Sunday, July 15, 2012

10km RWA Club Challenge

Race Walk Australia Club Challenge is a great race.  Each walker is given points as they finish.  1st place is 1 point and it goes up from there.  The idea is for a club to get the least amount of points.  We wont know where our club sits until later in the week.

I got a lift with Kay and her brother today and we headed out to the Logan Park.  I was not feeling my best today having had a terrible night with stomach cramps and general GI issues.  But I was still keen to have a crack at this and help the club out.

We started out and I got caught up at the back and so took me about 100m to get through and started.  By the 2nd lap I was really struggling, my stomach was really hurting and one of the judges helped me calling out and giving me encouragement....(he said after the race that he could clearly see I was in alot of pain and was impressed that I held it together and kept going)  So I lowered my shoulders and controlled my breathing and away I went again....pain subsided and didnt return until the 8th km.  But again I pushed through and was determined to finish.

A guy called Dean was helping a few of the younger walkers pace for their 5km and he slowed up and would wait til I was on his heel and he would then pull away to help me pick up my pace.  I did try but on his 3rd go and explained why I was struggling and so he went off ahead to finish.  As the laps were not exactly 1km we had to do 10.5 laps and they somehow missed counted a lap for me and said I still have 1.5 to go.....but lucky I had my watch.  I turned at the  10km cone and pushed back for home.  I really wanted to be a little quicker than last week but with my tummy I was not sure it was going to happen.

I was totally thrilled to finish the race in 57:57 thats a minute faster than last week.

I start my new job tomorrow so now I will be able to start working out a proper training program.  I wont be competing next weekend as Shane's Mum arrives from NZ to stay for a few days with us.

10km RWA Club Challenge 

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