Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 is finally over!!!! Bring on 2014

I had my final racewalk session of the year.  I went to the track to join up with Kay and some of the kiddies.  While they did a 3km walk, I did 5km.  It was nice and overcast, about to rain so that made it rather muggy.  While temp was down humidity was up...I cant get a break hey LOL.  I started out and just wanted to get to a nice pace.  Something I little more than I have been doing but not a race pace.  My hamstring zinged me a couple of times but nothing that lasted for more than a moment or two.  It was an ok walk at about 90% effort.  Total time was 29:37 then after I had finished, I watched the others doing their 200m.  After 3 kay had enough and suggested I might like to chase the young ones for their last 200m.  So I walked over and set them going.  The took off like jack rabbits but as the corner straighten they started to slow and I nearly mowed over them LOL...so I went out 3 wide and raced them home.  Surprisingly Koby and I were even as we crossed the line.....56 secs ....... cripes I will take that!!!


My Year totals are :-

 Activity Type Distance in Km
RaceWalking 1,089.74
 Running 10
 Casual Walking 30.5
 Elliptical 20
 Indoor Cycling 25
No Watch Walks 30
 Summary 1,205.24

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Walking Week - its sure been a hot one

Tues 24th - 5km along the walk way - 31.16  We had not long got home from Coffs Harbour.  My back was pretty sore from sitting in the car, but I felt I needed to stretch out.  I had no power for this walk....while yes my legs turned over ok, I was just done.  Not sure why I am having this set back...but its frustrating.

Thurs 26th - 8km along the walk way - 50.09 Temp 29 degs -  I really struggled with this walk and had to stop many times for water to stand in one of the salt water showers.  I must remember to carry water with me.  I knew I was in trouble at 4 km when I had pins and needles over my face and started seeing black spots.  There are showers along here but they are salt water, so I stopped to cool down for a moment.  I drank alot when I made it to the surf club and then again once back on the walkway.

Sat 28th - 10km along the walk way - 1.04 - Temp 31 degs  -  Today I carried my water belt and loaded up with poweraid on one side and a extra fuel on the other...but I made it too strong and had to stop and tip the other stuff out and full with water.  At 6km I felt that awful onslaught of....omg I need to find a toilet right NOW!!!!  I knew I would find one at the surf club ... 1 km away.  After that stop it was hard to get going again....nothing in my legs and the heat was really getting to me.

Sun 29th - 8km along the walk way - 52.02 - Temp 32 degs - today is to be one of hottest days.  I over slept but as it had been 28 degs all night, it really made little diff that I started my walk at 9am when it was 29 degs.  The hard part was NO breeze so the heat just sat on the road.  My legs were dead again, not sure whats going on there.  I had water with me today and a half mix of powerade.  I turned at the 4km point and stopped to stand under one of the showers.  I felt like I was dragging a tyre behind me today.  I was struggling.  Plus to add to my discomfort, I was suffering from chaffing (the extra weight I have gained is making walking with the shorter shorts difficult.)  Back to the longer leg shorts for a few days.

We brought my xmas present today.  My new best friend.......a stationary bike.  Most people would say that sucks as a present, but its what I need.  I have to drop at least 5kg in the next two months and I cant seem to walk far enough or hard enough to do it.  So I am hoping that sitting on the bike for an hour each night will help to burn off some extra calories and keep my back from hurting so much.  My hamstring has been holding ok while I am racewalking, but it is still very tight.  I also brought a hard croquet ball and have been using that on my glutes and hammys to help release the knots.

5km walkway
8 km walkway
10 km walkway
8 km walk way

Saturday, December 21, 2013

10km along the walkway

Wow, what a week its been.  Trying to fit in two weeks of work into one, getting through an audit in the office and being 1 person down in the office .... phew!  But we got through it and Friday rolled around with out too many hitches in the office.....all though we were rather distracted by other news in the office.

My walking week consisted of early morning starts -  So Tuesday was an 8km and then again on Thursday.  Both went ok...nothing startling.  My coach has asked me to slow it down a bit at the moment.  We are just being watchful of my right hamstring as I have had tendon pain for a few weeks now and we are unsure if it is the tendon or the nerve going down through the piroformus.  It doesn't bother me too much while I walk...just a dull ache.  It hurts more when I have stopped.

Today was 10km - I was determined to sleep in today so I knew I was going to do my walk in the afternoon.  When I got up this morning, I stood up and the bottom of my right foot hurt...alot....it felt really tight and as I stood and put weight on my foot it felt like I was pulling my foot along the edge of the arch.  I made sure I wore sneakers today...but it hurt all day.  Well....tempt crept up to 30 degs and at 4pm was still that....phew it will be hot.  I filled up my water bottles and put my water belt on.  I new I was going to need it.  I was a little nervous about my foot, my hamstring had been doing odd quivering like a nerve spasm during the day but I figured worst case...i would stop and come home.

Foot held up ok for the walk.  I had a slight back breeze on the way out but as i turned at 5km and walked into it...it felt much stronger......but it was cooling.  By about 7km by glute and top of hamstring was starting to ache and my psoas was hurting on both sides.  Not enough to make me stop but enough to slow me down and I just went with it.

I have 16km on for tomorrow...........for that I am a tad nervous.  I am sure I will be fine.

10km walk

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gold Coast Masters Champs 2013

I started the week with gusto.  I had a 15km racewalk that was part of the Kurrara fun run and I managed to complete that.  I had forgotten about the large hill just at the half way mark and so that knocked the stuffing out of me.  But in all it was a great walk done in 1:36

Tuesday was next - a 5km recovery walk which was done in 31.41 - in this walk I was tired....really really tired.  Nothing in my muscles at all.

Thursday was my 5km fartlek which I opted to do on the walk way due to bad weather expected in the afternoon.  time for this was 29:36 - It felt easier than I expected, I had my B12 injection the night before so that may have helped.

Saturday was to be 10km....but this didnt eventuate.  On Friday I woke being sick and ended up coming home from work to be sick again.  By Saturday I had hardly eaten and was still feeling very sick.

Sunday was Race Day.  I got up and was still not feeling 100% .... I got to the track and realised I had left my watch behind.  What a stupid thing to do....so my choice was to race "naked" No watch, I figured I would use the timing clock on the track.  HA the timing clock failed and was a minute out of sync with us
We started at 8.30am and it was hot....but then again its always hot here lol.  With no watch or track clock I had no idea of my time so I figured I can only walk to the best of my fitness.  At about 2km I passed Paul and continued on after Dean and Gorge Michael (our guest walker from Isle of Man)  I had no chance of catching them but as they passed me I did try to stay behind them.  At about 4km I was working out that the clock was about a minute off and so could see that I was going to be under 30mins but I was not sure by how much.  I managed a strong finish with a 29:17

1st female and 1st in age 46-50

Then two hours later we all lined up again for the 1500m .... now this one I really hate.  I am NOT a sprinter and my legs felt like they were made of lead.  But for participation I thought why not.  Total time was a slow 8:29

1st female and 1st in age 46-50

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Taking it back and OWNING IT!!!

Who says New Years Day is the day to change things!!  Not me thats for sure.  

I feel that I have spent the last few months getting myself together.  Finally starting to get some regular training in and now having found an amazing chiropractor ... I KNOW I am ready.   

So I am taking back all my excuses and all my self doubt and locking it in a box and throwing it away.  I rang Jim and asked if he room from one more walker .... ME!  Its time for me to get my head back in the game and get serious again.  I have Australian Masters in March and then from there I have the 20km race in May plus state champs etc for the year.  This year I am going to own it, I am going to succeed and I am going to do better than last year.

