Saturday, February 28, 2015

12 km along the broadbeach

I should have stayed up this morning.   Shane went to work at 5.30am and I felt pretty decent BUT being a big lazy bum, I went back to bed and woke up at 8.30am feeling shattered and had to really talk myself into getting my butt out the door for this walk.

I really wanted to do 12km.  I didnt care how long it took me just to get it done.   I need some long walks to not only build up my endurance but these long slow walks burn the most fat and I must lose 3 kg in the next 7 weeks.    Doesnt sound like much but in the last 3 weeks I have only lost .5kg and its frustrating me no end.

I felt pretty decent for most of this walk.   I can certainly feel that I am using my glutes more now and by 8km they were really telling me they were working.  Oddly looking at my km splits I was doing one km at an easy and one km at a moderate (10 sec dif).   To me I felt like I was walking pretty much the same the whole way.   Not sure if that is just the lay of the ground or just how I was feeling at the time.   I do know that it was getting pretty hot out there and my arm that had the laser on it was starting to heat up on the last few kms.   I put a large glob of sunscreen on it before I went out so I dont think it got burnt.  It was 29 degs when I got back home....just a slightly warm day.

The last 3 km were a bit of a mission.  I had to keep checking my form and telling my self that it wasnt far now and to keep legs and glutes were getting pretty sore and tired and on the last km I worked hard to pick up the pace to finish.   I wanted to see if I could still find a little bit in the tank for the last km.   I did but it was pretty much it.   Total time for 12km was 1:16:08 so an avg km pace of 6:21 per km.   I am happy with that as its faster than I thought I would be.

I am definitely noticing a huge difference in my walking since I have been doing regular weight sessions and calisthenics with bodyweight workouts.   Its made me much stronger which I guess is helping me be faster with less effort in my walking.    Core strength is slowly coming along now and I can finally do a 90 sec plank...............hey for me thats bloody awesome casue when I started I could only just do 25 secs.

12km data

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

5km track - easy

After a terrible weekend both weather wise and health wise I was really feeling the need to do some form of exercise but I knew I was not up for speed work.   We had a big cyclone go through over the weekend so the weather was WILD to say the least and I ended up with a banger of a migrane that only went away yesterday..... way way way too many drugs in my tummy and its left me with some shocking abdo pains.   But I was determined to walk tonight and decided that I would just do an easy 5km.  

I warmed up with Kay for 3 laps and then had a good stretch.  I figured at the very least I could make it to 3km and if I felt ok then carry on for the 5km.   When my tummy is like this I never know how I will go, sometimes I can start out and it settles and goes away...other times it just hurts the whole way but not enough to stop.

I was really surprised when I started out how ok I felt.....Robyn did say I looked abit stiff but I settled after a bit.  (was not able to twist to much at the beginning)  so when I went through my first km in 5:52 I was really surprised.  It didnt feel like I was going that fast.   hmmmm wonder if my Multi B and Vit D injection have worked so quickly lol....only had them yesterday.  But the rest of my walk remained the same pace.   I finished the 5km and felt really good ..... stomach still in knots but I am used to that....but body wise I felt great.

29:17 for an easy 5km .............. hell yes I will take that!!!

5km track data

Thursday, February 19, 2015

5km treadmill

We were all going to do 8km along the walk way but Cyclone Marcia has other ideas!   She is due to hit the Gold Coast at 10pm tonight but already we are getting rain and wind.   Its been up graded to a Cat 4 .... I really feel for those further up north where it is going to hit land soon.  

So I decided to come home and jump on the treadmill in the downstairs gym.   The last time I used it I thought something was wrong with it and today I am sure of it.   As I walked in you can see its up on an incline but when you turn it on it says its level...hmmmm I started it and couldnt walk at the top of the treadmil so I knew it was not level,  I had to drop it to -2 to get it level (Shane says its prop lost the two back feet on the treadmill)  I also found the belt hard and surging so it was difficult to get into a smooth style.   But I manage to make it through to 5km before I thought bugger this and left it.

I am hoping the storm will have passed by Saturday as I would like to head out and get a 12 or 14km walk done..... but I am not going to bother if its pouring and windy.

time for tonight as an easy 32:49

Data here

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4km easy and 1km fast

After a weekend of not feeling so well and bad stomach aches, I really didnt feel like any speed work tonight.   So I opted for an easy 5km and walk with Paul..... but when we neared the 3km mark Paul asked if I wanted to pick up the pace and then try for a fast last km.

At this stage we were doing 6:38 per km - so really nice and easy.   4th km picked up to about 6:20 and then when we hit the last km mark we kicked it up and pushed hard.   I was walking beside Paul (knowing I was walking further but was ok with that) but suddenly got some really sharp and nasty pains in my stomach so I dropped back and tucked in behind him with the intention of letting him go and easing back, but once he got about 3 meters away from me the competitive streak in me took over and I took chase.   I manged to catch up to him and cross the line hard on his heels for a 5:26 last km.

