Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3km, 2km, 2km & 1km

I had a very restless night....no reason really....just couldnt settle and sleep. I knew I had a tough walk ahead of me today at the track but felt that I was up for it. I had an extra day for recovery as my glutes were still very sore from my 24km.

I know that I am having some blood pressure issues again......finding I cant stand up fast or my head swims and I have to stand still or sit back down again. We have a monitor at home so I will check it later tonight once I have settled down for the night.

I unlocked the track and did a lap for warm up. It was over cast and muggy when I got to the track so I didnt worry about my hat or sunscreen. I did put my water bottle over at the 200m mark as I knew I would be stopping that side for the first segments. I was to do 3km, 2km, 2km and 3 x 1km.

I started out and kept my pace conservative for the first km as I let my body stretch and settle. Then with each km I picked it up a little. I stopped for my first 3 min recovery. I was breathing hard and took some water. I started out for the 2km and it took the first 200m to find my legs again but I settled down and picked up the pace but for the 2nd km I was starting to tire. I stopped for the next recovery and took 3mins not 2mins....I was feeling a little light headed. I took on some more water and then started again. I got just past the 200m mark and had a moment......I gathered myself and continued - but alot slower for this km and then as I felt stronger I picked it up again. Now I had 3 x 1km to go but I knew I was not going to be able to to continue. I did try and managed one of the km reps.

3km = 15.42.9
2km = 10.33.8
2km = 11.11.00
1km = 5.21.9

Saturday, January 28, 2012

24 km out and back monaco

I have to do this.....I have a small mental block with this distance at the moment.

I was so thankful that my friend Yvonne agreed to come out and jog beside me and that she was going to do the whole 24km! I really find that having company helps so much. We were able to chat the whole way. The only real struggle was from 9km to 12km as we had such a strong head wind. Yvonne felt like she was jogging on the spot!

I am glad to say that I had no hip pain or hammy pain...yay!!!! I did have to put my older training shoes on as I have now worn through the bottom of my others. Due to the blisters my new shoes had given me...they had not quite healed properly and I have now discovered that I have a lovely thumb size blister again! GRRRR I only had a few little GI moments but nothing worth mentioning at the time.

total time 2.29.39 avg pace: 6.14

I am totally happy with that.

24 km out and back monaco

Thursday, January 26, 2012

800 + 200 x 8

I had no idea of how I was meant to walk this session. I kind of figured ... go hard out for each one and I guess progressively get slower and slower.

So thats what I started off doing. I went out fast for the first 800m......gasping for my 30sec rest and then fast again for the last 200m and then a 2min rest before doing it 7 more times.

By the 3rd one I was struggling BADLY....my legs had gone a funny numb feeling and I was having trouble getting them to move let alone push. As I finished my 4rd rep my ears were roaring and I was getting spots in front of my eyes. Hmmm time to slow down a tad. I was drinking water when I was able. So as hard as I tried there was just nothing in my legs. I remembered that I had a gel in my bag so I took half and started again....then on my 2nd to last one I finished the gel. It did help and in fact probably helped me continue. I had thought to quit many times during this workout.......but I am glad that I didnt.

4.05.4 + .57.8 = 5.03.2
4.03.9 + .59.2 = 5.03.1
4.08.6 + 58.3 = 5.06.9
4.12.4 + 1.01.1 = 5.13.5
4.22.0 + .59.1 = 5.21.1
4.18.7 + .59.8 = 5.28.5
4.14.9 + .59.6 = 5.24.5
4.17.1 + .59.3 = 5.26.4

This was really hard and I struggled with this.

800 + 200 x 8

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

12km with racepace bursts

This was meant to be 15km and I set out with every intention of it being so.

I set off up the track in a good pace. I was feeling great. Good and strong and my style felt good and everything was feeling easy. I had decided to take a gel before I left. I had a Berry flavour Peak Fuel and was curious to see how this sat in my tummy. I was making good time and from 3km on I picked up the pace to add in my 8min of race pace and I also decided to these back to back. Everything was going great until 100m from the 5km point.

I was gripped with sudden GI pains.....BAD GI pains..........and then just as instant .... I needed the toilet...NOW!! so the split second decision was made to make a detor and head up to the monaco domain, I had to make 500m to make the toilet. .... and here my story stops.

Needless to say I returned home in a much slower time, with my old GI pains back for the return walk. Its been a few months since I have had my old tummy problems so I wont whine too much about it.


12km with racepace bursts

Monday, January 23, 2012

5 x 2km with 2 min rest

I was hoping I would be recovered enough to apply a good effort to this workout. I had been to see Bex that morning and she was happy with my hip. It is healing but I do still have to be careful. Today was my first walk with out the magic Pink tape too...so I was a little nervous.

