Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Walking Week - its sure been a hot one

Tues 24th - 5km along the walk way - 31.16  We had not long got home from Coffs Harbour.  My back was pretty sore from sitting in the car, but I felt I needed to stretch out.  I had no power for this walk....while yes my legs turned over ok, I was just done.  Not sure why I am having this set back...but its frustrating.

Thurs 26th - 8km along the walk way - 50.09 Temp 29 degs -  I really struggled with this walk and had to stop many times for water to stand in one of the salt water showers.  I must remember to carry water with me.  I knew I was in trouble at 4 km when I had pins and needles over my face and started seeing black spots.  There are showers along here but they are salt water, so I stopped to cool down for a moment.  I drank alot when I made it to the surf club and then again once back on the walkway.

Sat 28th - 10km along the walk way - 1.04 - Temp 31 degs  -  Today I carried my water belt and loaded up with poweraid on one side and a extra fuel on the other...but I made it too strong and had to stop and tip the other stuff out and full with water.  At 6km I felt that awful onslaught of....omg I need to find a toilet right NOW!!!!  I knew I would find one at the surf club ... 1 km away.  After that stop it was hard to get going again....nothing in my legs and the heat was really getting to me.

Sun 29th - 8km along the walk way - 52.02 - Temp 32 degs - today is to be one of hottest days.  I over slept but as it had been 28 degs all night, it really made little diff that I started my walk at 9am when it was 29 degs.  The hard part was NO breeze so the heat just sat on the road.  My legs were dead again, not sure whats going on there.  I had water with me today and a half mix of powerade.  I turned at the 4km point and stopped to stand under one of the showers.  I felt like I was dragging a tyre behind me today.  I was struggling.  Plus to add to my discomfort, I was suffering from chaffing (the extra weight I have gained is making walking with the shorter shorts difficult.)  Back to the longer leg shorts for a few days.

We brought my xmas present today.  My new best friend.......a stationary bike.  Most people would say that sucks as a present, but its what I need.  I have to drop at least 5kg in the next two months and I cant seem to walk far enough or hard enough to do it.  So I am hoping that sitting on the bike for an hour each night will help to burn off some extra calories and keep my back from hurting so much.  My hamstring has been holding ok while I am racewalking, but it is still very tight.  I also brought a hard croquet ball and have been using that on my glutes and hammys to help release the knots.

5km walkway
8 km walkway
10 km walkway
8 km walk way

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