Thursday, August 26, 2010

10km Walk

Well I have had such a frantic day at work. To top it off we made the front page of the local paper...and not for anything good!! so pressure is now on and we are all told to prepare for damage control tomorrow. So I really needed to blow some steam off. My training program had me down for a 10km at 92% so about 6:25 pace....I didnt really feel like doing a walk at all as my body was rather tired from the last three days and all the stress at work, but I figured just heading out was better than no walk.

I decided to walk around the waterfront again...I love this walk as the sea de-stress's me..even with the uneven foot path and odd camber I still enjoy this just for the scenery and the smell of the sea etc. It was a nice mild evening, had just stopped raining and was perfect for a walk. I headed out and was nice and slow for the first km as I was just letting the body warm up and stretch out, then I started feeling pretty good so I picked up the pace and just went with the flow.

I am really happy with my time. Its nothing flash but 61:59 is acceptable.

10 km training data and 1km splits
10km Kfc and port walk by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

I also managed to get another appointment with the Foot Doc and have now got my inserts. They will take SOME getting used to and I don't think I will be racing with them just yet. My feet will defiantly ache while getting used to them. But just standing in them was odd as they lifted my feet up and straightened up my legs and knees, so it will be very interesting to see how I go with walking in them.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8 km training walk

Well after totally busting my gut on the 5km last night, I was not expecting too much for tonight's 8km. My prog had me down for 10km tonight but I finished work late and I didn't want to be out in the dark on my own tonight so I opted for 8km.

I figured the best route was - out from home to 4km and then turn and come back, but the light was going pretty quick so I made the choice to turn around at 3.5km and make up the extra 1 km around the block near home so I would at least feel safer. I made it in 50:43 .... my avg on my prog was to aim for 6.25 pace and I did it in 6.20 I am rapt.

so here is my data with my km splits.
8 km out and back along the railway reserve by kyisis at Garmin Connect - Details

It was a hard slog home as once I turned around it was all up hill the whole way home but even so I am pleased that with tired legs I still felt ok. But I am going to have to have a very long and vocal talk to my boss about his smoking. Its not major but he lights his smoke in his office and then walks out side with it. The residual smoke is minimal but annoying and if its raining he smokes in the smoko (lunch) room which means I cant go in there as I can smell it and it chokes up my lungs. I am noticing it when training now so I plan to in force the NO SMOKING policy....wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finally a good walk

I cant believe I actually entered myself into the NZ Road Champs. I must have had a very weak moment. I have been plagued with injuries, have done almost zero training and its only two weeks away.

Ok its only 10km, but so far my few and far between walks I have been struggling to stick at 6.20pace and so my best 10km time so far is 62 mins....

I know my coach has said it will be good to get in front of judges again and I am meant to be starting my training for the 20km Long Distance Walks so its good to get some feed back on style etc. But I am really nervous about it this time. I have been slowly tweaking my style, plus with my calf and ankle hurting there has not been much chance to go and do too much.

But tonight I went out quickly and zipped around the block. Its a 5km course with a short sharp hill/rise that flows into about 1km down hill then its 2km home on a slight uphill rise. I did my fastest time around it tonight. I got it done in a speedy 30min 8secs. I can go to work tomorrow and say that the pie I ate for lunch was not so bad for me after all...hahahaha

So this quick little walk gave me a much need confidence boost.

Now its time to give myself a good telling off and hit the road every day to build up my km's and my fitness for the Long Distance in October.