Today I got up and met with Kay and Paul to do a 12km walk around Emerald Lakes.  I knew it was going to be at an easy pace and I was totally ok with that.  I just wanted to get 12km under my feet.  Next weekend I have the 15km race so I needed to get some distance under me.  There was a light breeze and we were all thankful for that.  The blisters on my feet didnt annoy me too much but I could feel the nail of one of my toes digging into the other toe..............blood seeping out of the shoe by the end was a sure sign too!    It was so nice to have company.  Pauls wife jogged beside us for a while and then she just started walking....WOW she had a natural racewalk style and with a couple of pointers she was away and keeping up with us easily.  

total time was 1:25:20 for a nice and easy avg pace of 7:07

I am excited to see what my new program with be.  Officially start back with Jim tomrrow and its so nice to be back with the Team again.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5000m track training, style check and new chiropractor

Well where do I start?
The new chiropractor is brilliant.  He has ordered lots more xrays but he feels 99% confident that all my trouble has come from my feet or more to the point RIGHT foot.  This is the foot that I flick and flap around too.  He says that the nerve is not firing and so keeps tripping out the SI joint.  He manipulated my foot (boy did that hurt) and bingo ... pain went from my SI joint.  So on Friday he is going to strap my foot to hold it in place and I am to throw away my ballet shoes and jandals!    I am excited by all this as it is the first good result that I have seen yet.

I went along to the track tonight and just did a gentle 5000m but as per normal I hit the wrong button at the first km mark and stopped my watch...sigh...so by the time I realised I actually lost count of how many laps I had done...I think 2 and a bit or perhaps just two....any how I pressed start at where the end of the one km mark was and kept count from there so I know that the 4km recorded on my watch WAS 4km...but I am sure that I did at least a km in the missing spot.  Any how ... I worked out my 5km to be 30:50 and I am happy with that.

after I walked I asked Catrina if she would be kind enough to take a couple of videos of me so I can check on my style.  I am pleased to say that it is all looking pretty good.  Cant wait till I can really tuck that butt.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

My weeks training and stretch results

Heres has been my week in training :-

Weds was 5km along the walkway in 30:40 - body felt tight but ok no pain in hamstring
weds 5km

Friday was 5km along the walkway in 30:42 - still feeling stiff and tight - hamstring tender
Friday 5km

Saturday - 8km on the treadmill in 49:12 - body felt great tonight.  No pain and not stiff at all.  I did get tired at about 6km but I am so pleased to have made it to 8km.
8km treadmill

I have been doing 30mins of stretching and strength building each morning....sometimes again at night.  When I started I could not lean over and touch my toes.  I could just touch my sock line at my ankle.  Laying on the floor with on leg straight on the floor and the other straight up in the air....I could not hold it straight and get it high enough for me to hold.  I had to bend my knee to be able to hold my knee to help stretch.  Sitting on the floor with back against the wall and hells of feet togehther (like the frog pose)  My knees were high off the ground and my heels along way from my body.

After 10 days .... I touched the floor today!!!!! and my knees are about an inch closer to the floor in the frog pose.  I can now put one foot on the back of the couch and lean forward to hold my toe!!!

I am very excited about this progress as I had not expected results for weeks.  I am also swapping to a new chiropractor - he is only 5 mins from my work so much easier for me to get to and cheaper too.  But he also does muscle imbalance work - which I think will be the most beneficial for me.

so my next goal is to put the palm of my hand on the floor and then my head to my knee!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First track walk on the new track

I got to the track a little earlier than I thought I would.  I had managed to start work early so was able to leave 15mins early too.  I had not decided what I was going to do and when I got there the others had already started their walks.  They were doing some thing I have NEVER done and I figured I would join in with them.  I missed the 1900m but I started at the next drop.

I was very aware that my hamstring was still tender and I didnt want to do anything that would strain it so I had already told my self to NOT push it tonight and keep my speed in check and just pace myself.  The new track is so spongy and soft....it was actually kind of bouncy.   My breathing was hard tonight but my heart rate was low ... shows I did keep my self in check...but the last set even though I thought I kept myself in check ... it was faster than I wanted and my hamstring did grumble through it.

So what is this odd work out.

1500 - 8:27
1100 - 6:15
700 - 3:54
300 - 1:39

I am very pleased with this.  My max heart rate was 170 and my avg was 155 (this is very good)

1500 m data
1100 m data
700n data
300m data

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Xray results and my week that followed

I asked my chiro to book me in for xrays and I must say the results show why I am having such trouble.  1st I have little bend in my spine in the right places and too much in the wrong places.  2nd ...front on I have one hip higher than the other and the break in my pelvis looks to have not set correctly plus there seems to be a chunk out of the ball joint of that hip too.

So I have ALOT of work to do.  I have to work on my lower core, abs, back, butt and then also stretch my hammys ALOT.  (to confess....I actually cant touch my toes when standing....I can get to the tips of my ankles)  This WILL change.

I have too much curve down low and none up top

so you can see here left side is higher that right...right side was the broken side

So for the last week I have been doing about 30mins of stretching and strength exercises ... but no walking!... my hamstring is still angry so while I let that settle I have been doing alot of core work and lower back and glute work.  

So here it is Sunday................ I decided to try for a 5km walk.  I had a good snap crack with Mark on Weds and my SI joint was feeling much better.  My hamstring was tight but now sore...so I thought yep lets do this.

Wow is all I can say.  I started out way to fast but at the time it didnt feel fast.  I felt great and was shocked to see my time of 5:40......whoa...ease that up!!!!.... but I actually kept it up for most of the way.  I got tired on the way back but wow..........this was a huge confidence booster. 

I finished my walk in 28.55 looking at my data I kinda fartleked it....I was surging each km...but I felt great and my heart rate on increased on the return when I was getting tired.  I am so thrilled with this...it proves to me that the last 4 days of stretching and strength exercises have and are working.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5km along broadbeach walkway

I am so so so tired of constantly having trouble with my SI joint and I am tired of paying $$$$$ to get by back corrected.  Why cant it be "fixed" ..... or is this a result from my motorbike accident 15 years ago (broken pelvis on the right side)  Not once has anyone xray my back or scanned my SI joint....I think it might be time for me to voice some thoughts at the chiro or doctor.

I got up at 6am and went out to do 5km.  I am constantly doing 5kms at the moment....mainly due to its a quick walk and its not too far so if my back does lock up I can still get home and not be late for work.  Once my back settles I can go back to longer walks.

While my back was stiff and achy it was not OUCH sore, but when it gets stiff I loose all my power as I cant bring my leg forward for a longer stride.  I felt slow...really slow.  While I am normally an up beat and positive person today I let the negatives creep in and all I could think about was its going to be over 31mins...snails pace....this is really bad .. why am I bothering.   Looking back now I can slap myself because I know that 31mins is a great time, its not bad and slow and snails pace.  By just saying that out loud I am insulting so many of my friends and fellow competitors ....  it just felt that way to me compared to my usual walks.

I am off to the chiropractor tomorrow and its time to demand they do something other than charge me a fortune and adjust it.  I want this to be fixed.  Either give me a cortisone injection into the joint or tell me how this can be fixed.

Todays 5km was done in 31:15 and looking at the km splits I kinda did a wee kick down in there too.
5km walkway

Sunday, November 10, 2013

3000m Masters Walk at Ashmore

Well as you may all be aware....I pulled or gave a small tear to my Adductor (muscle at inside top of thigh)  This slowed me down ALOT this week and I only really got one 5km walk in.  It went ok but my SI joint was really stiff again.

I was meant to do a 10km walk on Saturday but first I thought I would tidy up first.  While leaning to the right side to pick up towels off the floor all the muscles in the right side of my back went into a spasm and left me almost a cripple for an hour.  After a haste chat to Jim he sent me a video of how to apply Kensie tape to my SI Joint....and Shane followed the instructions and applied the tape.  Wow that was instant relief.

So Jim said that if I felt okish in the morning that I could try the 3000m but to stay at only 90%  I was not feeling that confident that I would be able to walk but surprisingly ... I woke and while I felt stiff and tight it was not sharp pain.  So I went down and decided to see how things went.

I had said to Paul that I was only walking my own race and at 90% ... if I pass him I am not racing but it just means he has slowed.  Turns out I passed him at 1km and then he passed me at 2km.  He slowed down and so I called out and said "oi... move it" lol and it spured him on to pick up.  

I finished in 17:27  I was consistant through the walk with my km splits being   5.49  5.49   5.50 

My back was achy through the walk but its pretty tight and sore now.  Will be looking at getting into a chrio tomorrow.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

10km up hedges ave and back

Time to kick my own butt!!!!

I slacked off while my son visited but I had already been wishy washy about my training......but the time has come for me to get my act together.  I want to aim towards Australian Masters Track and Field in Hobart and this is March next year so I need to start getting some distance under me and to build up some strength.

