Saturday, November 29, 2014

10000m Qld Masters Championship Track Walk

I had been really looking forward to this race but in the week leading up to it, I started to dread it.   Suddenly my training seemed to come to a stand still, my energy was a ZERO, my focus was gone and I was super crabby.  

Weds morning I woke up and just felt exhausted, almost as if I had not slept all night.  Why?  so I put some thought into what could be going on and instantly realised that I had missed my last B12 complex injection.... in fact it had been over 8 weeks since my last one.   The Dr has discovered that I can not absorb B12....and I cant take supplements to boost it either.  My only option is to have injections.   An athletes B12 levels should be about 800 or more (avg person 500 - 800) mine when first tested were 160 and again 3 months ago still only 260.  So he has told me that I must get injections every 4 weeks now.  Any how, I digress.......  so I rang the dr and was lucky enough that he had some complex B12 and that he could fit me in that night.   I knew that it would take effect in a couple of days so the Friday night walk was going to be a hit or miss.

Thursday was a busy day at work and so I didnt really pay attention to certain signs that I get when a migrain is brewing, but by 8pm that night I was in pain, feeling sick and having trouble seeing out of my left eye.  GREAT!!!!  does anything else want to kick me.  So all I can do now is load up on pain meds and my migraine meds and hope for the best.  

Friday night and the weather is PERFECT, its a night race 6:45pm start.  It over head cloud with a chance of rain.  24 degs and no breeze.  I meet up with everyone and start getting ready.   Headed out and warmed up with Brett.  He was up from Canberra on a training week and so I kinda talked him into entering the 10km LOL   I love these meets as its like family getting together.  

We lined up and the race is under way before we knew it.  Iggy shot out to lead spot and showed us all how its done.  I had already decided how I was going to try and race this....not too fast for the first km but still a good 5km time then hang on for the 10km.   It worked.  I went through 5km in 28:30 and then managed to keep pretty consistent kms after that.  I felt good and strong through out the walk.  I really enjoyed it when the rain was only a light drizzle but it was perfectly timed.  My last two kms were my now the pain meds had worn off and I felt like an alien was going to rip out of the left side of my head.   By now it was just a lap by lap race as I struggled to keep my pace even.  The big lights were making it hard on me in the turns as I found them to intensify in brightness.   The bell lap sounded so good and I pretty much just put all I had into it.  As I looked at the clock I did a quick calculation and realised that I was going to be under 58mins  ... JUST......   so I pushed hard for the last 100m to finish in 57:40

I suffered all night with my head ache....often a race can stop them but this time it was too far gone and so I have spent Friday night and most of Saturday in pain.  Grrrrrr  but I am going to front up for the 5km on Sunday and see how I recover.

10km data

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