Saturday, November 29, 2014

10000m Qld Masters Championship Track Walk

I had been really looking forward to this race but in the week leading up to it, I started to dread it.   Suddenly my training seemed to come to a stand still, my energy was a ZERO, my focus was gone and I was super crabby.  

Weds morning I woke up and just felt exhausted, almost as if I had not slept all night.  Why?  so I put some thought into what could be going on and instantly realised that I had missed my last B12 complex injection.... in fact it had been over 8 weeks since my last one.   The Dr has discovered that I can not absorb B12....and I cant take supplements to boost it either.  My only option is to have injections.   An athletes B12 levels should be about 800 or more (avg person 500 - 800) mine when first tested were 160 and again 3 months ago still only 260.  So he has told me that I must get injections every 4 weeks now.  Any how, I digress.......  so I rang the dr and was lucky enough that he had some complex B12 and that he could fit me in that night.   I knew that it would take effect in a couple of days so the Friday night walk was going to be a hit or miss.

Thursday was a busy day at work and so I didnt really pay attention to certain signs that I get when a migrain is brewing, but by 8pm that night I was in pain, feeling sick and having trouble seeing out of my left eye.  GREAT!!!!  does anything else want to kick me.  So all I can do now is load up on pain meds and my migraine meds and hope for the best.  

Friday night and the weather is PERFECT, its a night race 6:45pm start.  It over head cloud with a chance of rain.  24 degs and no breeze.  I meet up with everyone and start getting ready.   Headed out and warmed up with Brett.  He was up from Canberra on a training week and so I kinda talked him into entering the 10km LOL   I love these meets as its like family getting together.  

We lined up and the race is under way before we knew it.  Iggy shot out to lead spot and showed us all how its done.  I had already decided how I was going to try and race this....not too fast for the first km but still a good 5km time then hang on for the 10km.   It worked.  I went through 5km in 28:30 and then managed to keep pretty consistent kms after that.  I felt good and strong through out the walk.  I really enjoyed it when the rain was only a light drizzle but it was perfectly timed.  My last two kms were my now the pain meds had worn off and I felt like an alien was going to rip out of the left side of my head.   By now it was just a lap by lap race as I struggled to keep my pace even.  The big lights were making it hard on me in the turns as I found them to intensify in brightness.   The bell lap sounded so good and I pretty much just put all I had into it.  As I looked at the clock I did a quick calculation and realised that I was going to be under 58mins  ... JUST......   so I pushed hard for the last 100m to finish in 57:40

I suffered all night with my head ache....often a race can stop them but this time it was too far gone and so I have spent Friday night and most of Saturday in pain.  Grrrrrr  but I am going to front up for the 5km on Sunday and see how I recover.

10km data

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7 x 400m and 1 x 200m

I am REALLY tired.  Cant really put my finger on why...... could be due to the raise in temp here so humidity is higher,  could be its so hot at night that sleep is in bursts,  could be that I am 6 weeks over due from my multi B injection................. Could be all of the above.

I have a 10km track walk this Friday and where I was feeling really confident and hopeful of a really good time....................I think I will be more fair to say I will be aiming for an "ok" time.

Tonight is my last speed session and so I had said to Kay earlier that I would prob do 400's and see how things go.   So we decided to do a 3000m work out - hence 7 x 400m and 1 x 200m

My first 400m was AWFUL ... I was soooo slow and felt like a big slug.  Even Kay said she wasnt feeling it tonight.  It did get a little better but not much.  Nothing like it was a couple of weeks ago thats for sure.

my 400's are as follows :-   2.14   2.06    2.07    2.09   2.08    2.11     2.13  and my 200m was  1.00

Roll on Friday .... fingers crossed that with only a couple of easy 5km walks I will be feeling much better by then.

