Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4km easy and 1km fast

After a weekend of not feeling so well and bad stomach aches, I really didnt feel like any speed work tonight.   So I opted for an easy 5km and walk with Paul..... but when we neared the 3km mark Paul asked if I wanted to pick up the pace and then try for a fast last km.

At this stage we were doing 6:38 per km - so really nice and easy.   4th km picked up to about 6:20 and then when we hit the last km mark we kicked it up and pushed hard.   I was walking beside Paul (knowing I was walking further but was ok with that) but suddenly got some really sharp and nasty pains in my stomach so I dropped back and tucked in behind him with the intention of letting him go and easing back, but once he got about 3 meters away from me the competitive streak in me took over and I took chase.   I manged to catch up to him and cross the line hard on his heels for a 5:26 last km.

Both of us were really happy with that and I feel like I still had a good work out.

Total time was 31:39

track work out

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