Sunday, February 16, 2014

8km recovery walk along the walkway

I was meant to head out this morning for my 8km but when I stood up I found I couldn't walk due to excruciating pain on the tip of my left toe.  I ended my 16km walk yesterday with very very sore toe tips.  As my second toe is longer than my big toe it gets battered ALOT.  So I flipped my foot up to inspect the damage and found that I had a blister on the tip of my toe that had burst and split my skin....boy it was stinging as it touched the floor while I walk.  So 8km was definitely off for now.
Ouch!! may not look like much but WOWZERS it hurts

so we went to the movies out at Harbour Town and I brought a couple of new lighter training tops.  I love the Hobbit so we watched it again.  So after chowing down on a mega bucket of popcorn and a pepsi max....I thought maybe I could try to walk and Shane said he would come too.

So went home and put on my training gear and my new top and away we went.  I did two lengths of the walk way....keeping very good pace.  It was breezy on the return legs but it was cooling.  It was 32 when we went out at 5pm with 78% humidity.....geeeppers it was sticky.  I took a quick photo as we got home.  I was drenched but pleased to say the new top is so light that it was great to walk in.  So for all the pointing and giggling at my wiggly wobbly bottom ... I can say I dont care!!! its way more comfy to walk in.  I felt good and strong in this walk.  I thought my legs would be tired but they seem well recovered.  Just my toe held me back.  The shoes did protect it a little but any stone and I would get a zing and the last 2km it was feeling pretty crushed again.

My time for the 8km was 49:33 avg pace of 6.12 and avg heart rate of 148  All saying that I am getting fitter!! yay...its about time.

8km walkway

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