3000m data

Thursday, November 20, 2014

9 km track training

I was going to do 10km tonight...........but

Well there is usually a but somewhere isn't there.   It ended up just being myself and kay left on the track and I knew she was stopped at 8km.  The lights were not on and I really didnt fancy hanging out in the dark.  So as Kay finished her 8km I past her and called out that I was stopping at 9km (which was in 200m)

I tried to keep to a steady pace tonight but I was just not feeling it... I doubt that the two 3km races would be the cause....3000m isnt really that far.   I just felt hot, bothered and tired.  Feeling my age to be honest LOL  The 10km track race is next Friday so this is pretty much my last chance to get a long walk in.....9km will do.  55:23 for 9km so avg km pace was 6:09min/km

My laps are as follows..... nothing too startling really
But I do think that in race conditions I can aim for a high 58mins.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cairns and recent training

I enjoyed a much rewarded break after Pan Pac's and the following weekend I finally flew up to Cairns to visit my Daughter Shakara and met my newest Grandson Archer.

I have been counting down the days and with each day I would get a new photo of Archer which added to the excitement.    Landing in Cairns and after a small mix up at the airport (me going out the exit in the baggage claim and shakara waiting at the main entrance) we met up out side.  It was so wonderful to receive a hug and then to have Archer put in my arms.  It took everything to not cry....he was just as gorgeous as I imagined he would be.

We stopped in at a baby shop on the way home and I brought a interactive activity mat for him to lay on and play.  I was so thrilled that he loved it.  He lay staring at his reflection for ages and kicking the piano key board to make music.  Every moment I could I spent with him....laying on the floor with him and getting as many dribbly kisses as I could.

It was also wonderful to finally met Mike and his mum Lyn.   I couldnt have picked a better partner for Shakara had I tried.  Mike is funny, caring and dotting on them both.   Shakara has grown into a wonderful woman and is such a fantastic Mum.  Everything you wish for, for you children and best of all.....she is just so happy, she just glows.

Leaving the next day was hard, but we have planned more trips up and both myself and shane will head up next time.

last cuddles before heading home

Training resumed once I returned from Cairns.  So I was back to my early morning 5km and then I decided to do a 10km track walk on Thursday night.  Turned out to be a Kick down and I was really pleased with my speed in the last two km.   The last weekend turned out to be the hottest in 100 years.... my car recorded 37 degs not far from the track where I raced a 3000m on Sunday morning.  Was a tough race and while my time was ok...I struggled badly in the last km.

I now have just two weeks left of training before the 10km QMA track walk.  I am hoping to go well and break 58 mins........... but it will all depend on the weather and how well my body holds up.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

3000m Pan Pacific Masters Game

Today is the last of my races.  I had no expectations for this race.  I dont like short races as I am not a sprinter and I was pretty sure I would be so sore and dead on my feet.

Well yes, I was pretty sore.  My abductor on my right leg was pretty tight and my shins and calfs were tight as.   So I figured I would make sure I warm up well and do alot of hip stretches.   It would be nice to get a great time but anything under 17 mins will be awesome.

While I was chatting to Dave Smith track side he asked what my goal was for today - so I said that I would LOVE to get 16:30 but in reality anything under 17 would be great.   So he said he would call out my splits and help me keep focused.   I kinda hoped I wasn't going to disappoint him but I would try my hardest.

I was placed out wide on the track so I got a good straight line into the curve.  I had decided that I would just go out as hard as I could and try to hang on.

My first km was 5:20 mins and I was actually feeling pretty good.   Nothing was hurting and I felt like I still had a good long stride.  For some reason I always fade out around the 2.5km mark and I heard dave call out that I had dropped back ... but was still ahead of my target. 

I also pressed lap too soon so I do know I did my last lap of the 2km in 2:12 so I was picking it back up.   One km to go and you start telling yourself....come on dig it in, its only going to hurt for 5 more mins....2 laps ... come on.  You hear the BELL ring and all you think is ... COME ON... dig it in ... push push push.   As I got closer to the clock and could see the time I still didnt process that I was about to do my fastest 3000m in Aussie.  LOL

lap splits 1 - 5:20        2 - 5:31       3 -  5:30

I crossed the line in 16:22  .... whoop whoop..... I cant even being to think what time I could have done fresh???  who knows I might have bombed.  But today I was flying...well by my standards.....I was flying.

