Sunday, March 04, 2007

ASB Womens Triathlon

Today I entered the ASB Womens Triathlon. This is a 200m swim, 12km bike and 3 km run/walk.

Here I am getting ready to start the swim. I am adjusting my attractive looking googles ... hehe...

I ran out of the pool, grabbed my gear and dragged on my shorts over wet legs and grass covered feet.

Helmet on, glasses on and off I race. 3 laps and I must say that the last lap was a grind. It may not have been a steep street but it really slowed you down and your legs and butt complained bitterly!!

With the bike ride over I headed out to complete the walk. For the first time I got a really bad stitch which took for the first lap to go away, so the second lap it was head down and go.

I won the walkers section of this event.....yayayaya.... I won a $50 voucher and also got a spot prize - a bottle of wine. Turns out that there was an error on the day and they mucked up the times. I was placed 2nd with Rhonda Murphy from Blenheim winning the event, they missed her when she crossed the finish line.

So needless to say, I am now writting this up while waiting for my wine to chill.

Next event in Round 2 in the Rabbit Island series then The Taylors Womens Triathlon

Duathlon At Rabbit Island

Sunday 18th Feb,

Entered the Rabbit Island Duathlon. Decided on the duathlon as I am not a strong swimmer and the thought of a 750mt sea swim did nothing for me.

I also decided to run in this instead of walking. First I ran 1.25km

which I did ok on.......gasp!!!!

Grabbed my bike and did a very fast 7km ride (16mins - one of the fastest for the day) then off to finish up with a 2.5 km run.

After the bike ride my legs felt like jelly and it was now mid day and very hot. I really struggled with the run this time, but still managed to finish 2nd over all and win my age group.