Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10km monaco - windy

Its windy today...and hot and muggy!

I headed off up the track for my first 1km and my ankle/shin instantly started hurting. Each heel plant I could feel it jar at the front of the shin (about an inch above my shoe) I carried on and hoped that it would ease up. When I was at the bottom of Beastson Road I saw Jamie biking towards me with his Dad. So I stopped briefly to chat about his training and his race on Friday. I was pleased for the stop and gave my leg a rub and a stretch. I carried on my way and had the wind to my side so it didn't hinder me too much. I got to the turn point in 29:40 and was happy enough with that. I had not been pushing my self at all and was just enjoying being out.

I turned and instantly felt the wind. It was more side from behind it was side but to my front and it was getting stronger as I walked. Oh well, not much I can do about it so I just settled into a pace and continued. I did notice my ankle getting a little achy but nothing painful. I got to the top of Beastons Road and went head on into the wind for my last km home. Its not very often the wind blows in that direction and it was slightly annoying as I was wanting to push for the last km........which I still did but into the wind.

I am ok with this walk. Its nothing startling and I hope that I will be recovered by tomorrow as I have 5 x 1km to do yet.

time 1:01:50 avg pace = 6:11

side note: Ankle/shin is still achy - I might ice it and then get the stick into it. I have had a couple of people mention shin splints....but I doubt its that. Its just my ankle getting cross with me.

10km monaco - windy

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