This photo captures my mood perfectly.  I was over the moon and so happy with all my results.  I had said I wanted to better my times from two years ago...DONE...I had said I wanted to get the 10km Pan Pac record ... DONE and I had said I would love to achieve a PB ... DONE.   You really cant ask for more than that.

3000m data here

Monday, November 03, 2014

Pan Pacific Masters Games 2014 - 5000m & 10km

Its time to see if all that training is going to pay off.  All I can hope for now is that the weather gods play the game.

First up is the 5000m at 4pm on Saturday.  I had already decided to race this at 85% so that I had a good chance to get the time I am hunting for the 10km.  As it would have it,  the weather gods decided to blow!!!   Its the same for us all and while it was not gusting wind,  it was strong enough to really tax you as you punched into it.  I didnt get boxed in this time and had a good start.   Quickly Peter and Simon pulled out for a good lead and I sat on their heels for the first lap and then let them pull away as I checked my own pace and eased back a little.  I couldnt really get into my groove today....while I walked ok and didnt get any cautions etc, I just felt that I looked like I was doing it harder than I was....perhaps it was that wind factor.  My nerves were started to abait at 3km and I settled into a steady rhythm.  I finished the race in 28:37 and I was happy with that.

Video of the 5000m race

Garmin data 5000m

After the race Liz and I headed off to pick up David Smyth.  Its always great catching up with old friends and today was no exception.  We all quickly headed back to the road course while it was still light enough to see and checked out the road conditions etc.  Then it was off for a quick bit to eat.  I decided on Nacho's and they had hindsite I should have had the steak too.   At 1am my nacho's decided to vacate the premises!!!!  not a pleasant thing to happen the morning of a big race.  I was still awake at 3am so got up and eat a banana as I knew that while I still felt queezy I needed some food on board.

Race start was 7am and we got there about 6.30am - I dont tend to have a huge warm up before 10 and 20km races - I feel more need of that for a 5 or 3km race.  Lots of chatting and catching up with people I have not seen in a couple of years....this is what I love about my sport.  Its really like one big happy family.

We all line up for the 10km and get the directions speach from Dave Smith.  Due to new road closure ruling this time they had to shorten the course on the road and make it up in the car park area..... so this 1 km loop was going to have 9 turns in it (with 5 of those in the 200m)  hmmm its not going to be a fast course at all....but again it was the same for everyone.   My goal today was to be under 1 hour.  I was hoping for a low 58mins but on seeing the course I was not so sure that would happen.  It was perfect conditions....slight breeze, about 22 degs BUT 78% humidity.  I am used to it now but others were not and it caught a few towards the end of the race.   As expected Stuart leapt out to the lead spot and remained there, with Peter B following close in pursuit.  David Smyth also leapt in with that lead group and stayed with them for the first km and slowly they pulled away.  Simon was just infront of me but about 4km he suddenly slowed and limped along..his hammy twinged on him.  He did still manage to finish the race but not in the time he was hoping for.  I set my target on David Smyths back and proceeded to slowly pick him off, catching him at 8km.  Next target was Adam, he was a lap behind me but still a good distance a head of me to make it a good goal to catch and pass him and I did so with one lap to go.  Bell lap and I glanced at the time and new it was going to be touch and go to get my time.  I had slipped to 6min - 5:55 min laps and I was worried I wasnt going to get my time.  The pan pacs record was 60:24  but I am thrilled to say I crossed the line in 59:17 YAY

This race really took it out of me and I felt really ill after.  We went home where I crawled into bed for a few hours.   The rest of the day was pretty much wasted by lazing on the couch watch tv.  We did meet up with Liz, David and Stuart and partner for dinner and a wander through the night markets...that was really lovely.

Now to get a good sleep.  3000m is tomorrow at lunch time.

Video of the 10km Road Walk

Garmin data 10km