So I have written my self up a new program for walking and I plan to also make use of our home gym after work.  The hardest part for me is getting used to training before work..........back to the solo training at 5.30am.  Well at least it wont be too hot so thats a bonus hey.

Today I set off to do 10km.  I am still a little tender from my sprints last week and some new moves learnt at Burlesque.  But I made it through the walk ok.  My heart rate is up a little but that is to be expected.

It was 28 degs and 75% humidity tonight .... making it a very hot and stick walk.   The small tender spot on leg annoyed me at about 9km but other than that I was ok.  Still having pain in my right shin/ankle after the walk .. but it doesnt seem to annoy me during the walk.

total time was 1:01:29 Very happy with that.

10 data

Sunday, October 27, 2013

3000m Masters Walk plus a couple of sprints for fun

I almost didnt get up this morning.  I am having so much fun having my son to stay - so with zero training, poor eating and lots of drinking....I am in poor shape for a race.  So I figured that I would let the boys lay in and get a sleep in and I would do the 3000m and just be happy with my result.

I was feeling pretty stiff and sore from an awesome burlesque session on Friday night and a full on day walking yesterday at the GC600 races, so I was not expecting anything to startling from today - I know my body well because it was really not that startling.   Right from the start I had no power.  I felt rather stodgy, while I still moved well and my body didnt seem to be hurting any where.....my quads, hammies and glutes were well fatigued.  Seeing Paul out in front of me did make me want to chase him down....but no matter how much I tried to power on and find that next gear....it eluded me.    But I am not upset or down about it....I expected exactly what I got this morning.  So I will chalk it up to a training walk and be happy with it.

total time for 3000m was 17:35

3000m race

Now for the fun part.  As I was about to leave everyone called out and asked if I wanted to join in with the sprints.....60m and 100m.  What the hell.........Kay decided she would racewalk but I thought I might try to run it....it would not be pretty but it was for a laugh.  The races today were handicapped so for the 60m I was put on the start line.  BANG and we are off........I caught and passed on running and nearly caught the other (she was started 12m ahead of me)  my time was 00:11:06  LOL but it was fun.  So for the 100m I was handicapped +10m, a new runner had arrived and she was given -10m, the other two were +12m and +35m ............. BANG and we are off again.....I crossed the line about a metre beind the girl I had nearly caught before.  The new runner passed me at 20m to the finish and just flew past.  I think I will now need a new HIP!!!!!  lol but it was a great laugh and great fun.   Not 100% sure of my 100m time but I think it was 00:16:30

Thursday, October 10, 2013

An easy 5km this morning

Woke up at a decent hour this morning after getting a very good full nights sleep.  Migrane has finally passed and I was feeling pretty decent.   Legs are feeling alittle achy from the track but nothing that signaled an injury...just worked muscles.  My SI joint is still feeling stiff and a little tender but I felt confident it wouldnt hinder me too much.

I started out a bit quick and had to slow myself down.  I didnt want to push at all today, I wanted to just take it easy and enjoy the walk...give the legs a good stretch out.  I was feeling pretty good this morning....I did note that my breathing was a little harder than it has been and while I was enjoying the pace, my SI joint was stiff enough that I dont think I could have gone much faster.  

About 4km my tummy decided to let itself be known......(not surprising really - went out to Sizzlers last night for tea and had to roll my self back in the door)  But it did make for an uncomfortable last km.  I have the specialist appointment next week....will be interesting to hear their take on it all.

total time for 3km was 30:29

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

4 x 200m on the grass track ... couldn't help myself

I tried to leave work early so I could reach the track with some time to walk.  I thought 10mins would give me plenty of time......I didnt plan for first day back from school traffic and I still only just made it by 5.30pm.

Paul and Kay were already doing their 200m repeats and I had hoped to do an easy 5km.  Turns out the weather had other ideas and it started to rain just as I pulled up.  I walked over to join the others and walked around to the 200m mark.  I kinda figured what the hell as long as I take it easy and dont push myself it will be ok.

First 200m I walked beside Kay and helped to push her along to a 1:02 for one of her fastest laps.  We all walked back around and started up again.  I stayed to that pace and did a 2nd lap of 1:02 but by now I was feeling pretty good and everything was moving well............and Paul was only 20m in front of me each time.  By the 3rd lap my will power went and my competitive side poked its head up...............and I pushed.  I set after Paul trying hard to catch him ... this 200m was 0:54  ... wow where did that come from?   We all had a chuckle at how I had said I was going to take it easy and just couldnt help myself.  My 4th lap was to be our last as it was starting to rain hard and we were all getting very cold.  I knew Paul was really going to go hard for this one and I was really going to try and catch him.  We set off and as we rounded the 100m I started gaining on him....but 30m out from the finish line I felt my whole style start to fall apart and I slowed up and took check on myself.  I was trying too hard and had leaned forward.....this instantly unlocked one of my knees and my arms started doing the washing machine.  All this in just a few strides and as soon as I straightened it all corrected itself.   This lap was 0:52:7

We had a quick cool down and gentle stretch, it was raining hard now and the temp had dropped.  I was shivering and needed to get home and warm up.   So far....hip feels good, butt feels good, hammy feels good...the only part of me that feels a little achy is my right hip flexor.

I am very happy with this tonight.
1st lap
2nd lap
3rd lap
4th lap

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Chiropractor AGAIN.....and a 5km walk to test it out

After my 3km fartlek last week and the 3000m race - my SI joint become stiff and tight .... then the TFL on my hip pulled and I was hurting all the time.  I did a 5km on the treadmil on tuesday but it was too soon and it pretty much caused the damaged.
Weds I managed to get into my chiropractor and I was so pleased to hear that she does ART therapy.  So I had a very good session with her and did feel much better.
While not able to walk, I was able to do burlesque if I took it easy........which I did.
Today I decided to try 5km along the walk way.  My hip or glute didnt hurt but my hamstring did.  Low and in the centre of the hamstring.  I kept the pace easy and was surprised to see my finishing time as it didnt feel like I was pushing to hard.

5km for 30:07 avg heart rate 146

5km data

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3km fartlek along the walkway

Got up with Shane bright and early............yawn!!!

We headed down to the walkway and I said that I would probably do 5km and so would met him back at the start point.  I headed off and at first felt a tad stiff from the 15km but soon warmed up.  As I came up to the first 1km marker I did what females do best......and changed my mind!!!

I stopped my watch (1.39 km is a good enough warm up)  and reset my watch.  From this point I could easily do my 3km fartlek and still met back with Shane.  I changed my auto lap to .500m and hit go.

1st km - I really didnt fire well.....My breathing was pretty heavy this time round but the legs were pushing through under me and I can feel my hips snapping back a lot quicker now.  2:30:6  + 2:44:6 = 5:15:2

2nd km - I was feeling pretty shattered and took it easy on the recovery - then tried to push up for the fast 500m but there was little in the legs for this one 2:58:3 +2:50:6 = 5:48:9

3rd km - I wanted to finish on the good note, I was not expecting to be too quick as its been a wee while since I have done any form of speed.  My legs were pretty tired now 3:04:3 + 2:41:6 = 5:45:6

Total time was 16:52 with avg heart rate of 163

3 km data

Sunday, September 22, 2013

15km around Emerald Lakes

Shane suggested I walk around Emerald Lakes and that he would also come and walk too.  I know that it is 4km so I figured 3 loops and a bit.

We started out and we figured I would catch and pass Shane around the 5km mark.  The first loop went well.....after climbing up the steep rise around the 3.5km mark I figured that was not much fun and so next time round I opted to go around the rise as I saw that the gate was open.  I did catch shane around the 5km mark.  It was here he took some video of me.  I stopped briefly to chat with shane who was walking back towards me......turns out he went a different way so there was no chance of me passing him..... but he did give me an alternate route which worked out much better.  So I did the outta ring twice and the inner ring once.  As I crossed the bridge Shane got out and took some video of my finish.

I really enjoyed walking around the Lakes and might make it my regular walk on the weekends.  Its nice and smooth and there is hardly anyone on it.  LOVE that fact.

