Friday, January 31, 2014

5000m Fartlek on the track

I so want to do well in this work out.  My stomach has been bloated and painful all day....but I am trying to put that to the back of my mind.

I love getting to the track and having the other walkers there.  Even if they dont do my workout its still nice to have others around me.

I warmed up and then headed over to the 5km start mark.  I didnt feel very fast at all and was struggling to get into a smooth style.  I am still getting used to this wider foot placement.   So I was pleasantly surprised to see my first km was 5:31

I slowed for my recovery but let myself slow a touch too much and so made it harder to pick up for my fast 500m's and this pattern continued for the rest of the walk.  While I felt strong enough my style is still not flowing as well as I would like.

While I didnt think I had shown much improvement in this walk, my coach Jim pointed out that I had improved with my heart rate being lower than last weeks and my fast 500's were all faster than last weeks to.  I was faster over all by about 12 secs ... be nice if it improves by that much each week :)

Total time for the 5000m was 29:23

5km fartlek data here

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

8km track with 3 x 500m bursts

Now this is better!!!

Finally a work out that I am happy with.   I got to the track on time today and got in a couple of laps warm up with the others.  Then they broke away with Robyn to do their own work outs and I started on my 8km.  I decided that I would do 500m bursts every 2km.

I felt strong and good from the start of this walk and picked a nice strong pace that I pretty much stuck to for the whole walk.  The weird thing is .... I was really trying hard on the 500m where I wanted to pick up the pace and did ease back for the second part of the 500m.  But the times show the same????  Weird.

I had to make a very quick pit stop at 4km.  I had drunk a little too much water before leaving work and by 4km I knew I needed to make a quick pit stop.

I had a couple of tight niggles with my hamstring around the 6km mark but nothing that hurt too much.  I enjoyed todays walk and breaking it up with the 500ms seemed to make it go faster...which is always a good thing.

total time for 8km was 48:43  a nice solid walk.

8km track data

Sunday, January 26, 2014

3000m Masters Track Race

I am sore.  Like REALLY sore.  By back is tight and stiff.  My tfl is grumbly and my tummy is just in knots STILL!!!!

Still I through on the training gear and head out to the track.  Guess what..............its bloody raining!!

I arrive at the track and the rain has settled into a drizzle.  Going to get wet again.  I started to warm up and knew instantly that this was only going to be a training walk.  My stride felt short and my hips had no movement in them and my back was aching.  Well at least I was not going to over heat today.

Not so many of us today and I was kinda thankful for that.  I was in no shape to take chase today.  Once we got going I did start to feel a little better but by 2km I was feeling done.  My legs were heavy and I was struggling with movement.  I even had a couple of people mention that I looked like I was struggling and had shortened my stride.

I was very pleased when the bell rang and I had just one lap to go.  My stomach went into spasms a few times during the walk but nothing to major.  Total time was 17:42   - very slow but its done.

I then stayed back to help be a time keeper for the sprints.  I really enjoyed that :)

3000m data

Saturday, January 25, 2014

12 km along the walkway

Boy was I nervous about this one.

My stomach has still not settled and I really am afraid to go too far away from a toilet at present.  Especially in the mornings.   I over slept for starters as I had planned on heading out at 7.30am ... so at 9.30am I dragged my self out of bed and into my training gear.  Looked out the window and wouldnt you know it....its raining.  DAMN it.  Twice in one week....I hate wet feet.  Worse - I have a race tomorrow and really dont want to start it in wet shoes.

Ok enough of the whining.......Lauren gave me a good bit of advice and reminded me that I wont melt or die from getting wet... so out I went.

Turns out, it was really nice.  It didnt rain hard...just a steady drizzle and that was actually really nice.  I didnt get too hot nor too wet.  I opted to go back and forth on the walkway - its flat and I go past rest rooms etc.  The walk itself was ok.  I was not fast but I wasnt trying to be.  About 8km I was getting tired and my TFL and the very top of my hamstring started to grumble.  I have been trying hard to keep a wider foot placement and I just think all the muscles got tired.  I slowed a little and concentrated hard on where I was putting my right foot.

The drizzle had stopped and it was getting VERY muggy.  I was glad I only had 3 km to go.  I turned back for the last time on the walkway and headed for home.

Total time 1:15:58  AVG 6:20 per km - not as fast I would have liked but I am ok with that.

An hour after the walk and I am very sore in my upper right glute and hip - My TFL has decided to let me know that it is unhappy.  So we have got some DVD's to watch and I plan to Ice and stretch.

12 km data

Thursday, January 23, 2014

5km Fartlek in the POURING RAIN

I was not looking forward to this walk.  Fartleks are tough but even more so when you are trying to change your technique and you feel like your entire insides have been through a wringer.  It also didnt help when we were issued with a Thunderstorm Warning with heavy rain expected.  Oh Happy Joy!!!!

The more I sat and grumbled at the rain the more I reminded myself of that person who used to train in the rain and the frost all the time and that would say to people....You wont melt and training in it gives you the edge over those who dont!   Dang that person was right so I headed to the track to met up with the other walkers.

