Thursday, February 27, 2014

8 x 400m

I was really keen to give the walk a good crack.  I know I needed the speed work but was nervous of how my fitness would hold up.  I also had my B12 injection last keen to see if it helps.

While my stomach decided to go into knots after lunch I was still determined to put that aside and go hard.  When I got to the track I was thrilled to see Jess Pickles there.  It was just going to be Me, Katya and Jess which would be so awesome as they would both help push me.  We all warmed up together  and then had a good stretch session.  It was decided that as I was doing 400m's - Jess and Katya would do 500's and chase me down.

First 400m and I went out way to fast trying hard to keep both girls at bay.  I crossed just as they were about to pass me ... LOL ....  2:02 and I nearly folded myself in two I was gasping.  90 secs and I lined up again but it was too soon for the girls so they were going to wait for my next one.

Next few and we all started off at the same time but Jess would continue for 100m at the finish.  It was so nice having her there zipping past me.

Me on the other hand.....I would make it to 200m in 1 min flat but by 300m I was struggling on keeping my legs turning over.  I felt they just left my body and went to sleep.  I would loose a good 8 secs in the second 200m which is terrible.  My fitness is really lagging and I also have never been a sprinter!!!

I was pleased to say I got my 8 done but was totally dead by then.  An hour later at home and my legs are hurting..... adductor's are so so sore!  Will be an interesting couple of days.

2.08 (not 2.13 as on the watch as the lap button didnt work for 3 pushes)
2.08 (not 2.11 as lap didnt work so I hit stop)

max heart rate was 164 which is a good sign.

8 x 400m

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3km Fartlek and 4 x 500m

For as tough as this walk was...I did enjoy it.  Feels good to push yourself sometimes.

I did 3 laps to warm up and chatted to the other walkers briefly.  They all started out for their 1500m and I started my 3km behind was good to chase them all down and I even managed to catch and pass Paul....which I had not expected.  My first km was in 5:26 and so I was happy with that.  I slowed for my first recovery but knew I had slowed to much.  My breathing was hard, my throat was raw.  I started up again for me next fast and managed to pick up ok.  I pushed fairly hard for the next two kms and was happy enough with total time of 17:20 for a 3km fartlek.

Now I had a 4 min break before starting my 4 x 500ms   I kinda figured my throat was hurting so much from the dusty trial ride....either that or from leaving the air con on all night.  The first couple of 500's felt ok....tough but ok ...  2.47  & 2.45

the next two started to get way tougher.  I felt like I lost control of my legs...they were thrashed and just wouldnt do what I asked of them.  I put in all my effort on the last 500m and managed to get a good strong finish.   2.49  &  2.40

I know I have put in a good efffort tonight as I cant stop coughing.  I used to get a runny nose or an annoying cough when I put in hard effort in my speed sessions.  I just hope the cough goes away tonight or it will annoy everyone tomorrow.

Heart rate is starting to stay lower so shows my fitness is slowly returning.

3km fartlek and 4 x 500m

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5km Walkway

Coach had asked me for 8km today.............I gave him 5km.

I got home from work and raced up the lift to get changed and back out again.  Time was against me...I was going to run out of light.  I made it to the start of the walkway by 5:55pm and sun would set at 6.20pm so time was really against me.....but still I knew the lights would come on along the walkway and there were plenty of people about so I felt safe.

I started out and just didnt feel right.  I thought I was doing ok but my pace was telling me I was slow....whats up with this???  So my first km was 6.21 but my next km jumps to 6.00 min???? I didnt feel like I was doing anything different..... but as I approached 2km my hip flexor started to pull tight again and with Hobart being only 10days away...I am not risking I turned back at the 2.5km mark.

I eased back a little and the hip flexor settled - although my right ankle was still niggling me a little today.  I tried to push again for the last km and did speed up a little.  I am really feeling fatigued and know I need that B12 complex injection.  With all my bowel problems and not being able to eat much fiber or meat... I will be lacking in that more than ever...probably Iron too.  Must call the Dr tomorrow....

So my time for the 5km today was a good solid 30:46  avg heart rate 146 which is also very good.