Total time for my 15km was 1:32:39 for an avg of 6:10 and avg heartrate of 154

15km at Emerald Lakes

Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 x 400m speed work

I decided to try and make it to the grass track to train with the others.  It takes 30mins to drive from my work to it and it didnt help that there was an accident along the way.  So it took 35mins today.   I got there just after 5.30pm and by 6pm it was too dark to use the track (the dont have lights)

So in the short time I had there, I decided to just do as many 400m as I could in the short time frame.  Plus with my stomach playing up all day so I was unsure how long I would last.

This was my first speed session so I was going to be happy with what ever came out ... plus it was on a grass track that was pretty well looked after.....the last 200m were a little choppy.

1st 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 142
2nd 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 141
3rd 400 = 2:05 avg heart rate 148
4th 400 = 2:06 avg heart rate 149

I was totally happy with this.

1st 400

Happy Birthday Teagan

My oldest daughter turns 27 today....wow where has the time gone.  

Teagan at 6 months - she was my whole world

Now a mother of 3 herself 

I hope she has a wonderful day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6 km along the walkway

Shane decided he wanted to come for a walk this morning, so we set the alarm for 5:40am ....geeep!!!!  He was to walk for 20mins and turn back and I was doing my 6km....so the hope was for us to both end up finishing at the same time.

We got down to the start of the walkway and the sun had just come up.....it was a wonderful sunrise this morning - a huge deep golden globe and the sea was pretty calm too.  Just picture perfect.  

My SI joint was a little sore this morning but other than that I was feeling great.....I stepped into a nice easy pace and just tried to stay at that effort for the whole walk.

When I finished I couldnt see Shane anywhere and figured that he must have headed back for home.....as I crossed the road I looked up ahead and saw him just rounding the corner to home so I ran to catch him up.  It was really lovely having him back out walking again and I hope he continues.

Total time for 6km was 36:10 avg pace 6:02 and avg htr 147   ... very happy with that.

6km data

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3.2 miles on the treadmill

I was naughty today.....lazy naughty....... It was meant to be an early storm and raining so I didnt set my alarm for my early training time.........the extra sleep was sooo good, but the blue sky made me feel guilty for it.

So I made a pact with myself that if I didnt train I would do the treadmill when I got home.  So I headed down at 6pm to the treadmill.  There was a guy who just got off it and we chatted briefly...he had a very strong french accent and was very charming.  So my first and only lesson of the night....Rule No 132 ALWAYS check your treadmill settings before committing to the walk.

I started out pressed my watch and started going up in the speed...I got to 6 and thought wow, I am starting to find this a bit to fast but I normally have it on 10?? so I stopped at 6.2 and settled in for a few mins ... after about 5mins my watch chirps that I have done a km...........but the treadmill says 600m??? What on earth was going on.........then I twigged..... it was set to imperal!!!!! bugger it was in miles and my watch was using the foot pod that I have not yet calibrated.  OH JOY.

So after 20 mins I press the pace up to 6.4 and left it on that.  I stopped at 30mins - have to as treadmill goes into auto cool down then.  So I took note of my distance.

I had walk 3.2 miles in 30mins - I think that equals 5.149 km and that means I was walking 5:50 pace.

VERY happy with that

3.2 miles data

Sunday, September 15, 2013

15km......was a tough one but its done

I slept in a little this morning as I didnt have a very good sleep last night.  So by the time I had organised myself and filled up water bottles etc it was about 9.30am.  I decided at the last minute to head the other direction and walk down to Burliegh - mainly due to how many people would be out on the walk ways I figured the other direction would have more people.

I had already decided to take it easy on this walk ... it will be my longest walk in many months an there is no point busting my gutt over a training walk.  After burlesque on Friday night my glutes were pretty sore (which is a good thing) ... so walking today I could sure feel them and my right hip was niggling a bit on an off.

I felt ok during this walk.  I did start getting tired around the 9km mark and was getting rather annoyed at ignorant people who just walk in front of you or stop directly in front of you or cars that dont give way and nearly run you over!!

It was also getting hotter and hotter but I did carry my water bottles and I was drinking from them.  I even stopped at the 7.5km mark to stretch and full my bottle back up.  I stopped again briefly 12km because my hip was starting to tighten up on me.  All in all though it was an ok walk....in hind site I probably should have done just a 12km .... and gone up to 15km in a few more weeks.

Total time was 1:35:22 for avg pace of 6:22 - avg heart rate 153

15km data

Thursday, September 12, 2013

8km up hedges ave

I got up today and headed out to do 8km.  I am still testing out the short shorts.....today they seemed much better.

I felt good and was happy with my pace that I had picked.  I was not pushing hard but still seemed to be around the 6min / km pace.  Either this watch measures short or my old watch measured long....but I seem to be much faster with less effort.

I am finding that more and more people recognise me now and it is really nice to get the nods from people and the hellos that are called out.  I was not breathing hard and am finally feeling that I am back to my fitness I had before leaving NZ.  Now to build on that.  Its a bit hard with the hours I work as I really dont like getting up so early but that is a small thing to be whingy about.

Todays walk was 8km in 48:06 with an avg heart rate of 148

8km walk

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

5km quick zip along walkway

I am still buzzing after the Qld Club BBQ and Relay day.  On Sunday Robyn and I drove in to Kallinga Park and joined everyone for the Relay and BBQ.  In the relay each of the 4 member team walked 1 km each.  I went all out (its hard to start your watch and tag someone at the same time so I was a few seconds wrong when starting and finishing my watch)  I felt really good today, no aches or pains and I felt like I had really good form and I just FLEW.....by my watch I had done that km in 5:15 and I was totally over the moon and even rang Jim to brag......but the crazy part is...... the club were timing everyone and they have me at 4:55!!!!  I even questioned this and so they got the other 3 memebers of my team over and checked everyones watches to the times they had and it all worked out.  So officially my km was 4:55 ... totally crazy stuff.

Today I decided to try my new short shorts again.  This time I pulled the legs up instead of down and it worked much better.  No seam to rub against .... I did use vaseline to help with the leg rub on leg rub...but this wore off pretty quickly and while I didnt get any chaffing it was feeling uncomfortable so I decided to stay with the shorter walk today of 5km.  Will have to use Glide or find another product if I want to use these shorts for longer walks.  I want to use shorter shorts as I really need to do something about this tan line of mine.  LOL  I have a very distinctive tan line from wearing the skin shorts that go to mid thigh.  Time to bring the line up a little.  

Todays walk was good, while I was a little tired and again got a little light headed I still felt good.

Time was 30:21 avg pace of 6:04 and avg heartrate of 140........... perfect!!!!

5km data

Saturday, September 07, 2013

12km along surfers paradise to the spit

I didnt want to get up this morning....let alone go for a walk!  I even texted my coach and whinged to him about not being in the mood for it.  My legs were so so sore from the class last night....we did lots of body squats and my legs just arent used to that.  Plus climbing the poles etc it was a darn good leg work out but not the most ideal when you have a long walk to do the next day.

Any how.....I sucked it up and put my 'big girl panties' on and got out there.  It was a gorgeous day and once I started I was questioning myself for why I didnt want to go.

It was pretty busy on the street leading up to the Surfers Paradise beach front so it was slow picking getting past them but once I got on to the wide walkway it was smooth going and I made it all the way to the paths end to reach my 6km.  I turned and started back.  I was starting to tire abit now as it was warming up and I was finding I was very thirsty.  I stopped twice for a drink but I must admit this was not enough and in the last two km I was feeling like I was walking out of my body and was very light headed.  So I have spoken to my coach and resolved that I will carry my water belt in future.

I was really pleased to finish my walk today and find that I had kept to a pretty steady pace and actually finished in a respectable time.  My heart rate remained fairly low too so that is showing me that my fitness is starting to come back.

Head ache did go during the walk but its back with vengeance now....definitely water related I am sure.

total time was 1:14:15 for an avg pace of 6:11per km and avg heartrate of 148
12 data here

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

8km that become 5km .....grrrr

Well my tummy has decided to go out in protest.  Not quite sure what it is protesting about....but it sure gets heard!!!!