I had a quick warm up of just a couple of laps....I know ... naughty! but it was really unpleasant and I just wanted to get started.   My first fast km just really didnt feel fast.  I was struggling to get my feet right and was trying hard to get my hips to move more today.  I am desperate to figure out how to roll off my toes more ... I am sure it will come.

My slow recovery's were slow.  I needed them to be as I was finding it hard going.  Soaking feet get heavy and its tough going trying to drag yourself around a track that has puddles forming everywhere.  I loved watching the juniors out there doing 200m sprints in the rain.  They have improved so much.

My wee buzz moment of the day was on my last fast 500m ... Sally Pearson had been doing sprints along side us in the home straight and she was finishing up.  She gave me a cheer and called out "well done" as I went past.  Made my day that she had noticed me.

1st km - 5:34
2nd km - 3.10 + 2.52 = 6.02
3rd km - 3.10 + 2.53 = 6.03
4th km - 3.07 + 2.52 = 6.00
5th km -  3.04 + 2.46 = 5.50
Total time 29:35

Drowned RAT!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

8km Track - change of style

Its another scorcher day - with my car display telling me it was 35 degs as I left work and 32 as I pulled up to the track.  Add the 75% humidity to that and get the idea.

Today I was to try to change my style.  I was to place my right foot wider.....all this time I have been walking in line as all the books say thats how its done.  So it felt VERY weird to be trying to walk with just my right foot spaced out.  The reason for this is to stop my knee rotating inward and dragging my hip with it.

I plugged my walk man on and started out.  This felt really odd.  I was slow and feeling very clunky.  But I persevered and kept telling myself that my pace didnt matter.....the foot placement did.  Once I felt I had the foot thing down pact I then started on the tucking the butt under more.  At 2km I had to stop and get a drink and zip to the toilet.  My stomach is playing up again and gone back to its blocked up state.   Once I felt I could carry on I started up again.

By 5km the heat and humidity was really making it tough on me.  It was awesome having the juniors and Denise out walking tonight so it gave me something to watch and some people to see as they passed me or I them.  I carried on and just kept one foot in front of the other.....trying hard not to get to discouraged.

Once I had stopped I asked Catriona if she would take a quick video so Jim could check me out.  

Jim tells me that he see's improvement and better hip movement ... so I will take that.  I will try to get some more video in a week once I am used to the foot placement.

overal time for the 8km was 50:12

Sunday, January 19, 2014

8km along the walkway

I was VERY nervous about this walk.  In the last week my poor insides have been turned inside out and put through the wringer.   And now I have gone from one extreme to another.

I started out along the walk way and decided to just let my body pick the pace and I was expecting it to be slow.  But surprisingly is was an ok pace and I was happy to walk at this - the question was can I keep it up for 8km.  The Sunday markets were on so it made for slow going for 400m as I picked my way around people or went on the grass.  I stopped briefly at 2.2km to drink and then carried on up the road.

I was feeling ok.  Weak but no stomach pains or hamstring pain.  I again stopped at 4km to have a stretch.  My lower back was aching alittle, nothing major but it was a little annoying.   I headed back and as I was passing the surf club I decided to stop for a loo stop.   There was no urgency but I am a touch paranoid.  

I started to feel tired at 6km and slowed a little.  Concentrated on form and then tried to pick up the pace for the last km home.

I must say it is so good to have my watch back and to show the same measurements too.

8km in 49:53 - avg pace was 6.14 avg hr 159

8km data

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5km on the treadmill

This is my first attempt at walking since getting out of hospital.  I was nervous....not because I have not walked but more the bigger question of....can I trust my self to be away from a toilet.  

While treadmill is not the ideal for training, it is the better than nothing option.  Plus I figured that if the "urge" hits me.  I can at least stop and scuttle away to a toilet close on hand.

I flicked on my music and started the treadmill.  I felt really good, nice and smooth and the best news was that NOTHING hurt at hamstring, no hip, no glute and best.....NO TUMMY.

So I ticked away on the treadmill with it set to about 6:20 per km and then each km I picked it up ... looking back I actually did a mini kickdown....................can that be my speed session for the week coach???  :)

I was really pleased with this walk.  I felt nice and strong and smooth.

total time was 30:47 - still waiting to hear about my watch so no heart rate data.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

3000m Masters Club Walk

I have not trained in a week due to stomach issues.  But I thought that doing the walk might actually help.

I really enjoy the Masters Meets.  They are so well organised and everyone is super friendly and helpful.

It was nice and cool when we arrived and started warming up.  We had a good turn out of walkers today and we all had a great catch up.  Lining up, it was starting to warm up and we were all keen to just get going.

Gun goes off and we are away, I pull out and pass Paul...I want to try and stick to a consistent pace today.   As I have not eaten in a couple of days I was not sure how much energy I would have or how long I could keep the pace up.

I was pleased that I was not too breathless and that my hamstring was holding up ok.  But my stomach was starting to cramp up again.  By the 6th lap I felt like I had been shot in the side and I had to slow and grab my stomach.  I almost stopped but thought its just one more lap I can make it.  At this point Paul spots his chance and goes for it.  There was no way I could push harder and keep up with him.  I had to slow and leg him go.