I thought I should start out on my first km ....easy and then pick it up for the 2nd km and I did just that. I stopped for my 2 min rest and took a good drink. Away I went again and I quickly slipped into a nice pace that I felt happy with. I was pushing but not racing.

I get through this work out by only ever focusing on the 5 laps that I have to do at any one time. Makes it easier for me. I was really pleased that I felt strong and the walk felt good ... not easy but not too hard either.

On the last km I picked up that pace on the last 400m and it was during this lap that I could feel my hip. It was a deep ache in the hip joint and it would hurt for a moment on each heel strike. It was not bad enough to slow me up or to make me stop....but if it had gotten worse, I would have just stopped.

All in all I am very happy with this walk.

5.35.8 + 5.30.7 = 11.06.5
5.29.0 + 5.31.5 = 11.00.5
5.30.7 + 5.32.3 = 11.03.0
5.33.3 + 5.34.1 = 11.07.4
5.32.3 + 5.27.3 = 10.59.6

5 x 2km with 2 min rest

Saturday, January 21, 2012

10km Wakefield Race

Its a stinking hot day!!! The race starts at 3.30pm so I had time to full in the morning. So I helped Shane paint the side of the house and made sure I wore long pants and long sleeves to protect my self from the hot sun. I spent all day drinking carefully and making sure I ate correctly. My hip had been achy on and off but nothing to bad.

I drove out to Wakefield, picking Raylene up along the way. It was her first time on this course and she was a little nervous about the heat. It didn't take long for everyone to start arriving and even Neroli made it out. We all chatted and caught up with each other. It has been a few months since I have done any club events and lots of people were asking what I had been up too etc. I was not too worried about this one today. I had planned to just take it easy going up and then depending on how I felt then I would pick it up to push for the return 5km. I also decided to race in just a crop top and shorts.....something I NEVER do and I am very pleased I did.

We lined up and we are away. Wendy did exactly as I expected her to do and she punched out pretty quick and hot pursuit was Neroli and I just sat in behind them and was happy with the pace as I knew there was a short climbing coming and so no point in wasting all my energy in the first km. There was a small breeze (a first in all the times I have raced this) but it was still very hot and you could feel the tarmac just sapping you. It is a relatively flat course. A few undulations so you get a small down hill and then a small up hill. I carried water with me this time (1 bottle was fiz water and one just water) I drank from the station on the way out and back and sipped my fiz drink....but still only a small amount. I just cant get the hang of drinking when breathing hard. It slows me down too much.

I hit the 5km turn in 28:45 and was happy with that. My hip had been achy and was feeling weak. I picked up the pace and by 6km my hip didn't seem to aching as much (perhaps as it was now more downhill it was easier on my hip?) I kept slowly increasing my pace and carefully testing my hip. I slowed a little between 7 & 8 km as I slowed up for the drink station and there was a few more rises. I then decided I was feeling ok and decided to start pushing it from 8km. I pushed the pace up and then when I hit the 9km marker I tried to push more. I am really pleased to look at my lap splits and see that it showed my increase in speed.

Now that I am home and its been 3 hours since the race. My hip is very achy and so I am making friends with my ice pack. A rest day tomorrow and then Bex on Monday.

total time 56:43 (on my watch)

10km Wakefield Race

Friday, January 20, 2012

10km on tread mill

I had my hip re strapped up this morning and I was keen to try 10km again today. Once again the treadmill was the best option. The temperature soared this afternoon and I figured that I would be silly to go out and dehydrate myself before tomorrows 10km. Seeing as tomorrow's race will be extremely hot and tough.

I picked a simple pace for this one as I dont want to be worn out for tomorrow either. So I picked 9.5 for the first couple of km and then went up to 9.7 km/hr which = 6:12 / km

I ticked away at this pace easily but did start to feel tired at 7km and at 9.700 km my hip flexor started to pinch. I kept going to finish and had a good stretch. My hip is achy but but its not painful. I will dig out the ice pack and will see how it is tomorrow.

1:02:16 for 10km

10km on tread mill

Thursday, January 19, 2012

8 km on tread mill

I have not written much this week. I have not been able to train due to a hip strain. We did work out that I seem to be in a constant state of dehydration and when I mentioned to Bex just how much weight I had dropped after the 24km she suggested I tell my coach as it would appear that my being so dehyrated pretty much is causing me to get injuries.

So with some great deep tissue massage and awesome pink strapping, I am starting to come right. Plus lots and lots of water = lots and lots of trips to the loo..sighs...

