Monday, July 30, 2012

10km club handicap Brisbane

I got a lift with Kay and Robyn today for this race.  We headed off to Brisbane at 6.30am for a race start of 8am.

It was freezing!! it reminded me of winter racing back home.  I really didnt want to take my long sleeve top off but I knew that I warm up fast.  When we started out I felt very stodgy and heavy and felt that this was going to be a tough walk.  The course was nice and flat and was a 500m out and back.  I watched Dave measure the course before we started and then again once the faster guys had finished.  So even though my watch shows it being was def 10km.

I have been having some terrible GI issues and we kinda think it is the milk here...but that is really only guessing. So I am nervous during races at present.  I concentrated hard on using my arms more and keeping my shoulders down and that really helped pick up the pace and keep me going.

I was really surprised to go through 5 km in 28.26 and thought that if I can keep this pace up I might actually go faster than a couple of weeks ago.  I have only had two training walks in the last week or I was expecting this to be hard and bad.

I am really thrilled to say that I came through and finished with a 56:59 for 10km .... again nearly a min faster. (Dont be expecting this every week Coach!!)

so now I know I am not too bad for Adelaide.  I just have to book my flights now.

10km club handicap Brisbane

Sunday, July 29, 2012

7km walk with kay

This is becoming a Thursday regular.

Love having the company.  Good walk, no pains and felt easy.

46:34 and avg heart rate 137

7km walk with kay 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Easy 8km with Kay

After a couple of days of not feeling to flash - (seems to be a constant at the moment??)  I decided to head out and meet up with Kay and go along the walkway.  We normally do 8km and usually Kay will jog beside me and then we slow at the road for Kay to racewalk to then on the return for the last 1km Kay will jog again.

I forgot to reset my watch so that it recorded Km splits.  So its just the 8km as one block.

My stomach actually held together for this walk but I had some really sharp glute pain on the way back.  I am trying hard to use my arms more and keep my elbows tucked in.

We were about 2 mins faster tonight compared to last week.  So I was pleased with that.

Avg pace was 6.29 and avg heart rate was 136 (so nice and low)

On the job front......first week and it has been a real sink or swim one.  My first payroll made me really appriciate how simple it was back in NZ....with multitude unions and as many super funds to is mind boggling but I am sure I will learn it quickly.  Lucky it was only one of the smaller pay runs.....and not the usual 200+  .... geeeeppppp!!!

Plus we went to the gym tonight.  We biked down and did upper body tonight.

Easy 8km with Kay

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 x 400m track

I am probably driving my poor coach to drink.  He has done his job.....written me a written my program......thrown it away and tried a 3rd one.  ......  but again, I fall off the page and do something that is in next weeks slot.  

Working full time and fitting in training is proving to be more challenging than I thought.   I had not factored in driving times to and from tired I would be, how sore I might be from Gym or walking.  Trying to cook dinner ..... seems totally unfair that Shane should wait until 8pm at night to eat dinner but its sooo hard to cook and then wrap it up and go out while all the time you are starving and just want to sit down and enjoy.

Anyhow...I digress....Tonight I drove from work to the track 30km but at 5pm its peak traffic and LOTS of traffic.  I was meant to do an 8 km fartlek or a 10 or 12km walk.  My body was feeling stiff and sore from the Glute blasting at the gym so the fartlek was NOT appealing.  The others at the track thought to do 400ms and so  as I noticed that was on my program for next week.....I would try that.

Paul is faster than me over short distance and so when we started he was about 10m a head of me.  I tried sooo hard to keep up but by the last 400m he was a good 20m a head and I was slowing fast.  My lungs were somewhere on the track behind me and the only fast twitch muscle in my body was cowering behind a bush near my car!!!!

here are my 400m times


heart rate was not as high as I expected it to be.  I was pushing hard and breathing hard but I had nothing to give.

6 x 400m track 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

10km RWA Club Challenge

Race Walk Australia Club Challenge is a great race.  Each walker is given points as they finish.  1st place is 1 point and it goes up from there.  The idea is for a club to get the least amount of points.  We wont know where our club sits until later in the week.

I got a lift with Kay and her brother today and we headed out to the Logan Park.  I was not feeling my best today having had a terrible night with stomach cramps and general GI issues.  But I was still keen to have a crack at this and help the club out.

We started out and I got caught up at the back and so took me about 100m to get through and started.  By the 2nd lap I was really struggling, my stomach was really hurting and one of the judges helped me calling out and giving me encouragement....(he said after the race that he could clearly see I was in alot of pain and was impressed that I held it together and kept going)  So I lowered my shoulders and controlled my breathing and away I went again....pain subsided and didnt return until the 8th km.  But again I pushed through and was determined to finish.

A guy called Dean was helping a few of the younger walkers pace for their 5km and he slowed up and would wait til I was on his heel and he would then pull away to help me pick up my pace.  I did try but on his 3rd go and explained why I was struggling and so he went off ahead to finish.  As the laps were not exactly 1km we had to do 10.5 laps and they somehow missed counted a lap for me and said I still have 1.5 to go.....but lucky I had my watch.  I turned at the  10km cone and pushed back for home.  I really wanted to be a little quicker than last week but with my tummy I was not sure it was going to happen.

I was totally thrilled to finish the race in 57:57 thats a minute faster than last week.

I start my new job tomorrow so now I will be able to start working out a proper training program.  I wont be competing next weekend as Shane's Mum arrives from NZ to stay for a few days with us.

