Wednesday, July 11, 2012

gentle walk with Kay

Kay and I had planned to go to the track but the weather was really nasty and the thought of slogging against the wind at the track really didnt appeal to me.  So we both decided to head to the walk way an just tick along there.

It is just so nice to have company that I really didn't care what pace we did today...I just wanted to walk and enjoy.  To start with Kay jogged beside me and I could have gone much faster than I did for the first 2km but I felt comfortable and my butt was not hurting.  I somethings think that us walkers put too much pressure on ourselves to out preform each walk/workout/race and at times it can become so consuming that it becomes suffocating.  I know that I am now finally at a mindset that I am ok with a slower walk in training now as I figure....its better to be out and walking than sitting at home and not.  It is all distance on my feet.

We had no distance planned, we just went until the road changes back to two lanes and turned there.  In the end it turned out to be very close to 8km.    It was very windy and I had dressed with long compression pants and long sleeve top but after about a km I was hot and now know not to wear long pants.

total time for the walk was 52.38 for 7.91 km  avg pace 6.39 with avg heart rate 132 =  nice and gentle.

on a private note:  I have been mega distracted at the moment with many job interviews and the constant waiting for the phone to ring.  My gut feeling is that I have missed out on the Commonwealth Games role, but am still very proud to have been selected down to top 4 out of 450+ applicants.  I am away again shortly for another interview with a construction firm down in Currumban Waters.  Will mean a nice 30min drive to work each day but its a nice drive and will be a fun place to work.  The role is Accounts Payable and Payroll.   So will see if I can land this role.

gentle walk with Kay

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