Sunday, February 23, 2014

16km slog of a walk

I am fatigued tired.  I would guess its the abnormally high humidity added with the extra intensity of my walking too but I woke at 5.30am and thought na...too early....and went back to sleep.  I didnt wake again until 9.30am.  I felt shattered so I decided to do my walk later in the day and it would give me a chance to eat and find some energy.  Well sadly that never happened and at 4pm I sulkinly dragged my self down to the walk way.  As it was late I had decided to just go back and forth on the 2km length of walkway.

I was very thankful that it a lot cooler today at 24 degs it was devine.  I started out conservatively but quickly found that I had nothing in me to pick it up so I just sat at that pace.  At 4km I had to rush off to an emergency toilet stop....that was unexpected and left me feeling very washed out.  I continued and at 8km stopped to get a drink as I was finding I was feeling light headed and faint.  I often feel that I over heat during my walks of late and struggle to get my body to cool down.  My pace was not picking up any but not getting slower either.  At least I know the walk way well and new were all the drinks were and toilets so I kept my self going by reminding myself that it was just two more lengths to go.  At 10km my right hip flexor really started to hurt.  I could hear my coach saying....probably just a spasm ... so I continued on until I could not go any further and I had to stop and stretch out my leg.  It was hurting in the front of the hip but also under the glute at the base of my pelvis....dont think thats hamstring?

After I stretched I was able to continue and I felt confident I could finish the 16km.  It all went well until 15km where my hip flexor started burning again.....I kept going until I finished the 16km but had to limp home....normal walking was very painful and when I made it home I couldnt lift my right leg to get up the steps.

So my walk was almost the same time and pace as the week before's....I am a little dissapointed as I had hoped it would improve alittle but for now...I am just pleased I did the walk.  I know I am going to be very sore tomorrow.  Thank goodness I am off to watch my hubby ride his motorbike in his first trial ride.

total time was 1:42:27  avg pace 6:24 avg heart 146

16km data

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