Within 30mins of eating dinner last night - BANG!!! in come the cramps and spasms.  Not much can be done other than the lady like lean to the left to try and release some trapped air......but that is only short term relief.   When I woke this morning I was still feeling tender but I thought I would be ok and I really wanted to get my 8km done and dusted.

I started out and was enjoying ticking along.  I found that 6:10 per km was a perfect pace and was feeling easy today.  The walkway is 2km long and I start my walking about 400m before it so when I get to the end of the walk way I can either carry on up the road for 100m and turn to make it 5km in total or I can turn back at the end and just to the 2km loops and make it any distance I want.  By the time I got to the end of the walkway there was only one option for me.  Do 5km if I can.  My stomach was in knots!

I turned and had to work hard to keep my pace around the 6:10 mark......cramps/spasms were every 3 - 4 mins so it was not a pleasant walk back.

I am thinking I might go back onto the liquid and soft foods diet.  Soups and mashed stuff....boring but it did help.  Eating salads seems to be too much fibre and really sets me going.

total time for today was 30:40  avg hr 145 so am I getting fitter ... Yay

5km data

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

6km along the walkway

My stomach flared up last night and I was not sure if I could walk in the morning.  But it seemed to have settled when I woke up.  I was planning on doing 8km.

I headed out and started walking once I reached the foot path near home.   I was enjoying an easy pace and just settled into it nicely.  I was not struggling or pushing hard and enjoyed the nods and greetings from the regulars along the way.  As I got to the 3km mark I felt that familiar stabbing pain in my lower stomach and instantly knew it was going to get ugly and fast.  So I turned and headed back.

Along the way back my pain levels were up and down and I was struggling to keep form and just turn my legs over.  I managed to pick up the pace mainly due to wanting to get it over with as fast as I can.  As I rounded the bend to where I started my watch chirped about 20m short again........grrrrr and I thought my time looked a bit quick.  But it did bring me back the 3km so I checked the lap splits out and thought the last lap was really really off.  5:37 for 1 km in the condition I was in ...this was a joke.  I zoomed in on the map once I uploaded the data and you can clearly see that it looks like I shot off to the beach at 32kph?????  holy cow..................... no wonder my time was so gammy.

I dont quite beleive that I did 6km in 36:23 ..... perhaps closer to 37:00  but even so ... for the pain I was in....I am happy to take any time.

6km data

Sunday, September 01, 2013

A weeks worth of training

As you all know I am slowly recovering from very low B12 and my energy levels wane dramatically.  So I tend to just walk as far as I feel I can each time I go out.  So its usually nothing startling to post about.  I am trying hard to train more often but I just find if I do back to back walks it wipes me out.  I try to walk at least 4 times a week......sort of every other day.  This week I am going to try to walk back to back twice in a row.  Will see how that goes.

Any how, this week I have gotten up early morning and done the following:-

Monday = 4km - A very easy 4km with Shane
Tuesday = 6km in 36:44 this is an avg pace of 6:07
Weds = 8km in 50:03 this is an avg pace of 6:15
Thurs - REST
Friday / Saturday - Shane and I walked around the Zoo and Aquarium.  I decided against training as my ankle was hurting and felt rather stiff.  We had a birthday party that we traveled back into Brisbane for on the Saturday and we stayed the night nearby.

Sunday (Today) I was going to do 5km on the treadmill but as I went to go down to the treadmill I decided to head out and zip along the walkway.  My ankle felt ok.....but my shins were hurting a bit today.  All up it was 5km in 30:26 for an avg pace of 6:05

5km data

Sunday, August 25, 2013

10 km QRWC Club Championships Open/Masters

Usually this race is run in a very different fashion.....up until today it has had the following rule :- Trophies will be awarded to the first three placings in each age group (male & female) and medals in the Masters age group. For Masters athletes please note that the first three finishers in Open races will be the Open placegetters and the next three Masters Age competitors to finish after that will be eligible for Masters medals.

So the Masters Womens Record was always going to be out of my reach.  I had made it a secret goal of mine to try hard to gain a club or state record for masters in this winter season.  So today when we arrived to race and discovered that it was only Denise and myself racing in the Masters and were also the only ones that could also enter the Open ... I decided to question the above rule as it just made no sense to me.  To my surprise they decided that we could choose which grade we wanted at the end of the race.

We all lined up and the race got underway.  By the 2km mark my right piroformus was causing me alot of pain.  I had sadly pulled this again last week due to poor form during the last race and still being sick this week I have had little training.  I kept at it and had already decided that if it was hurting too much by 5km that I would pull out.  I noticed that my times were remaining steady...and my glute was not getting worse.

I hit the 5km mark in 28:32 ... so I knew if I could keep going at this pace I was on for a good time....perhaps a sub 58:00  

My breathing got a little messed up today and I found I was shallow breathing....while I was keeping my shoulders low and my stride nice and long, my breathing was holding me back.  One of the older walkers John mentioned this me as I passed him and he reminded me to slow and control my breathing...get some deep breaths in.  This helped immensely, and I did concentrate on this for the last 3 km.  I did how ever get myself in a mental state by miscalculating my laps.  I set up my watch quickly today and decided to use the Lap Time, Lap Pace and Lap Distance....but I didnt realise that I should have had total laps in their too.... for some reason at 7km I thought I only had 2 laps to go and so decided to try and push then....so got all in a fuddle when I was told I had two more to go when I thought I only had one.  Such a simple thing...but it can really throw you.

I crossed the finish line in 57:22 ( meaning my second 5km was 28:50 so not that much slower than my first 5km) 

Once Denise had crossed the line....they asked us to have a think about what grade we wanted.  Well that was a pretty quick and simple desion................Give the Open QLD Champ trophy to Denise and I will take the Masters 10km medal and the Masters record which was 59:55 ... so a win win all round. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Qld Masters 10km Championship Race - Murarrie Course

Waking up at 4.30am is not my idea of a fun Sunday.  I drove into Murarrie today and picked up Kay and Denise on the way.  I have been unwell for the last 3 days.  My stomach has been playing up and I have been suffering diarrhea and bad stomach cramps, so I was in two minds to flag this race.  I tried to walk to warm up and I had sharp pains in my lower stomach.  It did come right so I figured I can start the race and pull out if it got too bad.  In this warm up I also noticed my 2nd problem.  I had grabbed the wrong socks...my left foot sock had slipped down into the shoe and I knew it was going to rub.

I am also testing out my 2nd Garmin....so far its just not working for me.   Gun goes off and we are away.  Pete and Dean were doing the 20km while the rest of us were walking the 10km.  My first km and the garmin watch chirps 25m before the start/finish line....GREAT!!! so now all my pacing on the watch is going to be out.  I also made the mistake of pressing the stop and not the pause....I discovered this about 2mins later.  So I lost 400m in my distance.

By 4km I was having lots of problems.......I could feel my foot rubbing against my shoe and new I had a beauty blister forming.  I was also getting sharp stomach cramps every 5 or so minutes and was struggling to remain upright as they cramped.  But instead of stopping I kept at it and just kept walking.

Each of my km splits were around the 5:50 - 5:52 and seemed consistent - which surprised me for how I was feeling.  I was even more surprised to finish the race in 58:17

Garmin Data here - note....while the data says 10km my time is only 56:00 so my garmin is measuring everything long.
10 km data

Cairns - Great Barrier Reef Masters Games

It was not a great start to the day.  My boarding pass was misprinted and I ended up missing my flight, cost me $100 to change my flight to the later night flight.  Arriving into Cairns at 8pm - Robyn and I rented a car and headed off to find our accommodation.

Our first race was at 9am on Saturday - 5000m.  It was so humid and this was going to make it a challenging walk.  There was only two women and 5 men.  We all lined up and headed out.  It took me a couple of laps to get into the swing of it but I kept my pace steady for the whole 5000m to finish in 28:04  After we had finished the CH9 news guy arrived and we joked with him that he had missed the best race.....so he got me out on the track and filmed me walking and then interviewed me.  It was to play on the local TV this week so I wont get to see it.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the track and then we headed out for dinner that night.  We were all tired so didnt stay out late, just headed back home.

