Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 x 2km track

I had a gym work out last night and so woke up today feeling pretty stiff and sore.  I didn't do any legs as I knew I had a track walk tonight.

Tonight I had 3 x 2km (with 2 min rest) and I was so not feeling like doing it.  I am still adjusting to working full time and its getting pretty intense at work now.  So I was mentally tired and physically my body was pretty sore.

Again there were no walkers at the track.....not sure when they others actually go?  I started out and after two laps I knew it was going to be a tough walk.  I felt like I was walking with a brick dragging behind me.  By the time I had completed the 2nd 2km laps I was feeling really shattered and I had to really pep myself up to keep going.

I was pleased to finish this one.  I wasn't puffing but my legs just felt dead!  Avg heart rate 155

5:41:.5 + 5:45:6 = 11:27:1
5:44:1 + 5:49:0 = 11:33:1
5:46:2 + 5:48:2 = 11:24:4

3 x 2km track

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