my body told me I had racewalked yesterday.  My butt was sore and my back was hurting.....not in a bad way....just in away that showed me muscles had been used.

Today we started out at the entrance way so I could try to get a straight 4km out and then turn back.

Again at the same point on the walk way, my pace dropped off to 6:30min/km pace and I felt like I was walking in thick mud.  I did wonder if it had a small up hill gradient...but it seems not.  Its just me!  I kept to the same pace as the day before and hit the 6km mark at about 2 seconds slower.

I felt like a slug again .. but I decided it was better not to push it today as it was just training.  Although my heart rate says other wise..I didnt push it at all.

total time for 8km was 48.53 ..... avg heart rate 164 but max got up to 182!!! OMG!

8km Emerald Lake

Thursday, May 31, 2012

6km emerald lake

Got up early this morning and headed down to Emerald Lakes.  Its a nice flat, paved area that I can walk with out too many hassels......a couple of rises but nothing major.

Today shane came with me and so I told him to turn back when the path ends at 2km and that I will walk around til I hit 2.5km.  I will turn back go past him and then once I reach the car turn back to met up with him again.  I was hoping to do 6km.

We started out (the photo is off the start point)  and just then a shower of rain came over.  I was not too was about 15degs at 7am....NICE!!!  by the first km I was feeling so sluggish....I was slow and heavy and not enjoying the walk at all.  BUT nothing was hurting so thats a good thing.  I was also testing out some new shoes.  We had found some Saucony shoes that I just LOVE for $80 at Harbour Town - they are black!

On my way back I was feeling more in style and more fluid.  Still very unfit and did wonder how I will go with the 5km this weekend.  But time will tell.

time was 36:37 for 6km

6km emerald lake

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Nyle - by Nellie H Moss

While tiding up all my important papers I stumbled upon a folded up piece of old typewriter paper....its tissue thin and very fragile.  I carefully unfold it and am amazed to find its my Grandmothers poem that she wrote about me when I was about 11years old.  My Grandmother has always written poetry and has even had many published.  As I read through this poem it strikes me that she has almost written out my future.  So I thought I would share it with you all.

Sweet Nyle
By Nellie H Moss

Nyle is a tall, young girl, who lives by the beach
She learns oh so quickly, if someone will teach
How to make little things from wool or from string
Flowers or from driftwood, just about any old thing

She was my first grandchild, and my love she has won
Her mind is as bright as the noon day sun
Of all of our family she is the only one
Who collects seas shells, just for the fun
There on show, on a shelf, at the head of the stair
Everyone admires them, whenever they go there

Nyle will collect a piece of fancy drift wood
A few dried up seed heads, that don’t look much good
Then she will turn them into a real work of art
Don’t lose your laughter dear little sweetheart
For the lord sets some folks a difficult part
To work out while living, a role set apart

Just be your self dear, you’re growing so fast
You’ll soon be a teenager, my! how the time’s passed
You’ve such a gentle, kind, loving, wee heart
Dont alter young lady, you’ll soon win some lad’s heart
Just set your sights on a really bright star
Then before you know it, why there you are

I hope that I’m still around when you become a bride
Now wont that be something, there by Dad’s side
None of us know just what the future will hold
But we wish you well and a future that is gold

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

8km treadmill

I had to drop off my car as the window was not working.  Then I had a hair appointment to get to.  I ended up walking out of the hair dress's not overly happy but will reserve judgement until I have washed it myself.

I knew I had to walk today but as it got later and darker my only option was the gym and use a treadmill.  I was very lucky that the gym let me in for free :)

I jumped on and started out at 10km/hr but after one km my left glute started to hurt so I slowed it down to 9km/hr for a couple more km.  Once I warmed up I went back up to 9.5km/hr and stayed at that for most of the walk.

I found I was not that comfortable on the treadmil and struggled to get into a good rhythm.  I ended up making the last km a slow cool down walk at 7.5km/hr

so total time was 51.03 for 8 km

8km treadmill 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

NZ Masters Athlete of the Year - WALK

Before they started the prize giving for the Shoe Clinic Nelson Half Marathon, they had decided to present myself, Neroli and wendy our 10,000m awards from the South Island Masters Games.  As our NZ Masters Age Grade records have been acknowledged they wanted to present us with our special medals.

And I was really happy with getting awarded the above....but what came next was the shocker of the day.

As I was about to leave and go back to sit down Derek says to me to stay and then pulls out another plaque and goes on to tell the crowd about my World success as a Master and then presented me with the NZ Masters Athlete of the Year - Walk and along with that was a little badge attached to it.  I picked up the bag and saw that I had just earned my Masters Colours and was totally "Gob Smacked"

the look of shock!