Sunday was a morning at the track for Robyn and I went and hung out at the car show in the grounds next to us.  We then spent an hour walking around the markets around the lagoon.  It is really pretty there.  We headed back to the track for our last race which was at 3pm and was the 3000m.  I was feeling fantastic for this race.  We all lined up and I set off at a great pace and kept it up the whole 7.5 laps.  Finishing in 16:26 which is my best Australian time for 3000m.

While my trip didnt pan out the way I had hoped, I have come away a stronger person.  I have closed the door to a part of my life that needed to be closed.

Monday, August 05, 2013

5km recovery walk

I wanted to test out the gps again.  So I decided to record my 5km in two parts.

1st x 2.5km was done with the GPS setting - SMART recording on.  I walked along the walkway and out onto Hedges Ave until I got to 2.5km.  I wish I could remember where my other watch measured it to.  But I do think it was the corner I got to.

Time - 15:07

2.5km smart recording

I then turned and headed back along the walkway.  I had changed the settings on the GPs to record every second.   Every now and then I would check my pace and it seemed to be recording ok......I had the odd strange reading.... but nothing to odd.  I felt a little faster on the return and turns out I was 15 secs quicker.

 Time - 14:43

2.5km with record every second

I felt really good on this walk.  Legs were not sore or heavy.  Total time for the 5km was 29:50  avg heartrate was 144 which shows I was nice and relaxed.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

5000m club race at St Lucia

It was another early start.  We all met up at Movie World carpark and carpooled with Paul into Brisbane.  It was going to be a gorgeous day.  I was excited to start this race.  I wanted to see how I was getting along with my training and my B complex shots.  Plus I get to test out my new watch.

I went out and did the 800m the watch needs to calibrate the foot pod...but in hindesite - maybe I should have turned off the gps ??  it seems to have screwed with it.

Race starts and the young ones took off as to be expected.  Paul shot past me and I thought...YEAH...we are going to have a great race today....but about 800m I past him and quickly settled into my pace.  I felt comfortable the whole way.  I was annoyed when my watch chimed the first 1km mark......about 100m away from the 1 km mark.  But I had turned off auto lap and so I pressed the lap button...only I didnt press hard enough.  My first km was 5:35.......the watch then chimed for the next 1km mark only this time it was 200m early......oh man...even my other watch was not that badly out on the track.  I made a mistake on the laps and pressed lap 200m early...but that was easily fixed.

I was thrilled to finish the race in 27:55 - this is my fastest 5000m since moving here.  the annoying thing is my watch tells me that I walked 5.76km so all my avg pace is out.  My lap splits are there BUT if I go into the player......it reverts back to the gps measures.  .....  I still need to look into the settings I think.

SIDE NOTE:  I turned off GPS and set it to read off my foot pod and walked the 2km broadwalk course...the gps measures it short by at least 10m per km....the foot pod measures it LONG...so the first km the watch said it was 995m.

5000 m race

Friday, August 02, 2013

10 km along a new pathway

Day Two - post Bcomplex injection and I have to say WOW!  I had a crappy nights sleep but I woke up feeling awake but most interesting was my legs felt fresh - not zonked after the fast 8km.

I had decided to drive up to Main Beach and head along the walkway there out to the Spit.  This would give me the first 2 km on paved pathway and approx 3km out to the spit on the packed gravel/sand bike ways.  Turns out right at the spit I had to detour at 4.3km to the road as there was a movie being shot with army and police shooting each other....I didnt feel like getting shot today.

I started out and slotted into a nice easy steady pace.  I took no notice of my watch as today was to be a nice recovery walk so minimal effort.  So I was rather surprised to be feeling fantastic and to see my first km at 6:08 .... hmmm coolies.  I kinda figured I would fatigue fast as this is the normal .. especially at the 4km mark but NOT today.  Today I remained feeling fresh and strong the whole walk.  Infact when I had to detour on to the road and it was smooth tarseal.....I found I was really zipping along and was shocked to see my 5 and 6th kms both recording 5:35 and 5:47 - for little effort!!!!!

I loved this walk....it is by far my most enjoyable scenery wise todate!!  the mountain bike section while yes was packed dirt and gravel was still easy to walk on and much nicer than concrete.  I had birds and butterflys flitting around me and the sea to watch as well.  Yes it had rises all along but they were not too hard to go up and over.....it just made the whole walk so much more fun and one that I will do more often now.

So now I am home after my walk and I still feel energetic ... I dont feel like I need to nap or my eyes are out on stalks.  Ok so its only 10am but this is not what I normal feel like...right now I feel GREAT and its really making me see how crappy I was feeling.  Man why did I not ever get this checked in the past....why do Dr's just assume its iron and only test for that????  I cant wait for my second shot next week.  If I feel this good already and its only day 2....I am going to be AWESOME in two weeks!!!!

Total time for 10km is 1:00:27
Avg pace = 6:03
Avg Hr = 151
Avg SPM = 86

10km data

Thursday, August 01, 2013

a fast 8km first thing in the morning

I had my first B Complex injection last night and will be getting another next week...then a fortnight after that.  The dr said I should notice a big difference in a few days.   Yay cant wait as I am over feeling so fatigued all the time and I just put it down to stress and not sleeping properly.  He recons I have been low in B12 for at least two or three years.   wow.

With my new job comes new hours.  I will be working 9am to 5:30pm so that puts training at night out completely....so its morning training for me.  Eeekkkkk as I am NOT a morning person.  While I am training I am doing 10 to 4 so I thought I would start today and easy my body into earlier and earlier.

so at 7.30am I headed out to do 8km.  I started out at 85% and felt good.  It felt easy but my legs felt pretty heavy and empty.  Still they were turning over and thats the main thing.  I also decided to walk to the km splits going by my GPS today rather than the marks on the walk way.  I will calibrate my foot pod on Sunday and I am interested to see how it measures then.

At 4km I turned to do the next 2km back along the path way and I was feeling tired but noticed that I was doing just under 6min pace.....hmmm ok.... maybe the kms are a bit short???? so I thought I would push hard for my last 2km and see how my body responds.  I was pretty amazed that it responded well and my legs didnt feel so dead anymore.  I was starting to breath harder ... Not gasping ... just working it.  For my last km I was giving it 100% effort.  Now to see how I go during the day and how I feel tonight.

Total time for 8km was 47:01
AVG pace = 5:52
AVG HR = 153 (max was 174)
AVG cadence = 88 steps per min
Training effort = 5 (definitely agree with that!!!) lol

8km data

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whats been happening and an 8km walk

So where do I start.  For some time I have felt tired and have been struggling with my workouts.  Some days are great and some are really bad.  I only train about 4 times a week and I just couldn't work out what was going on with me.  I used to train 5 - 6 days a week and walk up to 50 - 60 km per week and here I am struggling to get out 30????  One of my friends in USA discovered she was very low in B12 and has started in on the slow recovery by taking oral B12 tablets.  At this time I thought I would google what B12 is and noted that I had almost 3/4 of the symptoms and I remember discussing this with Jim and Tammy at different times......and so I started taking B12 as well.  Didnt think it could do me any harm.

So needless to say the whole stress thing at work was probably manifested and made worse due to the fatigue I was constantly feeling.  I went to the Dr last week and decided to get a full blood work done.  I just was really feeling off colour.  I got my results back today and the word pernicious anemia was said a number of times.....and I was told to stop taking the B12 as my body was not absorbing it.  My B12 level was 267 which is VERY low.  My iron is 10, my calcium is below base line and my liver function is not good.  So first course of action is to start me on Bcomplex injections starting on Monday.  I am told this will be almost instant and I will feel 100% better in just a few days.  I will need to have these once a month at least for a few months.  He is also checking my vit D too as that is needed to absorb calcium.

So a few life changes coming up.

I then went out and brought a new Garmin 610 and got to use that tonight.  This was my present for myself as I also just landed a new job.  I really like all the new features but it will take some getting used to.

Tonight I did 8km with kay and paul as this would be my last walk with them.  I wont finish work now til 5pm ... by the time I make it to the walkway they will be half done.  We all enjoyed our walk and chats and the walk was a nice easy one.
Total time of 56.54
AVG HR = 117
AVG Pace = 6:59
AVG SPM = 81 (cadence - steps per minute)
Training effort = 2.3

Sunday, July 28, 2013

3000m Sunshine Coast University

I got up at 5am and quickly dressed and headed out the door to collect Robyn and head off to Sunshine Coast.  Its the furthest I have driven since being here and I was a tad nervous of this.   But turned out that was not needed and we got there in quick time.... 1.5 hours :) and NO speeding either.