Today I was to test my hip out and we all decided it was best to do so on the treadmill...as I could control my speed and if I hurt at all I could stop and stretch etc.

I started out easy on 9km/hr and then went up to 9.5km/hr and did my first km in 6:24 and noticed just as the km was about to click over that I had not started my watch... DOH!!! So just as the km was about to click over I lifted the speed to 10km/hr and hit start as the km clicked over (hence my data showing only 7 km walked)

First thing I noticed was how weak I felt in the right hip but the good news was nothing was hurting. I carried on at a steady pace and felt good. No shin pain or back pain...GREAT!!!

At about 6km I felt an ache develop deep in the hip. So I made sure I was using good style and technique......the ache stayed but didnt get worse so I carried on and was gone by 7km. I was kinda naughty and thought I would pick the pace up for the last km......know that I could slow down instantly or stop if the ache came back or worse ..it hurt. I took the pace up to 11km/hr and it felt good, the last 200 metres I took it up to 11.5km/hr and I am pleased to say no ache and no pains. Still did feel weak???? but I didnt hurt anywhere.

I will stretch and put my heat pad back on later tonight.

Total walk is 48:13 for 8.021 km (as read off the treadmill display)

8 km on tread mill

Monday, January 16, 2012

2km reps

I was meant to do 5 x 2km reps. I was totally ok with this now. After talking to my coach about how this is meant to be done, I had a new appreciation for this.

After my 24km I found that the front of my right hip and right glute were aching. So badly that it kept me awake for most of the night. I figured it was either my psoas or my piriformis. Sunday I had drills with the girls and I felt some pain on my outter hip but put it down to stiffness.

Today I woke up to a numb sensation in my hip/glute. It got sorer and sorer as the day went on. I went to the track and decided to try out my new shoes. I had managed to sell some bits and pieces so that I could buy myself some new racing shoes. Only they rub alittle on one heel. I put some tape on my heel and started out. By lap 2 the tape had pulled off and was annoying me. The pain in my hip was making my right leg feel add. Almost numb. I made the first 2km and stopped for the 2min recovery. I started out for my second 2km and got to lap 3 and my heel was rubbing up and starting to hurt along with my hip and deep in my glute. I stopped at the end of this 2km and changed shoes. I had brought my other racing shoes down ..just in case. But when I took my shoe off and saw a blister already formed I knew I was in trouble. Sure enough I only made it part way round the next lap and I was done.

I was so annoyed that my new shoes eat my heels and only just after 4 km!! grrr plus I need to buy better sports tape...the tape that I had just brought.....could barely stick to paper let alone skin!

So I have booked in to see Bex first thing in the morning. I need to know what I have done to my hip...obviously the 24km really pulled it.

2km reps

Saturday, January 14, 2012

24km out an back monaco

This started out ok. I felt really good and strong until I popped out at Monaco at the 5km mark. It is not sheltered from this point around and back. It follows the sea and if its windy it is here that you will wear it. Well it was windy....really windy! I punched into it to get the 6th km down and then turned and enjoyed the wind at my back for the 7th km then from there round to the 12km turn it was head on again.

I stopped at the 12km point and took my first fuel - Peak Fuel Coffee flavour - one I have never tried before and some fizz water. I headed back to home and felt good, I had the wind to my back but by 15km I was starting to struggle. I had a funny stitch starting and a sharp pain under my collar bone and I was needing to use the toilet ... but I still had 3 km to go until I passed by the only toilet. I knew I could hold on but I could feel that bruising feeling in the pit of my stomach again. I stopped at the 18km mark, I had more to drink, used the loo and then had my lippin (I had found this in the cupboard) - side note - I hate Lemon!! I made it to 20km in 2:02:58 and I was very happy with that. But the next km had me dry retching and my stomach went into knots. I had to slow down and try to get my stomach together. Even my last km going down the walkway was slow...I felt AWFUL and this is why we try different fuels while training......so my lesson for the day is DONT EVER use Lippen and perhaps not the coffee flavour peak fuel .... I like the berry flavour.

Total time 2:30:15

24km out an back monaco

Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 x 1km - road way at monaco

First and foremost.....remember that I am BLONDE!!! I had 5 x 1km and each with a 2min rest between them.

There is a reason why I do measured things on the track. I went to the track today but the Collgate games had already started. So I decided that Monaco had the flattest 1km length of foot path. I headed out and figured I would just go by the GPS function................(in hindsite...this is where I went wrong) As I drove past the route I was going to do, I flicked my trip metre in the car to get a rough idea of where the km would be. I parked my car and it read 950m so I guessed that if I started up the road alittle (I had 200m spare behind me) that I would be all good.