Plus a beautiful plaque - name needs correcting but hey...I am still so thrilled.

I had to check on the NZ Masters site to read how you gain your colours and here is what is written

 "These are an NZMA badge awarded to athletes who achieve a 95% performance in
individual events, obtain a World Title, or World Record. They are a very prestigious award."

Shoe Clinic Nelson Quarter Marathon

It is a picture perfect day!  NO wind, NO clouds....just SUN SUN SUN.  It was a cool morning about 8 degs but got up to 11deg by the start of the race.  I had decided I would keep my long sleeve skins top on as I just don't like cool or cold!!

After meeting up with the Warrior Princess's (Andrea, Raylene, Sharon and Maree)  we all set out and warmed up...going through our drills and nervously chatting.  Start time came around pretty quickly and we headed off to the start line.  It was a new course this year.....using 80% of the old course but this time we finish at the track.

Ready, set ..... GO baby GO!!!

and we are off......I quickly settled in to my pace and was happy enough ticking along.  I knew Ross wouldn't be too far behind me but as long as he was behind and not beside me at this was all good.  As I rounded the path around the park (about 500m) I was shocked to see one of the walkers ahead of me RUNNING!  Now I am not normally vocal about these things but I just saw red and as we went across a little over pass - she was below me - I leaned over and pointed at her and yelled "YOU are running!" and then went into hot pursuit.  It took me a further 400m to catch her where she had stopped blatantly running but she was still creeping flat out!  As I passed her I said.....really sorry but you were running, you are better which she retorted and stated she was NOT running and after this I didnt see her again until she jogged/walked into the finish.

I pushed along the Monaco training ground!  but this part of the track is lumpy and hard to get a settled pace on it.  I was very surprised when I rounded a corner to see two male racewalkers going head to head in front of me and I quickly realised who they were and that they were on their 2nd lap for the Half Marathon.  I passed them and heard them pick up and chase after me.

5km and we turn up on to the railway reserve.  Now it might only be a 12m rise over 2km but so feel it.  My pace slows along here and I can feel it and see it on my watch.  But my fitness is letting me down and I know its too soon to pick up yet.  At 8km I decide that now is the time to try and pick up a little. My right hip flexor had been hurting for the last couple of km but I push past that.  As we come in under the under pass and up on to the walk way around the park...I feel as if I have mud on my feet.  I slow down so much for the next 500m and I know it has cost me but I just have nothing left.

I hit the 10km mark in 58.02 not bad for someone who has only been doing 5km walks lol  ... now just 550m to go....hmmm definitely not going to make the sub hour.

So I blast onto the track and muster up my last ounce of energy and slam it to the finish line.

Winner of the Quarter Marathon Walk in 1:01:18

Shoe Clinic Nelson Quarter Marathon

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

6km out and back atawahi

I was not feeling it today.  Even though it was sunny I still felt really cold (stop chuckling Tammy! lol ) it was 14 degs but there was a chill in the air and I am a sook when it comes to cold.  I have not been able to get warm all day.

I headed out along Atawhai as this would give me the best indication of how I will go on Sunday.  The first km felt like I was walking in sticky mud....I felt really stiff and clunky.  I got out to the 3km mark and turned back.  I was just starting to feel sharp pains in my left glute and I tried hard to engage my glute meds but the pain stayed. It didnt get worse so I kept walking.    I was not pushing hard today and I did find that my breathing was better.

I was pleased to finish the 6km and I found that once I finished my glutes hurt more while just walking back to the car.

total time for 6km 34:45 avg heart rate 154

Doesnt bode well for a fast race on Sunday, but it will be nice to just be out with mates.

6km out and back atawahi

Monday, April 30, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I was meant to do a 3km fartlek but with pain still in my glutes I decided to be smart and leave it for a day.  Well go figure .. today was very very windy and not ideal for a fartlek.

I have still not decided what to enter this weekend.  With my hip injury just healed but still having residual glute pain.....I figured I would head out and do 5km and see how the body held up.

