Tuesday, January 31, 2012

3km, 2km, 2km & 1km

I had a very restless night....no reason really....just couldnt settle and sleep. I knew I had a tough walk ahead of me today at the track but felt that I was up for it. I had an extra day for recovery as my glutes were still very sore from my 24km.

I know that I am having some blood pressure issues again......finding I cant stand up fast or my head swims and I have to stand still or sit back down again. We have a monitor at home so I will check it later tonight once I have settled down for the night.

I unlocked the track and did a lap for warm up. It was over cast and muggy when I got to the track so I didnt worry about my hat or sunscreen. I did put my water bottle over at the 200m mark as I knew I would be stopping that side for the first segments. I was to do 3km, 2km, 2km and 3 x 1km.

I started out and kept my pace conservative for the first km as I let my body stretch and settle. Then with each km I picked it up a little. I stopped for my first 3 min recovery. I was breathing hard and took some water. I started out for the 2km and it took the first 200m to find my legs again but I settled down and picked up the pace but for the 2nd km I was starting to tire. I stopped for the next recovery and took 3mins not 2mins....I was feeling a little light headed. I took on some more water and then started again. I got just past the 200m mark and had a moment......I gathered myself and continued - but alot slower for this km and then as I felt stronger I picked it up again. Now I had 3 x 1km to go but I knew I was not going to be able to to continue. I did try and managed one of the km reps.

3km = 15.42.9
2km = 10.33.8
2km = 11.11.00
1km = 5.21.9

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