Both of us were really happy with that and I feel like I still had a good work out.

Total time was 31:39

track work out

Monday, February 16, 2015

Training's coming along well

Thursday :-
Kay, Paul and Deb were all meant to met up at Broadbeach for our usual 8km easy...but unfortunately they were not able to tonight.   So I headed there myself.   I am really glad that I thought to put my headset in the bag so I had music.   It also gave me a chance to have a good step out and push for a good 8km.  I felt really good and took it nice and easy for the first 4km then started to pick the pace up for the last 4km.   At 7km it started to rained hard!! so it sure made me go faster to get to the car.   :D    total time was a good 50:41 for an avg pace of 6:20
8km data

My hubby ended up with a nasty gastro virus and for 3 days I felt very seedy and unwell myself.  It was also our wedding anniversary on Saturday (Valentines Day)  so we just stayed tucked up at home.   Sunday I didnt feel like walking still but I did make up a small crossfit circuit in my lounge.   I had the couch to use as step ups,  crunches,  planks, mountain climbs,  bridges and side oblique crunches which I did a set of for a min between doing small weights - dumbbell curls, shoulder press, lateral raises,  tricep extension,  wide stanch squats.    After 30mins I was pretty sweaty and feeling like I had achieved a really good workout.

Monday ;-
Back to my racewalking in the mornings.  I felt better today and so stepped out for my 5km.   I did an easy 31:29 for an avg pace of 6.17    My morning walks are not about speed but technique.  I work on getting a good twist in my hips and push off with my back foot.   Its slowly getting easier and with the squat and ab challenge that I have been doing...I feel stronger too.

5km data

I will be taking a short break from walking in April for 6 to 12 weeks to have surgury.   So I need to get as much fitness in as I can.   I will be able to use stationary bike but I already know that it does nothing for holding onto rw fitness.   I have 60 days to drop 4kg and tone up a little, so I am amping up the cardio now and cutting back the kj's in my diet.   Being of early menopause age...I am finding it sooo hard to lose any weight at all.   Seems the more I train the less I losse.   I know that once it starts to drop off it will just continue...its just getting it to start.  I must say that aging really does SUCK!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

3km fartlek and 4 x 500m

After a shocking 3km race on Friday night, I managed to back it up the next morning with a moderate 5km walk at the Parkrun in 29:51

My body had not recovered from the 200m repeats and I have decided to stay away from them.

Today I had decided to do a 5km fartlek but changed my mind about 3/4 through the workout.  So instead I did a 3km fartlek and then 4 x 500m so I still did 5km

3km fartlek went well and I while I felt sluggish I walked much faster than I had on Friday night.  My Moderate 500ms were under 3mins.    all in all I am happy with this.

1st km  = 5:22
500m easy = 2:59 and 500m fast = 2:46
500m easy = 2.58 and 500m fast = 2:43

total time for 3km fartlek was 16:51 - a much more acceptable time.

then I went on to do 4 x 500m but my watch started to do some really odd things and kept acting like I had pressed stop not lap but I know I was pressing lap.  

1st 500m = 2.39
2nd 500m = 2.41
3rd 500m = 2.43
4th 500m = 2.40

I had a 2min rest between sets but shows I was much faster in these than during my fartlek.

Feeling much happier with this workout.

3km fartlek

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

12 x 200m and 1 x 1500m

Tonight was a tougher speed session.   My stomach had been playing up all day today but I was still determined to walk.

I did a quick two laps to warm up and when I heard what the others were going to be doing, I made sure I took it easy on my first 200m until I felt I was moving better.  

I never really felt like I flowed well tonight and I know it was due to my stomach.  Its been ages since its played up so I cant complain too much.   It just bloats up and goes tight and hurts....ALOT!!!  So its hard to twist and move when its feeling uncomfortable.  

Still I am happy with my times and surprised myself for a few of them.   I averaged 1 min for the 200's ... pretty good for how I was feeling.  But I did take it easy on the 1500m  I was tired by now and my tummy was really feeling crabby.   So for 1500m it was an easy time of 8:44

200 m 01:05.2
200 m 01:01.1
200 m 00:59.3
200 m 00:57.4
200 m 00:57.7
200 m 00:58.5
200 m 00:59.1
200 m 00:59.1
200 m 01:01.9
200 m 01:02.2
200 m 01:02.1
200 m 01:02.2
1500m 08:44.7

I was pretty pleased to get a couple of :57's in there....   LOL   but I really really dont like 200m I am not a sprinter.