I am apprehensive for my speed work out tomorrow.   Its a new one and sounds more intense too.  Fingers crossed it goes ok.

5km data

Sunday, February 23, 2014

16km slog of a walk

I am fatigued tired.  I would guess its the abnormally high humidity added with the extra intensity of my walking too but I woke at 5.30am and thought na...too early....and went back to sleep.  I didnt wake again until 9.30am.  I felt shattered so I decided to do my walk later in the day and it would give me a chance to eat and find some energy.  Well sadly that never happened and at 4pm I sulkinly dragged my self down to the walk way.  As it was late I had decided to just go back and forth on the 2km length of walkway.

I was very thankful that it a lot cooler today at 24 degs it was devine.  I started out conservatively but quickly found that I had nothing in me to pick it up so I just sat at that pace.  At 4km I had to rush off to an emergency toilet stop....that was unexpected and left me feeling very washed out.  I continued and at 8km stopped to get a drink as I was finding I was feeling light headed and faint.  I often feel that I over heat during my walks of late and struggle to get my body to cool down.  My pace was not picking up any but not getting slower either.  At least I know the walk way well and new were all the drinks were and toilets so I kept my self going by reminding myself that it was just two more lengths to go.  At 10km my right hip flexor really started to hurt.  I could hear my coach saying....probably just a spasm ... so I continued on until I could not go any further and I had to stop and stretch out my leg.  It was hurting in the front of the hip but also under the glute at the base of my pelvis....dont think thats hamstring?

After I stretched I was able to continue and I felt confident I could finish the 16km.  It all went well until 15km where my hip flexor started burning again.....I kept going until I finished the 16km but had to limp home....normal walking was very painful and when I made it home I couldnt lift my right leg to get up the steps.

So my walk was almost the same time and pace as the week before's....I am a little dissapointed as I had hoped it would improve alittle but for now...I am just pleased I did the walk.  I know I am going to be very sore tomorrow.  Thank goodness I am off to watch my hubby ride his motorbike in his first trial ride.

total time was 1:42:27  avg pace 6:24 avg heart 146

16km data

Friday, February 21, 2014

800/200 x 5

Wow has it been hot and muggy.  Really wet sticky stand outside for only moments and you sweat all over.....just walking 50m across our yard and I had sweat running down my neck .... today is the first day I have felt yuk yuk yuk about the heat here.

I got to the track and it was 29 degs (feels like 34) and 86% humidity.  I had major trouble just getting changed and my clothes stuck to me.  I had brought some new scrungies - club ones to match my club shirt.  So I wore them tonight.  Not so sure anyone else is thrilled about an old nana out there in bikini bottoms but BAH HUMBUG to them....they are comfortable so I shall wear them.

It was tough .... the air was so wet that it made breathing hard.  You really feel like you are only using half of your lungs....and are sucking the air into you.   My first 800/200 was conservative and so I tried to pick it up for the second.   I did but felt like it took a lot of effort.  My third I could feel I was slowing fast.  I really felt like I was dragging a tyre around with me  The next two picked up a little.  I was no were near a fast as last week ... but I did them and will little complaint.

Here are my splits
    800/200              total
4.36.8 / 1.05.9    =  5.42.7
4.32.2 / 1.06.7    =  5.38.9
4.37.5 / 1.07       =  5.44.5
4.36.1 / 1.04.8    =  5.40.9
4.36.6 / 0.59.9    =  5.36.5
                           =  28.36.5

Avg heart rate was good this time.   148

track data

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 km fartlek

I knew this was going to be tough.

1 - for some reason my  back was very sore.  Just muscular..up both sides of the spine.  The only thing I could think off was the 5km normal walk I did on Monday?

2 - my stomach was bloated and very sore all day.

but still i was going to the track to give it 100%

I got to the track and mentally I was just not with it.  I had made a phone call that gave me some news I was not prepared for.  While the news was actually really fantastic, I was not prepared for how it left me feeling...........  hurt and more lonely than ever.  I tried to pull myself together as I know that come a race day I cant let this get to me...but today I had no chance.

