Thursday, July 19, 2012

Easy 8km with Kay

After a couple of days of not feeling to flash - (seems to be a constant at the moment??)  I decided to head out and meet up with Kay and go along the walkway.  We normally do 8km and usually Kay will jog beside me and then we slow at the road for Kay to racewalk to then on the return for the last 1km Kay will jog again.

I forgot to reset my watch so that it recorded Km splits.  So its just the 8km as one block.

My stomach actually held together for this walk but I had some really sharp glute pain on the way back.  I am trying hard to use my arms more and keep my elbows tucked in.

We were about 2 mins faster tonight compared to last week.  So I was pleased with that.

Avg pace was 6.29 and avg heart rate was 136 (so nice and low)

On the job front......first week and it has been a real sink or swim one.  My first payroll made me really appriciate how simple it was back in NZ....with multitude unions and as many super funds to is mind boggling but I am sure I will learn it quickly.  Lucky it was only one of the smaller pay runs.....and not the usual 200+  .... geeeeppppp!!!

Plus we went to the gym tonight.  We biked down and did upper body tonight.

Easy 8km with Kay

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