Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whats been happening and an 8km walk

So where do I start.  For some time I have felt tired and have been struggling with my workouts.  Some days are great and some are really bad.  I only train about 4 times a week and I just couldn't work out what was going on with me.  I used to train 5 - 6 days a week and walk up to 50 - 60 km per week and here I am struggling to get out 30????  One of my friends in USA discovered she was very low in B12 and has started in on the slow recovery by taking oral B12 tablets.  At this time I thought I would google what B12 is and noted that I had almost 3/4 of the symptoms and I remember discussing this with Jim and Tammy at different times......and so I started taking B12 as well.  Didnt think it could do me any harm.

So needless to say the whole stress thing at work was probably manifested and made worse due to the fatigue I was constantly feeling.  I went to the Dr last week and decided to get a full blood work done.  I just was really feeling off colour.  I got my results back today and the word pernicious anemia was said a number of times.....and I was told to stop taking the B12 as my body was not absorbing it.  My B12 level was 267 which is VERY low.  My iron is 10, my calcium is below base line and my liver function is not good.  So first course of action is to start me on Bcomplex injections starting on Monday.  I am told this will be almost instant and I will feel 100% better in just a few days.  I will need to have these once a month at least for a few months.  He is also checking my vit D too as that is needed to absorb calcium.

So a few life changes coming up.

I then went out and brought a new Garmin 610 and got to use that tonight.  This was my present for myself as I also just landed a new job.  I really like all the new features but it will take some getting used to.

Tonight I did 8km with kay and paul as this would be my last walk with them.  I wont finish work now til 5pm ... by the time I make it to the walkway they will be half done.  We all enjoyed our walk and chats and the walk was a nice easy one.
Total time of 56.54
AVG HR = 117
AVG Pace = 6:59
AVG SPM = 81 (cadence - steps per minute)
Training effort = 2.3

Sunday, July 28, 2013

3000m Sunshine Coast University

I got up at 5am and quickly dressed and headed out the door to collect Robyn and head off to Sunshine Coast.  Its the furthest I have driven since being here and I was a tad nervous of this.   But turned out that was not needed and we got there in quick time.... 1.5 hours :) and NO speeding either.

It rained on and off along the way and we both were not overly thrilled about the prospect that we might be getting wet.  We signed up as soon as we arrived.  It was nice to met new people and when they called for the walkers we giggled that it was again pretty much Gold Coast walkers there.

As we were about to start, a very large WILD kangaroo slowly hopped through the open gate and proceeded to hop half a lap around the track.  The officials red carded it for lifting/loss of contact and helped to escort it from the track.....to which the kangaroo just "hopped" right over the fence and hopped off to the near by paddock where there was a joey and 3 others waiting.

Our race got under way after that.  I went out a bit quick and felt it at the second lap.  First lap being 2 mins and my lungs were burning.  I was working hard and I quickly accessed that I would blow up very fast if I didnt ease back a little.   That helped alot and I was moving freer now and starting to smooth out.  On the 4th lap I started to lap the others which surprise me alot and I used them to help me keep pace.

The last km was looming and it was now that my legs were fatigued and I was starting to struggle.  I tried to hold in my core and tuck my butt under but I cant say for sure that I managed it now.  I crossed the finish line in a respectable 16:40:04 and I am very happy with that.

Lap 1 - 5:26:01
Lap 2 - 5:37:08
Lap 3 - 5:36:02
Me on lap 3 or 4 - walking strong 

Friday, July 26, 2013

10km along the walkway

Wow......I bombed today.

It was 19 degs out side.  A BEAUTIFUL day and I while walking down to the start of the walkway couldn't feel my toes or my fingers.  They felt like they would on a frosty cold day??? what is up with this?  I started out and instantly felt like my feet were concrete blocks.  I was slapping down on them, my shins were just screaming at me and my legs were DEAD.  Not sore.......just totally dead.  I felt tanked!  At the end of the 2km walkway I stopped and stretched out my shins and then got my thumbs into them.  I figured if they were still this sore when I got back to the other end I was going to pull the pin! ..... 12:45 for 2km....UGH!

So back I went....there was an improvement and so at the end of this 2 km I stopped and stretched again and figured I felt ok and the shin pain was going....I was just starting to feel my feel and hands.....was kinda like pins and needles.....So I started back out again.  I went through 5 km in about 31:35 I was putting in about 70 - 80% effort so my breathing was shallow I was not struggling.....I just had nothing in my legs to give?  Have I walked too much this week...... It is more in total kms than I have done for some time.....but I didnt think it was that bad.  It is day 2 from my faster 8km...so maybe they were just a little thrashed from that.