I started out good and finished the first km in 5:28  ... but I stopped and gave myself a good stern talk.... I then continued...............but at the finish of the 2nd km...I again had to stop and again give myself a swearing and telling off.  Mentally I was loosing it BIG TIME.

I carried on and slowed dramatically ......but kept it together until my last km...where my recovery 500 went to 3:16 and the fast was 2.52 ... I blew it.  I know that tomorrow I will be fine...but 1000 things were going through my mind as I walked and I just couldnt concentrate on my workout.

I walked off the track totally shattered.....both physically and mentally............... not sure where I can go from here.

Total time for the 5km was 29.32  ... so not my worst but not my best.

5km data

Sunday, February 16, 2014

8km recovery walk along the walkway

I was meant to head out this morning for my 8km but when I stood up I found I couldn't walk due to excruciating pain on the tip of my left toe.  I ended my 16km walk yesterday with very very sore toe tips.  As my second toe is longer than my big toe it gets battered ALOT.  So I flipped my foot up to inspect the damage and found that I had a blister on the tip of my toe that had burst and split my skin....boy it was stinging as it touched the floor while I walk.  So 8km was definitely off for now.
Ouch!! may not look like much but WOWZERS it hurts

so we went to the movies out at Harbour Town and I brought a couple of new lighter training tops.  I love the Hobbit so we watched it again.  So after chowing down on a mega bucket of popcorn and a pepsi max....I thought maybe I could try to walk and Shane said he would come too.

So went home and put on my training gear and my new top and away we went.  I did two lengths of the walk way....keeping very good pace.  It was breezy on the return legs but it was cooling.  It was 32 when we went out at 5pm with 78% humidity.....geeeppers it was sticky.  I took a quick photo as we got home.  I was drenched but pleased to say the new top is so light that it was great to walk in.  So for all the pointing and giggling at my wiggly wobbly bottom ... I can say I dont care!!! its way more comfy to walk in.  I felt good and strong in this walk.  I thought my legs would be tired but they seem well recovered.  Just my toe held me back.  The shoes did protect it a little but any stone and I would get a zing and the last 2km it was feeling pretty crushed again.

My time for the 8km was 49:33 avg pace of 6.12 and avg heart rate of 148  All saying that I am getting fitter!! yay...its about time.

8km walkway

Saturday, February 15, 2014

16km along the walkway

I procrastinated this morning.  I got up at 7am but went back to up at 8am had a large drink and went back to bed...but at 8.30 I finally talked myself out from the covers and into my shoes.  Is it apparent now that I was not looking forward to this walk.

My Right ankle has been sore for a couple of days and the tips of my toes too, so I was a touch worried about doing 16km on them.  Pleased to say the ankle held out til I got home but my toes....another story.

I also decided to try out my new pants/bottoms.  NZ we call them scrungies and here they call them bummers.  I had been nervous wearing them at the track as I feel like I am wearing undies but thought today as I will be walking alongside the beach I wont look so out of place.  These turned out to be amazing to walk in and I will buying a second pair and just training in them all the time.  LOVE them.  Who cares that my legs dont look as good as they used to.....I am more concerned with comfort now.

The was tough but not a slog.  I stopped a couple of times to stand under the showers.  It was getting pretty hot and I was struggling to keep cool.  I also had to take a detor which meant stopping for traffic a few times too.  At 8km I stopped and took a gel and a long drink.  My ankle was starting to ache so I gave it a rub.  When I started up again my toes really hurt and I was worried that I wouldnt make it back because of this.  The sea breeze had picked up and so there were times I found my self leaning into it and I would feel my pirofomus start to hurt.  So it was a timely reminder to check form and get the head back into it.  I was hoping to get a good pace and just stick to it for the whole walk...looking at my km would seem I did just that.

I was never more pleased to see the end of this walk.  I hit stop and my legs just felt like they wanted to buckle under me.  My poor toes were hurting badly.  They felt like they had been hit with a hammer.  I guess this means that I am rolling off my foot and pushing off with my toes.

I got home and stripped down to my tank top and bummers then went and stood in the pool for was cold enough to be soothing on my legs and to cool me down.

