Sunday, June 24, 2012

10km walkway

10km was up for today.  I woke up and I felt shattered so decided to just enjoy the walk.  While out on my walk I realised that this has been my longest break and that my pushing myself to do training walks in times that I was last doing was only going to end in tears and injury.  Plus my coach has been trying to tell me to slow it down on longer walks to get the benefit of the endurance.

So starting with todays walk.........unless told other wise by my coach......I will stick to 80% effort while out on 10km + walks.

I took water with me this time and managed much better.  Plus it was 9am which also helped.  The walk way was super busy and it became very apparent to me that it was also a fashion parade.....FULL make up and matching outfits was the required attire!  lol

My glutes started to hurt at 8km and it was an effort to continue on for the last two kms.  They hurt in a good way ...not an injury way.  So shows that I am trying to use them.

10km time was 1:02:03 avg heart rate 149  (much better!)

10km walkway

Thursday, June 21, 2012

3km fartlek - walkway

I decided it was easier to use the measured walkway near home for this workout.  Rather than drive to the track and pay $$ to use the track for such a short workout.

The track was pretty busy so I had to weave in and out of people but it didnt really hinder me too much.  There is a very slight rise along part of the walk way but I doubt it would cost me too much in seconds per km so if I keep using this walk way I can gauge if I am improving.

I was still feeling pretty tired, I am adjusting to working full time and also to the humidity here.  The first km I actually felt pretty good.  I was going as fast as I could.  I then slowed for my easy 500m but I did struggle to pick up for the next fast 500m.  I focused on using my glutes and pushing off from my toes.  The last 500m I pushed as hard as I could.

1km = 5:30:8
3:01:4 + 2:50:3 = 5:51:7
3:01:4 + 2:46:2 = 5:47:6
total time 17:10

3km fartlek - walkway

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 x 2km track

I had a gym work out last night and so woke up today feeling pretty stiff and sore.  I didn't do any legs as I knew I had a track walk tonight.

Tonight I had 3 x 2km (with 2 min rest) and I was so not feeling like doing it.  I am still adjusting to working full time and its getting pretty intense at work now.  So I was mentally tired and physically my body was pretty sore.

Again there were no walkers at the track.....not sure when they others actually go?  I started out and after two laps I knew it was going to be a tough walk.  I felt like I was walking with a brick dragging behind me.  By the time I had completed the 2nd 2km laps I was feeling really shattered and I had to really pep myself up to keep going.

I was pleased to finish this one.  I wasn't puffing but my legs just felt dead!  Avg heart rate 155

5:41:.5 + 5:45:6 = 11:27:1
5:44:1 + 5:49:0 = 11:33:1
5:46:2 + 5:48:2 = 11:24:4

3 x 2km track

Sunday, June 17, 2012

10km out and back

Ok.....time to start back with training.  I had done a 5km walk last night at the Gym on the treadmill.  Mainly due to pulling something in my stomach while dragging my 30kg suitcase out of my I decided to play it safe and walk on the treadmill.  Then after I did a gentle weights work out.

Today it was a 10km walk.  I started out from home and Shane joined me on the bike.  I knew it wouldnt be a fast walk and I really just wanted to check out the track that I will be using most days.  Plus to check out how far I can go.

First discovery.......while on the measured 2km path..there are water stops every 200m but once off the path..there are NONE!!!  mental note - carry water.  When we left the path way at 2.5km I found myself walking along the edge of a one way street that just went for miles.  Turns out its part of the Gold Coast Marathon course.  I got 3km out of it and it was still going dead straight ahead.  It had a few rises along the way but nothing major.  I turned at 5km and headed back.  By 6km I could feel I was starting to get into trouble as I had not drunk from any of the drink stations and I was very very dry!  I was slowing down and starting to struggle.  As I got closer to the park I sent Shane ahead to spot the first water fountain.  After that I started to come right but I only had 2km to go.

The good news was....NO pain!  yay

Time was 1:01:05 with an avg pace of 6:06 avg heart rate 154

10km out and back 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

5km fartlek grifth track

We found the Griffith University track yesterday and I stopped in to do 8km on it.  Not a bad walk and I had no major pains.  Time was

Tonight I went back and did a 5km fartlek.  After the 8km last night I was feeling a tad weary but got out on the track and got to it.

First km went ok and I was pleased enough to do it in 5.24 but after that I slowed down quite a bit.  My slow 500's were bad!!!  over 3 mins...sigh but I did try hard to pick it up for my fast 500's

Total time was 28:49

Next part of my adventure is to start driving!!!!  so far shane has been wonderful and has been driving me around but it wont be long now till he is working too and I will have to fend for myself.

5km fartlek grifth track 

Sunday, June 03, 2012

5km Australian Masters

I got up early to get ready for my first Australian race.  I have joined up with Australian Masters and was able to race for a medal today.  I also wanted to get there early to met up with the walkers and start to make friends.

I quickly spotted Robyn and made my way over to her and she happily introduced me to other walkers.  It will take me a while to remember everyones names but Dave was very keen that I put my hand up and actively get involved with the admin side of the club and I said I would once I was settled.

Today we had Dane and Rachel Tallent along with 5 others of the AIS as they were up this way on a training camp (I think)  it was going to be awesome to be racing along side these speedy young ones.

Race started and I just went as fast as I could with out totally gasping for air.  First km was done in 5:41 (ignore the km splits on my watch as I didnt take it off auto lap...doh)  It was a 500m out and back course in the shape of a L with 3 speed humps along the way.

The race was judged and I was told after I had a lovely fluid style.

I managed to pick up for a sprint finish as I really wanted a sub 29 min for my first step out.

total time was 28:46 ....... not my fastest but with all considering......lack of fitness and the weight gain...its not bad.

Photo of 1st and 2nd Masters 40 - 44 womens

5km Australian Masters 

Friday, June 01, 2012

8km Emerald Lake

I woke up today and my body told me I had racewalked yesterday.  My butt was sore and my back was hurting.....not in a bad way....just in away that showed me muscles had been used.

Today we started out at the entrance way so I could try to get a straight 4km out and then turn back.

Again at the same point on the walk way, my pace dropped off to 6:30min/km pace and I felt like I was walking in thick mud.  I did wonder if it had a small up hill gradient...but it seems not.  Its just me!  I kept to the same pace as the day before and hit the 6km mark at about 2 seconds slower.

I felt like a slug again .. but I decided it was better not to push it today as it was just training.  Although my heart rate says other wise..I didnt push it at all.

total time for 8km was 48.53 ..... avg heart rate 164 but max got up to 182!!! OMG!

8km Emerald Lake