Sunday, July 14, 2013

10km Qld State Champs

I have been off the grid for a wee bit.  Just reassessing my motivation and myself.

Today we headed in towards Brisbane for the Qld State Champs.  It was raining and rather miserable.   The way my body was feeling I knew it was going to be a hard race for me.  I had done a speed session on Friday and then gone to dance for an hour.  All day Saturday my glutes were aching...they had been well worked - as I am a 2 day DOMS girl, I knew it was going to be a painful race.

Sure enough, when I tried to warm up I could barley stretch out and walk.  Even the judges all commented that in the first km I looked terrible, very still and sore.  I started to come right about 5km but by then my glutes were totally fatigued and it was just a matter of hanging on to the finish.  My only goal for today was a sub 60min.  I managed that JUST.

Finishing in 59:15 - the course is a punishing one and not for fast times with two rises in the middle as it comes up and over the cycledrome.

Side note:  I was told I should have received a new number with laurals up the sides as I had won this race last year and also won the 20km.  When I asked about it they realised that there had been an error and so I will be recieving my State Champs new race number with laurals up the sides.....cant wait for that.

10km race data

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