Total time was 1:42:04 and I was very surprised with that and happy with that.  Avg heart rate 151 avg pace was 6:23

boy I need some sun on those legs!

16km data

Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 x 800/200 interval training

Oh boy.....I am nervous and excited by this workout.  Nervous because it has been along time since I have tried these....excited because I am going well enough with my training that Jim feels we can try them.

It was a pretty busy at work and the day just flew past, so when it came time to head to the track I was feeling pretty wiped out mentally.  I pulled up at the track and gave myself a pep talk in the car and told myself it was going to be a great workout and to give it the best you can.

While I warmed up I took the opportunity to calibrate my foot pod.  You need to do 800m steady to do this so today was a perfect day to do that.  I did a few stretches and felt I was warm enough to get started.  My first 800m felt tough.  I was trying to not push too hard as I didnt want to blow up half way through this.  But I didnt really feel smooth and fast either.  800m and I hit lap on my watch to count down the 30sec legs were shaking LOL ... then hit lap and pushed for the 200m.  Holy cow can I do this 4 more times......phew I had forgotten how tough these were and I was hardly going flat out.

I continued on and they didnt get any harder but they didnt get any easier either.  I am pleased that I managed this walk pain free......and I am keen to see if I can better it each time I get to try this.

Here are how my kms stacked up:-

800/200 =

4:33:4/1:04:9 = 5:38.3
4:31.6/1:03:9 = 5:35.5
4;30.4/1:05.6 = 5:36.0
4:31.5/1:04.4 = 5:35.9
4:33.1/1:03.9 = 5:37.0

Total time is 28:02.7

800/200 data

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

8km that become a 5km

I got sick on Sunday night.  Not sure why but I was woken at 3am and new I was about to be sick but worse than that........both ends what to erupt simultaneously.   Lucky for me Shane had woken at the same time and raced off to get me a bucket and hold my hair.................(yep he's a keeper)

This has left me totally drained and also given me a nasty headache that I know will be from dehydration.

I spoke to me coach before heading to the track and told him how I felt but that I would head to the track and try for the 8km.  He was kind and sensible and replied with just do what you can do.

I warmed up with a couple of laps and then just got stuck in.  My first problem occured when I completed my first km....I hit stop not lap..... and didnt discover this until I had gone 500m so I stopped and walked back to the 1km mark and started my watch and set out on my 2nd km.  My head was just not in it.  My legs were turning over but it was a grind and I was really just going through the motions.  I kept saying...its just one more km....trying to trick myself into doing that "one more Km" 6 more times......but as each km ticked over I was getting slower and slower.  Winding down like an old watch.

I was flogging a dead horse and new that no good was going to come out of my continuing.  So at 5km I pulled the pin.  Its not often I do this and I am always wracked with guilt as I feel I have let my coach down and my self.  I picked myself up by telling myself that I at least gave it a go and managed to go further than half way.

my time for 5km was 31:29

5000m data

Sunday, February 09, 2014

5000m Heather Doherty Trophy Masters Race

Woke up at 6.30am and quickly dressed and did my best to ignore all the little aches and pains.  The biggest ache is the tips of my toes and then my tfl was just a touch niggly.  I just kept reminding my self that the bigger goal of the weekend was the 14km and today is just what ever I can do.

It was over cast so I hoped it would remain at 23 degs....would make for a much nicer race.  (It did but with rain looming the humidity shot up to 80%)

I love the social aspect of the Masters races.  We all warm up and have a great chat and catch up from the last time we all saw each other.  I love the banter and the jokes and how every one calls out hello and looks out for each other.

We all lined up and I was still not feeling like I was moving smoothly so was going to be very happy if I could just pull out a 30mins today.  I was thrilled that Paul was here today as it would give me someone to push with.   Gun goes off and away we go.  I try to find a good pace that I feel I can hold for the whole 5km and as I went through my first km in 5:38 I felt I had done the right thing.   I knew Paul was going to hang back for the first couple of kms and then pick up the when I saw I had dropped my pace at 3km I started to push harder as I expected him to come up behind me at any time.

