Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gold Coast Masters Champs 2013

I started the week with gusto.  I had a 15km racewalk that was part of the Kurrara fun run and I managed to complete that.  I had forgotten about the large hill just at the half way mark and so that knocked the stuffing out of me.  But in all it was a great walk done in 1:36

Tuesday was next - a 5km recovery walk which was done in 31.41 - in this walk I was tired....really really tired.  Nothing in my muscles at all.

Thursday was my 5km fartlek which I opted to do on the walk way due to bad weather expected in the afternoon.  time for this was 29:36 - It felt easier than I expected, I had my B12 injection the night before so that may have helped.

Saturday was to be 10km....but this didnt eventuate.  On Friday I woke being sick and ended up coming home from work to be sick again.  By Saturday I had hardly eaten and was still feeling very sick.

Sunday was Race Day.  I got up and was still not feeling 100% .... I got to the track and realised I had left my watch behind.  What a stupid thing to my choice was to race "naked" No watch, I figured I would use the timing clock on the track.  HA the timing clock failed and was a minute out of sync with us
We started at 8.30am and it was hot....but then again its always hot here lol.  With no watch or track clock I had no idea of my time so I figured I can only walk to the best of my fitness.  At about 2km I passed Paul and continued on after Dean and Gorge Michael (our guest walker from Isle of Man)  I had no chance of catching them but as they passed me I did try to stay behind them.  At about 4km I was working out that the clock was about a minute off and so could see that I was going to be under 30mins but I was not sure by how much.  I managed a strong finish with a 29:17

1st female and 1st in age 46-50

Then two hours later we all lined up again for the 1500m .... now this one I really hate.  I am NOT a sprinter and my legs felt like they were made of lead.  But for participation I thought why not.  Total time was a slow 8:29

1st female and 1st in age 46-50

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