I continued on and managed to get out 10km.  I didnt feel good at any point of this walk......not bad as in pain or injury.  I just felt off.  The zero energy threw me a little but I guess we all have days like this.  Plus my GPS decided today it was going to read different to the markings on the walkway.  I did do 10km only...but my watch has gained me an extra 100m  So my km splits are out by a good 3 secs

Total time for my 10km is 1:03
10 km data

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The week so far......

Well - Monday started off on a roll with me being made redundant.  Oh Happy Joy!!!

Tuesday - I woke with a very sore lower stomach...deep core? perhaps I had over done it with the core exercise's the night before.  Felt like I had twisted an ovary!!!   So I decided to head out before lunch and do a gentle walk so I invited Cat to come along.  She jogged along beside me while we were doing 500m start and stops.  In total we walked 4.5km   Cat and Nyle 4.5km

That night I met Paul and Kay and we walked the walkway deciding to do 8km and as both had said to me they want to get fast I suggested that I up the pace to help them.  So we did up the pace sitting on 6:52 per Km as opposed to 7:15 per Km.  Total for that walk was 55:00   Kay and Paul 8km

Wed - Woke up and tummy was feeling alittle better so decided to head out for a training walk.  It was 15 degs...just perfect.  I had planned on 10km but I turned at 4 km because my TFL was just starting to get grumpy and my shirt was chaffing me under my arms really badly.  So I decided it was better I stop so I finished up at 8km and was very happy with my time.  I would guess about 90% effort in this walk.  Total time for this walk was 47:52 and my heart strap seemed to work today....so the avg 152 is not too bad.  I will take it.   8km walkway just me

the one DOH thing that I did do.  I discovered as I uploaded my data that I had not changed the settings on my watch.  So I didnt record any lap splits.  Oh well, the overall is the most important at the moment.

My total kms for this week
Sun = 10km
Mon = 0
Tues = 4.5 + 8 = 12.5
Weds = 8

Total = 30.5

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5km training along the walkway

I got up today and decided to train in the morning.  I was still feeling alittle bit stiff and sore but I really needed to get out and have a stretch out.

I still dont have a heart strap ... mine has well and truly broken now.  But I kinda gauge how I am by my breathing.  I was not gasping and felt pretty good.

It was about 17 degs so just perfect.  I started out and felt good straight off.  I decided to just walk and not push to hard.  I worked on using my upper arms and shoulders and the push off today.  I think I kept my butt tucked the whole way.

I was feeling pretty good....while I was not pushing my self I certainly didnt feel I could have gone much faster if I had wanted too.

Total time for the 5km was a quick 29:24 and I am VERY happy with that.

On a side note.  My head is finally starting to clear and I am feeling much better.  My anxiety is fading and I am sure I am going to be ok to cope at work again.

5km data

Sunday, July 14, 2013

10km Qld State Champs

I have been off the grid for a wee bit.  Just reassessing my motivation and myself.

Today we headed in towards Brisbane for the Qld State Champs.  It was raining and rather miserable.   The way my body was feeling I knew it was going to be a hard race for me.  I had done a speed session on Friday and then gone to dance for an hour.  All day Saturday my glutes were aching...they had been well worked - as I am a 2 day DOMS girl, I knew it was going to be a painful race.

Sure enough, when I tried to warm up I could barley stretch out and walk.  Even the judges all commented that in the first km I looked terrible, very still and sore.  I started to come right about 5km but by then my glutes were totally fatigued and it was just a matter of hanging on to the finish.  My only goal for today was a sub 60min.  I managed that JUST.

Finishing in 59:15 - the course is a punishing one and not for fast times with two rises in the middle as it comes up and over the cycledrome.

Side note:  I was told I should have received a new number with laurals up the sides as I had won this race last year and also won the 20km.  When I asked about it they realised that there had been an error and so I will be recieving my State Champs new race number with laurals up the sides.....cant wait for that.

10km race data

Monday, July 01, 2013

5km treadmill

Its raining....not the drizzle it will be ok rain but the torrential soak you to the bone in 2 mins rain!  We have a  weather warning out for today and I can see why.  So its back to the treadmil for me.

I had a very busy and stressful day at work so desperately needed to walk.  I really wanted the zone you get into....own space, own thoughts etc.

So I went downstairs and jumped on the complex treadmill.  I was pleased that I could get it cranked up fairly quickly and it felt comfortable.  After 2.5km I started ramping up the pace as I strode my anger out.  I was really pleased that nothing was hurting.

I ended the last km on 10.5km/hr and was still feeling good.

Total time was 30:03  even better!!!!