At 4km I checked my watch and quickly calculated that if I really worked hard I just might pull off a high 28mins ... which totally threw me.  I came round for the last turn and really worked hard and I was thrilled to finish in 28:43 ............. WAHOOOOOOO  more surprising was my avg heart rate was 157  ... shows I am starting to get my fitness back.  YUS.

5000m race data

Saturday, February 08, 2014

14 km - slow and steady

I got up fairly early and headed off out the door.   Turned on my music and just started putting one foot in front of the other.  I figured it was going to be a grind but I had already decided to not stress about the time and to focus on my technique.

I have yet to find some good areas to walk that dont have lots of road crossings.  So I headed up Hedges Ave....the angle on the road is not the best but it beats constantly stopping for traffic lights.   Once I got to 6km the walkway by the beach was under construction so I stopped briefly to change over my socks.  I could feel a blister forming on my right foot and soon discovered I had worn a hole in it.  So I changed over my socks and took a gel.

I decided to head back as that would give me 12km and I just needed to turn back and walk back 1 km and turn back again and walk to where I started to give me 14km.  It was starting to warm up now and I was getting tired.  I noticed that my pace had dropped to 6:40 per km ... so I had a little talk to myself and dug in to pick the pace back up a little.  I wanted to at least avg out at 6:30 per km for this walk.   I have a 5000m race tomorrow but I already know its going to be a training walk.

About the 10km mark my tfl was starting to hurt.  I could feel my pirofomus aching and my right knee was hurting.  I knew it was a technique fault and so had to focus hard on making sure my knee was staying straigh and my hips were not swinging side to side.   I must have made a difference as everything stopped aching.

I was VERY pleased when I did my final turn and knew it was only 1km to go.  I stopped my watch at 1:31.25  for an avg of 6:30 per km.  Its the furthest I have walked in a while and I know next week coach will have a delightful walk for me.

14km data

Friday, February 07, 2014

5000m Fartlek

Well Wednesday and I am back at the chemist trying to figure out some different medicine for my stomach issues.  I was given a stimulant laxative and told only to use once a week.  I took them at lunch time and I can assure you that by 9pm that night THESE really worked...and worked.....and worked.

Thursday is my fartlek day and with my tummy still being a little dodgy I was not 100% sure how I would cope.  I warmed up and noticed that my right knee was a touch tender but my stomach was in knots and was NOT happy about walking.  It was drizzling lightly which made the track slippery.  I started out and tried to power up for my first fast lap.  I just couldnt get anything flowing.  My hips were stiff because my tummy hurt ... which made my knee hurt....which made my hammy hurt.  For my first slow 500m I adjusted my footing and caught my breath....then amped up again for the next fast section.  I was struggling to get footing as I was finding it slippery.  It was better when it did rain heavier.  

After 2km I was starting to feel sick and my stomach was starting to cramp up.  I was seriously thinking about stopping.  At 3km I did stop ... I checked my self over and got a drink of water.  I knew that the cramps were only air and nothing bad...the nausea has stopped so I figured it was only 2km to go and I could do that.  So I started up again and felt a little smoother this time.  I really concentrated on pushing with my glutes and trying to keep my knee low and in line with my foot.   (I am told that during this walk my right foot was very floppy and was flicking about alot)

I did manage to finish and I did manage to push all the niggles to the back of my mind so they didnt bother me too much.  Now I know that my mum will be reading this and saying "why didnt you just stop if you were hurting"  my answer..... If that were a race I would not have that option ... I have to know that I can push through it and know that I am not causing my self harm.  Most athletes push through some kind of pain at some stage of training.

So my time for my 5000m was actually not too bad for all of the above  29:16

5000m data here

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

8km with 3 x 500m bursts

Today was a great workout and I have Katya to thank for it.  I was running late for the track today so I decided to just get started and not warm up.  So used my first km to ease into the walk.    As I had 3 x 500m bursts - I always do these at 2km, 4km & 6km so its easy to spot them on my watch and easy to figure out on the track.