I started out and was feeling little stiff and sore but quickly was breathing hard and just focusing on the corner and to where I had worked out I would stop. To my surprise my GPS didnt go off until a good 100m past where I had started my trip metre. Hmmmm well ok, I hit lap and waited for it to count out 2mins. In this time I had not moved (well my watch says I did) so when I hit lap again to head back for my 2nd km....logic tells me I would finish up where I started. I didnt!!! I was about 100mt short again. Dang it!!! So for the 3rd km I walked back up the road and started again only this time when my watch chirped for 1 km my time was under 5mins!! and I knew this was seriously wrong, so I started it up again and walked a further 100m up the road. It was here that I spotted a km marker on the side of the foot path. (left over from the South Island Games 10km road walk it had 4km/6km on it ... so I knew that the 5km marker had to be further back from where I had been starting) oh well too late now. So I headed back around for my 4th km and again my watch went off way too soon....grrrrrr

It was about now that the little light bulb went off in my head and a DOH!! moment was had. Of course it was not going to read 1km cause I was pressing lap and then moving up or down the road ..hence registering as distance traveled!!! DOH ....but I did find a cool feature that I didnt know the watch had and that was found on my last km. I decided I would go 500m out and turn so that I would finish up by my car again. I hit lap and set off only this time I was not going to stop when my watch auto chirped for a km..... I pretty much know my 1km time and I know the 500m. I turned and headed back, sure enough my watch let out a chirp about 200m short this time but just as I passed over were I started it beeped to say it had done a lap. My watch knew that it was to do a km from the lap press......I didnt know my watch would do that. So my last 1km was right and possibly my first.

So I walked further up the road and sure enough there it was ..written in dazzle red - 5km turn!!! so for next time I will forget the gps in my watch and just hit manual lap from that marker to the 4/6km mark.

so I cant really tell you what my 1km splits were. I can tell you that they range between 5:22 and 5:30 and that I am realising that I am not built for speed!!! I just dont have a fast twitch in me.

5 x 1km - road way at monaco

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10km monaco - windy

Its windy today...and hot and muggy!

I headed off up the track for my first 1km and my ankle/shin instantly started hurting. Each heel plant I could feel it jar at the front of the shin (about an inch above my shoe) I carried on and hoped that it would ease up. When I was at the bottom of Beastson Road I saw Jamie biking towards me with his Dad. So I stopped briefly to chat about his training and his race on Friday. I was pleased for the stop and gave my leg a rub and a stretch. I carried on my way and had the wind to my side so it didn't hinder me too much. I got to the turn point in 29:40 and was happy enough with that. I had not been pushing my self at all and was just enjoying being out.

I turned and instantly felt the wind. It was more side from behind before....now it was side but to my front and it was getting stronger as I walked. Oh well, not much I can do about it so I just settled into a pace and continued. I did notice my ankle getting a little achy but nothing painful. I got to the top of Beastons Road and went head on into the wind for my last km home. Its not very often the wind blows in that direction and it was slightly annoying as I was wanting to push for the last km........which I still did but into the wind.

I am ok with this walk. Its nothing startling and I hope that I will be recovered by tomorrow as I have 5 x 1km to do yet.

time 1:01:50 avg pace = 6:11

side note: Ankle/shin is still achy - I might ice it and then get the stick into it. I have had a couple of people mention shin splints....but I doubt its that. Its just my ankle getting cross with me.

10km monaco - windy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5km fartlek - track

4 days with no training...you would think I would be rearing to go and fully buzzing. Turns out the reason why I had such a crumby weekend was due to a nasty bladder infection. After my walk on Friday I felt like someone had kicked me in the lower abdomen, but I didn't think too much about it but the pain got worse over the weekend and then I ended up sick. So the 24km was flagged but when I flag a long walk I spend the whole day feeling so guilty.

I woke today and felt better and was fully ready for the 5km fartlek. I opted to use the track today instead of the walk way and I really felt it would be a good walk. I got to the track and it was scorching hot! Temp was around the 22deg but out on the track it always feels hotter. I set my water bottle up and figured pretty quickly that I would have to stop to be able to drink during this one. I warmed up and my shins pumped up and went so tight. I hunted through my bag and found some muscle rub and gave them a good rub which helped alot.