I started out nice and quick.  If felt easy tonight until I get to the wee sharp rise by the hospital.  I push up this as fast as I can and sure enough, I get to the top and feel that familiar snag in my glute again.    Pox I thought!  its down hill for the next 1.5km so I stretched out and made the most of the slope.  I turned and started heading up Vanguard Street .... straight in to a strong head wind..UGH!!  the next two km are a gradual up hill anyway and add a head wind to the makes it unpleasant at best.  I could feel my glute pulling as I pushed against the wind.  I picked up the pace for the last 400ms to home and was really pleased to stop my watch in 29:50 and even more pleasing is seeing my heart rate starting to drop now....with my avg heart rate 151

5km waimea and vanguard

Saturday, April 28, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I missed out going for a walk yesterday so I figured I would go out and do my 5km today.

Its been really odd weather here .... torrential rain through the night and then hot muggy days.  Today is no different - it was about 18degs and I was sweating like it was 30 degs.  I felt ok on this walk.  My left glute (proformas) was smarting abit today and am guessing that is why I just had no "oommpphh"  so I decided to just settle in and cruise.  I am going to try a 3km fartlek tomorrow so didnt want to bust my gut on this walk.

I figure its going to be a slow 5km next lucky if I can push for 28mins or if I feel up to it ... the 10km....still have not made up my mind which one I will enter.

so today it was a nice 31:03 with avg heart rate of 149

5km waimea and vanguard

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

10km out and back monaco

We went for a walk up the Maitai this morning..about an hour.  Its a wonderful day and as it is ANZAC day lots of people were out relaxing and enjoying a mid week day off work.   When we got home I decided I would head out and do a walk.

I had said to my coach that I would try 8km to day and then do 10km on Friday.  Well we are now going back over to Blenheim on Friday so I figured I could try and see how I feel today.

My hips were a little tender when we got back from the walk.  Its been  along time since I have ambled along for over an hour.  I decided I would do the Monaco course ... I could stop at the bottom of the hill for 8km or I could carry on and finish up for 10km.

I started out taking it nice and easy.  I was breathing good, not puffing or gasping.  Once I got down off the hill and onto the flat, I just ticked along and felt good.  I was surprised to reach 5km in 29:44 and so I turned and knew I would slow down now as its more up hill all the way back to home.

I just walked normally over the over pass and again going up Beatson Road.  I could feel my IT band and my hip pulling as I walked up hill so it was better to just rec walk.  It was still nice to finish up the 10km in 1:01:37

The good news was I had no pain today.  It was achy in places, but no pain.  yay  so now I will go dig out my stick and attack my legs with that.

10km out and back monaco 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I am frustrated!! I just want my leg and hip to heal.  I know I cant push too hard on it as it will just deal the healing.

It annoys me when I am told that people are talking about me....saying .. man she is always injured.   I guess to outsiders it would appear that way.  But those that know me, know that this is a year old if not longer injury that I have had to live with and train over due to having big international race commitments.  I just kept pushing and nursing it and then pushing it some more until it finally stopped me in my tracks.   As you will all remember the NZ Nationals 20km race - it stopped me dead in my tracks!  It would be nice if more people were more interested if I was healing and looking after myself .. instead of running me down and mocking that I am not doing so well.

But .. anyhow...... I thought I would pop out and give the 5 km around the block another shot.   I was really pleased that my shins didnt hurt this time.  Yay, I hate that burning pain as you start back into it again.  The body seemed to hold up ok.  Heart rate is through the roof but I knew to expect that.

Tomorrow if my body is feeling ok I might give 8km a shot.  Need to try and walk 10km in the next week so I can try to decide what if anything I will enter on May 6th.

5km waimea and vanguard

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5km waimea and vanguard

I decided to head out and do a 5km walk.  I picked the normal round the block course.  It is a slightly undulating  course so I decided to take it easy....and really take it easy.

I started out and completed the first km in 6.26....see nice and easy....yes it is up hill but I till took it quietly.  y shins were fair screaming!!  I found that if I walked with a shorter stride, my hips didnt drop too much and so I was able to keep the pain in my hip and IT band and a minimum.  Around the 3km mark I had some pretty good sharp twangs but they passed and I just slowed down a little more.

I headed for home and tried very hard to not push myself.  My hip was aching but no more sharp pains.

Total time was 30:36  avg heart rate was 151

I felt very heavy and chunky today but I guess that is to be expected.

5km waimea and vanguard

Sunday, April 15, 2012

3000m fartlek

I have booked into see Bex at Sports Therapy for Monday.  After my very painful walk for the 5km I was unsure about walking again.  As I had my walking group at the track today, I thought I would try 3000m.

My coach had given me a 3km fartlek to do and a 10km this week.  I knew there was no way I could do the 10km but he said to try the fartlek.

