Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 x 800/200 interval training

Oh boy.....I am nervous and excited by this workout.  Nervous because it has been along time since I have tried these....excited because I am going well enough with my training that Jim feels we can try them.

It was a pretty busy at work and the day just flew past, so when it came time to head to the track I was feeling pretty wiped out mentally.  I pulled up at the track and gave myself a pep talk in the car and told myself it was going to be a great workout and to give it the best you can.

While I warmed up I took the opportunity to calibrate my foot pod.  You need to do 800m steady to do this so today was a perfect day to do that.  I did a few stretches and felt I was warm enough to get started.  My first 800m felt tough.  I was trying to not push too hard as I didnt want to blow up half way through this.  But I didnt really feel smooth and fast either.  800m and I hit lap on my watch to count down the 30sec legs were shaking LOL ... then hit lap and pushed for the 200m.  Holy cow can I do this 4 more times......phew I had forgotten how tough these were and I was hardly going flat out.

I continued on and they didnt get any harder but they didnt get any easier either.  I am pleased that I managed this walk pain free......and I am keen to see if I can better it each time I get to try this.

Here are how my kms stacked up:-

800/200 =

4:33:4/1:04:9 = 5:38.3
4:31.6/1:03:9 = 5:35.5
4;30.4/1:05.6 = 5:36.0
4:31.5/1:04.4 = 5:35.9
4:33.1/1:03.9 = 5:37.0

Total time is 28:02.7

800/200 data


Tammy said...

WOW so consistent! YOU ROCK!

walktorio2016 said...

that's a great interval workout!