Sunday, February 02, 2014

3000m Regional Cup Walk

This is a great race.   Each club needs two people per track and field event and its a points scored meet.

Last year the racewalkers scored the highest points for our club Gold Coast Victory  :)  This year we had a great turn out but sadly not the same out come via the points.  

We had 22 walkers on the start line today.  What a great mix of young and old!  I love looking across at all the age groups and seeing our future walkers getting excited to race.  

The gun went off and we were away.  I was given number 22 so I was on the outside of the track and so got caught up with the main group as we all made for the first turn.  All I could do was settle in at their pace and wait for them to come down to 2 wide as I was NOT keen to walk out in lane 4 for 200m to get past them all.  By the 200m mark everyone was settling in and those that had gone out like cut cats...were all slowing and running out of steam.  So from here I worked on picking them off.  

I still managed to get my first km out at 5:31 so I didnt get held up for too long.  I did get caught up with 3 other walkers and found myself slowing a fraction to settle with them but after 100m I realised that I had made a big mistake as they were slowing and not holding their pace so I quickly passed them.  As I did so I could hear people calling out to the walkers behind me to stay on me and I hoped they would.  But I pulled away pretty quickly and just kept that pace for the next lap.  As I came around to have 1 km to go I looked ahead and saw a male walker about 100m in front of me and I decided I would try to pick him up and pass him.  I only had 2 laps to gain and I was slowly closing in on him.  When I hit the back straight he was 20m ahead of me and so I really picked up the pace and pushed hard after him passing him about 1 metre before the finish line.  

I felt great in this race.  I am finding that if I use the foam roller and croquet ball about an hour before a race I have NO pains anywhere.  So I am going to continue doing so.  

My time for today was 16:43  and I am thrilled with that.  

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