Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7 x 400m and 1 x 200m

I am tired.....like REALLY tired.  Cant really put my finger on why...... could be due to the raise in temp here so humidity is higher,  could be its so hot at night that sleep is in bursts,  could be that I am 6 weeks over due from my multi B injection................. Could be all of the above.

I have a 10km track walk this Friday and where I was feeling really confident and hopeful of a really good time....................I think I will be more fair to say I will be aiming for an "ok" time.

Tonight is my last speed session and so I had said to Kay earlier that I would prob do 400's and see how things go.   So we decided to do a 3000m work out - hence 7 x 400m and 1 x 200m

My first 400m was AWFUL ... I was soooo slow and felt like a big slug.  Even Kay said she wasnt feeling it tonight.  It did get a little better but not much.  Nothing like it was a couple of weeks ago thats for sure.

my 400's are as follows :-   2.14   2.06    2.07    2.09   2.08    2.11     2.13  and my 200m was  1.00

Roll on Friday .... fingers crossed that with only a couple of easy 5km walks I will be feeling much better by then.

3000m data

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