10km RWA Club Challenge 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

gentle walk with Kay

Kay and I had planned to go to the track but the weather was really nasty and the thought of slogging against the wind at the track really didnt appeal to me.  So we both decided to head to the walk way an just tick along there.

It is just so nice to have company that I really didn't care what pace we did today...I just wanted to walk and enjoy.  To start with Kay jogged beside me and I could have gone much faster than I did for the first 2km but I felt comfortable and my butt was not hurting.  I somethings think that us walkers put too much pressure on ourselves to out preform each walk/workout/race and at times it can become so consuming that it becomes suffocating.  I know that I am now finally at a mindset that I am ok with a slower walk in training now as I figure....its better to be out and walking than sitting at home and not.  It is all distance on my feet.

We had no distance planned, we just went until the road changes back to two lanes and turned there.  In the end it turned out to be very close to 8km.    It was very windy and I had dressed with long compression pants and long sleeve top but after about a km I was hot and now know not to wear long pants.

total time for the walk was 52.38 for 7.91 km  avg pace 6.39 with avg heart rate 132 =  nice and gentle.

on a private note:  I have been mega distracted at the moment with many job interviews and the constant waiting for the phone to ring.  My gut feeling is that I have missed out on the Commonwealth Games role, but am still very proud to have been selected down to top 4 out of 450+ applicants.  I am away again shortly for another interview with a construction firm down in Currumban Waters.  Will mean a nice 30min drive to work each day but its a nice drive and will be a fun place to work.  The role is Accounts Payable and Payroll.   So will see if I can land this role.

gentle walk with Kay

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10km Queensland Road Champs

I decided to enter the Queensland Open 10km Road Champs.  Even though I had not been out training I still figured I an walk 10km and at worst would look at it as a training walk.

Kay picked me up at 5am and we headed off towards Brisbane.  I was so glad she offered to give me a lift as I had NO IDEA of where to go.  We stopped off at Movie world to pick up Kay's brother Paul and then we were off.  It was good to catch up with the walkers again and to met some new faces.

The course was was up and down both sides of a wee hill.  I said to Kay that on the last couple of laps it was going to feel like a mountain.....and it did.  We all lined up for the start and then we were off.  I let the young ones take off like jack rabbits and happily settled in behind them.  By the 3rd lap one girl in front of me had pulled out - she had hurt her back.  I had no idea what position I was in the race and it was not my intention to win anything as I knew it was an open club walk and the guns would be out.

By about 8km my butt was really starting to hurt.  Not hurt as in injured ... hurt as in...muscle being used.  I tried to pick up the pace a little as I could see that I was going to be under 59mins.   Coming up the rise for the last time I dug in and tried to push up the wee rise and then sprint for the finish line.

58:58  ...  wow that was cutting it fine but I got under 59mins ... just!!!!

And the surprise of the day.  I got second!

10km Queensland Road Champs

Thursday, July 05, 2012

3km fartlek

I have not been able to train for the last week due to a nasty ear infection.  It has blocked off my left ear completely leaving me totally deaf and uncoordinated.  I am back to the dr tomorrow to get it looked at again.  I decided that I would try to do a short walk around the track.  Seeing as I veer to the left when I am walking I figured that track work is probably best.

I was also meeting up with Robyn to sort out transport and details for the 10km race this Sunday in Brisbane.

I started out and first thing I found was I couldnt breath.  I was blocked up and was unable to breath through my nose.  The first km was pretty tough and I was pushing as hard as I felt I could.  My nose was running and I was coughing and spluttering like mad.  The only really good part of my walk was NO pain anywhere!!!  no hip pain, no shin pain and no IT band pain.  Its taken 2 months to settle all my aches and pains ... so for that news I was pretty pleased.

It was not my fastest walk but it was also not my slowest.  With a 10km race on Sunday I didnt want to bust my guts today and I hope that my hearing / ear comes right by Sunday.

1st km = 5:33
2nd km = 2.58 + 2.41
3rd km = 2.54 + 2.40

total time = 16.48 avg heat rate = 162

lots of room for improvement but I have to start from somewhere.

3km fartlek

Monday, July 02, 2012

9km walkway

Well one whole week with ZERO excuses really, busy with work, raining, lack of motivation bla bla bla but now that I am unemployed I figured that I best start back into it as I now have my days to train and try to claw some fitness back.

I just decided to head to the walkway and do 8km...not the 8km that was on my program (4 x 2km)  but I figured that at least if I do the distance its a start.  But when the 8km clicked over I was over a km from home so I just kept going til 9km.

I have had a horrid blocked ear for the last week and it played up badly this weekend (traveling up the mountain didnt really help much)  It kind puts me off my balance a little so walking was a struggle today.  I tried to keep an even pace and think I managed that ok.  My glutes started hurting at 6km so was pleased to stop at 9km.  While out walking I passed a man who was power walking and he nodded and smiled...but when I passed him a second time he waved and signaled for me to stop my watch and chat.  Turns out he is an organizer of the masters walkers here and was very keen to have me come along.  He was also in Sacramento and is heading to Brazil next.  His name was Patrick, and he has invited me to come along to the 5km races on Sundays (first sunday of each month)  So I will try to find those and go :)

Time for today was 55.20 - avg pace = 6:09 with avg hr = 147

Now I just need to find my motivation and passion again.  But for now, I think it more important to put my husband first and spend some much needed quality time with him when I can....rather than out pounding pavements on my own all the time.

9km walkway