As I walked around to warm up I was thinking I would be lucky to just finish this lap.  I was getting sharp pain in my hip with each heel strike.  I went through the drills with all my walkers and then when they all left I decided I would try to complete 3km.  After my first km, I decided to try making it a fartlek and it did go ... ok...

My hip ached but there was no sharp pains that I was getting earlier on.  My hip flexor pulled when I tried to increase speed but didnt hurt.

total time for the fartlek is 16:44

3000m fartlek

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5km atawahi - first walk

I have had so much to arrange in the last week and time just slipped away from me.  It dawned on me that it has been a week since I last did any exercise.  The good side of this is that in the last 3 weeks I have finally been able to gain some much needed weight.  Although I dont feel so comfortable, it is needed.

My hamstring seems to have healed up nicely, my hip on the other hand has slowly gotten more and more sore.  I am thinking the running did it no favours.  I started out and felt pretty good.  Legs felt strong and no pain in hamstring.  Hip was giving me little twinges at the outter side of hip...but seemed to be holding ok.  At about the 1.5 - 2km mark I felt pain starting in my right hip flexor.  I knew it would just be a spasm due to over working.  So I tried harder to tuck my butt and to get my glutes working.  It seemed to work a little.....speed wise....but the pain didn't go away.  I turned at 2.5km and headed back in.  The more it hurt the more I tucked and the faster I went.  I guess in a way I just wanted to finish the walk as quick as I could.

Time was 28:59  and I am more than ok with that.  In fact it is way too fast.  So for my 10km on Friday ... I MUST slow down.  Plus buy some kensey tape!!!

5km atawahi - first walk 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

5km jog

It took nearly 4 days for my muscles to not feel sore after my little 3km jog.  Wow....I never expected to feel so sore!!!!   My heels hurt, my quads REALLY hurt, my hips hurt, my back hurt and my calfs hurt.  GOSH thats way more hurts than you get with racewalking.

So today I set out to do 5km and this time I slowed it down a little.  Again it felt so good to just jog along and not think about your style.  Freedom!!  I took the route that goes along Waimea Road and then back up Vanguard Street.  So I had a small rolling hill first and then a long gentle sight rise back home.  I normally walk this in 30mins and today I jogged it in 27.39 and I feel great.   I made sure that I did a good 5 mins stretching this time and then I got my stick out and gave my legs a good rub down.  Will be interesting to see if that makes any difference in soreness tomorrow.

I get to try a walk this weekend.....I just hope like mad that my hamstrings will be ok and I can get back into it.  I have submitted an Expression of Interest for the Oceania Track and Field to be held in Cairns in June.  I doubt I will be selected but if I dont put my hand up ... how do I ever know.

5km jog 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

3km jog

I was to test the leg with a gentle jog.  NO more than 3km I was told.  My right hamstring had been feeling better today and was not hurting when I walked normally so I hoped it would be ok while I jogged.  I hate not doing any exercise and two weeks off sounds divine....I know I will be a twitching mess after a week.

So I set out tonight and went along the track behind us and down around Victory Square park then back to home again.  It took about 500m to settle and adjust to running.  It felt so weird and odd.  Once I settled I loved the freedom to do what I wanted and really enjoyed it.

I had a few niggles while heels were hurting for the first 2km and my knees did grumble a little at first.  Once I had finished and was stretching my hamstring was a little tender as was my IT band down the side of the right leg.  If only I could walk as fast and as easily.  I was 21 secs faster today on my jog than I was on the track.

total time 15:11 with an avg heart rate of 138

3km jog 

Monday, March 26, 2012

20km Road Walk NZ Nationals

I was not feeling as confident about this race now.  Leading up I was sure I would do great, my training was going well and I was sure I would get an awesome time.  I was aiming for 1.52 - 1.53 and new I could do it.  But when I woke up at 3.30am to make some breakfast I had trouble standing.  My calfs and shins were hurting so badly and my right leg was burning.  NOT a good start.  I had my food and got changed into my shorts and crop top...then climbed back into bed for some more sleep.  Plus this is my way of activating my "system" and going when I wake up....only this didnt work!  So I was worried I would end up with GI issues later in the morning.  I woke at 5.30am when Brooke sent me a text to say she was up and on her way.  I got up and quietly put my shoes on and headed off into the rain to met up with Brooke.  We drove into the city and picked up Jim and then headed to the road course.

