Wednesday, January 29, 2014

8km track with 3 x 500m bursts

Now this is better!!!

Finally a work out that I am happy with.   I got to the track on time today and got in a couple of laps warm up with the others.  Then they broke away with Robyn to do their own work outs and I started on my 8km.  I decided that I would do 500m bursts every 2km.

I felt strong and good from the start of this walk and picked a nice strong pace that I pretty much stuck to for the whole walk.  The weird thing is .... I was really trying hard on the 500m where I wanted to pick up the pace and did ease back for the second part of the 500m.  But the times show the same????  Weird.

I had to make a very quick pit stop at 4km.  I had drunk a little too much water before leaving work and by 4km I knew I needed to make a quick pit stop.

I had a couple of tight niggles with my hamstring around the 6km mark but nothing that hurt too much.  I enjoyed todays walk and breaking it up with the 500ms seemed to make it go faster...which is always a good thing.

total time for 8km was 48:43  a nice solid walk.

8km track data

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