Tuesday, February 25, 2014

5km Walkway

Coach had asked me for 8km today.............I gave him 5km.

I got home from work and raced up the lift to get changed and back out again.  Time was against me...I was going to run out of light.  I made it to the start of the walkway by 5:55pm and sun would set at 6.20pm so time was really against me.....but still I knew the lights would come on along the walkway and there were plenty of people about so I felt safe.

I started out and just didnt feel right.  I thought I was doing ok but my pace was telling me I was slow....whats up with this???  So my first km was 6.21 but my next km jumps to 6.00 min???? I didnt feel like I was doing anything different..... but as I approached 2km my hip flexor started to pull tight again and with Hobart being only 10days away...I am not risking anything...so I turned back at the 2.5km mark.

I eased back a little and the hip flexor settled - although my right ankle was still niggling me a little today.  I tried to push again for the last km and did speed up a little.  I am really feeling fatigued and know I need that B12 complex injection.  With all my bowel problems and not being able to eat much fiber or meat... I will be lacking in that more than ever...probably Iron too.  Must call the Dr tomorrow....

So my time for the 5km today was a good solid 30:46  avg heart rate 146 which is also very good.

I am apprehensive for my speed work out tomorrow.   Its a new one and sounds more intense too.  Fingers crossed it goes ok.

5km data

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