I started out and felt good and fast. My ankles were freeing up and my shins were no longer tight or hurting. I went into my first recovery 500m and felt good and powered up for my fast 500m. I continued on through to the 3rd fast but by the time I came to the recovery my legs were spent. They felt like wet noodles and I was struggling.....it was hot and dry and I was so thirsty. So I stopped briefly to grab a drink and then I headed out and gave it my all to try and finish on a fast km. I am a little disappointed as I really felt this would be a good fast walk but it was just average. My coach is happy with it and he broke it down into smaller distances eg 2km time and 3km time etc.....and it did make it look better.

1st km = 5.07
3.00 + 2.33 = 5.33
3.00 + 2.39 = 5.39
3.10 + 2.42 = 5.52
2.58 + 2.41 = 5.39

total time 27:53 avg heart rate 157 max 173

5km fartlek - track

Friday, January 06, 2012

3 x 2km & 4 x 1km

I have not done this mix before and was looking forward to giving it a go.  I picked the track as I like to know 100% that I am doing the right distance.

I started out for my first 2km - I was feeling ok.  Body was stiff and a little sore from the 15km the day before. I could sure feel my glutes working today.  I was really pleased with my time for the 2km and felt the effort was not too hard but I was not mucking around either.  Now the trick was, could I repeat it for the next two lots.  I was starting to get tired on the my last lot of 2kms but it was nice to know I was swapping onto 1km reps now.

I had 2mins rest between each set and it felt more than enough.  I was still struggling to get my legs to fire properly.  I dont feel I have any actual speed yet.  I had thought my 1 km reps would be much faster than in my 2km ones....but I was tired by now and my fast twitch were not twitching.  Instead they were fairly consistent and I know that I was putting in a good effort with each one.  It will be nice when I can do a whole 10km at this pace.

Garmin site is down for repair so there is no link for the data at this stage.

1st  - 5:26 + 5:25 = 10:51
2nd - 5:24 + 5:26 = 10:50
3rd - 5:27 + 5:31 = 10:58

1st  - 5:26
2nd - 5:30
3rd - 5:32
4th - 5:29

Total time including the 2min rests was 1:06:44
Avg h/r = 150 Max h/r 167

data finally up
3 x 2km and 4 x 1km

Thursday, January 05, 2012

15km (2 x 8min burst)

Day 1 / 3 - Migraine

Temp 23 degs, no cloud and slight breeze.

I felt that familiar aura starting at lunch time. So I hit it with Maxalt and codeine as I knew I had to do 15km today. I had to fit in two 8min bursts of race pace which even though I felt so slow and foggy headed my data shows that I didnt do to badly. My bursts for 8mins last approx 1.5km........1st burst is at 4 and 5 km and again at 7 and 8km

AS I was out walking I got to 3km mark and saw two young girls stuck in their car on the motor way. Their car had run out of gas and they didnt know what to do. So I stopped and went over to help push the car off the road but the traffic was so thick we couldn't get the car across the 2nd lane. But a wonderful guy pulled up beside us in a ute and said he would pull in front and tow them to a garage....so we hooked them up to his ute and off he went with them.

I continued on and was managing ok, but once I was through my second burst of race pace I suddenly felt really odd. My ears were ringing and my vision went all spotty and I started to wobble at the knees, so I saw I was at the 7.5km mark where I normally turn....so I continued on for another 100m and stopped under a huge tree and lay down in the cool grass for a moment. I waited for a couple of minutes and then headed back for home. I took it nice and easy home but was still surprised to see that my pace was still pretty strong and fast. It was a fairly hot day and I was very dry! the codeine drys out my mouth so I did feel rather dehydrated by the time I got home.

I am really pleased now that I look at my data. Due to my going a little futher at the half way mark it put my km markers off on the way home so instead of the Beatson hill being part of just one km.....it was broken into 2.

Total time 1:31:14 avg pace 6:05 avg heart rate 145

15km (2 x 8min burst)

Monday, January 02, 2012

12km kickdown

This was tough today. 12km kickdown and so I opted to head out to Atawhai as that is basically flat and the slips have been cleared away - some clay and icky laying around but nothing that slowed me down too much.

I was so tired, it was hard to get any rhythm going or any speed. I was not even sure what pace I should have been doing. I knew I had 4 kicks to do and I just tried hard to at least show I had increased speed each 3km. It was not great drops but it did drop......6:00/km, 5:55/km, 5:50 per/km & 5:40/km
1st 17:57
2nd 17:49
3rd 17:37
4th 17:04

I was hoping for better. I had a good brisk sea breeze going out for the first 6km but the breeze calmed down on my return so I didnt really get any benefit from a tail wind. The last 3km I did try and find some energy and pushed harder but it was an effort to maintain it.

total time was 1:10:31

Again - No pain in hamstring or back! yay.......thats 2 walks in a row.

12km kickdown