It rained on and off along the way and we both were not overly thrilled about the prospect that we might be getting wet.  We signed up as soon as we arrived.  It was nice to met new people and when they called for the walkers we giggled that it was again pretty much Gold Coast walkers there.

As we were about to start, a very large WILD kangaroo slowly hopped through the open gate and proceeded to hop half a lap around the track.  The officials red carded it for lifting/loss of contact and helped to escort it from the track.....to which the kangaroo just "hopped" right over the fence and hopped off to the near by paddock where there was a joey and 3 others waiting.

Our race got under way after that.  I went out a bit quick and felt it at the second lap.  First lap being 2 mins and my lungs were burning.  I was working hard and I quickly accessed that I would blow up very fast if I didnt ease back a little.   That helped alot and I was moving freer now and starting to smooth out.  On the 4th lap I started to lap the others which surprise me alot and I used them to help me keep pace.

The last km was looming and it was now that my legs were fatigued and I was starting to struggle.  I tried to hold in my core and tuck my butt under but I cant say for sure that I managed it now.  I crossed the finish line in a respectable 16:40:04 and I am very happy with that.

Lap 1 - 5:26:01
Lap 2 - 5:37:08
Lap 3 - 5:36:02
Me on lap 3 or 4 - walking strong 

Friday, July 26, 2013

10km along the walkway

Wow......I bombed today.

It was 19 degs out side.  A BEAUTIFUL day and I while walking down to the start of the walkway couldn't feel my toes or my fingers.  They felt like they would on a frosty cold day??? what is up with this?  I started out and instantly felt like my feet were concrete blocks.  I was slapping down on them, my shins were just screaming at me and my legs were DEAD.  Not sore.......just totally dead.  I felt tanked!  At the end of the 2km walkway I stopped and stretched out my shins and then got my thumbs into them.  I figured if they were still this sore when I got back to the other end I was going to pull the pin! ..... 12:45 for 2km....UGH!

So back I went....there was an improvement and so at the end of this 2 km I stopped and stretched again and figured I felt ok and the shin pain was going....I was just starting to feel my feel and hands.....was kinda like pins and needles.....So I started back out again.  I went through 5 km in about 31:35 I was putting in about 70 - 80% effort so my breathing was shallow I was not struggling.....I just had nothing in my legs to give?  Have I walked too much this week...... It is more in total kms than I have done for some time.....but I didnt think it was that bad.  It is day 2 from my faster 8km...so maybe they were just a little thrashed from that.

I continued on and managed to get out 10km.  I didnt feel good at any point of this walk......not bad as in pain or injury.  I just felt off.  The zero energy threw me a little but I guess we all have days like this.  Plus my GPS decided today it was going to read different to the markings on the walkway.  I did do 10km only...but my watch has gained me an extra 100m  So my km splits are out by a good 3 secs

Total time for my 10km is 1:03
10 km data

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The week so far......

Well - Monday started off on a roll with me being made redundant.  Oh Happy Joy!!!

Tuesday - I woke with a very sore lower stomach...deep core? perhaps I had over done it with the core exercise's the night before.  Felt like I had twisted an ovary!!!   So I decided to head out before lunch and do a gentle walk so I invited Cat to come along.  She jogged along beside me while we were doing 500m start and stops.  In total we walked 4.5km   Cat and Nyle 4.5km

That night I met Paul and Kay and we walked the walkway deciding to do 8km and as both had said to me they want to get fast I suggested that I up the pace to help them.  So we did up the pace sitting on 6:52 per Km as opposed to 7:15 per Km.  Total for that walk was 55:00   Kay and Paul 8km

Wed - Woke up and tummy was feeling alittle better so decided to head out for a training walk.  It was 15 degs...just perfect.  I had planned on 10km but I turned at 4 km because my TFL was just starting to get grumpy and my shirt was chaffing me under my arms really badly.  So I decided it was better I stop so I finished up at 8km and was very happy with my time.  I would guess about 90% effort in this walk.  Total time for this walk was 47:52 and my heart strap seemed to work today....so the avg 152 is not too bad.  I will take it.   8km walkway just me

the one DOH thing that I did do.  I discovered as I uploaded my data that I had not changed the settings on my watch.  So I didnt record any lap splits.  Oh well, the overall is the most important at the moment.

My total kms for this week
Sun = 10km
Mon = 0
Tues = 4.5 + 8 = 12.5
Weds = 8

Total = 30.5

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5km training along the walkway

I got up today and decided to train in the morning.  I was still feeling alittle bit stiff and sore but I really needed to get out and have a stretch out.

I still dont have a heart strap ... mine has well and truly broken now.  But I kinda gauge how I am by my breathing.  I was not gasping and felt pretty good.

It was about 17 degs so just perfect.  I started out and felt good straight off.  I decided to just walk and not push to hard.  I worked on using my upper arms and shoulders and the push off today.  I think I kept my butt tucked the whole way.

I was feeling pretty good....while I was not pushing my self I certainly didnt feel I could have gone much faster if I had wanted too.

Total time for the 5km was a quick 29:24 and I am VERY happy with that.

On a side note.  My head is finally starting to clear and I am feeling much better.  My anxiety is fading and I am sure I am going to be ok to cope at work again.

5km data

Sunday, July 14, 2013

10km Qld State Champs

I have been off the grid for a wee bit.  Just reassessing my motivation and myself.

Today we headed in towards Brisbane for the Qld State Champs.  It was raining and rather miserable.   The way my body was feeling I knew it was going to be a hard race for me.  I had done a speed session on Friday and then gone to dance for an hour.  All day Saturday my glutes were aching...they had been well worked - as I am a 2 day DOMS girl, I knew it was going to be a painful race.

Sure enough, when I tried to warm up I could barley stretch out and walk.  Even the judges all commented that in the first km I looked terrible, very still and sore.  I started to come right about 5km but by then my glutes were totally fatigued and it was just a matter of hanging on to the finish.  My only goal for today was a sub 60min.  I managed that JUST.

Finishing in 59:15 - the course is a punishing one and not for fast times with two rises in the middle as it comes up and over the cycledrome.

Side note:  I was told I should have received a new number with laurals up the sides as I had won this race last year and also won the 20km.  When I asked about it they realised that there had been an error and so I will be recieving my State Champs new race number with laurals up the sides.....cant wait for that.

10km race data

Monday, July 01, 2013

5km treadmill

Its raining....not the drizzle it will be ok rain but the torrential soak you to the bone in 2 mins rain!  We have a  weather warning out for today and I can see why.  So its back to the treadmil for me.

I had a very busy and stressful day at work so desperately needed to walk.  I really wanted the zone you get into....own space, own thoughts etc.

So I went downstairs and jumped on the complex treadmill.  I was pleased that I could get it cranked up fairly quickly and it felt comfortable.  After 2.5km I started ramping up the pace as I strode my anger out.  I was really pleased that nothing was hurting.

I ended the last km on 10.5km/hr and was still feeling good.

Total time was 30:03  even better!!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

5km treadmil kick down

Its pouring with rain.  All the others had bailed on me and I thought stuff getting soaked on my own...so I came home and headed down to the complex gym and jumped on the treadmill.  There were a couple of guys mucking around on the gym equipment and they chatted away as I set the treadmill up.

its takes about 50m until the treadmill is up to speed and I can turn my watch on.  I set it to 9.5km and ticked along happily....each km I would click the speed up one but with two km to go I clicked it up to 10km and then for my last km I had it up to 10.5km.

I felt great and had no pain in my hip or glutes.  My shins are pretty sore but I think that is more from the speed session.  The two guys thought I had my music on and I could hear them talking to each other....said one guy to the other....far out I cant even run that fast!  tee hee always makes you feel good.

Total time for 5km was 30:19

5km treadmill data

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3km Fartlek

Tonight I thought I would try a short speed walk.  I figured a 3km fartlek would be a good distance to test how the body goes.

