Tuesday, November 04, 2014

3000m Pan Pacific Masters Game

Today is the last of my races.  I had no expectations for this race.  I dont like short races as I am not a sprinter and I was pretty sure I would be so sore and dead on my feet.

Well yes, I was pretty sore.  My abductor on my right leg was pretty tight and my shins and calfs were tight as.   So I figured I would make sure I warm up well and do alot of hip stretches.   It would be nice to get a great time but anything under 17 mins will be awesome.

While I was chatting to Dave Smith track side he asked what my goal was for today - so I said that I would LOVE to get 16:30 but in reality anything under 17 would be great.   So he said he would call out my splits and help me keep focused.   I kinda hoped I wasn't going to disappoint him but I would try my hardest.

I was placed out wide on the track so I got a good straight line into the curve.  I had decided that I would just go out as hard as I could and try to hang on.

My first km was 5:20 mins and I was actually feeling pretty good.   Nothing was hurting and I felt like I still had a good long stride.  For some reason I always fade out around the 2.5km mark and I heard dave call out that I had dropped back ... but was still ahead of my target. 

I also pressed lap too soon so I do know I did my last lap of the 2km in 2:12 so I was picking it back up.   One km to go and you start telling yourself....come on dig it in, its only going to hurt for 5 more mins....2 laps ... come on.  You hear the BELL ring and all you think is ... COME ON... dig it in ... push push push.   As I got closer to the clock and could see the time I still didnt process that I was about to do my fastest 3000m in Aussie.  LOL

lap splits 1 - 5:20        2 - 5:31       3 -  5:30

I crossed the line in 16:22  .... whoop whoop..... I cant even being to think what time I could have done fresh???  who knows I might have bombed.  But today I was flying...well by my standards.....I was flying.

This photo captures my mood perfectly.  I was over the moon and so happy with all my results.  I had said I wanted to better my times from two years ago...DONE...I had said I wanted to get the 10km Pan Pac record ... DONE and I had said I would love to achieve a PB ... DONE.   You really cant ask for more than that.

3000m data here

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Glennis said...

So well done, congratulations 3 good medals for the collection and 3 PBs too.