It was a light drizzle when we arrived.  We walked down to the start and found some shelter under the eves of the funeral parlour opposite the start line.  I wandered off and joined a few of the others in a warm up lap.  The course was very slippery, with 5 turns and lots of white lines around.  In the drizzle it made them very slippery under foot.  When I came back from my warm up my coach asked how I was feeling and so I told him about my legs.  I was trying very hard to not focus on anything negative but I had to say something.  He quickly gave both my shins and calfs a hard massage and commented on how tight they felt.  In my haste to get ready early in the morning,  I had grabbed the wrong underwear and just after one lap to warm up I was getting rubbed....GREAT!!!   I quickly had time to put body glide on and before I knew it I was off to the start line.

We lined up and the gun goes off.  I set off at a pace I felt happy with.  I wanted to settle into my race pace and I was ok with taking the first km slower than needed.  Rozie was in front as expected and Brooke had headed out quicker than I first thought she would.  But I was happy to let her be.  Leslie again settled in behind me along with Alana.  I went through my first km in 5:37 and that was a fine pace for me.  On the second lap I passed Brooke and started to make some distance between myself and the others.  I wanted to put a good 100m or more behind me and over the next two km I did manage that.  I passed through 5km in 28:15.....way too slow.  It should have been 27:10

My right leg was starting to burn and my coach was trying to give me tips on how to get my glutes firing as he could see clearly that I was not working my glutes in this walk.  He could see that I was in trouble and there was little he could do.  Each time I tried to fire my glute my piroformus would grab the sciatic nerve and send pain down my leg.  By 8km I was struggling to land my right leg.  It felt dead and heavy and it was here that I was getting warnings on the course.  I could see that Lesley had gained on me and I was slowing. I passed through 10km in 57:13 and I figured all was not lost, I just had to hang on till 15km and then pick it up then.  But it was here that Lesley had caught me and passed me.  At first I thought to let her go but I was not sure if she would hold that pace for another 10km but the aggressor in me took chase.  I came up behind her and decided to sit right on her heel and push her faster than she planned.  My leg was screaming but my fitness felt fine.  I was not breathing hard and felt that I could hold this.  But during the 11km somehow we both slowed.  We had both been so focused on what each of us was doing that we lost touch with our pace and before we knew it Brooke had gained 30m on us.  Leslie pushed on and I pushed to catch her up, just as I headed around the tight dog leg my foot slipped out on the white line and the twist was enough to send a shot of pain into my hamstring.  I took check for a moment and it felt like it had settled.  I picked up the pace and chased after Leslie.  She was 10m ahead of me and over the next 300m I caught her up again.  As we rounded the big right turn to head back to the start finish, I landed on my right leg and as I turned to land my left leg I felt a stabbing pain go deep into my right hamstring.  It was like a knife had gone in my leg and it pulled me up instantly.  4 steps later and I get my first red card from the judge beside the turn and 300m later my second red card goes in.  Leslie had pulled away and now Brooke had just passed me.

My coach saw me struggling to walk.  Trying hard to keep legal so that I could stay in the race.  He called out and asked me if I could continue and I said Yes, I want to finish the race.  Next judge gave me a yellow warning, and then the next did too.  I was in agony.....both in my heart and my leg.  I felt like I was screaming inside.  I rounded the next corner and started working on my mental attitude...telling my self I can do this and that I can still catch them.  I looked up and saw Jim my coach with his arm up...signalling me to stop.  I knew I had to but I didnt want to................I was in so much pain.  But I follow his advise and stop..........I felt like I couldnt breathe ..... I had every emotion hit me ... and I burst into tears......and sobbed my  heart out mid field.  Leslie and Brooke round the dog leg and head back towards us and see me standing with Jim holding me while I sobbed and held my leg.  I have no idea what went through their minds at the moment........but I know that it changed the whole race for them both.  12km and I was out.

I have never NOT finished a race and I didnt know how to handle it.   I felt like a failure, I felt I had let everyone down, I felt robbed..................I felt devastated!!!  I limped slowly back to the ambulance and got an ice pack and then sat away by myself for a bit.  The race became exciting when Brooke passed Lesley and eventually went on to get silver in 1.55.?? and Lesley took bronze in 1.55.56

yes I was very happy for them.........but I was more disappointed in my self.  Hindsight is a great thing.  I probably should not have raced the 3000m and in truth....I probably should not have gone to Auckland as I dont think I had properly recovered from Hobart and the dehydration issues and kidney problems.

So I flew home late that night and now its Monday.  My leg is still very sore and so too are my calfs again.  My body hurts all over and my pride feels very battered.  Time for me to take a break from intense training for a little bit.  As we are selling our house, I think it is time to put some energy into this.  I will keep walking but for the next month it will be just for fun and fitness.