Saturday, February 08, 2014

14 km - slow and steady

I got up fairly early and headed off out the door.   Turned on my music and just started putting one foot in front of the other.  I figured it was going to be a grind but I had already decided to not stress about the time and to focus on my technique.

I have yet to find some good areas to walk that dont have lots of road crossings.  So I headed up Hedges Ave....the angle on the road is not the best but it beats constantly stopping for traffic lights.   Once I got to 6km the walkway by the beach was under construction so I stopped briefly to change over my socks.  I could feel a blister forming on my right foot and soon discovered I had worn a hole in it.  So I changed over my socks and took a gel.

I decided to head back as that would give me 12km and I just needed to turn back and walk back 1 km and turn back again and walk to where I started to give me 14km.  It was starting to warm up now and I was getting tired.  I noticed that my pace had dropped to 6:40 per km ... so I had a little talk to myself and dug in to pick the pace back up a little.  I wanted to at least avg out at 6:30 per km for this walk.   I have a 5000m race tomorrow but I already know its going to be a training walk.

About the 10km mark my tfl was starting to hurt.  I could feel my pirofomus aching and my right knee was hurting.  I knew it was a technique fault and so had to focus hard on making sure my knee was staying straigh and my hips were not swinging side to side.   I must have made a difference as everything stopped aching.

I was VERY pleased when I did my final turn and knew it was only 1km to go.  I stopped my watch at 1:31.25  for an avg of 6:30 per km.  Its the furthest I have walked in a while and I know next week coach will have a delightful walk for me.

14km data

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