Thursday, June 07, 2012

5km fartlek grifth track

We found the Griffith University track yesterday and I stopped in to do 8km on it.  Not a bad walk and I had no major pains.  Time was

Tonight I went back and did a 5km fartlek.  After the 8km last night I was feeling a tad weary but got out on the track and got to it.

First km went ok and I was pleased enough to do it in 5.24 but after that I slowed down quite a bit.  My slow 500's were bad!!!  over 3 mins...sigh but I did try hard to pick it up for my fast 500's

Total time was 28:49

Next part of my adventure is to start driving!!!!  so far shane has been wonderful and has been driving me around but it wont be long now till he is working too and I will have to fend for myself.

5km fartlek grifth track 

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