I crossed the line in 17:07 and I am very happy with that.  I was doubled up on the sideline after the race waiting for the cramps to pass.   That was a tad embarrassing.

3000m race data

Stomach troubles ..... AGAIN

My stomach has stopped me in my tracks..AGAIN.  This time the pain is on the right side.  After 4 days I decided to go to the dr.  I was sent for an ultra sound and they were pretty sure it was my gall bladder.  It was inflamed but the tech thought that was more from my bowel as she could see in the ultra sound that I was very...errr...FULL.  But oddly my left side was totally empty.

doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this part out.  Full one side.....empty the other.....been 5 days....DAHHHH do ya think there is possibly a blockage in there.

Back to the dr on Thursday for the results.  Gee, did you know you have a mega colon???  these things cause all sorts of troubles for people.................  wow no shit sherlock!!!!!  So he says....I think we need to hit this from above.  Take this laxative, its a liquid that tastes like maple pulls water to the bowel and will get you going in no time.  I want you to take 3 times the 30m 3 x  a day or even 4 and continue until you go. .................... ummm my long will this take as its pretty sore hey and I cant train at the moment.   ........  Oh 2 days and you will be fine.

So on SATURDAY 3 days later.....I take action and try the salt water flush.  I drank 1 litre of warm salty water (2 tsp of natural sea salt)  .....  and I waited.....and I waited and I gave up waiting.  I hadnt worked.   I am the 1% that absorb the salt due to mineral deficiency..AWESOME.  So that night I went and tried to race walk on the treadmill and did a nice easy 3km.  As it didnt hurt so bad I decided I would do the 3000m race in the morning and then see if that helps.

I did the race ... yes it hurt in the last two I slowed down and had to watch paul pass me...sob!!!  I finished in 17:07 .. an ok time for all that has happened and for not eating in two days.  I got home and hit the litre of sea salt again....this time with 3tsp of salt.  Fingers crossed .... or its back to the dr to jump up and down...... 9 days since I have been and its starting to get REALLY uncomfortable.


Sunday, January 05, 2014

5 km recovery walk

I woke up feeling good today.  Nothing hurt - which I am VERY pleased about.

Its my last day of the holidays and then back to work tomorrow...sigh.  Back to early morning or late evening training.  I decided to head out in the afternoon and about 3pm figured best go now.

Its warm but about the same as it was last night - 30 degs.  I walked down to the walk way and as I was using my old Garmin 305 I had decided that regardless of what it read I was going to turn back at my usual 2.5 km mark.  Its the same spot everytime by my other watch.  I started out and while I was feeling good, my legs just didnt want to turn over.  But thats ok, must be drained from last nights race.

I turned at what I knew to be my usual 2.5km mark and headed back.  I get a tad annoyed at people on the walkway.  They are like sheep......mill all over the place.  Even when they look you in the eye and see you coming at them they continue along 4 abreast and expect you to go onto the grass to avoid them.  I no longer do that and have often brushed shoulders with more stubborn.  Any how it was busy today and I was dodging all over the walk way weaving from one group to the next.....another running was doing they same and muttered away under his breath as he passed a group.  I felt a bit better on the way back and spent my time concentrating on my style.  I stopped my watch and was surprised to see it was 100m short.  Well one of the watches are reading wrong.  I will stick with the new far it seems the more accurate.  So my time for my 5km today was 31:16 and I am happy enough with that.

5 km walkway

QA 3000m Race at Grifith Uni

Phew its been a hot one today.  With temps reaching 33 degs at our place but man suburbs nearby hit over 40 degs.  It was still and terribly humid.  Thank goodness they changed the racewalk time from 3.30 to 7.30pm.

It was still hot and humid but there was no beating sun, so that made a huge difference.  I was nervous about this race.  With my back still sore and having suffered a strange stomach pain all day ... I was unsure if I could walk let alone race.  The good news was my hamstring was feeling GREAT.  Just before I left home I decided to roll my back/SI joint over the foam roller and then the crochet ball.  Wow what a difference that made.

I warmed up well and lined up with all the super fast young guns.  Half the field were doing 5000m and I was lined up with the young ones doing 3000m.  It was a full field taking up the whole curve and I had lane two..... I hate the first 4 lanes as unless you can really get a good start you end up getting boxed in.....and sure enough, I got boxed in for the first 100m and had to sit in lane two the whole way to get around them all.  I got through the first km in 5:31 and thought WOW I actually feel good and strong.  The heat was a factor but it was the same for everyone.  

I find our track to be very spongy and absorbent so you have to work hard to get a fast time on it....its like walking on carpet (as Dane put it) or in treacle.  I was actually pleased to hear Dane make the same comments of how much work that took.  Made me realize that if the elite struggle to walk on it then it validates how I have felt about it too.   Its perfect for runners but not so good for walkers.  

I started picking off the younger walkers and each one I passed I would give encouragement and told them all to keep going and use their arms.  At 2km realised that I was leading female for the as I had not expected that.  I tried to pick up my pace to catch the lead male but just fell short to him at the finish line.  

My finish time was 16:51 and I was totally extactic with that.