Tuesday, February 04, 2014

8km with 3 x 500m bursts

Today was a great workout and I have Katya to thank for it.  I was running late for the track today so I decided to just get started and not warm up.  So used my first km to ease into the walk.    As I had 3 x 500m bursts - I always do these at 2km, 4km & 6km so its easy to spot them on my watch and easy to figure out on the track.

I picked an ok pace and went through my first km in 6:16 and was happy with that.  Katya had started out behind me and I expected her to whiz past me but instead I saw her sidelined at the start/finish being a touch ill.  I called out to ask if she was ok.  As I came round about 2.5km she joined me and said she would walk with me.  I did warn her that it would be a slower walk than she is used to be she was ok with that.

I loved having her along side me.  It is a rare treat for me to have company in any walk and to have someone that can pace beside me and stick with me on the faster 500m was just AWESOME.  She helped keep me to a nice even pace and helped to push me for our bursts and we had a great tussle in the last 200m....with her obviously beating me but still it was great to have her slowly pick up the tempo...in a way that made it hardly noticeable until the last 20m.  So thank you Katya this is one of my better walks.

total time for the 8km was 48:52 with my 500m bursts being 2:57, 2:53 & 2:53

8km data here

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