Friday, February 21, 2014

800/200 x 5

Wow has it been hot and muggy.  Really wet sticky stand outside for only moments and you sweat all over.....just walking 50m across our yard and I had sweat running down my neck .... today is the first day I have felt yuk yuk yuk about the heat here.

I got to the track and it was 29 degs (feels like 34) and 86% humidity.  I had major trouble just getting changed and my clothes stuck to me.  I had brought some new scrungies - club ones to match my club shirt.  So I wore them tonight.  Not so sure anyone else is thrilled about an old nana out there in bikini bottoms but BAH HUMBUG to them....they are comfortable so I shall wear them.

It was tough .... the air was so wet that it made breathing hard.  You really feel like you are only using half of your lungs....and are sucking the air into you.   My first 800/200 was conservative and so I tried to pick it up for the second.   I did but felt like it took a lot of effort.  My third I could feel I was slowing fast.  I really felt like I was dragging a tyre around with me  The next two picked up a little.  I was no were near a fast as last week ... but I did them and will little complaint.

Here are my splits
    800/200              total
4.36.8 / 1.05.9    =  5.42.7
4.32.2 / 1.06.7    =  5.38.9
4.37.5 / 1.07       =  5.44.5
4.36.1 / 1.04.8    =  5.40.9
4.36.6 / 0.59.9    =  5.36.5
                           =  28.36.5

Avg heart rate was good this time.   148

track data

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