I picked an ok pace and went through my first km in 6:16 and was happy with that.  Katya had started out behind me and I expected her to whiz past me but instead I saw her sidelined at the start/finish being a touch ill.  I called out to ask if she was ok.  As I came round about 2.5km she joined me and said she would walk with me.  I did warn her that it would be a slower walk than she is used to be she was ok with that.

I loved having her along side me.  It is a rare treat for me to have company in any walk and to have someone that can pace beside me and stick with me on the faster 500m was just AWESOME.  She helped keep me to a nice even pace and helped to push me for our bursts and we had a great tussle in the last 200m....with her obviously beating me but still it was great to have her slowly pick up the a way that made it hardly noticeable until the last 20m.  So thank you Katya this is one of my better walks.

total time for the 8km was 48:52 with my 500m bursts being 2:57, 2:53 & 2:53

8km data here

Sunday, February 02, 2014

10km recovery walk on the treadmill

I was meant to do 12km today but when I woke up my stomach was really having issues so there was no chance of attempting any kind of a walk.  Plus I had an eye exam at 11.30am so if I had not started my walk by 8am I was going to run out of time to do it.

It also meant I was able to watch the live twitter feed and get updates from Jim about the 20km race in Hobart.  Such a nail biting finish with many surprise DQ's - I am told there were so many DQ's they  had to use a second board - I wonder if having a judging course the day before had anything to do with the judges being rather over zealous?

I was hoping to walk later in the day but my stomach had other ideas and kept me pretty much house bound for the day.  I managed to catch a moment with Jim and he actually was going to let me have a rest day but I dont want to miss walks and so I asked if I could try on the treadmill.  He agreed and just said to do one of either....12km or when my stomach says no more.

At 4.30pm I went down to the gym and set my self up on the treadmill.  Hit go on my music and hit go on the treadmill.  I set the speed to 9.5km/hour and just ticked along on that.  It was a comfortable pace (6.20 per km)  5km comes and goes.....I am sweating alot and was getting tired.  By 7km my stomach started gurgling and giving me a couple of good sharp pains.   At 8km I was thinking of calling it quits but I thought I could hold on to get at least 10km out.  By 9.5km I was feeling abit sore in my shins and hips and my stomach was positively growling so I was very pleased to stop my watch at 10km.

I had tried to change the calibration of my foot pad but it needs to be pulled back even more.  As my watch tried to tell me I had walked over 11km.

My time for 10km was 1:03:13 and avg heart rate of 151 now I can have a rest day tomorrow....Yay!

10km data

3000m Regional Cup Walk

This is a great race.   Each club needs two people per track and field event and its a points scored meet.

Last year the racewalkers scored the highest points for our club Gold Coast Victory  :)  This year we had a great turn out but sadly not the same out come via the points.  

We had 22 walkers on the start line today.  What a great mix of young and old!  I love looking across at all the age groups and seeing our future walkers getting excited to race.  

The gun went off and we were away.  I was given number 22 so I was on the outside of the track and so got caught up with the main group as we all made for the first turn.  All I could do was settle in at their pace and wait for them to come down to 2 wide as I was NOT keen to walk out in lane 4 for 200m to get past them all.  By the 200m mark everyone was settling in and those that had gone out like cut cats...were all slowing and running out of steam.  So from here I worked on picking them off.  

I still managed to get my first km out at 5:31 so I didnt get held up for too long.  I did get caught up with 3 other walkers and found myself slowing a fraction to settle with them but after 100m I realised that I had made a big mistake as they were slowing and not holding their pace so I quickly passed them.  As I did so I could hear people calling out to the walkers behind me to stay on me and I hoped they would.  But I pulled away pretty quickly and just kept that pace for the next lap.  As I came around to have 1 km to go I looked ahead and saw a male walker about 100m in front of me and I decided I would try to pick him up and pass him.  I only had 2 laps to gain and I was slowly closing in on him.  When I hit the back straight he was 20m ahead of me and so I really picked up the pace and pushed hard after him passing him about 1 metre before the finish line.  

I felt great in this race.  I am finding that if I use the foam roller and croquet ball about an hour before a race I have NO pains anywhere.  So I am going to continue doing so.  

My time for today was 16:43  and I am thrilled with that.