I used the first km on the walkway as  my warm up.  I hit the start and pushed off.  The walkway was busy and I was having to weave between kids and people.  I got the first km done in 5:36 (hmm thought it would be faster than that)  in my error I hit stop and not lap......  I turned back for the next 500m but just as I was about to hit lap I realised my watch had not changed time and I had accidentally hit stop.  Doh.

So I hit start again and away I went for my next fast 500m.  I was breathing hard but feeling ok.  Nothing was hurting.  I was not feeling so smooth today.  Alot was on my mind and I was struggling to push it to one side and focus.  Next 500m was the recovery and I knew I was going to slow but its my first one in a while so I was trying not to stress too much about it.  

Last 500m and I tried hard to push for this but I was a couple of seconds slower.

first km = 5:36
500m = 3:12
500m = 2:43
500m = 3:10
500m = 2:45

total time is 17:26

Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 km Corporate Challenge

This is the last race in the Series.  There are 5 in total and I have done one other.  I kinda look back now I think I should have done all 5 races but that is something for next year.

I didnt fancy driving into Brisbane on Saturday for a 10km race so I opted to race in the last 5km.  It was a chilly morning today.  Was 11 degs when I got to the park.....yes I know that it is WAY colder back home lol....but I have finally climatised.  I warmed up with Kay and Paul doing 3 laps of the track, then headed out to the start line.  I did opt to take my jacket off and walk in bare arms ...it wasnt too bad once I had warmed up.

The race started and I hit out fast.  I was trying a faster turn over with a shorter front stride but longer at back and gosh it felt fast.  After a couple of km's I noticed that Paul's wife was jogging not far ahead of me and so I decided I would try to catch her.

It took me another km to get within 2 metres of her and just as I got close enough to touch her she switched from the road to the foot path with out noticing that I was there.  LOL  As we went up the stop bank she pulled away from me.  It was now 1km to the finish.  I was feeling great.  Nothing was hurting and I still felt reasonably fresh.  Again I closed the gap but as we hit the track and started on the one lap around the mondo track....she found some new speed and was off again.

We crossed the line with in seconds of each other.  I had runners coming up to me after the race saying how great it was to pace off me.  It was funny as I was doing the same to them.

It was a great confidence booster......I had no idea what my time would be today.  It was nice to see it was faster than the last time which was 28:41 so it was a vast improvement.

Total time for 5km was 28:09  (my watch says 28:12 but my official time is the 28:09)

5km data

Saturday, June 15, 2013

5km - starting to feel the benefits of the strength training

Well its week 2 and while yes I have dropped back on my mileage and speed work - I have had no pain!

I am doing strength Pilates every second day and will now try to do them every day.  I am so pleased to have walked with no pain for my last few walks.

I did catch some kind of a stomach bug this week and it has made walking a tad difficult.  I did go out on Thursday and walk 8km with Paul and Kay.  Very slow and steady pace but there were two emergency loo stops.

Today I was starting to feel a little better.  No more flying dashes to a toilet or curled up with stomach cramps.  So I decided to head out and do 5km.  I felt good and kept to a steady pace.  I was not pushing hard and was pleased to see that after my first warm up km the rest were pretty much 6min kms.

Before I left for my walk I had changed the battery in my heart strap and when I finished and saw that my heart was 251 beats per minute ... I knew I had fritzed my strap.  So I googled it when I got home and found that you are meant to wait for a minute between battery change.  Well there you go.....it works now :)  Yay

Total time 30.15

5km data

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5km - testing out new shoes

I finally got the chance to head out and test out my new shoes.
 Adidas Adizero Feather 2 and at 5.6 oz they are my lightest shoe yet.  I also fitted a half size smaller too.  I had tried them on the treadmill last night at the gym I really wanted to see how they went on the road/walkway.

I started out and quickly settled into a steady pace tonight.  My shoes felt good...a tad stiff but that is to be expected.  After a km my left foot, second toe (which is longer than my big toe) was just rubbing a little.  Enough to annoy slightly but not enough to say ouch.  My hip/glute and ITB all felt good tonight but at about the one km mark that familiar knot in the centre of my hamstring was there.  

I kept going at the pace I was doing as it felt ok.....if I slowed it still hurt so I just stayed as I was.  I felt about 85 to 90% effort tonight.  I did try to slowly pick up the pace per km.  Looks like I did but nothing to dramatic.

I am pleased my heart rate seems to be settling and sits at about 169ish for most of my walks....much better than the resent 190's .... geeep  As my Cairns races are only 3000m and 5000m I am not too worried about my distance work at present.  I am just trying to walk pain free.  

I have the Gold Coast Half Marathon coming up soon but I intend to be walking that very slowly.  There is a 3 hour cut off so I am in no hurry.

Got home and had a good stretch session.  Will do my pilates strength exercises soon.  
Total time for 5km was 30:17
5km data

Sunday, June 09, 2013

4km to test the hip

I really needed to get out today.  Since hearing the first news of my friend Lesley, I have not walked.  I found my self lost and drifting....wrapped up in disbelief and then grief.

But, sadly.....life does still go on and I have slowly exited from my state of grief and felt that pull to walk again.  With injury's that just wont heal, I have been taking it very easy and so I decided to just do 4km today.

Its a good enough distance to get a good sweat up and to keep concentration up on style.

I felt good which surprised me and I kept up a pretty good pace for all considering.  The stretches and strength exercises I have been doing seem to be working.  I stopped at 2km to stretch and then continued back.  I felt a small discomfort on the way back in my glute but nothing to rate as pain.  A vast improvement.

Total time for 4km was 24:00

4km data

Saturday, June 08, 2013


Wow, how do I begin this......how do I put into words the shock, numbness and denial I feel.

When I saw the first news article that you had collapsed after your race and were in critical condition on life support.....I thought someone was playing a sick prank.  How could that be???? you had only a few hours earlier been private messaging me about your race.  You had posted that you were nervous...and we all reassured you.   Then we hear you had won and in a fantastic PB too and had even beaten the younger women on the track.....something I know you were secretly hoping to do.

How did you die and so quickly???  Papers say it was a subarachnoid haemorrhage..... I guess that is like an aneurysm....something that just happens so quick with little explanation.  Which again leads to us all to be more in shock.  It was just too sudden and while you were just reaching your prime and potential.

Lesley, you were a truly special person.  So positive in everything you did.  A wonderful mother to Brooke, partner to Tony and special friend to all who met you.  I wish I could show you all the amazing messages that are pouring in from around the world....people who you didnt think even knew you.  You touched everyone!!!  You touched me with your compassion and your spirit.  You over come so many obstacles
.....epilepsy, shin pain and remoteness to become one of NZ's top walkers.

I wish to extend my love and condolences to your family, wee Brooke and Tony.  A life taken far too soon.

The world truly is a duller place with you gone.

R.I.P Lesley Cantwell

1987 - 2013

A photo of the NZ team for Hobart 2012.  One of my best memory's.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Gentle and easy 4km

I have made a really big decision.  I have opted to stop my coaching for a couple of months.  I seem to be constantly injured and with long sessions, speed work and the pressure of competitions - I feel I just cant do justice to the program given to me and feel that I am just wasting my coachs time.

So I have gone right back to basics.  Back to the gym to start back on a strength program adding in some core and hip pilates to help build some strength into those supporting muscles.  But more important.....I have cut back the distance and the pace.  Tonight I just went out and did 4km.  I had no set time in mind - tonights goal was to just walk correctly and with out any pain.  I didnt care if it was at 7min/km.

I managed the 4km and it was very easy.  My heart strap again has gone nuts so I think a new battery might be due.  But it was very easy.  I had minimal discomfort.  At about 3.5km my piroformis was just starting to ache...but only just.  I was going to stop and stretch but with a slight change to my posture it stopped.

I had a long stretch after and then walked back up the walkway to met up with Shane.

Total time was a very easy 26:09 for 4km

Body is feeling a little sore - but that is from they gym workout last night.  Pleased with this walk.

4km walk data

Color Run - Most Happiest Event in the world

There are NO words to really express how amazing this was.  So I will just let a couple of the photos do it for me.

A must do for everytime it is on!!!!  I will never miss another one ever.... I wanted to go around again.  It was just amazing.